So… It seems like this story has gotten a fair amount of positive feedback. Lovely! I always like the concept of spells from universes like Zatch Bell. And for the dub and sub versions of the show, I loved both! While the voice of the sub version of Zatch always makes me crack up, the dub version is what made me feel the feels… Also, Dr. Riddle's dub voice actor is the same one for Raiden from Metal Gear?! I never knew!

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Also, a few things to clarify and/or explain.

1. All or most Mamodo spells have a nomenclature, or an actual meaning that translates into Japanese or the phrases translated into the dub version. And even then, some stems are for specific Mamodo. For example, Zatch and Zeno's "–Za" is their signature stem, and only they have it; it also means that the spell will involve lightning. The same principle goes for Mamodo like Kanchome or Brago: "-Gura" and "–Rei" for Brago's gravity attacks and "–Po" for Kanchome's illusion spells. The nomenclature I've chosen for Ben is "-Poa", which is the Japanese stem for "morph" or the finishing sound of a transformation. This in turn relates to his transformative abilities through the combination of the Spell Book and the Omnitrix respectively.

2. And in a way…yes, the transformations from this are pretty much like Requips in a way. I initially didn't think about that, because rather the Requips being an inspiration, I actually got the idea of making the Omnitrix transformations like that based off from some drawings on DeviantArt, specifically the artwork done by Lutih and her "Mahou Shojo Ben 10" fan arts. I recommend giving them a look; they're quite cute!

3. As many people suggested, I'll be making this Ben a more…experimental type of Ben so to say. Rather, it means that he'll be a type of Ben that'll want to test out techniques, technology, strategies and the like. He would get along greatly with Kiyo. Testing out the purposes and the meaning of the Spell Book would no doubt be an interesting topic for him to explore. And even better yet, the Answer Talker ability…but that'll probably come later into the story. Who knows? I might even give him that ability! Ha, I'm joking. He'd be too overpowered then.

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Chapter 2: Fateful Meeting

"M-Megumi! Another barf bag!" Tia cried out in worry, before turning back to a wailing Ben. "Hold it in, for goodness sake!"

"I… I c-can't… Urmmmph…!" Ben's eyes nearly popped out as his cheeks were filled with yuckies, at least that's what Tia referred his vomit to. She was still 6 years old after all.

Holding his hands against his bulging mouth, Tia could see his face paling out to a miserable blue as Megumi quickly returned with another barf bag. Quickly swiping it away from her grasp, both of the girls shuddered upon seeing the last of his lunch get thrown away into the bag.

"Oh my Celestialsapiens…" He muttered as he threw away the bag into the nearest trash bin. "I think I just threw up a day's worth of food…"

"I didn't anyone would have motion sickness as bad as this." Megumi chuckled as he patted his back. "You feeling alright?"

"…I think I'll live. We're not leaving too soon though, are we?" Ben leaned against his knees, panting for a bit until he finally got up.

"Luckily for you, that's a no." The brunette smiled in response. "We've got a nice schedule for the next few days, so we can spend some time relaxing. It won't be all work at least."

"Oh thank goodness!" Tia smiled with joy. "I want to go see Big Ben! Oh, I mean the tower… Ben."

"I know, I know." Ben smiled. "I want to go see it as well. I never did have a chance to do so back in my world."

"Really now?" Megumi hummed in thought. The two began to follow her as a taxi meant to wait for her and company to arrive appeared. "Then let's make this a trip to remember."

"Megumi-san!" The driver called out. "Good to see you. Let's get rolling right away."

"Coming! Let's go, guys!" Megumi called out to her two friends. Ben and Tia nodded in response as Ben pulled their luggage into the trunk of the car, and shortly afterwards, the beginning of their trip in London took off.

"Herk… Blaaaargh…!"

"Not again!" Tia sighed as she opened her backpack. "It's a good thing I bought some more disposable bags at the nearest convenience store."

A few hours later, the crew had stopped by a location by a bridge canal. Megumi had taken some time to pose for some photos, while Ben and Tia were watching over the area and sightseeing a little.

"I-I don't know why…! Transportation is just…it's killing me nowadays…" Ben wheezed as he grabbed another bag from her. "I-Is this a darn side effect of being turned into a Mamodo?! I used to be able to handle myself perfectly in cars and other vehicles…"

"You alright kid?" One of Megumi's cameramen turned to him. "You look pretty pale."

"I-I'm alright, sir…" Ben slowly staggered up. "Give…give me a second."

"Turn a little to the left, Megumi dear!"

"Of course!" Said brunette smiled as she posed for her director. As she held her pose with her signature smile, the cameramen began to take a few more pictures.

"Thatta girl! Nice one! You're just meant for the cameras!

"So, when's Megumi going to be finished with—"


"Huh? What was that?" The crew, Megumi and company all turned their heads towards the sound of water splashing. Since they were next to a canal, it didn't seem strange that there would be activity towards the water, but unlike a fish, it was quite the loud noise.

As Megumi looked over, Ben noticed how her eyes widened a little, as if she recognized the perpetrator.

"Oh… That's…" She blinked.

"Who's galloping in the water?" Ben and Tia walked over to look. Looking down onto the canal way that was next to a staircase leading to the bridge next to them.

"Oh, is that…!" Tia's eyes glistened for a moment as she got an even better look. "Ah, just as I thought!"

"Huh?" Two voices from the lower levels responded to her enthusiastic call. One was a wet blond child who looked roughly the same age as Tia, and a black haired teenager; he seemed to be just a bit younger than Megumi.

"Zatch! Kiyomaro!" Tia yelled out, revealing their names. Ben's interest piqued a little as he looked down. The little blonde kid was Zatch, and his book owner, the teenager next to him, was his Book Keeper.

'So, that's Zatch and Kiyomaro…' He noted, embedding their appearances into his mind.

"Ah, it's Tia!" Zatch waved back. Though in his hand, Ben sweat dropped upon seeing a partially eaten raw yellowtail, and another one still flopping around, desperately trying to breathe.

"Megumi-san! Tia! And…a friend?" Kiyo noticed the third member of Megumi's party. "Hey there!"

"Ah, Kiyomaro! This is Ben, he's a friend of ours!" Megumi waved back as Ben nodded in his direction, with Kiyo responding in a respective matter as well. "What are you two doing here?"

"I came to visit my dad at the university here!" Kiyo yelled back. "What about you, Megumi-san? Are you guys here for work?"

"Ah, that's right." Ben was the one to answer, much to Kiyo's surprise at how seemingly fluent he was in "Japanese". "Megumi is here taking some pictures for her music video and magazine. We're accompanying her on a few photo shoots."

"Speaking of which…" Tia dug into her backpack, taking out a camera. "Let's get a shot of us together!"

