Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter. If it was a little confusing, or if you have any comments, Please, I repeat PLEASE review & email me about what you think. Alright for those who were confused about the characters I'll explain. Sailor Chaosist- nickname Chrissy, main character, half demon half human. (She's good) Christian- Chrissy's brother, & heir to the throne, half angel half human (he is the evil one) The 3 other scouts mentioned- they play no significant role at the moment so no description is needed. Sailor Moon- She is in eternal form & is actually Queen Serenity, but Rini is not born yet & Darien & the others scouts are in Crystal Tokyo.

Ok, here we go. A twisted turn of events- Chapter 2: Beginnings of the Chaos Wars. ~~~

Serena could feel the worlds spin past her, star systems fly by in an instant, suns & moons sat there playfully as she returned home. She knew she would be knocked out by the force of the world upon her impact on the door Sailor Pluto guards, but all she said was "Please let me be making the right decision." Sailor Chaosist was zooming by right next to Sailor Moon & heard her comment; she saw the door, the lights, the feeling. Oh the feeling of pure peace & endless hope, yes this is what she was searching for. And so she replied to Sailor Moon's comment "Yes young one. You did everything right when it comes to this."


Sailor Pluto had been pacing the chamber for nearly an hour now. No one had ever tried to go into the 7th dimension before. How could she survive? But Setsuna knew that she must have faith in Sailor Moon, after all exactly how many times was it that her little princess saved the world? 'Well I guess you can't always have it your way.' Thought Setsuna, & with a sigh she started pacing again. There was a knock at the chamber turned around & raised her staff. "Stop thief! What gives you right to enter this holy place?" there was a pause & then "It's just me Sailor Pluto, what is wrong with you? You are so jumpy, oh is Serenity?" came Sailor Mars's voice. 'Ah, figured her to be the first one to notice her disappearance.' "Oh sorry Mars, come in." Sailor Mars walked into the room, Setsuna had to admit Raye was a very good friend & a talented fighter, even if she didn't show it at first sight. "As for Queen Serenity, she .gone. She went to pick up an old friend. Don't remember the name; she'll introduce everyone later when she gets back." Replied Setsuna noticing that Raye wasn't going to leave until she answered the question Raye came here for. "Oh, well tell the Queen that I have important news. It's about the strange movement from the Streama star system in the 7th dimension." Came Raye's voice once more before she exited the room. "Oh no." began Pluto as she turned to look at the door of time, "I knew I shouldn't have let her ."

~~~ Serenity hit the cold floor; she could hear voices in the backround but was too tired to listen. For some reason the travel back took a lot out of her, she felt herself drift into unconscious but didn't care. The people around her were having a heated discussion. "I can't believe you are alive! You could have sent for me! But you didn't, & now ' are you doing here?" cried Pluto, she seemed to have a confused expression that appeared to have some hatred mixed in with it. "I'm sorry. I couldn't, Chaos would have found out, and then we both would have been in deep shit." replied Sailor Chaosist. "I see, & what is it that you want now? .To reek havoc all over? I can't allow you to go out there, you'll lie again & kill even another Sailor scout!" came Pluto once again. "YOU KNOW THAT I HAD NO CHOICE!" just as things were starting to get ugly; the girls noticed that Serenity was coming around. "Excuse me, but I must escort the queen to her chambers. We will discuss this later, come with me." With that Pluto picked up Serenity & Chaosist followed her. She closed the door behind her as she followed Pluto through the abandoned halls.

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