A Fugitive of the FBI requires help from the greatest detective and the intersect together they must defeat a group called "The Kabal" Join Raymond Reddington, Batman, Chuck, Sarah, and even John Casey on there "mission"


[Chapter 1: The gathering]

It was a dark and rainy night, as a car pulled up to a housing complex. A man in a suit, trenchcoat, and fedora stepped out of the back seat and another man walked behind him. This man was wearing a T-Shirt and Cargo Pants as they walked through the yard the man in the T-Shirt had his hand on a gun. The man in the Fedora stepped to a Door and knocked no one answered so he knocked again. A women in a bath robe opened the door.

"May I help you?" The women asked.

"Yes, is Chuck here" The Man in the Fedora asked.

A man in a buttoned shirt stepped behind the women with a smile as the smile wiped from his face and he just stared.

"Awe, you flashed I'm guessing good then you know who I am and why I'm here" The man smiled "If not, I will tell you"

The two men stepped in unwelcomed and the man in the T-Shirt stood by the door and the other man in the Fedora sat down as he placed his hat on the coffee table.

"Let me begin with my name is Raymond Reddington I've come for your assisstance in taking down an enemy group known as the Kabal" Raymond paused and them continued "The man at the door is named Denbae"

The women quickly grabbed her gun and aimed it at him and denbae put a gun to her head.

"I wouln't do that if I were you, you'll be dead before you can pull that trigger" Raymond said with major confidence

The Female put the gun down and spoke.

"Why are you here" Sarah asked

"Seriously you Agents don't listen do you" Raymond sighed "I'm here Agent Walker, or Sarah Walker, because an enemy group called the Kabal must be taken down"

In moments after that another man bursted in with a gun.

"Awe Major John Casey" Raymond said laughing a little

"Traitor your under arrest for Murder, Treason, Drug Dealing, War Crimes and list goes on now get on your knees hands behind your head" Casey said with Anger

"No" Raymond Said as he got up grabbimg his hat "Now you three have an option come with me and save the world simce you guys like doing that or stay here and watch it burn"

Raymond said walking out Denbae followed. After a while all of them we'er sitting in the car and they drove off to a WareHouse. After some time a car drove around a cornor and into the WareHouse a caped, masked man exited and walked over.

"And here he is everyone meet Batman" Raymond said as he placed his hand flat in the air pointing towards him "Now that we're all here lets begin"

[To be continued on Chapter 2]

That's the end of Chapter 1 I will do Chapter 2 if this gets good reviews and you guys want it. The Chapter was short but it wasn't going to be long in the first place anyways so thank you for reading this.