Footsteps could be heard from far was i? why was i bound?

i was pulled away form my thoughts forcibly qhen my cell door was slammed open feom one of the guards that acompanied HER, Moira O'deorain the head of the genetic research of Talon was standing in front of me, well, above as i had my legs amputated from the knees and so were my forearms as i lifted my eyes i felt a sting in the neck and a urge to sleep so i let the darkness take me.

I woke up in a room that resembled a hospital, it was big and had sky blue walls, a medium sized TV, my bed was that of a hospital, on my left was a nightstand with cards and some flowers and on my right were two persons, a man and a woman but their faces were blank as i was getting up i was pulled away from my dream as i felt an earthshattering pain all over my body, it was like atomic bombs were constatly exploding in my veina, but i couldn't scream because i had my vocal cords removed so i couldn't scream and i also couldn't cry as i ran dry from tears long ago trough my pain i looked around and i was in a spacious room with medical tools and i was hanging from a machine that had tanks with an orange subatance that was being pumped in me trough tubes atached to what remained of my legs and arms i saw a black mirror wich probably was a to way mirror.

-Moira's POV

"Subject N122 seems to withstand the serum and ther doesn't seem to be another effect apart form the pain that is suffered from the initial inyection" i wrote on the holopad in my hands as i watched the ongoing test of the latest proyect wich consisted in aplying a serum extracted from a meteoryte. "this subject is enduring far more compared to others, at this point the others would have already died" i herad from another scientist in the room. I personaly didn't care abouts or testers because they were expendable as were some other researchers but i had to admit that N122 was far more tougher than others.

"Miss O'deorain i think we should stop the test now, N122's vital signals are destabilizing, we dont know what will happen if we keep going" said a black haired woman "No, keep going, we haven't seen what happens when a subject is exposed for so long" i said "But miss, this is dangerous" "we can't advance without risks, and this is something that might change the future of humanity" "As you wi-" she couldn't finish the phrase before a sudden explosion ocurred in the testroom, we all looked at the room and what we saw could only be described as the birth of a demon.

-Main POV (before the explosion)

I hoped that after the initial shock,the pain would be less or i would be able to endure it, I was wrong, i felt like my insides were melting, mi blood evaporating, my organs exploding and my brain was a bomb i wished to pass out from the pain, but i didn't, i was forced to be awake, just when i tought i was going to die, i saw white "finally the light at the end, finally the end of my suffering!" just then i was back at the room but there wasn't anyone but a heard a voice, it was warm and soft it felt familiar."you can't go yet" "why can't i go?!" "someone needs you" "who needs me?"

"you will know when the time comes"


the voice was getting lower "you will know" "when will i know!?"

i heard something but didn't know what said.

i was back at the testroom but i was on the floor and i had legs? and arms?

my chest hurt, it burned, something was wrong but i didn't care about that everithing was on fire but i didn't feel hot i tried to stand and walk it was easier than espected i went to the mirror and i saw the incarnation of the devil, my skin was dark crimson with cracks all over like magma, the end of my arms and legs were bright orange with the hands and toes being totally white i had claqs instead of nails and on the knees and elbows i had spikes, on the chest i had some king of core like solidified lava but the worst was my face, on my chin i had little spikes most of mi cheeks were gone and showed fangs mi nose was just bones, my eyes were black exept the pupils were red and y had two on the forehead, my hair was black with red stripes "wha- wha- what am i?" i said with a despaired voice, soon despair turned it rage "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?! i yelled while i broke the glass.