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Summary: accepting an invitation to the Chaldea Security Organization, Lelouch Lamperouge joined the organization with different goals in mind but an unexpected incident coupled with sabotage as put Lelouch center stage with others for a fight with humanity's past, present, and future.

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Chapter 1

Welcome to Chaldea

"Why does have to be way out here," a sixteen-year-old boy grumbled to himself quietly.

Departing from the aircraft that had just landed at a small airport located in the middle of snowy tundra, but despite being adequately dressed, he could feel his body shivering beneath the layers of jackets and sweatpants he wore. Antarctica was indeed one of the coldest places on earth, although the young man understood why the facility was traveling to was built in such a remote location he wished they could've chosen a remote location that was warmer.

Through the hood, he had a fair skin complexion with amethyst eyes and black hair.

He wasn't alone as another voice replied after overhearing his comment.

"Relax Lelouch I am sure it's not so bad. At least you have someone you know with you."

Accompanying Lelouch was a young man around his age with red hair with yellow eyes possessing a fair skin complexion that could be seen from under the hood of the dark blue parka he wore.

"Be honest Shirou," Lelouch replied, "you aren't enjoying the subzero temperatures no more than the next person."

"Well this is supposed to be the coldest place on the planet, so I can't really argue with you too much on this matter, but at least we landed safely," Shirou Emiya offered to lighten the mood.

"True and its thanks to the magical wards here that can enable a plane to fly through these temperatures and land without difficulty," Lelouch replied.

"Well that's good, but maybe we should hurry, so we are not freezing out here for too long."

The long journey began, that was expected to take over an hour, and Lelouch was seated with Shirou within a six-wheel transport while their belongings had been loaded into a cargo trailer their transportation was pulling. Lelouch reclined in his seat deciding to relax knowing that he would be stuck in the transport with Shirou and whoever was driving them.

At least there will be someone I know here, Lelouch thought.

Lelouch was surprised to discover that Shirou had been recruited into the secretive Chaldea Security Organization, receiving a special invitation from Lord El-Melloi II of the Mage's Association, the world's authority on magi. Beyond that Shirou wasn't sure what the reason was, but he if came then he could receive a more formal education in magecraft. This was another revelation that Lelouch wasn't aware of, but he was unaware that Shirou was a magus even though he admitted his knowledge and training had been very limited before the untimely demise of his father.

I suppose besides him Rin would be the next person I know of who is a magus, Lelouch remarked internally.

Rin Tohsaka was as far as people knew her at school is a model student with the highest grades in her school, according to Shirou. Unlike everyone else, Shirou included, Lelouch was aware that Rin was the heiress to the Tohsaka Family, a family of mages that specialize in jewel-based magecraft. He knew this because he and his sister Nunnally lived in Fuyuki City for five years until moving in and enrolling at Ashford Academy in the Toyko Area.

Lelouch hadn't met Rin personally, but he had heard about her family from his legal guardian.

Even through Rin was Japaneses, as a result of being from a magus family she did inherit some benefits as did families with the Mage's Association and being Honorary Britannian did allow them special benefits none of her standing would receive and there were special care regulations even in place for Fuyuki City due to a special contest held once every fifty years or so among magi.

His legal guardian would be the same man who taught Lelouch magecraft, but he was the same man who took him in after the war between Japan and Britannia ended.

Lelouch met the man who would become their legal guardian shortly after he and his sister were banished to Japan. Lelouch vi Britannia, the former 11th Prince of Britannia had been exiled to the small island nation to be used as political hostages. This fate was placed upon him came as a result of confronting his father, the 98th Emperor of Britannia Charles zi Britannia following the demise of his mother, Marianne vi Britannia. The same incident that left her death had also cost his younger sister Nunnally the ability to use her legs and robbed her of her sight as well.

Even though they had been cast out their new caretaker, the Prime Minister of Japan, Genbu Kururugi arranged for a physician to attend to Nunnally's medical needs.

