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Full Summary: Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze lost. He never thought as the Child of Prophecy and reincarnation of Ashura that he would lose his friends and the world he knew. Pretty much depleted of his never-ending chakra, Kurama tells him of a Jutsu that could send him back in time to stop the pain and sufferings of the people he knew and ultimately set the course of time right. Time Travel

Human Speaking/Thoughts

Demon Speaking/Thoughts/Jutsu

"Stop complaining about fate and saying how it can never be changed."-NU

Chapter 1, A New Beginning

Quietness settled over the now bloodied and corpse-littered battlefield. Fire crackling and burning away the evidence of what transpired before. The winds blew over the field excitingly like it was trying to take in all the memories and experience of the dead Shinobi belonging to the Allied Nations and battlefield stations, barely standing and crumbling.

A body stirred from underneath the rubble and ash-ridden ground. Hands covered in cuts grim and dirt. The bloodied hand reached and rubbed the dirt and blood from its owners blonde hair. Naruto glances to the left seeing also seeing Madera stirring from the rubble, injured and already showing signs of fatigue he stared back and smirked at Naruto.

"So Naruto, still up and fighting eh? I have to give you credit, your resilience is commendable. However, just think of all the killing, violence, and destruction you could have stopped if you would have just allowed me to have the Kyuubi. I Would have resurrected the Juubi in its final form creating a new world order of peace, free of shinobi's greatest weakness.. freedom."

Naruto painfully crawls to his Leaf Village Hitai-ate lying on the ground(the one Iruka gave him and the fabric from Jiraiya), Naruto slowly reaches for it. Running his hand on the cut of the Leaf symbol, the memory flashes of a certain fight between him and his best friend in his young youth. He shook it out of his head and shoved it in his pants pocket.

Naruto spits blood from his mouth on the ground and glared at Madera with pure hate. "First, you weren't even creating peace that was Obito's and Nagato and his comrade's dreams, you just wanted to be in control. Second, I had true plans of peace and you screwed it up with your Infinite Tsukuyomi, your dream caused a great evil to awaken, Kaguya, destroyed my village, the villages around it. Killed my comrades, friends, and someone that I grew to have feelings for, lead my parents to die. And created the events leading to Obito's death and defection from the village. A true Shinobi with the Will of Fire. And you think that's peace?"

Madera chuckled darkly. "Control? yes, it is, because in this world having choices will always lead to wrong ones and will govern more violence. Wasn't your goal to create peace by the so-called "ending cycle of hatred?" See our goals and ambitions aren't so different."

Naruto glares at Madera. "Don't talk as if we are the same, your goal was to enslave us in our own desires, with the cost of having freedom. Mine was to find true peace. By yes, ending the cycle of hatred and finding the path of peace. But I wanted to do it without the cost of freedom. We're totally different people and I would not have killed innocence to attain it."

Madera gazes out at the distance the smell of death, charred corpses and cinder were still fresh in the air. He stared back at Naruto with eyes void of empathy. "Well seems like talking won't change anything and you clearly have a different goal than mine. thanks to you and your comrades destroying the Juubi and defeating that backstabbing Black Zetsu and his master Kaguya seems like I have lost, but in a way so have you."

Madera charges and jumps in the air going through the hand signs. Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique. as flaming dragon head-shaped like fireballs are sent en route towards Naruto.

Naruto rolled to the left side and threw his hand on the ground doing a backward handstand before he twisting his other hand out and pulling out a kunai with an explosive tag. He hurled it with great speed towards Madera as he runs to a nearby rock ducking under cover. the tag explodes as Madera dodged out the way.

Madera retaliates by throwing 2 kunai explosive tag knives and flipping through the hand signs. Wood Release: Rain of Spears. sending 17 razor sharp wooden spears.

Naruto reaches in his pouch grabbing 5 shuriken coating them with wind he sends them at the spears cutting half a dozen, Naruto dodges 2 spears but does not see the kunai merged with the spear. with his chakra nearly depleted and too close for him to dodge They explode sending Naruto flying in the air with the remaining spears piercing his arm and right side of the chest under the ribcage.

Naruto lands on the ground hard grunting in pain. He reached over and pulls out the spears one by one, each time wincing in pain. 'Damn it! I'm pretty much depleted of chakra. On top of that, I'm bleeding badly from my already gained wounds and even if the fox is healing me. I am still in trouble of dying of blood loss. The bastard is still using lots of Jutsu, despite the injuries me and everyone else gave him.'

The Nine-Tailed Fox stirred from inside Naruto's mind. "Naruto. Naruto can you hear me? Oi, blondie!? I got to talk with you."