"Oh! That's lovely!" Zatch smiled as he picked up his to-be-eaten yellowtail. He and Kiyo climbed up the stairs, gathering together with Megumi and company. The teen properly introduced himself to Ben, the two exchanging handshakes as Tia handed her camera to Megumi's cameraman.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, the name's Takamine Kiyomaro, but you can just call me Kiyo. Umm… If you don't mind me asking, are you a…you know?" Kiyo sheepishly asked, but Ben simply smiled.

"Ah, you're correct. My name is Benjamin Tennyson, but just call me Ben. I am a Mamodo…but I'm a…special sort of case in that matter." He answered. Kiyo blinked in curiosity, and was about to ask him what he meant, but Megumi quickly dragged him next to her, and Tia with Zatch.

"We're ready. Please take a good shot!" Megumi requested.

"Yeah! With Mr. Yellowtail as well!" Zatch insisted, though Ben noticed that the yellowtail was beginning to wiggle its way out from his grasp.

"Alright, here we go! Take a nice big smile and say 'chee—"

"—Ah, Mr. Yellowtail! Don't be so feisty!" Zatch comically tried to keep the fist in his hands. As the cameraman was about to press the shutter button, the yellowtail quickly slapped his face and bounced into Ben, slapping him in the face as well as the camera took the photo.

"GAAAH! Oh what the hell!" Ben yelped as the yellowtail attempted to stick itself onto his head. The trio laughed as Zatch attempted to pull off the large fish from his noggin, but…

"Heh heh heh… Wait, aren't I forgetting something…?" He wondered to himself.

As Zatch finally yanked the yellowtail off, Ben proceeded to rub the sore spot on his head as he leaned on the railing, but as he looked over, the splashing of water soon got his attention once more.

"Huh? Hey, is that another yellowtail or something?" He asked, pointing down. Immediately, Kiyo's face gawked as he jumped down the stairs.

"A-Ah, well, we gotta run! See ya, Megumi-san, Tia, Ben!" Kiyo's face quickly changed into what Ben could only describe as a troll face / sarcastic smile hybrid.

"I…huh." Ben watched as the duo pulled something out of the water and ran away. "I wonder what they're in a rush for."

"Well, it's never a dull moment with those two, that's for sure." Megumi giggled. "Those guys are always up to something."

"That's a must." Tia nodded in agreement. She still had that goofy smile on her face as she watched them go off.

"Hmm…" Ben hummed, turning to her with a devious smile. "Hey Tia…"

"Yeah…?" Tia answered, but didn't turn to answer him actually. Ben snickered as he went to her ear, with Megumi covering her face upon realizing what he was going to do.

"You've got a crush on him, don't you…!" He whispered with a sneaky grin. But as if she were a ticking bomb, Tia's face immediately blew up to a ruby red as she strangled him as usual.

"T-T-THAT'S NOT IT ALL, BEN YOU BIG GOOFBAAALL!" She denied with all her heart. Megumi quickly got out of her adoring phase as she attempted to unhand Tia from Ben's neck.

"T-Tia! It was just a joke!" She tried to convince her…however.

"M-Megumi… Y-You also have a thing for Kiy—HEERK!"

"D-Don't you go along with me on this too!" Megumi instead began to struggle him along with Tia, but before Ben lost consciousness, he could see the massive amount of blush on her face as a satisfied smile left his face…

"…Worth it."

The cameramen could even see what seemed to be a spectral essence through his camera as he adjusted his lenses. He had to check again to make sure he wasn't going crazy.



Now in the late evening land of London in a large tennis court, the trio were settling in for some late night training, or as Ben would've like to now call it: "Experimentation Time". Because Ben was transformed into a Mamodo through unnatural means, he decided to see how the Omnitrix and his transformations were affected by the change.

Megumi's first worry was that they would accidentally burn his "book", or rather, destroy the Omnitrix, but Ben proved that the device was more than capable of enduring whatever assault came its way. Despite it being part book, the alien materials used to form the overall shape of the Omnitrix was still superior to whatever tech or weapon today, meaning it could obviously tank Tia's spells, or rather spell in her case. Her only offense spell was Saisu.

This time, right when the crescent shape of energy was about to collide into his body, as Ben activated the spell, his first idea was to think of an alien in his mind. To his surprise and partly expectations, his body transformed into the creature that he was thinking of in his mind. However, what he found out was that he could only transform into a certain number of aliens that he was thinking of as he sorted through the identities of multiple forms.

"So, what's this guy's abilities?" Tia looked in awe at Ben's appearance. This form completely nullified Saisu's power.

Once again, Ben's overall body size grew slightly. While he wore a uniform that was half patched, grey on the left side and black on the right, his arms were covered in green, durable crystals. The overall shape of his arms resembled full armored gauntlets, and he even wore a helmet and had a visor comprised of the same material. On his back were two crystal shards that stuck out, and on his left shoulder was the Omnitrix/Mamodo hybrid symbol.

"This form is based on Diamondhead, a durable alien whose body is composed of durable crystal." Ben explained as he clenched his right him.

"A crystal alien?" Megumi looked over in slight interest as well. "Well, what else can you do?"

"Oh, plenty actually. This form is one of the most diverse ones I have." Ben smirked as he slapped a palm onto the ground. "Watch this!"

As his hand touched the floor, a huge platform of crystal conjured up in front of the duo, making Tia stumble onto the floor due to the sheer height of the structure.

"Crystal generation and manipulation." Megumi summarized. "That's a handy ability."

"I'll say." Ben smirked as he tapped the OmniModo symbol. Reverting back to human form, the crystals also began to crumble down. "By the way, I wanted to ask something."

"Hmm?" Tia looked over to him as she watched the remaining crystals disappear. "What's that?"

"What kind of spells does Zatch and Kiyomaro use?" He asked, curious about his new Mamodo friend and Human friend.

"Oh, they utilize Lightning Magic. I think they have…three spells at the moment?" Megumi began to remember.

"Lightning spells, huh?" Ben thought out loud. "So each Mamodo has a certain trait to them. Zatch is Lightning, Fango was Fire… Tia, you're Shields or Support is what I'm guessing."

"Yeah…" Tia didn't seem to be satisfied with her line-up of abilities, but quickly changed her frown into a smile. "But as we Mamodo grow, we'll eventually learn stronger spells, so who knows what I'll be able to do in the future!"

"That's true." The Omnitrix wielder agreed as they sat together on a bench. "But I wonder if that's the case for myself."

"Oh… Right, you're not really a Mamodo in the usual case, as your abilities are based on the Omnitrix." Megumi noted once more.

"Yes, that's right… But I can't help but feel that if we go on, I might discover something else. Something other than the aliens incorporated into me by this device attached to my DNA." He grasped the air while saying that.

