Marko: Reborn

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Chapter 8: Familiarity

Marko wasn't ready. Sure, he'd had years to prepare himself for this night but now that it was finally here it seemed as if it had arrived way too suddenly.

Hearing Michael apologize from behind him as he moved himself out from behind his shorter twin made Marko realize that, ready or not, he needed to say something and not just stand there dumbly staring up at the other blond.

"Yeah, my brother is sorry for making me run into you." His tone was cheeky and calm as he placed the blame elsewhere but he didn't actually feel that way. He hoped silently that his heart rate didn't give him away. Perhaps it could be passed off as the heartbeat of someone who had just been running, though, it was probably evident from Michael's own slower pulse that that was not the case.

Marko didn't need to see the stink eye Michael was throwing his way to know that it was there; he could practically sense it. Maybe it was a twin thing, or maybe Mikey was just that predictable.

"Your brother?" David's eyes flickered back and forth between the two of them, "You don't look much like brothers."

True. The only real noticeable similarity between them was their curly hair. It wasn't questioned though as his coloring seemed to have come from Lucy's side as did Sammy's. Only Michael got his from their mother's sperm donor. Marko thought that was a fitting title for the man Mike still called their father.

"Yeah well, I think he might be adopted, how else could I have such an ugly sibling?" Marko joked.

Paul burst out laughing while holding onto his sides like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. It briefly made the human wonder if the other was high because, while it wasn't hard to make the vampire laugh, this was a bit much.

"You're hilarious," Michael deadpanned obviously unhappy.

"He thinks so." He thumbed towards the still hysterical vampire.

David smirked, "Don't mind him. He has a few screws loose."

At least that hadn't changed then. Still, this situation wasn't ideal and to avoid being on the menu tonight he had better get them out of here.

"Yeah, well, it was nice bumping into you guys but we should get going," Marko told them as he motioned for Michael to follow him away from the jaws of death.

"What's the hurry?" David asked with a tilt of his head.


David was paying them too much attention; that was never a good sign.

Marko was sure that the vampire could tell that he was uneasy around him.

That was just his luck. Sure, he'd wanted to catch their attention but doing so without a plan could end up bloody, and not in a good way. Why did David have to be so good at reading people? If the other had been human then surely Marko's act would be solid, however, he was not.

"Mikey here's got a bedtime. Sad I know, but it is what it is." His twin shoved his shoulder and gave him a 'what the hell' look but he didn't pay it or him any mind. Instead he just backed away with a friendly wave at the group. Even in a crowd he wasn't turning his back on them. Michael was grumbling that he did not have a bedtime but he still trailed after him while making his grievances known.

As they walked away, he could hear Paul's laughter grow along with the phrase bedtime being said. It was a good thing he didn't need to breathe because his otherwise he might have laughed himself to death.

Marko didn't feel any relief once they faded from sight. No, he knew that if they wanted to follow, they could without him being any the wiser. Hopefully, they wouldn't. He really had no incentive yet on getting them to not just eat them so, yes, he was a bit wary.

And then there was Michael to worry about. His eyes drifted to the now quiet teen walking beside him. He looked deep in thought about something.

"It's weird to see you so thoughtful. What's wrong?" Not that he really cared but anything to take his mind off of the run in just now would be a welcomed distraction.

"…It's just those guys back there…" Michael's words trailed off as he glanced back the way they'd come from with furrowed brows.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy to forget. "What about them?"

"I know it sounds, well, silly but I… they just seemed familiar. It's like I've seen their faces before." Of all the things he thought Michael might say about them this wasn't even on the list. How in the world could Michael have seen them before?

Was it a coincidence? Something more? No. There's no way he could know them. They hadn't met in this timeline before now. It was impossible… but was it?

Not showing his unease, he snickered, "You know what that sounds like?" Michael eyed him carefully as if to say 'no I don't but if I stay quiet, you'll tell me.'

