Sabrina walked into Sonny's living room, "Hi Dad."

Sonny got up off of the couch, "Sabrina. Hi."

Sabrina and Sonny sat down, "So… What's going on?"

Sonny laughed at how much his daughter was like him. No BS, straight to the point. "It's nothing bad, don't worry. I, uh, I have a casino opening in Atlantic City. But, I can't go because Morgan is still adjusting to Avery. So, I was wondering if you would be willing to go on my behalf."

Sabrina looked shocked, "Me? Wow. Uh, what would I be doing?"

Sonny smiled, "Looking at the location. Seeing if it would be a good place to build a casino."

Sabrina smiled, "You really want me to?"

Sonny's smile started to fade, "Do you not want to? Because I totally understand if you don't."

Sabrina put her hands on top of her dad's, "No, dad, it's not that. I'm just surprised. That you trust me to make a business decision."

Sonny's smile began to reappear, "So, will you?"

Sabrina thought for a minute, "Can I bring someone with me?"

Sonny said, "Of course. Of course. Oh, and did I mention, the hotel will be paying for everything?"

Sabrina smiled wide, "Really? Well, they must really want your business."

Sonny laughed, "So, is that a yes?" Sabrina smirked, "Hmm, let's see. A free weekend to AC, an opportunity to do something special with my dad. Hell yeah."

Sabrina and Sonny laughed.

Sabrina looked around, "So… How's Morgan doing? And better question, how are YOU?"

Sonny sighed, "Luckily Avery already loved her 'brother' so for her it was an easy adjustment. Morgan… I think he's getting there. He doesn't quite grasp the responsibilities yet that being a father truly is." S

onny sighed, "I, of course am going to miss being Avery's dad, but I'm happy for Morgan. I'm just relived that Ava agreed to share custody with Morgan."

Sabrina chuckled, "So, I guess Ava isn't 100% evil."

Sonny shook his head slightly, "No.. not 100%"

Sabrina laughed, "Dad…"

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