Narutawakenses in his mindscape facing Kurama. " Ya? what Kurama?" He responded slightly annoyed ignoring the extensive blood flowing out of his body like a waterfall "I'm in the middle of something, I'm basically running on fumes at this point."

Kurama stares seriously at Naruto. "Yeah I know Naruto, I just want to know what your plan is since your chakra is almost gone and mine is slowly fading, I don't have to much left and most of it is being used to fend of Madera while I talk with you, not to mention you're really injured and there is only so much that I can repair."

Naruto sighs in defeat. His eyes filled with despair and pain. "Well Kurama, I honestly don't know. He still has clearly some chakra since he's still blasting powerful Jutsu at us, while I don't know exactly how much we have, we have already used like 80 percent of our chakra against that giant Ten-Tails and snapping out Madera from that Kaguya goddesses possession and then the battle of killing her and somehow Madera surviving the possession and Sasuke's Amaterasu annihilation. I don't know if we will defeat him. I have been contemplating if we should give up and wait for him to strike me down."

The Nine-Tails glared at Naruto and growled with irritation and anger. "So that's it? you're just going to give up. Damn it Naruto! You! the Saviour of the Leaf, Defeater of Pain, Slayer of Kaguya the now deceased Rabbit Goddess and the newly appointed Seventh-Hokage and the never-gives-up-and-goes-back-on -my-word-former-loud-mouthed-brat-and-number-one-hyperactive knuckleheaded idiot..Just gives up? I will not allow my jailor to die in such a pathetic way."

"Well Kurama unless you got tons of extra chakra left or a magical Jutsu that you can pull out of your ass, I'm all ears."

Kurama was just about to retort when he remembered something… more importantly, a Jutsu that might possibly work. "Hey Naruto .. I think there might be a Jutsu, but it uses a lot of chakra not to mention it has possible side effects."

Naruto rolls his eyes at the Tailed Beast Caution, he knew Kurama was the 'blast Jutsu ask questions later kind of person'. "Look Kurama, whatever it is I am all open for it.. seriously at this stage we're not going to win, and we need all the help we can get."

"Okay, well the jutsu originated from the Sage of Six Paths and is only known by us Bijuu. we have never used it because it is only allowed to be used in the direst of situations. The Jutsu uses a sort of space/time ninjutsu... But a lot stronger. It is essentially time travel."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Time travel?... wait, hold up. How is that possible?"

"Well Naruto theoretically, it should not be possible. But to the shinobi world that is not known, there is a reason why it is only been known to us. Think of what say someone like the guy were currently fighting got his hands on it. he could go back in time and change anything that did not suit him, no one would stand a chance against that. The greed of man would claw to get it, but I know you're heart Naruto and you would never cause time change for your own selfish desires. Anyway, it uses Fuuinjutsu which should not be a problem for you being a seal master and all."

"I guess that makes sense… wait, Fuuinjutsu? how would we be able to do it then? I have no ink nor any paper left. and don't forget I'm running out of chakra to make one of this power. besides, if we did how would it work?"

Kurama thinks for a moment. "We could use your blood to start it by doing the routine summoning since it is also a reverse type summon if you will. Then I'll pour what's left of yours and mines chakra, then all you have to do is write the seals on the ground and let my blood pour into it before doing the hand signs. It's going to be a lot of chakras but I'll be damned if we don't try. To how we do that we go back in time to a point that is significant that will be your anchor point."

Naruto processed the information before responding slowly. "Kurama how many years can we jump back?"

Kurama Let the cogs in his brain turn as he thought more. "Mmm. Well, I think a possible decade at most, maybe more depending on how much chakra we have left."

'Mhmm, should I do it? I mean I don't have anything holding me back and there is nothing left for me here." He let his mind trail off before a light huff from Kurama brought him back. He stood straight New determination replacing the despair and sadness he felt earlier. He would have to mourn his friends later

"Yeah, I'll do it, huh. A significant point in my life. While I would like to go back in time and spare my parents death, I was only born then, and I did not play any role. Besides, how was I supposed to jump back in time to a time where I don't remember. Mmm, I would say when I graduated from the academy or a little bit younger than that. yeah, I'll use that.' "Okay I'll do it.. wait, will I still keep my body?

The giant Fox thinks for a second. "Yes, I believe you will. A seal of this magnitude will require your knowledge and the current version of yourself into the past. though something to take in Naruto, this may not be true it may be. but if you go back in time you risk a paradox."

Naruto gave the giant fox a quizzical stare. "paradox? how?"