Tia and Megumi could only sit and listen to his speech. As they looked at each other, they began to giggle. In response, Ben flinched, blushing a little in embarrassment as Megumi got up.

"W-Well, that's just pure speculation on my part… You don't have to be non-literal with my—"

"Ah, come on, you big dummy!" Tia grinned as she pulled on his arm. "Come on, we've got a big day ahead of us!"

"Speaking of a big day, we've got multiple photo shoots tomorrow! Let's cool down for today and get ready for it, alright?" Megumi ordered with a gentle smile.


The next day was the same pleasantry that was Megumi's life as an idol. Going around to the countryside this time around, the three drove around in a RV, which made Ben begin to remind himself of the summer from his past world.

"…H-He's not vomiting." Tia gulped with a nervous look as she tugged on Megumi. "D-Did we strangle him too hard?"

"No… That's not why." Megumi replied, a smile on her face as the two looked over at his expression. "Just take a look at his face. He's as calm as a cloud."

Leaning out the window, the pleasant wind of the fields blew against Ben as his hair was gently pushed aside. However, as much as calm-looking he seemed to be even with a smile on his face, Tia could tell that…he was feeling senses of loneliness, a need for reconciliation. She wondered what caused him to look like that as Megumi's daily photo-shooting began.

"But he doesn't seem contempt to me though…" She murmured to herself.

The area they were arriving at was near a local forest called "The Fairy Woods". Why it was called that was unknown, but besides the rumors in which you could see a fairy, the mystery behind that place was neigh impossible to understand. As they journeyed to their destination, Megumi was busy with the camera crew, leaving Ben to play with Tia until the shooting was done.

"Hey, let's check out the local village!" She pointed out to a pasture of buildings in the distance. It seemed that this location was also home to a small farming town.

"Sure, why not?" Ben shrugged, having nothing else better to do so. As he checked his watch; no, the Omnitrix actually had a clock function… He figured that the two of them had some time until Megumi was finished.

Drifting off into the entrance, as the two entered the vicinity, they couldn't help but feel like this area was full of tension, or at least, the residents were wary of something. Something that made them so scared, or at least afraid to openly do outdoor activities without being overly cautious about whatever they were doing. Even as they wandered and began to chat around the area, the people seemed to hesitate for a second before opening up.

"Umm… What seems to be the problem, sir?" Ben asked a farmer that was nervously attending to his field.

"O-Oh… You're not like him. Thank goodness." He sighed in relief.

"Him, sir?" Ben questioned his words. The middle aged man nodded slowly as he pointed towards north. Over in yonder direction was the entrance to the fabled "Fairy Woods", as indicated by the sheer massive amount of forestry located over there.

"Well, I don't know if you've been aware, but recently we had an outsider coming into our area; a kid, around your age and height little missy." The farmer explained, gesturing towards Tia.

"A kid my age?" Tia pointed to herself. Once again, the elder man nodded.

"Yes, and he appeared to be quite the frightening sight. But not ugly I mean, but his presence, his aura… It just radiated supremacy." He eyes widened slightly. "We couldn't help but just…be afraid."

"Did this child attack you at all?" Ben asked, a little worried now.

"No, none of that sort. But he's been coming around here a few times lately; his mere presence is enough to scare us senseless." He revealed. "I'd best stay wary when you tread around these parts."

As the farmer bid them adieu, Ben and Tia began to think of his "child menace" that all of the townsfolk began to talk about. They decided to keep it to themselves until they could inform Megumi about it, so they made their return to the photo site, in which they could see things beginning to wrap up in the first phase.

"Well… That seemed depressing." Tia admitted.

"Well… If you think about it, the description he gave to us sounds like a Mamodo if you ask me." Ben replied.

Returning to the RV, Megumi could be seen underneath a deployable umbrella. As she motioned for them to come over, Ben took another look at the Omnitrix to confirm the time.

"Huh, just enough seconds to spare." He muttered as the duo approached her.

"So, how was the photo-shooting?" Tia asked her partner. Megumi sighed a little as she stretched her fingers. As Ben sat down on the remaining seat, Tia plopped onto his lap as Megumi began to explain the situation.

"Well, luckily for you guys, after this break, this will be our last shoot here in England!" She smiled.

"Reaaally?!" Tia's jaw dropped in joy. "I have to admit…even though it was nice to sight-see around the area, I'd like to get back to Japan and eat some sushi…"

"Sushi, huh?" Ben smirked as Tia began to drool a little.

"Geheheh… Cucumber rolls, egg-sushi, fish-roe…" She deviously slurped her drool aside.

"And yellowtail I assume?" Ben chuckled, poking her cheek.

"YEAH~!" She actually reacted with a loud cheer. "Ain't that right, Ben? Megumi?"

Giggling, Megumi merely folded her arms as she took a nice, deep breathe. "Oh, Tio. Food always gets onto your mind when you're stressed out."

"Yeah, that's because—Huh?" Tia suddenly saw something from the corner of her eye. In an opening near a bush, she pointed towards a silhouette that seemed to resemble everyone's favorite hyperactive blond Mamodo. "Hey Megumi, Ben… Isn't that Zatch over there?"

"Eh?" Both of the two turned in the direction to which she pointed in. It was true; there seemed to be some sort of sort figure resembling Zatch's figure. Even the clothing and hair seemed to match his body.

"See, it is Zatch!" She smiled as she leaped off of Ben. Taking a few steps forward, she began to wave at the Zatch-like figure that stood afar. "Zaaaaaaaatch!"

As she waved, she was expecting a response from the figure, but all she got was someone running away from her sight. Ben and Megumi looked at each other, blinking in confusion as Tia began to puff her cheeks in annoyance.

"W-What…?! Did he just ignore me?" She was dumbfounded. Clenching her fist, she pouted as she then folded her arms. "Just wait till I get my nitty gritty paws on you then, Zatch…!"

"Was that really Zatch though?" Megumi wondered.

"It seemed to be. Or at least his body type seemed to be related to his." Ben guessed. Turning around, he stood up and quickly turned back to the girls. "Oh, we're leaving. Come on Megumi, Tia."

"Grr…!" Tia growled as Ben took her hand. He had some mild resistance from pulling her back, but Megumi simply giggled at the sight of an older brother trying to calm down his sibling.

Little did they know though that this small factor would play a part in the future.

"…Huh, where are all the townsfolk?" Kiyo wondered. He had some bandages on his arms and face, but he seemed to be relatively fine.

He and Zatch had now arrived in one of the other ends of the village near the Fairy Woods. As Zatch was busy munching on another yellowtail, the duo began to walk through the entrance. Though as Kiyo looked over to a nearby home…

"…Eeep!" A woman yelped as she closed her window and pulled down the shades.

