Marko: Reborn

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Author's Note: I really like the idea of Marko and Paul as a pairing for some reason which is probably why I've thought up several story plots involving them as such, but this is the first one that I really couldn't hold off on writing when I first thought of it. I know I should be working on 'This Time We Win' if I wanna write a slash story… sorry I will get back to it at some point. The Paul/Marko bit won't come in for a few chapters because I plan on at least three chapters before movie events start so you can get an idea of his life as an Emerson.

Warning: Marko thinks about killing his family at times and nearly acts on it at one point so if that bothers you don't read.

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Chapter 1: Rebirth

Marko was in Hell. That was the only thing that made sense. He had been sleeping peacefully when a coward found and staked him. There was a blur of pain and screams and recalling it hurt his head.

Or maybe that was the light because it was a very bright Hell and one that had a surprising number of babies. Why was he surrounded by these drooling smelly creatures?

It made absolutely no sense…

He had to get away from here, so he tried to move only to fall over. His hands caught his fall. At least he thought they were his, but they were way too small. Were his hands always that small? Pushing away the unease he felt, he tried to stand only it didn't work; as if he had issues with his motor control.

That meant he had to crawl. He was forced to crawl like a frickin' baby!

A baby…

At that thought he stopped crawling and looked at the closest baby who was watching him curiously and realized something incredibly frightening. He was the same size as it. He was an infant…

He screamed.

Which resulted in the baby watching him crying and screaming as well, setting off a chain reaction in Marko's own personal Hell.

Damn, was he crying too? He absolutely had to wake up from this nightmare.

A few women came running and started trying to calm the room. One even picked him up. He did his best to hit her but it was weak and did no damage at all. He wanted to scream at her to put him down, but mostly he wanted to wake up and laugh about his nightmare of being a baby with the guys.

Paul would get a kick out of it and make fun of him calling him the baby of the group despite Paul actually being the youngest vampire in their pack.

It didn't happen, though, instead the woman kept trying to shush him until eventually his little body couldn't take it anymore and he passed out from the exhaustion.

When he awoke later he found himself somewhere else. He sat up with a bit of difficulty on the cushy surface and saw the bars surrounding him. He was in a crib.

Marko was in a crib.

Once more he cried, and he hated it. Why couldn't he stop bawling? He wasn't really a baby dammit!

Once again, another cry joined his own, though, this time it was only one. He turned to see another infant laying right beside him and he tried moving away but his crying took all of his strength and he still couldn't stop it.

Suddenly, he was picked up again! So, he lashed out only to receive the same poor results as earlier. Instead of trying again, he settled for glaring through his tears as best as he could. He didn't imagine it made for a very intimidating look, but it was all he had at the moment.

"What's wrong Marko do you need a diaper change?" The woman baby talked him while rocking him in a soothing motion that was calming, which irritated him. But it was working. Why was it, though? He wasn't an actual baby!

The woman smelt him and felt his diaper to his mortification.

"Hmm. Nope that's not it. Did you have a nightmare?"

I still am, he thought.

Through teary eyes he couldn't help but stare at the woman; she looked vaguely familiar.

The woman turned her head to the man beside her smiling at him. Marko was surprised to only now realize that she hadn't come into the room… the nursery alone. "Jack, how's Michael doing?"

Marko doesn't hear his answer instead focusing his attention on the other baby, Michael. His eyes widened before they gazed back up at the woman.

No way… it wasn't possible! It was completely impossible!

This wasn't Lucy Emerson, the woman his sire was obsessed with, and that baby wasn't Michael, who David had wanted so badly… no, this wasn't happening. It just wasn't!

He started to wiggle and cry all over again and nothing the woman, he suspected of being Lucy, did could stop it. He was in for a very exhausting night along with the rest of the household.

And this pattern continued until a week later when Lucy could take no more and took him to see a pediatrician to Marko's immense displeasure.

After that visit he did his best to gain control of his emotions, but it wasn't easy as even the simplest things could make his emotions run awry. Being in a baby's body was tough and, frankly, quite boring so all that left was to think. Unfortunately, doing so tended to upset his delicate human baby self.