"Well think about it Naruto, there is going to be two of you in the past running about. that puts a huge stress on the timeline continuum. Time is a powerful, fecal mistress that should not be trifled with. You could and most likely cease to exist once time catches up to you, your younger self could disappear, or you could end up in a continuous loop and no matter the choices you make it will always lead to the same path. But as I said these things could happen or could not, just keep that in mind."

He stares at the fox with a saddened expression. "Well that is.. unexpected news, I wonder if there was another reason why this hasn't been told by anyone or been used for that matter. if someone's younger self-disappeared from time or they were put in an endless loop of time. things could become sure ceasing doesn't seem too bad if it happens, I doubt I'll become close to anyone. I just want to change the future for my younger self and friends and stop a lot of events from happening. like my ultimate goal of stopping Madera and the Eye of The Moon plan and Black Zetsu from awakening Kaguya."

Kurama smiles 'Even losing everything he doesn't give up. His willpower is truly staggering.' "Alright, you ready Naruto?"

"Yes, I am ready but I should probably change into a henge. I'm too recognizable and people would think I'm the Fourth Hokage minus the eye. I also kinda figured if I am to make any real progress I need a comrade with the knowledge of my true identity. The third Hokage would be logical, being the head of the village and all."

Kurama nods and he performs the henge. His body became taller going on around 6'0, his blonde hair became a light hazelnut and less spiker. His visible eye became a dark onyx black. He then reaches into his pocket, pulling out some bandages and wrapping it around his right eye to cover his Sharingan, a final gift of friendship that his pardoned best friend Sasuke Uchiha gave him.

Kurama gives A few minutes of instructions on the seals. would have gone longer but he's starting to tire and lose consciousness from the massive blood loss. Naruto bites down on his thumb blood pouring from it as he starts to write the seals. Kurama pours in his and Naruto's chakra into the seals.

"Alright hand signs, time Naruto make it quick."

Naruto rapidly flashes through the hand signs with inhuman speed and slammed his hand down on the seal fast. Chakra exhaustion immediately hits Naruto as blinding light followed by an explosion happens all around. darkness started to cloud his vision, followed by roaring ringing sound like lightning in his ears and then unconsciousness.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was enjoying a boring day, not minding the peace and somewhat busy streets crowded with shinobi and civilians alike. He then froze and nearly fell off his chair when a figure came crashing through the Hokage Tower roof and landed right in front of his desk.

After Sarutobi regained from gaping like a fish for a few seconds, he moved to his kunai holster under the desk when the figure slowly started to get up, the figure managed to get on his knees and was staring at the floor.

The Third Hokage studied the man in front of him seemingly lost in a trance. He was quite tall around 6'0 feet, his body looked near peak human condition minus the injuries. his body was built for strength and speed. Toned six-pack, broad shoulders big arms that looked like they could deal some serious damage, muscles not being well hidden under his torn and falling apart clothing.

His face was the most shocking, though, he was clearly almost reaching adulthood and he had a hardened face almost like someone he knew.. He had a vertical scar going down his right eye to his cheek and a scar in the shape of a kunai slash on his chin, he also had two smaller scars diagonally across his cheek all and all he looked like a battle-hardened warrior, But his eyes or one of them at least since the other was blocked from Bandages.

They surprised him. 'That eye. It's almost like I'm staring at a veteran from the Third Shinobi War… So much loss, despair, and pain. Those eyes show almost a man who had lost everything. With nothing left except his path of righteous fury and vengeance. If he isn't a threat I should let him have a psychiatric evaluation, what did he endure to have eyes like that?" Sarutobi returned back from his thoughts when the figure's hand reached out for some sort of object on the floor just as his ANBU Guard swooped in, kunai and tanto blade pressed to his throat, ready to open his throat should the occasion arise. Sarutobi put on his best threatening expression and said. "who are you? And what is your business here?"

The figure looked up and stared wide-eyed before his eyes started to water. He reached out weakly and muttered one word

"Old Man" before crashing face first into the floor, Sarutobi mouth sunk like a fish and his eyes widened, the way his mysterious assailant said it caused Sarutobi to take a double take. Only one person calls him that.

He realized that the man bringing much-needed excitement in his otherwise mundane job was unconscious and leaking blood all over the place. He glanced to the side and saw a headband which he guessed was the item the mysterious man reached for before. he gazed a bit closer and realized it was made from black fabric with the symbol of the leaf one it, realization plastered on the man's face and he barked at one of his Anbu.


A well-built young man wearing the standard Anbu uniform and sporting a porcelain mask depicting a wolf flashed in front of him, head bowed. "Sir."