"Hello," a voice spoke after cautiously opening the door, "is there a Lelouch and Nunnally here?"

"Who are you!?"

The response came from a ten-year-old Lelouch dressed in simple attire consisting of a dress shirt and black pants. The new arrival who let himself in possessed long orange hair tied into an up-knot ponytail wearing a black business suit with black gloves covering his hands.

"My name is Dr. Romani Archaman."

"So you're the one assigned to take care of my sister and me," Lelouch asked naturally distrustful of the man.

"That's right," Romani replied with a cheerful smile, "I am a qualified physician as well so I help tend to your sister's medical issues and any complications that should arise."

Lelouch didn't trust Romani despite his cheerful and friendly demeanor, but Lelouch believed it could've been a front to hide his true nature. He didn't outright expect any sort of foul play from Romani, but recent events in Lelouch's life taught him that he couldn't trust anyone.

The two were meeting inside the designated home of the siblings, which was a nicer way of calling it. However, a lesser nicer way would be a wooden shack that had been used by Genbu's son had become the temporary home of the royal siblings. It had four walls, a roof, and a door, but it wasn't much.

"This isn't a good place for your sister to be, what is the Prime Minister thinking?" Romani muttered.

"He dumped us here, so you should ask him."

"I will, and you'll be surprised that I am pretty well connected in certain places. That's how I handed this job as a physician who treats special clients," Romani explained proudly.

Lelouch's distrust didn't diminish, and given all that had happened to him, no one could blame him. His mother, a former member of the Knights of the Round gunned down in her own villa and the killers, were never caught. His banishment after confronting his father left Lelouch was very mistrustful of everyone around him.

It was not without good reason though.


"Oh no my glass," Nunnally cried out as she tried to put her glass down on a table, but unable to see where the table was she misjudged the distance dropping the glass before it shattered on the ground near her wheelchair.

"I'll take care of that," Romani offered as he moved to the side of Nunnally's wheelchair before kneeling down to pick up the broken glass.

Lelouch watched the man, especially being so close to his sister, but after gathering the broken pieces of glass together, the former prince watched in stunned silence as a faint blue glow surrounded the shards before the glass resembled itself.

"There your glass is as good as new," Romani offered as he placed the glass upon the table.

"Huh, how did you do that?" Nunnally asked, even though she didn't witness it.

"Oh I know a few tricks, and if you are interested," Romani answered before turning to Lelouch with an amused smile, "I could teach you."

That was how Lelouch vi Britannia was introduced to the world of magecraft, or Thaumaturgy, the ability to bring about what is possible through science through supernatural means. Romani taught Lelouch magecraft over the next six years learning everything from the basics all the way into different magecraft, spells, alchemy and more. Upon realizing his own talent for magecraft and possessing an excellent number of magic circuits, the pseudo-nervous system that spreads itself through the human body and the pathways that convert their life force into magical energy to perform magecraft.

Training was initially limited during his time at the Kururugi Estate, but after the war that erupted between Japan and Britannia the two siblings sought out Romani to take shelter under his care.

The war between Japan and Britannia was something brewing between the two nations for some time.

Both sides of the conflict knew that a war between the two nations was inevitable as a result of deteriorating relations over Britannia's actions that included the conquest of the Indochinese Peninsula. To force Britannia to the negotiation table, Japan aligned its policies with those of the Chinese Federation and the EU (United Republic of Europia) as the latter attempted to blockade Britannian ports. Unfortunately, these efforts only led to war and Japan being struck by a massive military invasion that the small island nation attacked on multiple fronts on August 10th 2010 A.T.B.

Despite the efforts of their zealous military, Japan was overwhelmed by Britannia's superior numbers. However, the introduction of Britannia's new humanoid machine known as a Knightmare, the RPI-11 Glasgow, dominated and quickly secured victory on the ground after Japan lost the battles for the air and sea.