"…?" Kiyo looked surprised to what he saw. Continuing on through the main trail way, as they passed more and more houses, the residents would simply spy on them and then hurriedly cower away in their homes.

"…Uh…what?" He blinked a few times, stopping to look around. "W-What's with this village?"


"Hey, a doggo!" Zatch smiled upon looking at a dog that seemed to be barking at them in warning. As two villagers came to check on the animal, as they looked in its direction, something seemed to immediately make them afraid.

"I-It's that kid!" The first one yelled, tossing his shovel into the air.

"HE'S BACK! RUN AWAY!" The other one cried out, throwing his rake out. Zatch and Kiyo watched with weird reactions as they ran away and out of their sight.

"H-Hey! W-Wait a minute, you…all." Kiyo tried to call out to them, but it was too late. "Geez, why did they run away the moment they saw us?"

"Kiyo…they looked at me…" Zatch glanced back at Kiyo.

"And?" He asked.

"…And they were thrilled!"

Kiyo immediately face palmed and dropped to the floor in a comedic fashion as Zatch continued to boast his "apparent" charming reputation. "It seems as though I'm popular around these parts!"

"What the hell are you saying?! It's the exact damn opposite you fool! They're terrified of you, not thrilled!" Kiyo quickly retorted, chopping the blond's head.

"Then what?" Zatch rubbed his temple in discomfort as Kiyo just began to walk towards the Woods' entrance.

"It's nothing... But sheesh, this village doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Zatch, let's hurry onto the forest already." He then ordered as he went pass the blond Mamodo.

"Kiyo, what do you mean by "opposite"?" Zatch began to ask while licking the tail of his meal. "Why were they scared? Am I so intimidating that they couldn't help but be afraid of me?"

"Yeah yeah…" Kiyo shot him off as he walked a little faster.

"Kiyoooo! Are you listening to me?!" The blond began to grunt towards Kiyo in a childish manner. Sighing heavily, Kiyo growled in annoyance, furiously pointing his finger at Zatch!"

"I don't freaking know! Hurry up and finish that damn yellowtail already too, damn it!" He said, releasing an outburst of rage. Gulping, Zatch quickly devoured the remainder of his tail and began to follow him.

A few minutes was what it took them to traverse to the other end of town, in which the entrance to the Woods finally laid.

"…Here we are Zatch. This is the entrance to the Woods." Kiyo gulped as the two stood in front of the entranceway.

"…Unu." The blond nodded. However, right as they were about to take their first step forward, the sound of an engine could heard as they turned around.

"Oh, what's tha—*COUGH!* *COUGH!* What the?!" Kiyo nearly choked on the dust from the wheels of Megumi's RV as it passed by. "What is tha—"

"—K-Kiyomaro…! I'm being…str…angled! Suffo… Suffocating!" Zatch whimpered out while trying to gasp for air.

"Z-Zatch?!" Kiyo turned over, only to see Tia straddling and beginning to strangle Zatch as the dust cleared. Ben was seen coming out with Megumi as Tia let go of him for a moment, only to initiate in a leg strain.

"UUUUUWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!" Zatch cried out in pain as Ben tried to get her off.

"T-Tia? Ben? Megumi-san?" He then noticed them.

"O-Oh… H-Hey there, Kiyo." Ben chuckled for a second before getting back to Tia. "C-Come on Tia…!"

"Hey there, Kiyomaro-kun." She greeted back. However, as much as Ben tried to get her off, Tia was close to dislocating Zatch's legs as he cried out in a pitiful manner.

"W-What are you doing, T-Tia?!" He called out to her, but all was in vain as Tia growled in response.

"Shut your horse, Zatch! What was that attitude that you gave me back then?!" She immediately barked back.

"W-What?! I have n-no idea what're y-you're talking about!" Zatch insisted as she continued to pull. "KIYO, HELP THIS SORRY MAMODO PLEASE!"

"Y-Yeah… I don't get what you're talking about, Tia." Kiyo revealed. "Ben, Megumi-san, what's this all about anyways?"

"W-Well…" Ben grunted.

"Before we arrived here, we saw Zatch from a distance and tried to call out to him. But since he ignored Tia, she's a bit angry as a result." The teen idol explained.

"Y-Yep, that's pretty much it." Ben nodded as he still tried to get her off.

"Wait, what? But Zatch and I just got here." He revealed with a confused tone of voice. "That can't be possible."

"Huh?" Ben turned to him.

"We definitely saw what appeared to be his figure though." Megumi confirmed.

"Hmm…" Kiyo began to think. As he cupped his cheek, it was then that his eyes widened in realization. 'C-Could it be? The one that Robnos was speaking of? That must be it then! That was the other Zatch they saw!'

"Wait, then what you're saying is…?" Ben blinked.

"Tia, that Zatch was a fake." Megumi tapped her partner's shoulder, causing her to let go instantly and for Ben to fall back. She glanced over to her as Zatch began to slowly and painfully get up.

"A fake? Really, Kiyomaro?" She asked him for reassurance.

"Yeah, it's true. Though I can't be certain until Zatch and I explore this forest." Kiyo explained.

"A-A second Zatch, huh?" Ben stuttered as he got up.

"T-Tia… Tia is a scary girl…" Zatch whimpered as he held his rear in pain. "One must be as careful with her…!"

"Then let's go with them, Megumi!" Tia suggested. "Let's go and defeat that fake Zatch and teach him a lesson that he'll never for—"


"Ah…" The brunette and company turned back to the RV.

"It's time for us to go!" The driver called out.

"Y-Yes! We'll be there right away!" She quickly responded, before turning back to Kiyo. "Sorry Kiyomaro-kun, but we have to leave now."

"Come on, Tia." Ben placed his hands on her shoulders. Tia responded with a distasteful reaction however.

"Whaaaa…? What about catching the fake Zatch and drilling a hole in his bu—"

"No means no, unfortunately." Ben shrugged as he lifted her up. Carrying her like luggage, the pink haired girl groaned as the three approached the RV.

"F-Fine then…" Tia mumbled as they turned around to say goodbye. "But be careful!"

"Yes. Please, be very careful you two!" Megumi added.

"We'll be seeing you guys later." Ben waved back with his free arm.

"Yeah! Have a nice trip back!" Kiyo nodded in turn. As he and Zatch watched them return into the RV, Tia and Megumi could be seen waving back at them as the vehicle faded away into the distance.

"…You know, my butt still hurts." The blond rubbed his rear.

"Heh heh. Well, I guess Megumi-san has to still teach Tia how to control her anger." Kiyo shrugged.

"I feel bad for Ben. I don't know why, but I feel like he's already been strangled by her at least a few times." The Mamodo shivered at the thought that appeared in his head.

