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Idrissa Lyra Potter has had enough of living while her family and friends have all died. She asks Death to take away her immortality but he cannot. So he offers her a choice. To be reborn in another dimension without witches and wizards, but with Wiccans, werewolfs and vampires, and other supernatural creatures or continue living her life.

Fem Harry/Tom Riddle/Niklaus Mikealson love story.

This is my first fanfiction so I really hope you all enjoy it! xox

Idrissa Lyra Potter was bored and tired. She wanted a way out. It has been two thousand years since the Battle of Hogwarts, since the death of Fred, her Freddy. They were to be wed after the war. She was pregnant for goodness sake. Yes she was.

After the death of Voldemort, she found out she was 3 months into the pregnancy. So she hid in the Grimmauld Place, took her Ladyships of Potter, Black, Slytherin and Peverell houses and waited. She waited for the baby to be born. Winky told her she had a boy, a baby boy. Yes, he had Fred's blue eyes but her dark hair, her father's raven hair, but with her mother's soft curls. He was beautiful. So she named him Fredrick James.

After 20 years, Fredrick married, and had a son and a daughter. But she knew she had to run. She has noticed that she hasn't aged a day since 17. So she ran. But still checked on her family. And it has been two thousaund years and they are all dead. Now she is just a legend. Legend in the Wizarding World.

And as she stands here on a cliff looking at the ocean, she summons Death and asks him to die. She says her reasons, let's a few tears slip, cries for her family. And then she hears Death say: 'You know, there is something I can do. I can give you a new life, in another universe, full of Wiccan witches, werewolfs, vampires and other supernatural or you can just continue living here. It's your call to make.'

And she of course accepted. There was nothing here for her. She wants a fresh start. So Death then told her: 'You will be reborn as a twin of a supernatural creature, you will of course have your memories intact, but all the bad ones, terrible ones will be locked forever. You will live your life through many hardships and love. But it will be worth it when you and your soulmate start anew again.' Wait a minute soulmate, start anew again? What? 'Death, who is my soulmate?' and after some 'weird eye thing' Death did, he said: 'Why, Tom Riddle of course. Now known as Niklaus Mikealson. Live a happy life dear. See you when you unlock your powers.'


Idrissa was confused. She felt like she was stuck in some kind of wet and icky tube when she felt something hitting her. After, she remembered her conversation with Death. 'You will be reborn as a twin of a supernatural creature', new life, new world, family. Seconds have passed, when she felt like she couldn't breathe. 'Maybe it's time for my twin and I to be born' she thought. She briefly wondered if a toothpaste had feelings, would it be feeling this way. She felt like something was so wet and sticky and slimy and ugh. It was so squeezing and tight. So like any other new born baby, she started crying.

'Oh Isobel, John they are beautiful', Idrissa heard someone say, as she felt she was being passed to someone. 'Oh, I hope it's my new mother' she thought. When she felt someone's hand on her cheek, she stopped crying and opened her eyes. 'Hello sweetie, I am you mommy. Oh you and your sister are so beautiful. John come here, give me the other one.' Sister? I wanna see her, where is she? She turned her head around, well she tried, but she still couldn't see her. Oh baby vision sucks, when she felt like she was being passed to someone, so she started crying. 'Oh come on, I want my mother' she thought.

'Oh princess, don't worry, daddy's here' Daddy? Idrissa slowly raised her hand and streched her baby muscles, so she doesn't accidentally slaps her father on his cheek, she raised her hand to touch his face but instead it put her little baby hand on his mouth. Her father's eyes widened and she really wanted to start laughing, but it sounded more like gurgling. She tried to grin and her father did the same, when she heard laughing from the side to see a man in a doctor uniform, a beautiful woman with dark hair next to him, and the woman she guessed is her mother and in her arms a baby, her sister. Her mother was beautiful, dark hair, young, probably 16, 17 years old, but still beautiful. She has a tired a smile on her face, her eyes alight with happiness and something else, something akin to sadness. 'Why would she be sad?' she thought.

'Have you tought about the names?' said the doctor. 'Yes' said Isobel and John while holding the two babies. 'This one here is Elena' said Isobel, 'And this little one is Lyra' said John. 'Elena, my sister, a beautiful name. And Lyra, easy to remember, it was my middle name in my previous life. But I want to know who is older!' she thought. And as she was thinking about who is the older, she or her sister, she missed the important part of the conversation, where Isobel was crying about not being able to care for them because she is still in high school, and John for pretty much the same reason.

'Miranda and I will take them in.' she heard someone say. And as she turned around she saw that she was in a bed with her sister next to her. She turned just a little bit more and saw that her twin is so cute, she just wanted to pinch her cheeks. She has olive skin tone, a bit of brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. 'Are you sure Greyson?' she heard her father ask, so she turned around and saw a doctor next to her father. 'Yes, brother, I am sure. You know that Miranda and I have been trying to have a child for a very long time.' Wait a second, take us in? Are our parents abandoning us? Oh wow. 'Well than this Grayson will be our father now, I suppose, Miranda will be our mom, and John, our biological father, will be our uncle' newly named Lyra thought.

So as the new parents were basking in happiness at being given a chance to finally be parents to not one, but two little adorable baby girls, Lyra looked at her new family, from her sister, to her new parents, even if not biological, she promised to herself that she will protect them and love them with all of her self, she will do whatever it takes, family is always and forever. Little Lyra fell asleep dreaming of days, months and years to come and her beautiful, happy and lovely family.