It made him want to scream and regrettably when he wanted to scream, he would… and that usually lead to crying which made baby Michael cry too.

The emotional control was a work in progress.


Lucy thought terrible twos were bad with twins but even at three years old Marko was still a very difficult child. Michael was the good, sweet twin while Marko did everything he could to be independent and get into mischief.

The young mother wouldn't classify Marko as the bad twin but difficult summed him up. He never played with the other children at the daycare. Instead, he'd play pranks on them or sit by himself drawing.

He was a very good artist and that wasn't just Lucy's mother instincts at work there. She truly thought he had a talent that could go somewhere one day but he worried her more than Michael ever could.

It didn't matter if he was given a timeout or a lecture or even a spanking from her husband. Which she never approved of and lead to countless arguments between the two. Still back on point, he just didn't seem to care about the consequences that came with his pranks and general unpleasantness with other children.

Lucy truly hoped it was just a phase like the biting thing she'd had to deal with for a while, but even Michael had a hard time playing with his twin because, more often than not, she'd overhear him telling the other boy to get lost. The two were as different as day and night. Lucy still hoped that they would one day be close unlike her and her own sisters.

Three-year-old Marko was drawing. It was really one of the only things there was to do besides pick on Michael and he always had to be sneaky about that, otherwise his so-called mother would catch him. And while he wasn't scared of her, when her husband found out Jack'd spank him and, well, it was embarrassing, and it hurt his stupid human body.

It was hard not to tear up at a scraped knee but at least he didn't cry whenever he felt upset anymore so his emotions weren't all over the place as they once were. Still, being three sucked.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Michael watching him, he had been for a while. Marko ignored him and kept drawing hoping to be left alone.

This continued until finally, he snapped, "What do you want, you baby?"

The dark-haired twin frowned but powered through his brother's attitude, "Can I-can I draw with you?"

Marko's arm froze, and he looked up at the hopeful toddler, "I don't know, can you?" Michael looked confused and Marko rolled his eyes, "Go away brat."

Michael didn't leave which surprised the blonde. "Why are you still standing there?"

"I dunno… I just-" Michael looked down and teared up.

"Crybaby." Marko huffed while standing up, "If you won't leave then I will. I don't hang out with crybabies."

With that, he left a sniffling Michael on his own.


A few months later Lucy was noticeably rounder. It had escaped his mind until that point that Michael wasn't the only 'brother' he'd have. He wondered if he could cause her to miscarry without anyone knowing it was him or better yet stab her and frame Jack for it… If only that wouldn't result in him ending up in an orphanage he might give the idea some serious thought but as that would be the end result, he decided against it. At least for the time being.

So, Marko was officially in a bad mood and all of the children who came across him during daycare felt his displeasure. That lead to many timeouts, calls home, early pickups by his flustered 'mom', and more spankings than ever before but it didn't calm down until he found a way to make Michael as miserable as him, at least temporarily.

It happened during one of the boy's many timeouts. Michael snuck over to talk to him, "Why are you being so mean?"

Marko snorted but ignored him.

"I mean more than normal."

The blonde boy was about to tell his 'brother' to stuff it when an idea occurred to him.

"You mean you really don't know?"

The brunette shook his head making his dark curls fly into his face.

"…It's about mom." Marko hardly ever called Lucy mom, or any variation of it, and he never called her husband dad, unless it was said sarcastically as he couldn't stand the guy.

"What did mom do?" Michael asks, and Marko does his best to hide his smile and look sad.

"She's replacing us."

Michael's eyes widen, "What do you mean?"

"She's gonna get a new baby and then we won't matter anymore."

Michael looked confused, "New baby?"

Marko nods solemnly, "Yeah, a new baby because she doesn't love us anymore. I'll bet once she gets it, she'll get rid of us. She doesn't want us anymore. We're gonna get thrown away."

Michael's eyes were watery, and his lip was trembling. He was way too gullible, and it almost took the fun out of it. Almost.

"I d-don't wanna be t-t-thrown away!" He started bawling which, of course, caught the daycare lady's attention and he got in trouble for it. Still, no lunch was worth it because Michael was a mess for the rest of the day and even most of the night. Sadly, Lucy sat her son down and found out what was bothering him that night and then he was back to his annoying self.