"Oh, yeah, that's definitely something I can see happening." Kiyo chuckled with a sympathetic tone. 'Hate to babysit her when she's on a tantrum. Ben probably does that a lot…'


"Well… At least he's not hurling." Megumi sighed a little as the trio sat in their seats. The duo were taking a peek at a slumbering Ben, who for once was experience a case of 24/7 motion sickness.

"…Do you know how many bags he's filled? The trees he's killed…?" Tia turned to her partner with total anxiety all over her face. I literally had to write down just how many I had to throw away during these past few days!"

"Was it really that rough?" Megumi joked, shifting her eyes a little.

"YES!" Tia slammed her hands on her seat, nearly jolting Ben away. The girls gasped, keeping silent and still…and fortunately, he managed to fall back asleep. "…It really was rough."

"W-Well, we won't be traveling to any other countries for a bit, so…at least that's good." Megumi reassured her, placing a hand on her shoulder as Tia slouched in her seat.

"Well, fine then. I'm…*yawn* gonna nap for a bit then…" She then mumbled, her eyes becoming drowsy as she began to lean towards Ben unconsciously.

Megumi giggled at the sight. "And once again, another successful sleep for my princess. She really has gotten a lot happier ever since Zatch-kun and Kiyomaro-kun had gotten into our lives."

Over the course of half a day, or roughly 12 hours in total, Megumi kept watch over her little ones for the first couple of hours. By then, Tia had begun to switch to watching, with Ben surprisingly not instantly barfing the moment he woke up. A good night's rest was probably a temporary antidote for his condition.

The rest of the plane ride went smoothly, but it did allow them enough time for them to get a clue on what their next few work schedules were. Megumi explained that she would have a few days of rest, and then proceed to once again tend to her duties as a pop idol; meaning singing practice, fan-meetups and signatures, photoshoots, the like. To Ben, it reminded him of how tough her life was, though he did feel a tad bit relived that Megumi did this sort of work only because she enjoyed it, but because of that…

As a result of her busy schedule, Tia became involved in this seemingly never-ending scheme of business trips and rehearsals. And while Megumi was already doing this sort of work even before meeting with Tia and learning about the Battle of the 100 Mamodo, Tia unfortunately was still trying to cope and adapt to these strange schedules. Waking up early, keeping track of Megumi's schedule and making sure she got to places on time; she basically became the teen idol's mini manager as time passed. With Ben now in tow though, the Omnitrix wielder decided that he would help lessen the load on her shoulders. Surprisingly enough, even with her pop idol work, Megumi was in fact still a student, one that was attending an all girls' high school.

"Wait, so typically saying, most Mamodo can range from 4 years old, a child young child basically, to those of even of almost full grown teenagers or adults?" Ben tried to understand what the situation was. The two were whispering for the sake of not wanting to wake Megumi up.

"That's right." Tia nodded. "You see, back in the Mamodo World, there's a bunch of different schools. The one that Zatch and I came from was the quoted "Mamodo World Elementary School #7". And even then, such a place expanded for miles!"

"Hmm… Assuming that there's multiple divisions for middle and high schools as well, the 100 Mamodo were seemingly chosen from those facilities?" Ben then asked. Once again, Tia nodded.

"Exactly. The one who actually administers the contestants for the Mamodo Thousand-Year Battles is the Principal of the Educational System. He's an old goat guy with a really long beard." Tia tried to do a mock impression of a beard stroke to resemble said Principal.

"This really doesn't make any sense then if you think about it then." Ben admitted. "If a child of all things managed to win the battle, wouldn't they become King or Queen? Surely the denizens of your realm wouldn't accept that."

"Well, according to what I heard in class, the whole point of the battle to decide a King in the first place is to have the Mamodo participating in the fight to grow and mature." Tia explained. "Take me for example. I learned to accept that people change, and even, you can trust people and learn to grow as a person."

"Well, when you put it that way…"

Tia went on to explain how all of the magic of the Mamodo worked, and the function of the various tribes and types of Mamodo that existed. The various body types of Mamodo would often foresight how they would function in society. Humanoid Mamodo seemed to be at the top of the hierarchal level, with the beings like Dragon-kin and others being similarly placed, but some races being seen as lower cases in society.

As a way of saying thanks to the young girl explaining so much to him, Ben decided to tell them small bits of information about himself. He mostly told her about some of the powers his various transformations had. He did, however, decide against telling her about all of the functions of the Omnitrix. He wasn't even sure if Megumi and Tia would know what he meant, but regardless, what he did tell them was enough to leave their jaws hanging down to the floor.

Who knew one would learn so much about culture from different worlds, especially on a plane of all things?

After a few hours on the plane, and Ben beginning to periodically chucking out his innards once more, the group had arrived in the bustling city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. The group rose from their seats in the compartment, and made their way off of the plane. As soon as Ben set foot into the lobby, he seemed to almost immediately recover from his motion sickness, much to Megumi's and Tia's surprise once again.

'I guess it wears off just as quickly as it kicks in...' mused Tia. At this point, this was going to become a daily thing.

The Omnitrix bearer even further surprised them when he opened his book, and was even tempted to read one of his spells.

"Oh Celestialsapiens… Fresh ground once again…!" He muttered exuberantly.

"Someone's relieved." Megumi giggled. It didn't take long for Tia to slap Ben upside the back of his head, thus bringing his celebratory to an end.

"Not here, Ben!" The pinked haired Mamodo yelled. "You'll freak out the public if you transform! And we are not spending any more of our time running away from paparazzi when they recognize Megumi!"

"Ah… Heheh…" Megumi chuckled sheepishly.

With that, the group set off and exited the station. Upon entering the city itself, Ben was immediately surprised at how far the buildings went on. The two girls didn't give Ben a tour, per se, but they did point out various shops and other establishments as they walked through the massive establishment. They didn't take a plane from Tokyo, but rather another airport, so this was the first time that Ben saw such a busy place.

As they walked, Ben couldn't help but think to himself how the town bore a resemblance to his hometown Bellwood in a way. Both towns resembled ones that might have existed in Ben's world, but even so, they still had a somewhat newer, busier look about them. It would appear that this world wasn't as calm as Ben's was, judging from what he'd seen of it thus far.

Eventually, the group called upon a taxi, and after calming the driver down from the presence of a famous pop idol in his face, it was a pleasant ride back to the town in which Megumi lived in.

As the trio finally returned home, Tia decided to use the time they had left for the day to get back on the talk they had on the plane.

Sitting down on the couch in their living room, Tia took a sip from a glass of juice she had saved up for when she got out of the bath. Ben thought it was polite to let the girls take their turns first, and after he finished his, he joined up with the petite girl to continue their conversation from earlier.

"So, how many of these aliens does the Omnitrix have?" Tia inquired.

