Kali let out a deep breath, as she attempted to still her leg that had been bobbing up and down for the last few minutes. They had been in the air for six hours now, but it felt like eternity. She hated fearing something as stupid as flying. She looked to her side as she saw the man sitting next to her had managed to flirt his way into getting some small bottles of vodka.

"Are you going to drink all those?" She questioned, as he turned to her and shook his head after a moment.

Before he could say anything else, she had taken one of the bottles from his lap and within mere seconds had downed the contents. She let out a steadier breath, hoping the alcohol would calm her nerves.

"Gorgeous but an alcoholic…there's always baggage these days" The blonde man next to her mumbled.

"I've never flown before" She admitted, not liking the thought of some stranger thinking she was a drunk.

"You don't sound like you come from Australia" The man frowned, noting her English accent.

"I won a cruise to Australia, but I missed my boat. This seemed like the only option…does the air usually seem so stuffy on these?" She queried, squirming a little.

"I think I would have preferred you to have been an alcoholic" He exclaimed.

"Oh, well I'm more than happy to oblige" She replied, as she went to grab another bottle.

"Are you even old enough to drink?" He questioned, holding the bottle away from her.

"I'm 19" She retorted, going to grab the drink again.

"Well this is an Oceanic airline…so that would be a no" The blonde grinned at her, obviously enjoying himself.

"You don't strike me as someone who cares much about the rules" She suggested, giving up trying to get the bottle, as his arms were far longer.

"Are you flirting with me?" The blonds grin widened.

"Maybe in your dreams" She shrugged, sweetly.

Suddenly the plane jerked so hard that Kali almost bashed into the man next to her, who didn't seem too bothered. There was an announcement to put their seatbelts on, which Kali had done the moment she had entered the plane, but she still tugged onto it to make sure it was still tight.

"It's just turbulence" The man told her.

"Right…yeah, totally normal" Kali nodded to herself, as the plan continued to jerk, starting to concern the other passengers.

"Because I'm feeling generous…" He trailed off and passed her the bottle she had been after.

"Well aren't you a gentleman?" She teased.

Before she could even think about opening the bottle, the plane jerked even harder and Kali saw someone a few isles ahead get flung into the air and was mostly likely dead. She let out a scream as she could feel that they were going down. The oxygen masks fell down in front of them, as Kali scrambled to put hers on as she was too short to reach without taking off her seatbelt. The man next to her grabbed hers and placed it in her hands, and she tied it around her face as quickly as she could. They heard a bang from behind them, as Kali looked back and could see the back of the plane was gone. Completely gone. People were getting sucked out of the plane. She gave the blond next to her a terrified look before everything went black.

Her hearing was the first thing that can back, as she could hear shouts and screams from all around her. Then she realised that she was upside down as she could feel her arms were dangling down. She slowly began to open her eyes, coughing through the fumes that surrounded her. She realised that she was still attached to her seatbelt and began fumbling to take it off. She fell to the ground with a bang and groaned as she sat herself upright. She looked at her limbs for any injuries and realised that she had a large cut across her left leg that she hadn't even registered. She then freaked out when her sight in one of her eyes began to blur but realised that it was due to a liquid dropping onto her eyelid. She rubbed at it with the back of her hand and realised that it was blood. Her blood. She cautiously pushed herself upright, finding herself to be dizzy, but she was able to stand. It was then that she realised that the man that had been sitting next to her was unconscious, not to mention upside down. She grabbed a suitcase and stood on top if it, and then quickly unbuckled his seatbelt. She tried to support his body as he fell, but he was much bigger than her. She dragged him out of the wreckage, suddenly realising where they were. A beach. Not giving it anymore thought, she crouched beside the man and checked his pulse, which was still beating. She then held the side of her face close to his mouth and felt his chest.

"Shit…not breathing" She mumbled, as she quickly pushed him onto his side.

Before she could get him into the recovery position, he was throwing up, as she guessed that was why he hadn't been breathing. His eyes began to flicker open, as he tried to sit up, but she pushed him back down.

"You need to stay on your side…catch your breath" She told him.

"I guess…I guess it wasn't just turbulence" He stated, as she let out a small laugh.