"Take our injured man here to the hospital stat. Hurry as fast as you can. I have some questions for him and I don't want him to die on us. He had a leaf headband so he might be one of our allies. Hurry."

Wolf looked at his Hokage and nodded. "Understood, Lord Hokage." Wolf flashed in front of the unconscious man lying on the floor. He bent down picking him up, wrapping the man's arm around his neck and holding his back with the other before flashing out of the room to the hospital.

Sarutobi turned around glancing out the window. He looked down and realized that he picked up the headband, he was mesmerized by it. He traced his wrinkly fingers on the large cut on the leaf symbol before sighing, his excitement was gone and it was back to the seemingly never-ending pile of work. 'What an interesting day, I hope he survives I have a feeling what he could say would be life-changing."

Wolf raced across the rooftops with inhuman speed startling civilians and shinobi alike. A few minutes of running and he finally reached his location, he jumped in front of the hospital entrance, checking that his order was okay. He opened the door with haste and ran to the front desk startling the young brown haired nurse at the front.

"Apologies for the haste. Hokage-Sama wants him treated and healed up ASAP. He is bleeding profusely from unknown injuries, the Hokage didn't say if he was an ally or not but he did say he was carrying a leaf headband. Take precautions in case." Gesturing to the unconscious man being held by him. The young nurse nodded and called some other nurses and they carried him via stretcher to the room and perform an analysis and treat him. Wolf nodded at them before leaving in a swirl of leaves to report to the Hokage.

Naruto's eyes woke up to a strange room. He glanced to the right and saw the sun was nearly set and night started to be visible. He groaned before trying to stand up and saw that he his arms and legs were held by straps. He also noticed that his body was covered in bandages. A door swung open and a nurse walked in carrying medicine, startling Naruto. She stared wide-eyed, her mouth forming a giant 'O'. He tried to call out but his throat was dry and sore. He began to cough violently and tried to reach for the cup of water on his bedpost. The nurse was already there in a flash, she poured it in a cup and slightly raised his head allowing him to drink. The cold water soothed his burning throat and he drank the whole cup. He looked up and muttered a thank you.

She smiled professionally and nodded, turning she began to walk out the room. Which in turn shocked Naruto as he saw under her uniform a shirt with the Uchiha symbol on it. He hastily crocked "Wait." She stopped and turned around waiting for his words. "What's your name?"

She gave him a quizzical look before she gave the same emotionless nurse smile. "My name is Kaede Uchiha I'm a nurse here and might possibly your new friend for a while until you reciprocate." She walked out the room and closed the door lightly. Leaving a stunned Naruto in the midst. Naruto realized that while he regained consciousness for a few seconds before coming to the hospital he saw the Uchiha complex was not abandoned or empty.

'What the hell? I must have hit my head really hard otherwise Did I go back in time too far? I mean from what I can remember the massacre happened around the time of me being 6 years old. So I guess I went a bit too far, I even lost some age too, I feel like I'm 18 right now.…. Damn temerarious fox can't even get his Jutsu right.' Naruto groaned before slumping back on the bed staring at the ceiling in thought.

A knock came on the door a few minutes later. Naruto glanced at the door before rising up again and facing the door. "It's open." He responded in a gruff voice, still suffering from the smoke inhalation.

The door creaked a bit and 4 figures walked in. Three men wearing the standard Anbu uniform one of them being identified as Wolf and the other was sporting a mask looking like a crane and finally the third was a bit taller and more muscled had a mask sporting a brown bear. The most important figure was the old man wearing the red and white Hokage uniform.

He walked in being flanked by the other three before Wolf retreated and sat by the window, while Crane leaned against the wall and finally Bear stood by the door, hand resting on his tanto blade, the Third Hokage kept his reserves smile, void of any true emotion. "I'm glad you are okay young man, you recovered way faster than I expected."

Naruto swallowed a lump forming in his throat and he noticed his hands were shaking faintly. In front of him was one of the first people that truly cared for him. He took a depth breath and sighed. "How long was I out?"

"5 days."

Naruto's sucked in his breath. "Five days?! Damn that's a long time."

Sarutobi began to smoke his pipe and blew out a puff before responding. "Recuperated Better than most. You have peaked my interest, though. It's not every day such an enigmatic man comes crashing into your office looking like death washed over. You are clearly a shinobi or a mercenary I can deduce that much judging by the doctors report of your body which said you were covered in 18 percent scar tissue. But after seeing your headband you must be from the village, but odd since I have never seen you before. So who are you and what do you want?"

Naruto looked out the window absorbing the tranquility and serenity of the village, trying to insert himself into it. Sarutobi gave him a calculating look trying to understand his emotions, he was a closed book after all.