Ben turned to Tia once more, and answered. "Before its reconfiguring due to your Saisu spell, it had around…about sixty or so that were ready at any time? Give or take five to six that I usually used."

His statement left the young Mamodo nearly speechless. Sixty forms… That was far more than any kind of spell that could change a Mamodo's body. However, Tia noticed something about the way Ben said that.

"Ready at any time?" Tia repeated, her own words making her a bit more nervous by the second. "What does that mean exactly? Are you saying it has more than that?"

Ben nodded with a nonchalant expression. "Well, unfortunately, it's not fully unlocked as of now. But when it was, I discovered that it contained the DNA of a million aliens."

"M-Mill… Wait, how long did you have that for?" She stuttered, before immediately slapping her legs and pointing down at the onyx black device on his wrist.

Ben looked at Omnitrix before turning to her. "I've had this for two years. Up until then, I was literally just a normal ten-year old kid."

"I mean, I know you gave Megumi and I the gist of it back at the onsen, but still…" Tia sat back, still a little doubtful.

Ben was somewhat amused by her reaction to what he'd just said. Though, it did make sense once he thought about it. The Omnitrix was an incredibly powerful device, with the abilities and strengths of every sapient species in his universe. There were DNA samples of some unbelievably destructive aliens inside it. For somebody to wield such a device at the mere age of ten would be shocking tale to anyone.

"Well…" Ben explained "Ever since I got it, I've been using it to help people, whether that means fighting crooks, saving civilians, the like. I had people to help make sure that all of this power didn't get to my head."

"So, speaking of these aliens, what other powers do they have then?" Tia decided to sidetrack. "Megumi and I already seen three or so of the forms you've shown."

Ben adorned his face with an expression of deep thought. Trying to remember just how many abilities were available given the amount of transformations at his disposal did in fact make it a bit difficult to keep track of.

"Uh… Well, lemme see here…" Ben counted his fingers as he spoke. "Most of them have some form of superhuman strength and durability, but for the gist… There's super-speed, the power of the elements, uh… Flight and intangibility, and…oh! Some of them have regenerative powers as well!"

"E-Er… That's a lot to gather on…" Tia flinched.

"I'd say!" Megumi suddenly called out from the other end of her room. She was wearing a bathrobe and had her hair wrapped in a towel. "What else do you have?"

"Honestly… The list goes on and on, Megumi, Tia. I actually have lost count." Ben admitted.

"All that power inside that small little device, it's amazing to think about." Megumi noted as she let her hair flow freely.

"Tell me about it." Ben said dryly. "You don't the stuff I've encountered due to me just having this device on my person."

'I prooooooobably shouldn't tell them about Vilgax though… I think Tia would wet herself…'

"So… Wait, what's with straw hat again?" Ben pointed down to Tia, who had a big grin on her face.

"It's an addition to my sense of style." She replied as she twirled. "See? Matches with my outfit."

"But… I've never seen you wear anything else besides that, I mean besides pajamas at night time." The Omnitrix wielder noted with a weird. "Huh, I have a strange thought of deja-vu…"

"Whatever. Come on, we're here!" Tia dragged his hand, ignoring his previous thought as they arrived in front of a house.

"So, wait, you guys know where Zatch and Kiyo live? Huh, you really do like hi—Gaaaaugh…! Tia please…!" Ben quickly slapped the ground as Tia began to strangle him once more.

"…I'll let you off this time." She grumbled with a slightly red face. As she stepped up to the front gate and walked up to the front door, Ben took a moment to catch his breath as the young Mamodo knocked on the door.

"…I feel bad for Zatch." He mumbled to himself as he heard the door open.

"Oh, Tia-chan!" A female voice called out. "And a friend of yours?"

"Ah, hello Hana-san!" Tia smiled. "Yeah, this is Ben!"

"I-It's…a pleasure to meet you, Takamine-san." Finally letting the last of Tia's strangle out, he picked himself up and exchanged hands with the woman in front of him. "I assume you're related to Kiyo then?"

"That's a yes. I'm his mother, Takamine Hana." She smiled. Hana was a young adult with loose brown hair tied into a loose ponytail, dark red eyes, and she wore a sky blue with a turquoise skirt accompanied by a pink apron.

"We heard that Kiyo and Zatch arrived back from England, so we came to visit!" Tia revealed to Kiyo's mother.

"Well, they're home now. Go ahead, Zatch and Kiyo are upstairs with a bunch of Kiyo's school mates." Hana gestured for them to come in, pointing to the stairs.

"Thanks!" Tia quickly replied as she took off her shoes. Ben sighed a little as he took the time to take his own off and rearrange the duo's in align to the other guests. Before he could even come up, he heard a bunch of noise as he approached the entrance to Kiyo's room.

"Kiyomaro! Zatch!" Tia yelled as she ran up the stairs. As she entered, Zatch and Kiyo turned around to see the pinkette entering the room, with Ben shortly after her.

"Please excuse her sudden rush of excitement…" Ben bowed slightly.

"I came to visit!" Tia revealed.

"And I came to supervise her…" Ben shrugged.

"Tia! Ben! Hey there!" Kiyo smiled as he stood up.

"We heard that you guys came back from England, so Tia wanted to visit." Ben explained.

"Well, thanks for coming! Unu!" Zatch nodded. "So, where's Megumi?"

"Ah… Megumi is working on her rehearsal for some of her new songs. Since we had the free time and we were in the area, we thought to come here." Ben answered. "So, how's everyone do—"


"Huh?" Tia and Ben looked over towards the end of Kiyo's room, only to see a creature happily crash itself into Tia, licking her face as it wagged its tail.

"Wha—Oh come on!" Kiyo gasped.

"Uh… What is that?" Ben blinked as Tia began to giggle from ticklish feeling.

"Ah, stop that~! That tickles!" She grinned. "Zatch, Ben, stop him…!"

"…A horse? He looks like one, but sounds like a sheep…and acts more or less like a dog? What the heck?" Ben tried to figure out what this…creature was. "Can it even talk?"

"I mean…it seems to be able to communicate with us." Kiyo answered, but with a disappointed tone. 'Though he isn't hostile with anyone else but me…'

"Oh come on, Takamine-kun!" Another person, one of Kiyo's classmates said as he picked up the sheepathingy. "This donkey is cute! What's so savage about him?"

Just as he said that, the horse thing bared its teeth at Kiyo, growling while its face was unable to be seen by the short teen holding him. He was Iwashima Mamoru, pudgy looking guy. Ben wasn't sure to make him out as a person of rationality, or as an extraterrestrial.

As the duo stayed together in Kiyo's house, the Omnitrix wielder watched as Kiyo's classmates were lectured by the teen. It seemed as though Kiyo was a prodigy in whatever subject in education, which intrigued him a little.

