Hello everyone,Squix here.

So,first of all i wanted to apologize for the whole absence,im sorry and i also wanted to say im cancelling this fic,i know its something somewhat unespected but let me explain, at first i began writing as a method of enternainment during summer,and so i did but with time i began getting burnt out and i said it on the last chapter and so i did but i also realised i didn't want ro write a normal fic, i tried to write but it just didn't work with the original idea, specially because of the OW universe, it wasn't something i enjoyed, don't get me wrong i like the game and the heroes but i don't enjoy the lore and it doesn't help that Blizzard doesn't release more lore, also because of the lack of reviews and the support however this doesn't mean i'll stop writing, i will try to keep on the R6 fic and that is pretty much it, im sorry to those who enjoyed this,if there was anyone, if you still want to know about Dante i will make a new story on a new universe, if that is possible of course.

So yeah, im sorry all of you readers,see you later...

Squix out.