Naruto turned to look back at the Hokage, he thought he'd responded amicably. "I didn't exactly plan to come crashing into your office. That was by mistake. To answer your question I'm from the Hidden Leaf yes. To answer the rest of your questions that is quite a long story."

"I've got time."

Naruto glanced up at the bored yet cautious ANBU staring at him before looking back at the Hokage. "I'm sure you do. So which is why I ask that you give me a private audience with yourself, I do need to speak with you. I mean you no harm or our village."

Sarutobi leaned back and studied the man. 'Mhmm.. He is still in pain and with his injuries, he couldn't make a move even if he wanted to. Course he could be faking it as well and waiting until my guard is down before he'd strike. The man in front of me is definitely a trained ninja and has taken lives before, I can deduce that much but I see it now… in his eye that he doesn't want me to harm me.'

He glanced to the left looking at Wolf and Crane "Alright. Wolf, Crane, Bear, you may wait outside. I'll be fine. Please activate some privacy seals in the room." Crane and Wolf looked at each, hesitating slightly. What could the Hokage be thinking to leave himself alone with this unknown man. The did as they were told reluctantly. Bear removed his hand from his blade and reached for the seals in his pouch before the other two bowed.

"As you wish Lord Hokage." They placed privacy seals all over the room and began to walk out the room before the man on the bed called out to Wolf.

"Hey you the one in the wolf mask."

Bear already being out the door waiting for the others while Wolf looked at Crane with a strange look who shrugged in return, he slowly turned around and faced the one who called, he responded in an emotionless tone per standard of any Anbu. "Yes?"

He stammered briefly"I.. Uh… I… Wanted to thank you for getting me here so fast. I probably wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for you."

Wolf smiled under the mask bit still responded in the same emotionless tone. "No need to thank me. I was following orders, but if you want to truly thank me. Don't betray the village or cause me to distrust you."

Naruto gave him a good serious nod. "Deal." He responded voice without hidden deceit. Which gained a nod from Wolf, who removed himself from the room leaving only Naruto and Sarutobi.

Sarutobi chuckled watching the two talk. He then turned back to Naruto. "Alright, we're alone. So you going to answer my questions now?"

Naruto tried to move his hands but realized he was still strapped. "Could you remove these straps?"

"I don't think that's a-"

Naruto gave him a miffed stare "You really think I could take out the leader of a hidden village in my condition? What am I gonna do? beat you to death with my arms. Besides, don't you want to see the real me and not a henge."

Sarutobi didn't even realize he was wearing a henge the whole time. He thought for a moment before sighing. He threw a kunai for Naruto, which he caught expertly and began to cut the straps. 'Interesting. He still caught it even though he was immobilized, and in his condition still managing it with fast reflexes and precision. No doubt reflexes like that are honed after years of combat, and he still kept a henge on in his condition, undetected. he's definitely a Jonin or above.'

The last strap was cut and Naruto stretched, cracking his neck and muscles, hearing the satisfying Pop sound and removing the stiffness from his body. He glanced back at Sarutobi before smiling. "That's better. Be warned you're in for a shock." Naruto performed the hand sign and the henge was dropped.

Sarutobi nearly fell out of his chair for the second time when he saw the henge dropped. The figure still kept the same physical body appearance except shrinking to around 5'11 Two tattoos appeared on his body. A large black dragon with red eyes staring with blazing fury to those who'd normally be fortunate to catch its gaze but was mostly covered in bandages this time, and the standard ANBU leaf tattoo on his right shoulder.

But what really changed was his face and hair. His cheekbones and eye shape became more like a red-haired he knew, his hair turned from brown to sun-bleached yellow. And his eyes turned from blackness to the ocean itself... Only one person ever had hair and eyes like that. He almost mistook him for Minato, except he never had a tattoo nor had bandages over his right eye. The figure almost looked like Kushina with his cheekbones. But it wouldn't be her.

Sarutobi returns from within his mind. "You have really peaked my interest now. You almost reminded me of someone I know.. A cousin or long-lost brother perhaps?"

The blonde cyclops slightly grinned. "If you're talking about the Fourth then no. In fact, I'm his son… Naruto."

The Third Hokage's face became shocked and downright in disbelief at the revelation. "Wha-... Wait it's not possible. How? Your injuries? Naruto's body heals from any injury not leaving a scar. And you're supposed to be in the orphanage. Why do you look so much older? And why do you have a headband over your right eye? And how do you know you're the Fourth's son?.."