Even worse than that, Lucy had sat him down to explain that the new baby wasn't going to replace him either because she loved him so much and yadda yadda. Really, he wanted to gag by the end of the speech but instead he made a promise not to act out as much because he understood he wasn't being replaced or thrown away.

Marko still wasn't convinced that he wasn't in Hell.


Yup, this is Hell, plain and simple, the small boy thought while covering his ears to try and block out the cries of a newborn baby. Michael was sitting beside him copying him, but for once he didn't say anything smart, too busy with trying to drown out the baby cries.

"Why won't he stop?" His 'twin' asked him, but he didn't answer. Instead, he stood up and left only Michael followed him, "Where are you going?"


"But we're not allow-"

Marko glares at him, "Then stay here and go deaf. I don't want you to come with me anyway." That said the young blonde boy opened the window, because he couldn't reach the door yet, and left. He was shocked when, a few minutes later, Michael showed up.

"You're gonna get in trouble," he taunted.

Michael stubbornly met his gaze. "Better than going deaf."

The blonde twin laughed while he thought to himself, I am such a bad influence.


Around a month later, Lucy left the kitchen for a few minutes and came back to find her son, Marko, alone. She looked around frantically asking, "Where's Sam?"

Marko shrugged and smiled innocently only to be glared at. And, okay, her usual happy-go-lucky state made her glares much more effective, but he'd never say so aloud. So, the curly haired boy pointed, and Lucy followed his finger with her eyes before gasping and running to the trashcan and taking the lid off to find Sam looking up at her with teary eyes. Quickly, she pulled him out and then turned to Marko.

"Why would you put your brother in there!?"

Marko looked away and shrugged. "He looked like trash, I guess."

That got him grounded for a month.

Was it worth it?


But it totally would have been if Sam'd been taken out with the trash.


Sam was barely one when Marko finally remembered more about his death in his previous life. He knew somehow that whoever staked him had been led there by Michael, and that was one of the many reasons he didn't care for his twin, but that night when he dreamt of his death he not only heard voices, he saw faces.

One face was Michael's younger brother, Sam.

He woke with a scream and kept trembling well after Lucy arrived. And, of course, Jack had to be a complete asshole about it which resulted in a mini fight between the couple before Marko assured his 'mom' he was fine, and it was just a nightmare and he'd go back to bed and he didn't need to sleep with her.

Which was about the time he realized one of the reasons his so-called dad was pissed was because he was holding a crying Sam. It took a lot not glare at the baby then.

That night Michael climbed into Marko's bed and tried to talk to him, "Are you okay?"

No response.

"I sometimes have nightmares... usually about monsters with sharp teeth that wanna eat me." Still nothing so he tried again, "Sometimes I have them about Dad... those are the worst ones, I think."

Still, the blonde remained quiet, but the dark-haired twin took it as a good sign that he didn't get kicked out of the bed and fell asleep while Marko thought long and hard about Sam and his involvement with his death; not having payed Michael's words any mind.

Sam and those two idiots from the comic shop had come to the cave and one of them staked him. Which was the reason he awoke to this Hell; this new human life. A life much different than his first one. He hated it maybe even more so than his first.

He decided as he lay there beside his 'twin' that Sam was going to pay even if he wasn't the one to drive the stake through his heart. He was going to kill him first chance he got. After all, babies were fragile things.

It was only a few nights later Marko had an idea; crib death. He thought it would be perfect and no one would ever suspect him. It would be an unfortunate unavoidable event. Getting out of bed he took his pillow with him and double checked that Michael was fast asleep in his own bed before quietly and slowly walking to the nursery.

Once there, he saw the door cracked and looked inside. Sam appeared to be asleep and he was alone, so Marko entered and approached him.

The rocking chair was close enough to stand on. So, he grabbed a couple of books, sat them on the chair, then stood on them, pillow in hand, and stared down at the baby whose eyes were now open and looking right at him.

Marko figured that him being awake didn't matter as long as he didn't start crying before he covered his face. But just as he was bringing the pillow over the toddler's head he looked back into the staring eyes and paused as the baby smiled and giggled, causing him to jerk back and nearly lose his balance on the books as the chair rocked a bit.