So as not to disappoint he continued, "It sounds like some romantic Disney crap you'd say to one of those girlfriends of yours."

Michael wary look turned puzzled, "What?"

"Like you saw their face in a dream; that kinda thing. It's all very Sleeping Beauty of you." Marko teased much to his brother's displeasure.

"I was being serious!" He snapped.

"So am I. You should probably cool it with the romance or else you might actually start crushing on guys too. I, of course, wouldn't blame you they were good looking."

Michael's frown deepened as he crossed his arms moodily. "Whatever."

At least his teasing should keep the other from thinking about it too hard. If only it would do the same for himself because it seemed like now Marko had stumbled upon another problem. He was beginning to wonder if he should just make a list. Though it could almost all be summed up with one name.


Michael had always been a problem, one that only seemed to grow in complexity over time.

They were silent until they arrived back at their grandfather's house, then Michael broke the ice, "You know there is one thing that's been bugging me."

Marko was sure it was something to do with the vampires they'd encountered and was ready to throw him off again, "What's that?"

Michael smirked and Marko didn't have any time to react before his twin asked, "When did you watch Sleeping Beauty?"

Marko was silent for a minute then two.


Annoyance flashed across the shorter teen's face before he cleared that away and rolled his eyes, "Movie night. You were working and it was mom's turn to pick."

The dark-haired teenager laughed, "And you actually watched it?"

"It was movie night." He crossed his arms defiantly.

"Yeah, and since when don't you skip out on that when you don't want to watch a certain movie?"

True but the way his brother was smirking was as if he'd just discovered some sort of secret love of Disney that Marko had. That was not the case. He had to set things straight.

"I was going to bail but mom did that sad face thing and, okay, it didn't work. But then she pointed out that maybe the scenes with the villain would be interesting from an artistic point of view."

Michael shook his head with a smile, "Sure, okay." He wasn't buying it.

That night saw them cleaning up feathers when their grandfather came home and interrupted their pillow fight. Even with that brief reprieve Marko had a lot to think about that night.

Even without the thought of what Michael may or may not know, or perhaps sense, it wasn't like there wasn't already three vampires plaguing his mind more than enough.

The next day Marko was outside tuning up his motorcycle because it beat staying inside with his nosy family who had all noticed his lack of sleep.

Lucy was worried the couch wasn't comfortable enough for him to get a good night's sleep and he did his best to reassure her that it was just the change of scenery and he'd have had the same issue in a bed even with a pillow which both he and Michael had to do without the previous night. Still Marko promised to call it an early night tonight so she'd stop fussing.

Marko had also hoped that his mind would stop racing if he busied himself but that wasn't the case. Instead, he had come up with several crazy theories about Michael having some sort of future knowledge or being reborn as well which was why he recognized the guys, but he quickly discounted the latter one.

If that had been the case then he would've confronted his twin before about his existence since he'd not had a twin in his past life but then... Maybe only bits and pieces made their way to him? The once vampire knew he himself was missing some things but no, that was different. He seemed to be forgetting things over time probably because his human mind could only handle so much. He probably hadn't even recalled his whole undead life when he was a baby for the second time, and it's not like Marko would know if that was indeed the case.

Could Michael be opposite? Remembering things whereas Marko was forgetting? No, he didn't think that was it, but what then? His theories regarding his own memory and humanity were too vast and now it seemed as if Michael was added to the mix. It was frustrating.

Pushing away thoughts of Michael didn't do him any favors because then he was worrying about how much David picked out of his head and if he and Michael had somehow landed themselves in the 'meal category' last night.

That was why he'd wanted to carefully plan his meeting with them. Marko knew he wasn't the same as he was in his first life. And there was the fact that Paul was a vampire without his interference. At first he was glad that the other blond had still managed to be turned but now he was also kind of pissed off.

Because it was almost like, no, it was like Marko didn't matter. Cut him out of the group and everything was still fine without him. They didn't need him for anything not even to bring Paul into their group.