Japan's fate was sealed and surrender of the small nation, following the suicide of the Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi, ended the war a month after hostilities had begun.

The occupation force of Britannia and colonists were still moving in as they started transforming the newly captured country to better suit their purposes. During this time Romani, being a Britannian citizen was able to use his connections to forge the deaths of Lelouch and Nunnally while becoming the legal guardian of Lelouch Lamperouge and his younger sister. The fact he could double as Nunnally's physician made it easier to hide their identities.

Romani did contact the Ashford Family, former allies of Lelouch's mother who lost their status of nobility following her demise, to gain further support and protection for the siblings. Lelouch was reluctant in regards to the idea, but he knew it would be necessary for them even if they would be used as liability insurance. It was their own connections that helped cement the fact that Lelouch vi Britannia and his sister had died during the war. Their apparent uselessness kept them from being ruthlessly exploited by the Ashfords.

More importantly, this gave Lelouch more time to further his study of magecraft.

Thanks to his training and homeschooling in the art of magecraft Lelouch was called upon to become a provisional master for the Chaldea Organization, which was thanks to Romani's status as their chief medical officer who pulled some strings. Lelouch suspected that his ties to the organization's previous director were the source of his so-called connections that had been helpful to him and his sister.

Chaldea is supposed to be an organization established to perverse the survival of the human race through time travel, Lelouch thought while recalling what Romani told him of the organization he worked with.

To anyone else, it would've sounded crazy, but Lelouch was opened minded about the organization especially upon learning Britannia, the Chinese Federation, the EU, the Mage's Association and the Holy Church were supporting it.

As far as they knew Lelouch was interning as a student of spiritual invocation while serving as a provisional master, but Lelouch had his own objectives in mind and his time at Chaldea was meant to be a learning experience that didn't solely revolve around magecraft.

"We're here, finally," The driver of their transport announced bringing Lelouch out of his thoughts and back to the present.

"That was quite the drive," Shirou commented as he climbed out upon which he took a moment to stretch his arms and legs.

Lelouch did the same as he disembarked the vehicle after it pulled into a large indoor garage where similar vehicles were stored along with others designed for travel through the snowy landscape.

Compared to the airfield the interior of Chaldea's headquarters was in stark contrast to the airport they landed at, although he couldn't glimpse the building from the outside he could tell from the interior alone and the equipotent that everything was state of the art with no expense spared.

After the two removed their heavy fur coats and winter wear, via a changing room near the vehicle depot, Shirou and Lelouch were wearing the standard uniform for masters at Chaldea consisting of a white tunic top and black pants, and a silver wristband they wore as well.

Once they were done changing they left the changing rooms to meet one of the staff members.

"Welcome to Chaldea," a middle-aged man spoke.

The man approaching them was in his late twenties with long black hair with a stern expression wearing a black jacket with a red coat worn over it. Companying him was Romani who wore the standard attire for staff at Chaldea with a white and green coat.

"Greetings I am Lord El-Melloi II, acting liaison to the Mage's Association and this is Dr. Romani Archaman Head of our Medical Facilities," Lord El-Melloi II said introducing himself and Romani to the new arrivals, even though Lelouch knew one of them.

"Welcome Mr. Emiya, and I am glad you could make it Lelouch, I hope the trip here wasn't too unpleasant," Romani offered with a smile even though the expressions among the new arrivals indicated the trip from the airfield was a tad more taxing on them given their cramp seating conditions. On the other hand Shirou was more in a lighter mood compared to Lelouch.

"Normally the leader of Chaldea would've been here to greet the new arrivals, but Miss Olga Marie Animusphere is currently giving a lecture in the main briefing room, so I was asked to greet you lot on her behalf," Lord El-Melloi II explained.

"Hey Romani," a woman called out.