Naruto raised his hand calming the rapid questions from the Hokage before he gave a chortling laugh." Really? it's not that hard to fit two and two together especially when we strike such similar resemblance. To the injuries.. yes I know he heals, but if the circumstance is right, and say have about less than 18 percent useable chakra and if the injuries are severe enough both physically and emotionally, it would not be healed by normal or other ways easily scars wound form. I also know that my mother is Kushina and my godfather is Pervy Sage… I mean Jiraiya."

The Hokage cracked a smile and laughed a good hearty laugh at Naruto. "Only you of all people could call the Great Toad Sage and Sannin of the Leaf.. a pervert. When did you find out?"

Naruto smile slightly fades. "I found out in much darker times. I wish that you could have told me sooner. I get later on why you did it, to protect me from people who hated my father, but I always wanted to know who my parents were and if they loved me."

Naruto notices Hiruzen's sad expression and continued on. "It's okay I know you meant good. And to answer your first question. It's quite a long story actually."

Naruto rubbed his head in frustration trying to come up with a way to explain his shitshow of a life. "Well, I don't know how much I can go into full detail. But basically, I am from the future. In a nutshell, The world we came from was hell, and someone told me of a jutsu to go back in time and change the events that will unfold."

Hiruzen leaned back and stared wide-eyed at Naruto. "What do you mean by "change the events that unfolded and that it was hell?"

Naruto watching a young couple carry their smiling boy of 7 hand in hand. He turned to Sarutobi with somber eyes. "Basically, everything is gone. Konoha, It's ninja and villagers, men, women and even children, the other lands, and their shinobi and villagers were gone and razed to the ground. Everyone besides maybe a 50 people or so survived. I'm not completely sure. I was the only one left that I really knew about."

Hiruzen stood up visibly shaking as he stared out the hospital window, gazing out at peaceful villagers and the shinobi imagining them gone, men, women, and children, all dead. It scared him to the core. He turns around and stares seriously at Naruto. "How did it happen?"

Naruto looks back at the old man with sadness and anger clenching his fist with such fury it look like he was about to pop a blood vessel in his arm. "The thing that kills most in our world. War. More importantly, this war was the Fourth Great Shinobi War and by far the one with the most bloodshed. It was created by a ruthless fanatical man who believed peace was attained by destroying the thing that makes us weak. Freedom. His twisted plan would rid the world of individualism, he was ultimately betrayed by one of his men to benefit his real boss one who was bent on total destruction. The fanatics idea was based on another of his employees which sounds like a pretty decent idea from his perspective. But he forced a brutal dictatorship on them. He was a brutal violent killer who slew thousands of Shinobi and innocent civilians alike, even his own loyal man to attain it."

Hiruzen stared wide-eyed at what Naruto said. 'Would this person really do it? Kill innocence and even his own men to get what he thought was true peace. I'll have to ask later on how he did it.'

Trying to get past the shocking information that was just thrown at him. He tried to think tactically"Okay. Well if you came back does this event happened in the near future or?"

Naruto thought for a moment. "Not quite. Judging by how a lot of the people and places look younger, I can assume that I traveled before I graduated from the academy. Nothing drastic that I can really think about happens now. Everything starts to go down when I'm 12 during the Chunin Exams."

The old man concurred. "Yes, indeed you are correct, you. I mean your younger self is only currently six years old and hasn't been initiated in the academy yet. Well then. What will you do until that happens? I don't know your skill set until I can hear from you yourself. What rank were you?"

"I thought about maybe doing some spying for a few months, maximum a year. Just because nothing bad is going to happen in the near future doesn't mean I can't keep an eye on things. I could possibly do some spying on Orochimaru and his freaky as shit experiment labs. Maybe even stop his alliance with a certain village before it happens and keep an eye on the other villagers. I have done spy missions on other villagers before we became united. As to what my rank is, technically I'm only a Genin, because of future events I never got promoted beyond that. And then during the war I was promoted to Seventh Hokage, just in time to lead my village to their deaths."

The Hokage had questions spinning in his head until he managed to spit them out. "Hold up for a second. What alliance first of? Second what about the lands uniting and how did you get from beings Genin to the leader of the village?"

Naruto gave a sheepish smile"Oh right forgot you being in the dark and whatnot. I don't know how much I can really say about the future. Being here already puts stress on the timeline. Knowing too much of the future is never good for anyone, but if this is going to work I will have to eventually tell you everything. *sigh Alright. When I am twelve the Sand's Kazekage breaks the treaty between the villages and is forced to team up with that snake bastard, Orochimaru then kills the Kazekage and disguises himself as said Kazekage. He then attacks the village with his men that he experimented on and recruited, the Village Hidden In the Sound and the help of the Sand Shinobi he kills many good men including... Including someone very important who first treated me humanely.. It was.."