Maybe he should just take it as a sign that it meant that Paul was always meant to be one of them and that Marko's choice was a good one as even fate or whatever wanted it to happen. Still he felt like he had every right to feel petty about it.

"Damnit!" He cursed as his distracted mind caused himself to injure his hand. Pulling his bleeding hand away from his bike he reached for a nearby towel that was meant to wipe the grease off his hands.

As his left hand went to wrap the other, he paused and looked at the injury. The cut wasn't deep enough to require stitches but it was bleeding generously. He stared at the blood, his blood. Marko was used to slow healing injuries now, to seeing his own blood. Blood had never bothered him and the human hadn't looked at it as anything other than a messy annoyance in years.

Even now as it ran down his arm, he didn't feel anything from looking at it, no blood lust. There was no overwhelming smell. His throat didn't itch. Was being a human such a bad thing?

He wasn't weak or fragile, not like he'd once thought all humans to be. Not like he was the first time he was human. There was really no downside except for growing old that he could think of and even then, did that scare him?

No. It didn't.

Why did he want to be a vampire so much then?

Because being human was awful.

Once that was true, but now?

He wiped up the blood from where it was dripping down his arm and then he wrapped up his hand with enough pressure to feel the sting even more noticeably.

No, being human wasn't that bad. It had its flaws but so did vampirism.

Nothing was perfect.

But being human meant that he couldn't be with David, Paul, and Dwayne. They were his driving force. What he wanted back the most. His family because they were the only family he'd ever known. Only now they weren't and now they'd sooner eat him than turn him.

He had a new family. A real human family.

So not only could he die but so could they. Marko stared at the once white towel; the red staining it was symbolic in a way. He sighed. There was a lot he needed to think about before he moved forward.

What was he willing to risk and for what gain? He might never have the same relationship with those he thought of like brothers.

Shaking his head, he stood up not having realized he had sat down midway through his pondering.

A nap would probably help.

With that thought, he headed back inside. A couch had never looked so heavenly but his eyes trailed down to his hand. Falling asleep without bandaging his hand would result in his mother fretting and that was something he'd rather not deal with so he decided to do the responsible thing and fix it up as best as he could in the bathroom.

It doesn't take him long to clean, disinfect, and rebandage the wound. Soon the teenager was heading back to his couch only to stop short. On the side of the couch was Michael and he was holding one of Marko's sketch pads while other items were scattered beside his boxes.

Had Michael gone through his things?

"What the hell, Michael?"

Marko stomped over ready to snatch back his drawings and give his twin a piece of his mind when his twin's eyes met his.

His expression made the blond pause.

"I knew they looked familiar." Michael then turned the drawing towards his brother and Marko was looking into the face of David that he'd drawn a couple years prior.

"…What are you doing going through my things?" Marko demanded with an anger he doesn't really feel; he's just exhausted.

"Why do you have a drawing of a guy you only met yesterday?" Michael interrogated him.

"I couldn't sleep last night so I sketched. It's not a big deal." Marko shrugged as if that were the truth.

"…It's too detailed." Michael pressed.

"I have an eye for detail." Blue eyes narrowed on his twin.

Michael just looked frustrated in return as if he knew the other was lying, "…I've seen this picture before."

That nearly stumped his brother. "You're clearly mistaken."

"No… I'm not." Michael shook his head before picking up another sketchpad that Marko had failed to notice sitting on the couch. "Did you draw this one last night too?"

It was one of Paul. This one was his vamped-out face, unlike the drawing of David.

Marko stared at it and thought to deny it but Michael shook his head, "There's at least three more of them that I've found just now… Are you gonna tell me you drew all of them last night as well?"

He said nothing.

"If I looked through all your drawings, I have a feeling I would find more of them."

Too many. Why did he ever draw them and so many times? Better yet why didn't he destroy them? Why did he think he could share a room with the other boy for years and never have him see them?

"Marko… What's going on? Who are they?"

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