Approaching the group was a gorgeous woman with an alluring figure wearing an odd outfit that was strangely out of place for a security organization. It consisted of blue and red colors with a skirt, long boots and an outfit more suited for an eccentric magus complete with a staff, and oddly a mechanical bird upon her shoulder and a mechanical claw-like gauntlet.

"Olga needs you to take care of a provisional master who keeps passing out during the briefing; I can handle it for you here."

"Really," Romani said before sighing, "sorry to run everyone but be sure to swing by med lab later on."

"So who is that?" Lelouch asked.

"Me," the woman replied before smiling, "why I am the third Heroic Spirit Summoned by Chaldea and placed in charge of its Technology Development Division, I am the beautiful genius Leonardo da Vinci of the Caster class!"

Lelouch and Shirou looked at Leonardo with wide eyes, but the reason was apparent even to da Vinci who waved dismissively at them.

"Yes, yes I know history records me as being a man during my day, but a genius such as I have chosen to manifest as the Mona Lisa, the ultimate personification of beauty. I mean why not!" Leonardo answered with a bright smile.

Lelouch and Shirou exchanged looks with one another deciding to avoid asking further and merely go along with it.

"Anyway my task here at Chaldea is to help with the development of new technologies while asking as a sort of quartermaster for our masters out in the field," Leonardo explained before gesturing for Lelouch and Shirou to follow her as they began a tour of the facility.

Once the group entered the long smooth corridors of the facility, Leonardo began an explanation.

"For those of you aware of it or not the Chaldea Security Organization was established to prevent the extinction of humanity, which is done through two inventions created by the organization and its founder Marisbury Animusphere. Two of the most important of these inventions are the Global Environment Model code-named Chaldeas and the Near-Future Observation Lens Sheba."

Leonardo came to a stop as she led her tour group to an observation platform that overlooked what appeared to the command center where a small globe-like replica of the Earth was suspended within a series of large blue rings encircling it.

"Chaldeas," Leonardo said gesturing to the replica of Planet Earth, "creates a perfect replica of our planet using the soul of the world as a basis to provide up to date status of our world in both the present, past, and future. However, it's difficult to observe every aspect of the world even with our equipment, so a special device to monitor and provide detailed observation of information represented within Chaldeas' planetary projection in real time. However, our observation systems are most effective during the common era of man and trying to peer further into the past becomes more difficult as the demands of increased electricity and mana to unmanageable levels."

"I have a question," Lelouch began wishing to clarify some of the things Romani told him about Chaldea, "I understand the organization uses Heroic Spirits correct?"

"Yes, and I was just coming to that," Leonardo answered before gesturing for everyone to follow her and Lord El-Melloi II silently followed. "Our masters who travel to disturbances detected by Sheba are granted a heroic spirit summoned as a servant to aid and defend them during their investigation of the disturbance. To do so is thanks to the third invention, Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System codenamed FATE, which was fashioned after the summoning rituals of the Fuyuki City Holy Grail Wars which was also used by other parties within the magus association to create their own Holy Grail wars."

"So there are seven classes for which each Heroic Spirit would be regulated to?" Lelouch asked prompting Shirou to ask although he was curious to inquire more about the Holy Grail Wars that apparently took place in his own hometown yet he knew this wasn't the best time to ask.


"As part of the summoning process seven vessels are prepared for a Heroic Spirit and its through them they are given form allowing them to materialize. A Holy Grail War has seven classes consisting of Archer, Saber, Rider, Lancer, Caster, Berserker and Assassin. Each class has their own advantages and disadvantages and the heroic spirit best suited for one of the classes is given that vessel as the basis for their materialization," Lelouch explained which Leonardo nodded as a confirmation before taking back control of the conversation.

"Exactly, and the FATE system works identical to it, but there is no restriction to how many classes are summoned and our system enables the summoning of even divine spirits where many Holy Grail Wars and their Summoning Systems are unable to support such summonings," Leonardo explained before the tour group arrived at a closed door. "The only downside is that we've had some issues with the system with me being among the few successful summoning, but we should have all of the bugs worked out soon."

