"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller, doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone" sang Lyra. Nik just smiled at her while driving. "Lyra, we're almost there. Do you want to go to the flat first or some bar?" asked Nik. Lyra turned her head a bit to look at Nik "Mmm, let's go to a bar, I'm starving."

Jazz music could be heard in the background at the bar Lyra and Nik came across first. People talking, mingling, some couples even dancing smoothly on the dance floor. Lyra smiled as she took the sight in, smirked as she looked at Nik and grabbed his hand. Nik looked at their hands and smiled as the walked to the dance floor.

As the song came to an end, Lyra put her hands on his neck and gave him a little kiss right at the end of his mouth. She smiled and said "Thank you for the dance, but I am starving" Nik agreed smiling at her "After you, love."

As they sat down, a waitress came over and asked them "Hey, what can I get you two?" Nik looked her in the eyes and said "One diet coke and a cheeseburger for the miss, and I'll have a glass of bourbon and a 4 drops of your blood in it." The waitress nodded and went away.

A little while later, when their meal arrived, people could see Nik and Lyra laughing, chatting and holding hands over the table. It was a picture perfect moment, but like all those moments, it couldn't last.

Lyra yawned and Nik suggested "Let's go to my flat. You're tired, love." Lyra agreed "yeah, i am." Lyra put her hands up, Nik quickly put the money on the table, got up from his seat and took Lyra in his arms, thinking so demanding, he let out a chuckle.

Lyra, putting her head on his shoulder, smiled. Nik carried her all the way to the car, imagining carrying her this way on their wedding day. He smiled and put Lyra in the backseat and getting in his seat, driving away with the smile on his face.

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