Naruto tried to swallow the lump in his throat and the tears that threaten to pour out. He could not finish the sentence but Hiruzen figured out that Naruto was talking about him. He was determined not to die if he could help it this time. But still to find out the Kazekage betrayed the treaty and that Orochimaru could weave his fangs into making them do it was shocking. The old man looks at Naruto. "And the other things?"

Naruto took a depth breath before speaking again. "Oh right. The villagers Kages decided that fighting on their own would not be enough and they had too little forces to both combat the main enemy and any forces of the other lands that would try to attack. They made the decision to put aside their differences and unite and fight a common foe. Thus, the Allied Nations was formed. During the war they became great allies working together, hell even the Tsuchikage and Mizukage got along and shared a drink or two together. I made some great friends with the other shinobi in the different lands. As said previously based on future events I was never promoted higher than Genin. I would have been possible during the Chunin Exams when I was twelve but the way things happened. That deprived me of that opportunity. And then it just got worse and worse and I was too busy with other things to do another exam. I then left the village for two years to train with Jiraiya-Sensei and then more stuff happened and then finally the war. When I showed my skill and tactics during the war. The Sixth Hokage promoted me." Naruto smiled remembering one of the best moments in his life and the proudness that one of the closest people send on him. 'I finally achieved the dream my younger self-strived for.'

Sarutobi takes another puff of smoke before responding. "That... is a lot of info to take in. I see that the future isn't so good. So if I enroll you into the village as a shinobi I need to know your skill set what you do good in and such. I can assume that if you became Hokage that you were strong."

Naruto laughed and grinned for the first time in a long time. "You bet old man. I was the best." That earned a chuckle from the Hokage.

Naruto continued on."Mm well, my skill set is quite good because of the war and some of the events I told you about, I became strong and honed my skills. Taijutsu I would say roughly high Anbu-level, Ninjutsu Kage-level. it's one of my strongest skill, I am also very good at kenjutsu placing at Jonin. I also mastered Sage training and a near master at Fuuinjutsu," it came out as a statement rather than a brag.

He then clicked his tongue and spoke again. "Almost forgot Genjutsu would be Genin non-existent but because of a something have it would be high Chunnin." Naruto gestures to his right eye.

Sarutobi beamed with amazement at how strong Naruto has become even mastering Sage training and Fuuinjutsu, it made him worry as who Naruto was facing could leave him in such a mess if he was that powerful. "Right. I have been meaning to ask you about that. I guessed that you were Minato at first because of your similar looks but I then realized he never had damage to his eye. So how did it happen?"

Naruto rubs the back of his head. "Well, you see. It is not damage per say, it was a gift from my best friend before.. he died."

Naruto continued when he sees the semi-confused look on the Hokage.

"Before he died, he and one of my other close friends, one of the best medics out there, transplanted his eye in my right one as a final gift and bond between us. His name was Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto sees the shocked expression plastered on Sarutobi's face.

"That means you have the... Sharingan….! But. How?... Show me."

Naruto reaches for his bandages and unwraps it. Revealing a fully matured three tomoe Sharingan staring out at the Hokage as if it was studying his every move and analyzing it to the smallest details.

Sarutobi was shocked between words. "With you of all people attaining that power. It's truly amazing. Your friend must have been great."

Naruto smiles sadly. "What many know of Sharingan is only a front. There is a power that lies in the eye far more powerful than any could imagine. Only known in a scroll located and built by the head of the clan and a few others knew of its power."

"I have heard rumors of something similar in the Anbu Black Ops one of them being an Uchiha but I am still not completely sure what it is."

"Well, I'm not surprised. Only a handful have ever gotten the power so it's not all common knowledge." Naruto pours some chakra into his Sharingan activating his Mangekyou Sharingan as an oddly shaped pinwheel appears.

Naruto started to explain. "Very well. The Sharingan has a second stage called the Mangekyo Sharingan. When attained the user can wield eminence power. Each user has a unique power specific to their eye. Sasukes, for example, has a power called Amaterasu which is basically black flames that cannot be extinguished and will burn until the user commands it. His other eye also controls where it goes often performing an attack called Blaze Release. Every user shares a certain power that's the same. It's called Susanoo. Basically, you summon an ancient spectral giant being from another realm with tremendous defense and power, each Susanoo is also quite different depending on the power and the user. There is a catch and a cost. The catch is that if you use it too many times over a long period of time you will eventually become blind and it puts lots of stress on your body. The cost of getting it is different than a few would say. Some believe you need to kill your best friend to get it but to actually get it you must watch someone closest to you die."