Using her keycard, Leonardo opened the door revealing an old fashion 16th-century workshop with various wooden models, canvas and other tools you would find neatly organizational and placed in suitable locations.

"This is where my workshop is, and if any of you have a question or need technical support feel free to come by anytime."

Once they were done Leonardo closed the door, and the tour continued.

"Living Quarters are beyond this hall," Lord El-Melloi II pointed out, as the two reached a fork in the road as the hallway they were in divided into two directions. "Your belongings should've been delivered to your rooms."

"And this way will take us to the medical lab," Leonardo said directing the group to take the left hallway.

"Excuse me," Shirou asked. "When do we begin training?"

"Later this afternoon or tomorrow, but for now you are all supposed to settle in and undergo a routine medical examination before your training takes place." Lord El-Melloi II answered.

"Yes, and to finish my explanation about our organization's last two and certainly not the least important of Chaldea's inventions," Leonardo began intending to finish her explanation. "One of the last inventions and one of the most critical to our efforts is Spiritron Calculation Engine codenamed Trismegistus. It is a highly advanced computer that serves as an oversight in the implementation of Rayshift, and it assists alongside the final invention dubbed Laplace in the real-time analysis of phenomenon and disturbances observed via Sheba. It can even record events and happenings that exist outside of public knowledge and store that information accordingly, which is used alongside Phenomenon Recording Cyber-Daemon, Laplace, set in place to preserve a Master's spiritual integrity and safety during Rayshift."

"So what is Rayshift?" Shirou said offering another question becoming very intrigued with the organization.

"Rayshift is a form of time travel technology that allows the projection of the spirit of a living human into the past. The process works by projecting you as spiritual particles into the past where you'll materialize akin to that of a servant, but your body will be affected by the needs of hunger, thirst, sleep and such," Lord El-Melloi explained. "Important to the process is that the other inventions also work together to ensure a safe return trip as well as a safe arrival into the past with your servants. Working together the integrity of your soul is maintained within a certain variance of their original spiritual structure via consistent confirmation by a quantum observer. This observer also prevents the local Counter Force of a past era from relegating the Rayshift subject to a phantasmal existence, and thereby excluding them from the Human Domain thus preventing the possibility of returning."

"When you Rayshift, your bodies will be kept inside a Spiritron Chassis we call Coffins that further ensures the integrity of your soul during rayshift while we can monitor your vitals, and if should something happen the power will be cut and the rayshift ended. If something terrible happens then, the coffins can cryogenically freeze the master inside until proper medical treatment can be provided." Leonardo explained finishing the explanation of Chaldea's purpose and the inventions that were critical to the operations of the organization.

"Here is where medical examinations are conducted, and before you use one of the coffins during future missions an exam is required to have a baseline to input into our systems. Further down the hall is our cafeteria, so I suppose that concludes the tour," Lord El-Melloi said with a sour expression seemingly glad the tour was over. "Mr. Emiya, you and I must speak if you could accompany me."

"Sure," Shirou replied before turning to Lelouch, "I'll see you later."

Lelouch nodded before Shirou left tailing after the older magus.

"And you Mr. Lamperouge are free to do as you please, but remember to check in with Dr. Romani for that exam," Leonardo said before taking her leave of the group.

Soon Lelouch was left alone, but it didn't last.

"Ah Lelouch," Dr. Romani called out as he approached the sixteen-year-old teen, "how about we get your medical exam taken care of since having helped you and your sister over the years we can finish quickly."

Following their reunion, Lelouch and Romani entered the medical room, but Romani pulled out a disc that held a complete and very recent medical exam of the young man that had been done on him before coming to Chaldea. It cut the time for the medical review because all he needed was a blood test and to check his vitals.

"So are you ready for this?"

Romani inquired as Lelouch rolled up the sleeve of his uniform.

