3 years later

Denver dances in the meadow as she chases a butterfly. Finnick and Annie's son, Skye tries to keep up with her but our daughter is fast and surprisingly agile for a three year old and poor Skye stumbles a couple of times as he tries to catch up with her. Johanna smiles at his plight and then rushes over to him, sweeping him up in her arms and running with him to Denver. Skye laughs in delight and Denver stops and turns to them, eager to be involved in their game.

Johanna continues to be my daughter's favourite person. Since she got out of jail she's been a regular presence in our home. She comes around most weeks for dinner and then spends the rest of the evening building pillow forts or banging on Denver's toy piano. The only other person that spoils our daughter so much is Prim.

But Johanna will never be completely okay. The scars left by the Coin Laws, both physical and mental, still haunt our friend. There will be the occasional week that it's too difficult for her to be around Denver and we don't hear from her for a while. But no matter how long she avoids us, we know she always come back.

Johanna has now put Skye down and pretends to be a lion as the two children squeal and run away from her.

Finnick smiles as he comes over and hands me a cool soda. It's been three years since Coin's reign ended and Panem is a barely recognisable country. Paylor has proved to be very fair and just president and has worked hard to improve the lives of the poorer citizens. Employment is at an all time high. The parks in the previously unqualified areas are beginning to fill up with children. And we celebrate it all today on Abolishment Day. It's a new holiday we celebrate every year to mark the abolishment of the Coin Laws and to remember how far we've already come.

Nearly everyone I care about is here. Only Prim is missing as she's recently been promoted at the hospital. Katniss and Gale argue over who is better at the barbeque while Madge and Annie pick flowers for the table. Finnick sips his beer as we both watch our children.

"I think it's cute how Skye always follow Denver around," Finnick says.

I laugh as we watch the two of them be chased by Johanna. Denver definitely takes the lead with Skye following behind. He makes every change of direction that she does.

"He's like a little duckling following the mother duck," I reply.

"I think he has a little crush on her," Finnick says with a grin.

I turn to him with a scowl and Finnick chuckles.

"Denver is too young for boys to have crushes on her," I reply.

Finnick laughs again and shakes his head. But Denver has got bored of the chasing game and bends down to start plucking dandelions out of the ground. It only takes a couple of seconds for Skye to stop running too and then bend down to copy what my daughter is doing.

Finnick and I share a grin and then Madge saunters over to Gale at the barbeque. She puts her hand on his shoulder as she reaches up to place a kiss on his cheek. Her diamond engagement ring catches in the sunlight and Gale smiles fondly back at her.

Katniss chats with them for a moment but then turns to Denver to warn her about waving a stick too close to Skye. Denver listens to her mother and spins away from Skye to continue to swing the stick she has just found away from him. Skye looks around for a stick too but starts to get upset when he can't find one.

"Daddy!" he wails. "I need stick!"

Finnick and I share another grin before he dashes off to help his son find a stick. Johanna is now talking to Annie and Katniss catches my eye and smiles at me. We both then start walking towards each other.

I wrap my arms around her waist as she reaches up for a kiss. I smile into it and then Katniss tucks into my side.

"How's the barbecue going?" I ask.

Katniss rolls her eyes.

"Gale likes everything well grilled. Half of the stuff is black," she says.

"Just how I like it," I say with a grin.

Katniss nudges me in the side and I chuckle.

"Just point me to the ones you grilled," I reply.

Katniss smiles back at me and we turn to watch as Denver instructs Skye on how to play a game with the sticks. Katniss rests her head on my shoulder and these are my favourite moments. I love being able to watch Denver play and know she will never have to worry about the Coin Laws or Sterilization Bill. She's living in a freer society where her movements are not tracked by a watch on her wrist and presidents can only run for two terms. Everything the rebels went through was worth it to give her and all the other children a better life.

"Madge asked me to be bridesmaid at their wedding," Katniss says.

I turn to her with a grin.

"Great! I know how much you love dress shopping and picking flower arrangements," I tease.

Katniss pinches me in the side and I chuckle.

"I told Madge I could help her with the food tasting but I'll be useless with everything else," she says.

"At least you know your strengths," I reply.

Katniss grins.

"Promise me we won't ever get married," she says. "Not even the thought of the wedding cake tempts me."

I smile before placing a kiss on Katniss' temple. We've had this conversation before. Before the rebellion most people viewed marriage as a way to gain the right to have a child and as a result both us feel that the idea of marriage has been tainted. For so long it wasn't about love. Even Finnick admitted he and Annie got married sooner than he would have liked because they both wanted kids before they were thirty. We both love each other and know we're committed to each other for the rest of our lives. We don't need a piece of paper to prove that.

I smile as I lean down for a kiss.

"No proposals from me," I say.

Katniss smiles and I brush a strand of hair off her face.

"But I'm totally up for adding to our little family," I say.

"We can start trying tonight," Katniss replies with a grin.

She then reaches up for a deeper kiss and I squeeze her waist as I pull her close. She opens her mouth to let me in and my tongue sweeps inside to tangle with hers. Part of me wishes I could drag her behind a tree right now to have my way with her.

"Mommy! Daddy! I want cake!" Denver calls.

I chuckle as Katniss and I pull apart. Denver flings herself at my legs and I bend down to hoist her on my hip.

"Denver, you know we don't start with dessert," I say. "And Mommy is going to get upset if you don't eat her hot dogs."

"I like dogs. Woof, woof!" Denver replies.

Katniss and I laugh and then I place a kiss on Denver's head.

"I know you like dogs. We just need to convince Mommy to let us have a puppy!" I say.

Katniss gives me a pointed look but I just grin at her.

"It's a puppy or a baby. Your choice," she replies.

I laugh again as I bend to give Katniss a kiss. Denver is still making dog noises and Katniss suggests we walk over to get some food. I start asking Denver if she can tell me other noises animals make and we have great fun pretending to be ducks, pigs and cats. Katniss smiles at us as she gets us all a hot dog and Denver stops making noises to eagerly stick her hands out for the food. I laugh as I watch her gobble it down just like her mother.

Soon everyone else gathers round to get food. There is a lot of laughing and joking and Skye and Denver soon escape all the adults to chase each other in some tig game. Katniss stays by my side and we sneak kisses before joining Denver and Skye in their game. Denver squeals in delight as I pick her up and swing her high.

I treasure these moments so much. I will be forever grateful to the rebels and the many sacrifices they made that allowed me to have these moments. There are so many heroes from the rebellion and I'm glad I could assist them in some small way. I know I will tell Denver about all the brave things her mother, Gale, Madge and Paylor did so she could have this life. It is only by telling these stories that we can stop history repeating itself.

And for now, Panem enjoys the peace the rebels fought so hard for.

A/N: Thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with me. It's been sometimes brutal journey to get here but I hope you are happy with the Panem that we ended up with!