Turning to his bed, he witnessed the two Mamodo children continuing to play with the horse thingy. Assuming that it was sapient as duly noted by its movements and characteristics, Ben wondered something as he began to tinker a little with the Omnitrix.

As he turned the dial a few more times, a small beep was heard from the device as Ben's face lit up a little.

"Universal Translator restarted. Activating now." A voice, the Omnitrix's AI, announced quietly. Ben smiled as he turned to the trio, and his eyes lowered a little as he began to understand what the creature was saying.

However, before he could get anything out of him, Hana was heard calling out to Kiyo from the kitchen.

"Kiyomaro! I cut some watermelon, please help me carry them up!" She called out. Everyone seemed to react with joy in response.

"Unu! I'll go help!" Zatch bounced off Kiyo's bed. Tia also got off the bed and began to join him as well.

"Uh, I'll go make sure they don't drop anything..." Ben pointed to the exit.

Leaving the room for a little, the trio went down stairs to help bring up the trays of sliced watermelon. It was quite amusing to see Tia be a little more childish when she was with Zatch, but as they returned to Kiyo's room…

"Meru-Meru-mee! Meru-meru-meeeeeeeeee…!"

"Ow!" Ben grunted as he was slapped away by the crying horse thing. However, as it passed them, he and Tia noticed a few things.

The first…was a book in his arms. A salmon colored Mamodo Spell Book. The second was that the final cries of the creature were heard and translated into the Omnitrix, allowing Ben to understand him.

"…A partner?"

"A Spell Book?"

As they watched him run down the stairs, they quickly re-entered Kiyo's room, with Zatch obviously confused and disturbed by what just happened.

"Kiyomaro? What just happened?!" Zatch quickly asked. "Why was he leaving for?!"

"I told him to go." Kiyo growled. "With the attitude he was having, he ought to leave this household. Besides, I didn't intend on keeping him."

"What?! That's terrible of you! Why did you do that—"

"—Zatch!" Kiyo quickly stooped his temper. "…Let's talk outside. Tia, Ben, please, you two as well."

With a reluctant tone, Tia and Zatch placed down the watermelon trays. As Ben did so as well, the three joined Kiyo to accompany outside his room as he closed the door, as he didn't want his classmates to hear.

"…Oh man." Kiyo sighed a little, before turning around. "Zatch, that guy… He's a…"

"A Mamodo." Ben revealed.

"What?" Zatch flinched. Tia looked down with a sad look, before turning to him.

"It's true, Zatch… I saw his Spell Book when he ran pass us. There was no mistaking it." She reassured their claim.

"And even though I was annoyed at him; that much is true yes, I couldn't keep him here regardless." Kiyo told the kids. "He may suddenly attack us."

"But… He was friendly with me thoug—"

"He bit me!" Kiyo interrupted him again, showing his bandaged right hand. "Look, you can't deny the evidence!"

"…If he had any intentions on attacking me, he would've done so a long time ago. Kiyomaro, you JERK!"

"Zatch!" Kiyo yelled as the blond began to run off. "It's no use chasing him!"

"…Za…" Tia blinked, glancing back at Ben and Kiyo. Gritting her teeth, to Kiyo's surprise, the young Mamodo ran off to join in his search.

"Tia?!" Kiyo gasped, before narrowing his eyes as he sighed. "Do what you…"

"Hey, Kiyo." Ben suddenly said, making the teen look over. "…Do you know why the horse was acting that way?"

"Why? Because he's a…wait, why was he like that for?" Kiyo actually began to think, with all of his rage out. "…Do you know something?"

"Yes in fact." Ben smirked. "And you realize that the thing you just kicked out is only around 4 years old, right?"

"Huh? How would you know that?" Kiyo frowned.

"Oh, I have my secrets. But anyways… The reason why he was being so hostile to you…is because you're the keeper of Zatch's Spell Book." He revealed.

"Wait, that's… That would make sense. But then why would he be friendly with Tia and the others then?" Kiyo asked.

"Probably because Zatch has some sort of special relationship to him for starters." Ben first answered, before lifting up two fingers. "As for your second question…"


"Ah! Kiyomaro, Ben!" Tia turned around, a new smile written on her face. "I knew you would come back…"

"So, where did our horse friend go off to?" Kiyo asked as he began to look around. "Mochinoki isn't that big of a city."

"O-Oh, he's around the corner, in that busy street." Tia pointed over in other direction, but her face lowered itself once more. "Umm… Hey you guys?"

"…Hmm?" Kiyo then noticed the look on her face as he lowered himself to her height. "What's up, Tia?"

"…If he really is all alone…then I might know what he's been going through." She suddenly said as the trio turned around to a busy street in the city. There, Zatch and his friend could be seen desperately trying to get someone to look at the Spell Book.

"Will somebody look over him? He's a very good person!" Zatch yelled out as the horse kept calling out with his usual "Meru-Meru-me's".

"…He really is trying to look for the keeper of his Book." Kiyo watched. "You were right, Ben."

"Yep." Ben folded his arms. "That's the reason he was also friendly with your friends. He was trying to see if any one of them could've been his partner."

"…That's strange though." Kiyo then said, triggering a curious look from Tia. "To be a Mamodo who hasn't found his Book Keeper, and this far into the Battle?"

"Yes… It is strange." Tia agreed. "But there he is, desperately trying to give his Book to someone to look at."

"Tia, how long did it take for you to find Megumi?" Ben asked politely. Tia's face grew a little dark before she smiled a little.

"…Several months." She revealed. "You know that feeling of loneliness too, don't you Ben?"

"Well, being trapped inside an inter-dimensional prison for two years is probably worse than what's he going throu—GAH! I WAS JOKING!" Ben tried to compare his time in the Null Void to the time that the Mamodos were in the Human World, but alas, Tia began to strangle him once again.

"It's a lonely feeling, huh…? That's why he was so happy to see Zatch; someone he was familiar with." Kiyo realized. "And even though he might've been an enemy, he followed us back home regardless."

"Kiyomaro… Could he stay at your place?" Tia decided to ask.

"I…" Kiyo opened his mouth to speak. Before he could finish his sentence however…he closed his eyes, and simply began to walk over to the duo in the crowd.

"…Kiyomaro?" Tia blinked, before gasping as Ben patted her head. "Ben?"

"…It's going to be alright." He reassured her with a grin. Grabbing her hand, she dragged him to Kiyo, in which they could see him engaging with Zatch.

"…him home when you've had enough." They could hear him finish saying something that made Zatch and the horse Mamodo widen their eyes.

"I-Is that really okay, Kiyomaro?" Zatch's face immediately turned from a frown to a full smile.

"Yeah yeah… I'll get the okay from mom." Kiyo gave him a semi-smile out of embarrassment, making Tia's face brighten up as a result.