"I am, and I hope the servant will be a good one," Lelouch answered. "What's this about the Summoning System not working?"

"Ah so Leonardo mentioned that I see," Romani answered before taking a blood sample from Lelouch. "Don't worry we're using a summoning ritual I prepared myself using ideas from an old text I read once."

Lelouch sighed in annoyance, "as long as this works I could care less where you got it from."

"Oh come on," Romani expressed with a mixture of annoyance and humor, "have I ever let you down?"

"No, and I am grateful for everything you have done," Lelouch offered with a smile.

"Then let's finish this up," Romani said before moving onto the next phase of the exam so they can get it over with quickly.

Once they were done Romani led Lelouch to the Summoning Room where masters would perform the ritual to call forth a Heroic Spirit to serve at their side. The room was large and round with a faint blue glow outlining the floor and ceiling of the chamber, but in the center was a freshly drawn summoning circle. It wasn't a design Lelouch wasn't familiar with appearing more complex and ancient.

No matter, Lelouch thought, if this allows me to summon a powerful servant I am okay with it.

"Are you ready for this?" Romani asked.

"Need you ask," Lelouch replied as he reached into his pocket to draw the catalyst he would use.

The catalyst Lelouch chose was a damaged silver crucifix, a relic recovered from a massacre carried out years ago in a Japanese castle.

Or so he was told, but he hoped it would work.

"Are you sure your superiors won't mind this?"

"Nah you would all be summoning servants by tomorrow," Romani replied being oddly dismissive about it, but Lelouch had come too far to turn back.

Lelouch didn't doubt he could keep the servant he would summon, but he still intended to get the most out of it especially if it can further his primary objective for coming to Chaldea and more depending on how things play out.

Well, I might as well commit...

Lelouch began the ritual as he started chanting the proper incantations.

"Let silver and steel be the essence. Let stone and the archduke of contracts be the foundation, a champion to defend humanity's future I call on thee. Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall. Let the four cardinal gates close. Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto the Kingdom rotate."

The summoning circle began to glow a faint blue, the glow continued to build.

"Let it be declared now; your flesh shall serve under me, and my fate shall be with your sword. Submit to the beckoning of the Holy Grail. Answer, if you would submit to this will and this truth." Lelouch declared as the magic circle began surging with mystical power as an indoor wind began circling through the room, but the young man continued. "An oath shall be sworn here. I shall attain all virtues of all of Heaven; I shall have dominion over all evils of all of Hell. From the Seventh Heaven, attended to by three great words of power, come forth from the ring of restraint, protector of the holy balance!"

The incarnation was completed, and all of the magical energy gathering into the summoning circle erupted releasing a blinding magical light while filling the room with white smoke.

Did it work?

Lelouch coughed before waving his hands to push away the smoke. Romani was doing the same as he was trying to shake away all of the smoke.

Standing at the center of the circle was a person freshly materialized. He was dressed in black and red robes, seemingly a mix between a samurai with evident European influences to his attire with tanned skin, long white hair tied into a ponytail and light brown eyes.

"Servant Ruler, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. Are you my master?"

Lelouch promptly composed himself, but he was barely able to hide his joy at successfully summoning his first Heroic Spirit.

Who better to be my servant than the infamous teenager who led the Shimabara Rebellion, Lelouch thought feeling very pleased with the results.

"I am Lelouch Lamperouge," Lelouch said introducing himself, "I am your master."

"A pleasure to meet you," Amakusa offered politely.

"Likewise, and," Lelouch began but then what felt like an earthquake shook the facility before the power went out.


Suddenly the power came back on, no doubt switching over to a backup, even as the lights dimmed briefly before returning at full strength.

"What was that!?" Romani shouted hurrying to a wall where he activated a hidden panel that revealed a touchscreen monitor behind it. "Status Report, What was that?!"

"Attention, explosions detected in the sub level power generator room and in the command center," a computerized voice answered.

