Sabrina walked up to Patrick as he exited a patient's room. Patrick said, "Hi, Sabrina." Sabrina said, "Hey. Do you have a minute?" Patrick looked concerned, "Sure."

Patrick and Sabrina walked to a private corner in the hallway, "What's going on?" Sabrina sighed, "Do you have plans this weekend?" Patrick looked at Sabrina, a little confused, "No. Why?" Sabrina said, "How would you like to go on an all expenses paid trip to Atlantic City this weekend with me?"

Patrick looked at Sabrina in confusion, "Wha…?" Sabrina continued, "My dad, he has the opportunity to open a casino, but needs to look at the space, but with Morgan adjusting to Avery, he can't go. So he asked me. And he said I can bring a guest. So? What do you say?"

Patrick thought for a moment, "If I can get Anna to watch Emma for the weekend, sure."

Sabrina put her hand over her forehead and ran her fingers through her hair, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot about Emma. Of course you can't go on a last minute trip. What was I thinking?" Sabrina started to walk away, when Patrick grabbed her wrist lightly, "Hey, I have never seen Emma or Anna complain about some overnight one-on-one time. When do we leave?" Sabrina smiled, "Whenever we want. My dad is letting us use his private jet." Patrick smiled, "Wow."

After Patrick's shift, he went to Anna's suite at the Metro Court. Patrick was nervous to ask Anna.

Anna came out of her bedroom, "Sorry about that Patrick. What's up?" Patrick sighed, "I was wondering if you could watch Emma this weekend?" Anna sighed and smiled, "Of course. I would love some one-on-one time with my granddaughter. Can I ask why? Pulling some doubles at the hospital?"

Patrick laughed nervously, "Actually, no. Uh, Sabrina…" Patrick cleared his throat before continuing, "Sabrina invited me to all expenses paid weekend to Atlantic City." Anna said, "Ah, I see." Patrick put his hands up, "But, I know that this is an uncomfortable situation and I can just ask someone else."

Patrick grabbed his coat and started to leave, but Anna grabbed his arm, "Patrick, that's not what I am saying at all. Do you think that I think that because Robin is MIA, you have to stay single and available for her?"

Patrick nodded slowly and Anna continued, "Look, I wish that you and Robin had been able to make it work. But I know that that isn't going to happen and I can see that you still have feelings for Sabrina. With you and Sam broken up, I take it you want to try to make it work with Sabrina?"

Patrick nodded and Anna sighed, "I love you, and I wish you all the best and happiness in the world. And if Sabrina is it, then, despite how I feel about her father, I hope that you two can make it work."

Patrick smiled and hugged Anna, "Well, it could be worse. She could be Julian's daughter." Anna pulled out of the hug slightly to look at Patrick and laughed slightly, "True." Anna went back into the hug and Patrick and Anna both laughed.