"Kiyomaro!" She grinned.

"But… Only until he finds his Book Keeper." Kiyo grinned. "Then it'll be whoever is partnered with him to take care of him."

"Ha, you big softie." Ben snickered as he slapped Kiyo's back.

"H-Hey…!" Kiyo stuttered.

"Yay!" Tia smiled as she hugged the horse Mamodo. "I'm so glad for you!"

"Me too, unu!" Zatch latched onto the beginning hugs as they began to celebrate. "Kiyomaro, thanks so much!"

"Meru-Meru!" The horse Mamodo called out in joy. Ben smirked as he understood what he actually said.

"Uh-huh…" Kiyo smiled. "Now, let's go home."

"Alright! I decided on a name for him!" Kiyo announced with a smile, although Ben could tell it had a bit of sarcasm behind it.

After returning back to Kiyo's house, as everyone in the household sat before Kiyo, Ben could see the look on the horse Mamodo's face, as if he wasn't to like where this was going.

"So, this name in Japanese means "Horse-Monster" and relates to his appearance, so to say it correctly…" Kiyo started as he raised his finger up for clarification. "It's going to be…"


Unexpectedly, "Ponygon"'s Hopes and Dreams were shattered as everyone else but Ben began to cheer in celebration in his naming.

"Meru…" Ponygon began to mutter.

"Hmm?" Ben turned to him. "Your name is…?"


Shocking the Omnitrix wielder, Ponygon's teeth began to resemble a guillotine as he began to chomp down on Kiyo's already blistering and bandaged hand, creating sounds that resembled celery being chopped off from its stem.


"MeeeeeeeeEEEEeeeeeeeeeeEEEEeeeeeeeee!" Ponygon growled loudly as he continued to chow down regardless.

"Calm down, Ponygon!" Zatch panicked as he and Tia tried to get him off of Kiyo.

The sounds of hell havocking could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood as Ponygon continued his onslaught. They ended up thrashing through Kiyo's room as Ben quietly left the room, thinking of the last words Ponygon uttered before it turned into unintelligible nonsense.

"…Huh, Schneider." Ben shrugged as he sat behind the room. 'Can't have a normal day around here I guess.'

A few days had later passed and as predicted the workload that the trio discussed began to take place. Early mornings, rapid pace to pace deadlines on meetups, the usual business seemed to happen, but this week in particular seemed to be quite busy in fact for this summer month.

This week in particular had made Megumi and especially Tia stressed from the workload with no days off, so the Mamodo decided to try to schedule a day off with Ben. Fortunately, they succeeded, and with that day off, Tia was the one who planned everything out…

And speaking of which…from the days leading to this…

"Oh thank goodness!" Megumi sighed as she slammed open the doors to the workplace they arrived in, crying in joy. "I was so afraid of staring in the face of death!"

"I'm starting to go CRAZY!" Tia shrieked, pulling her hair in frustration. "Why is this week so much busier than the rest?!"

"Come on now, we have get settled in, quick." Ben quickly said as he placed their things down. The trio were currently in another studio for rehearsal, with Ben holding Tia like luggage as he carried everyone's luggage in his other hand.

"At least this is the final appointment for today…" Megumi mumbled as she took a look at her log book. "Alright guys, you can take it easy for a bit while I go in."

"…I need to rest." Tia bereted as Ben let her down in the waiting room meant for special guests. They could see Megumi being escorted by a bunch of staff as Ben began to sort out the luggage he brought in. "Ben, I need water."

"Water, comin' right up." Ben replied as he took out a bottle from a convenience store bag. While his back was still in her view, he tossed the water bottle backwards into her lap.

"Tank ou…" She said with a jabbering voice as she began to chug down the contents of the bottle, sighing in relaxation as she finished the whole thing in seconds. "That's a little better."

"Alright, what do we have here…" Ben thought out loud as he began to sort out their belongings. "This is Megumi's bag… Tia's Spell Book."

"Hey Ben, when was the last time we had a day off?" Tia yawned from afar.

"…We never did have a day off for this month." He answered without looking back, making her open her eyes in realization.

"Then can we take at least one?!" She barked. "We've been working like dogs this entire time!"

"Er… I suppose we can do so. Technically if you work that long you're supposed to be given at least some time off per week." Ben replied as he turned around.

"Hm… Yeah, those glasses really do suit you!" Tia smiled as she made a frame with her fingers. Ben had started to wear glasses as he accompanied Megumi and Tia on their work antics. "That's it, I'm forcing the staff to give us a day off!"

"Huh, I still didn't think they would do so." Ben said in remembrance. "But a amusement park of all things, Tia?"

"Yeah! I saw an advertisement back when we were visiting last time, you know, when we encountered Ponygon?" She reminded him with the biggest smile he's ever seen. "And besides, they agreed that the Jet Coaster was the thing to go on!"

"Ponygon. That's the Mamodo that Kiyo and Zatch discovered was with them when they returned from England, isn't that right?" Megumi asked the duo, who nodded in response. "He hasn't found a partner yet? In this long into the Battle?"

"That's what I thought." Ben added.

"Well, at least he's not alone." The teen idol smiled.

*Ring!* *Ring!*

"Hello passengers! We are approaching Mochinoki-Morimachi. If you are looking to enter the Mochinoki Amusement Park, please transfer from here."

"Well, I guess we're here." Ben said in response to the announcement. Standing up, he waited for Megumi and Tia to grab their own bags from the storage rails on the ceiling of the train.

"Come on Tia, time to go. It's time to stop smiling to yourself." Megumi smiled. "Let's transfer off."

"W-What?!" Tia blushed a little as she frowned in response. Ben shrugged to himself as her face pouted. "When was I smiling to myself?"

"During the entire—AWWWGH!" Ben was about to retort, but as usual, he was beginning to get himself strangled by the young Mamodo girl. "I WAS JOKING!"

"THAT was a rhetorical question, Ben!" Tia growled, looking at Megumi's back as she dragged him across the floor by his neck. "I-If anything, you're the one that was smiling and was spacing out during the entire filming time, Megumi!"

"Oho? Is that so?" Megumi smiled in a joking matter.

"Yes, really." Tia groaned lowly as she finally released. "Whatever, let's just get going!"

"…T-Tia's going to make the Omnitrix revive me from death one of these days…!" Ben desperately gasped for air as he slowly got up. "…But."

"Why do I get the odd feeling that we're going to be doing something dangerous?

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So far, I plan to make certain spells have only a certain availability to certain aliens, like the first spell only allowing Ben to access his first ten or so aliens. Because technically he still has the Master Control, as this incarnation of the Omnitrix wasn't really tampered with, merely adapting energy into a controlled form and as a result of an unorthodox event changing it.

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