"To watch the person closest to you die is a big price for achieving this Mangekyo. Sasuke must have suffered a great ordeal to gain the Mangekyou."

Naruto closed his eyes and remembered what Sasuke told him. "It wasn't pretty as you could say, it drove him deeper down the dark path... Speaking of Uchihas, you gonna tell me?"

The Third Hokage gave Naruto a quizzical look. "Tell you what?"

"Why the attractive nurse I saw was an Uchiha?"

"Saede? She's one of the best nurses we have, it's a shame that she has to be killed like the rest of the clan. I hope Itachi is merciful."

Naruto eyes widened and he began to splutter "Wait. What?! Are you saying you gave the order for Itachi to wipe out the clan?! When?!"

Sarutobi waved his hands "Woah! Calm down. I thought you knew about this? The order was given a week ago, Itachi needed to prepare. He's doing it tonight."

Naruto's brain processes the info before he made the dumb idea of jumping out of the bed. His injuries were still quite severe, and he fell, he cursed and tried to get up. "I have to get there now and stop it." He began to make his way to the window.

He stared sadly at Naruto. "Why? You know it must happen, the Uchiha clan is going to start a coup d'ètat in our village, which could spark a civil war, a war we can't sustain for."

Naruto slammed the wall behind his bed startling Sarutobi. "I know damn it! I know! I know they were going to start a war, Sasuke told me during the war. He also told me on one of our last nights together that he wished someone saved his parents and his clan. I saw the damage and pain it caused him. He killed his own brother to avenge his clan. He turned from the kind, happy kid into a merciless, cold, distant, asshole, hellbent on killing his brother for most of his life. If I can save my best friend from that pain you can bet I will." Naruto tried to stand but pained flashed in his body and he grabbed his leg. "Damn leg."

"But you know what they will do. You can't change that."

Naruto glared at Sarutobi. "I can and I will old man even if it kills me. I'll stop their Curse of Hatred! That damned Danzo and his schemes. I know he wanted them dead and set Itachi on the clan exchange for Sasuke's life. he's wrong to think what happens with the Nine-Tails was there fault.. It was someone's else's.." He realized his ramblings confused the Hokage even more. He spoke more frantically this time "I'll explain when I can Old Man. Until I get back, do not trust Danzo with anything, he wants you dead and he has an army to get it, Root is still active, please don't let him order another attack on the them. We need all the allies we can in the future war and I'll be damned to leave a valid clan like them to die, even if they are arrogant, and think they are superior assholes, they still are a powerful and well-known feared clan."

Sarutobi was shocked at the revelation of Danzo and Naruto's speech.. "Very well, you better hurry Naruto. I dispatched him an hour ago before I came to check up on you and warn you not to go near that area. Good luck!"

Naruto nodded and performed the henge once more. He took his Leaf-headband, putting it over his right eye! He stood up and poured some chakra in his body, numbing the pain and giving him a surge of energy. He was about to climb out the window when the Third Hokage called out to him. He turned around just in time to catch a kunai holster and shuriken pouch. He nodded and said "thanks" before waving and telling him he will see him in a few months or a year and disappeared into the night.

Sarutobi leaned back and puffed a smoke before standing up and disabling the privacy seals. Wolf and Crane walked in half cautious followed by bear, hands resting on their weapons. They removed it when they saw their Hokage was fine. "It's alright. He was a spy of mine, he was wearing a henge so I did not recognize him. He was informing me of what he knew." They nodded and flanked him again as he walked out the hospital entrance.

"Crane?" He said stopping causing his entourage to stop with him.

Crane gave a quick glance at the Third Hokage. "Yes, m'lord?"

"My informant will be going back in reconnaissance and information gathering for a few months or a year. I want to request that you make an opening for him in the ANBU when he gets back, I'll have him formally tested to assess his skills but I know he's worthy to be in ANBU. Your old friend and ANBU Lieutenant Commander Haruki should be notified. If you could do it today that would be great. "

Crane nodded respectfully. "Understood Hokage-Sama. I'll do it right away." Crane disappeared in a swirl of leaves to the ANBU Headquarters.

Sarutobi stared at the now night sky, listening to the information Naruto had bombarded him with. War. End of the World, Time Travel. Suddenly his peace didn't seem so bad anymore. 'Good luck Naruto. I hope you achieve what you came for, for all our sakes.' He turned back around instead of heading home he went back to the tower and continue with his long extensive paperwork and begin planning for this war to come.

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