"Damn I need to get down there," Romani replied but as he turned to Lelouch to say something the door to the room opened with Leonardo standing on the other side.

"Romani what are you doing here," Leonardo asked before noticing Lelouch and his newly summoned servant. "What is that? New recruits aren't supposed to be summoning servants!?"

"Well," Romani began weakly, but Leonardo cut him off.

"Never mind you need to get to the power room and lead our repair crew to repair the damage and restore main power before we lose the backup," an exasperated Leonardo said before pointing to Lelouch. "You there, because you have a servant you are the main character so go fetch another provisional master who ran off towards the command center. The one a certain someone was supposed to be watching Romani!"

Romani laughed nervously as Leonardo glared him, but Lelouch was confused by being called the main character for a moment until he shoved the thought aside.

"We'll go get him," Lelouch said reluctantly, but he thought it would help lessen whatever punishment he would've received.

Lelouch with his servant following him made a beeline for the command center, although his pace was rather slow given that he wasn't the athletic type.

"Let me," Amakusa said.

To his shock and slight annoyance, his servant picked him up before running down the hall with Lelouch over Amakusa's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Forgive me, master, we should hurry before the containment safeguards activate," Amakusa said which eased Lelouch's annoyance, just s little.

Thanks to Lelouch's servant the pair reached the command center which was mostly engulfed in flames with the room itself badly damaged, the organization's Chaldeas remained intact fortunately for the organization.

Putting Lelouch down, he and Amakusa scanned the room for the provisional master in question.

"There," Amakusa said managing to spot him first through the flames.

"Hey you need to get out of here," Lelouch called out as he and Amakusa approached, but as they did the pair discovered he wasn't alone.

Standing with the provisional master, who was male with brown hair and blue eyes wearing the white uniform and black pants of Chaldea's masters, was a young woman around Lelouch's age. The girl was a pale skinned teen with pale pink hair and purple eyes wearing a revealing suit of armor that left her upper legs and upper arms exposed while carrying a black shield bigger than she was.

"Hey you two need to get out of here," Lelouch shouted again with growing urgency in his voice.

"Huh," Ritsuka Fujimaru said while his companion Mash Kyrielight were confused since neither of them never saw Lelouch before, and they also saw Amakusa behind him.

Suddenly something happened.

A burst of energy erupted through the room engulfing Lelouch, Amakusa, Mash, and Ritsuka before blacking out.

A/N: Well Lelouch and his newly summoned servant have been pulled into the first conflict of the story, and I do apologize for the information on Chaldea's inventions, but a lot of this was more for those not familiar with Fate/Grand Order.

I did consider another servant for Lelouch such as Mordred, but in a talk, I had with draconichero21 about suitable servants for Lelouch I ended up settling on Amakusa for Lelouch. I had even considered other characters to be involved as additional masters, but after working on the chapters I felt Shirou, Ritsuka and Lelouch would be enough.

And don't assume Lelouch and Shirou will be buddy-buddy the whole time, because keep in mind Shirou is likely familiar with Lelouch Lamperouge and not the real Lelouch. I'll be exploring on their relationship including how they meet further in the story.

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Although I am likely to pair Shirou with a certain Saber.

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I am also aware Grand Order happens well after Fate/Stay Night, but I modified things to have everything happen one year before the events of Fate/Stay Night instead.

And for those who didn't play Grand Order are likely wondering why I didn't make someone else Lelouch's teacher and why I chose Romani, there is a reason for it and for those who played the game and gotten to its end should know that reason, but I won't give out that spoiler so early in the story. I do apologize for what seems like an info dump in the middle, but it was out of consideration for anyone not familiar with Grand Order.

Lelouch's reasons for coming to Chaldea will be explained in the next chapter, but obtaining a servant wasn't his primary objective as I touched upon a bit here.

So that should cover everything, so I hope you enjoyed the chapter.