This seemed to make Sam laugh even more and Marko tried to shush him in vain. He quickly hopped off the chair and put the books back before hiding under the changing table just as he heard the door open.

"Sam?" Lucy asked, confused as the baby reached up when she came over and giggled. Sluggishly, she lifted him up into her arms. "What's got you in such a good mood, huh?" She baby talked him, and he giggled while Marko laid there quiet as he watched Lucy with baby Sam.

As he watched them he inwardly told himself that maybe it'd be better to leave the brat alive and just torment him for the rest of the time he's in his life. Yeah, that's what he'd do. There's no way that he couldn't kill him. It was just better revenge this way.


Five-year-old Marko was hiding under his bed and his 'twin' thought it was hilarious watching his mom chase his brother around the house, under the table, and over the couch until this moment where she was trying to coax him out.

"Marko's a scaredy cat!" He taunted but the other wouldn't fall for it.

"Am not! I just don't want a haircut," he yelled, holding onto his head as if to protect it.

"Come on sweetie, your hair is past your shoulders now. You don't want to be mistaken for a girl when you start school do you?"

He still wasn't coming out. He'd starve first, and he even said so to his mother's annoyance and his brother's delight. Michael found this event too funny not to enjoy every moment of it.

It was a rare thing to see his twin in a situation where he cared enough to try and actively avoid something. And to think, it was a haircut of all things.

Lucy eventually gave up, figuring that he'd have to come out at some point and she'd just cut his hair then.

Sadly, he did, and he was less than pleased with his new haircut afterward. So he threw his piece of pie that night at Michael's face in revenge for his laughter, which soon had the child retaliating and Sam, being the two-year-old that he was, joined in.

Lucy tried to stop the three boys but only ended up with a face full of her homemade pie instead. So, in true motherly fashion, she declared war on them and an all-out food fight, or rather pie fight as all their dinner had already been eaten, occurred.

Marko soon forgot about his beautiful hair and was actually laughing and having a good time. That all ended abruptly as soon as Lucy's husband got home and blew a fuse, demanding to know what was going on.

Michael went quiet, Sam cried, Lucy tried to explain things away, and Marko got up and left the room. Which seemed to set off the man even more because the next day that 'man' had trashed all of Marko's drawings.

He really hated that guy and one day when he was a vampire again he was totally gonna eat him.


At seven years old Marko and Michael still weren't close despite the dark-haired twin's best efforts, which was probably why the blonde twin saw no problem in pushing him down the stairs and hardly felt bad for it. In fact, he had convinced himself that he didn't feel bad at all.

It had been funny. He hadn't laughed, but that was only so he wouldn't be found out. Well, until Michael would tell the teachers on him.

But to the boy's immense surprise and eternal confusion he didn't tell on him so Marko thought he must be waiting to tell their parents when they showed up. Only he didn't do that either.

What the hell?

That night Marko approached the brunette twin's bed and stared at his broken leg propped up on pillows and glared at him until Michael realized he was there and opened his eyes. At first, the two stared at one another until Marko asked, "Why?"

"Why what?" Michael asked the frustrated boy.

"Why didn't you tell them I pushed you?"

Michael frowned but didn't look away. "Because… I didn't want you to have another reason to hate me."

Marko felt his eyes widen. "What?"

"That's why you pushed me… because you hate me. I don't get it, but I don't want you to hate me more so…" He looks down then at the bed sheets and Marko growls, "Idiot," before returning to his own bed and throwing himself onto it.

He could feel Michael's eyes on him, but he stubbornly stayed facing the wall.

Yes, he hated Michael; and Sam; and; Lucy and, most definitely, Jack so why did he feel so incredibly guilty right now?

Having a loving family was worse than having one that just didn't care… he'd had both. This was worse by a long shot. Tears pooled in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

All he wanted was to be back in the cave with the guys and away from this stupid family and these even stupider feelings.

Even when he was human the first time he didn't have to deal with so many emotions. Everything used to be simple… why wasn't it simple anymore? Why didn't he hate them like he wanted to? Why did it feel like he'd been forcing himself to hate them and to act on it?

Review, maybe?