"What's your name?" She questioned, realising she had never asked.

"…Sawyer" He replied, after taking a few seconds.

"My names Kali. Does it hurt anywhere? Does it feel like you hit your head?" She asked him, as he shook his head.

"No…no. I think I just passed out" Sawyer admitted.

"Help! Please help me!" They heard a feminine scream from a few metres away.

Kali lifted her to see a woman clutching her stomach…a very pregnant stomach. She rushed over to her and crouched down in front of the scared woman.

"Help me" She cried, as she gripped onto Kali's arms.

"Is it the baby?" Kali questioned, as the woman frantically nodded.

"I'm having contractions…oh god, I'm not even eight months" The woman sobbed.

"How far apart are they?" Kali inquired.

"I…I don't know, a few just happened" The woman told her.

"How long has it been since you woke up?" She asked.

"Um…maybe 15 minutes" The woman replied.

"Okay, how many contractions is a few?" Kali went on.

"Uh, two I think. Yeah, two" The woman informed her.

"Have your waters broke?" Kali queried.

"No" The woman shook her head.

"Okay…you might not be in labour. But even if you are it looks like really early stages. If the contractions get less than a few minutes apart…that's when we need to worry" Kali explained.

"Do you think my baby's going to be okay?" The woman asked, with pleading eyes.

"I…Just focus on your breathing okay? If this is just you panicking, breathing nice and deep should sort it out, alright? Deep breaths" Kali suggested, avoiding the subject.

"Okay…okay" The woman nodded.

"Let's get you away from this wreckage" Kali said, as she helped her to stand up.

She placed her down beside the man she now knew as Sawyer, who was sitting upright and looked much better than he had ten minutes ago.

"Have you had anymore contractions?" Kali asked, as the woman shook her head.

"Okay…are you going to be alright here? I need to see if I can help anyone else" Kali told her.

"You a doctor, or something?" Sawyer inquired.

"Student nurse" Kali answered, as she stood up and searched the area for anyone else who needed help.

She quickly spotted two men on the other side of the wreckage who seemed to be disagreeing with how to do CPR. She was about to walk over to them when someone grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the ground. Before she could say anything there was a massive explosion, which she was shielded from by a large body that covered her and the pregnant woman.

"Thanks" She mumbled, when she realised that it was Sawyer, who had protected them both from the blast.

He seemed irritated by this and took his muscular arm away from her side. She didn't dwell on this and ran over to the pair who were performing CPR.

"Hey, you need a break?" Kali asked, sitting on the other side of the woman.

"Are you a proper first aider?" The man inquired, giving the blue-eyed man next to him a glare.

"I know first aid, man" The other one insisted.

"Student nurse" She replied, as the man gave her a grateful smile as she got in position to take over.

They continued swapping every few minutes, so that neither of them would get too tired and soon enough the woman came spluttering back to life.

"Deep breaths. Take some deep breaths" He ordered the woman.

"It's okay, your going to be alright" Kali soothed the confused woman.

"Good work…?" The man stated, fishing for a name.

"Kali. And you?" She inquired.

"Jack. Doctor" He responded.

"I should have known from the suit" She joked.

Their attention was quickly brought to a sound from behind them, as they saw that one of the wings of the plane looked like it was about to crash down…onto the pregnant lady and a large man who was trying to help her.

"Oh no" Kali gasped, as Jack began to run over to warn the pair.

She was about to follow him when she spotted a young boy holding a leash, who was far too close to the wing for comfort. She took off in his direction, yelling at him to run but he didn't seem to understand why. Without a second's thought, she picked him up and began to carry him away. They were both pushed to the ground by the force of another explosion due to the wing collapsing.

"Hey, are you okay?" She asked the scared boy.

"Yeah…have you seen my dog?" He questioned, as she laughed.

"Sorry kid. It's not been on my list of priorities" She told him, as she sat up.

"Walt! Oh my God, are you alright?" A man cried, as he ran over and hugged the boy.

"You his dad?" Kali asked, as he nodded after a few seconds.

"Thank you. Thank you so much…I saw him over there, but I couldn't get to him quick enough and then-" Kali cut off the frantic man.

"He's safe now" She insisted

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