Donna, Aiden, Samantha, Michael, Caleb, Emma, Payton, and Sydney were relaxing at the Solo residents when Baby Groot was going through some scrapbooks that belonged to Donna. Michael picked up one of them and asked, "Who are these kids?"

Donna looked at the familiar picture of her as a kid, "Those were my childhood friends from New York." Donna explained.

She showed them her old friends, Luci, Tina, Amy, Adam, Derek, Kathy, Megan and Michael, "Michael?" Michael asked.

"Luckily," Donna replied, "I call you Mikey so I wouldn't get people mixed up."

Michael blushed.

"So where did you meet these kids?" Aiden asked.

"The whole thing started after my parents' honeymoon." Donna explained," when I met the neighbors, The Zuchas, they told me that their friends, "The Epps" were having a small pool party and thought I could join. It was the perfect chance for me to make friends, so I joined."

"Don't forget that I came along so you wouldn't get hurt, Kiddo." Rocket interrupted.

"I Am Groot(Don't interrupt)" shouted Baby Groot.

"Yeah," Donna replied, "It's my story, so I'm telling them."

Everyone sat down and listened to Donna's Backyard Gang tales.

Note: Michael, Amy, Tina, and Luci's last names are named after actors Brian Epps and Jessica Zucha, who played Michael and Tina in the Backyard Gang series. As for Adam and Megan, their surname is after Maiko Kawakami, who played Kaguya Hime from Big Bird Japan.