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Prologue -Haddonfield,Illinois

Laurie strode kept on running until she was out of breath but she had to get away. She heard footsteps coming closer and started to run again as the mysterious figure kept running after then hid behind a tree and pulled out a pair of scissors from her jacket and looked both directions and heard breathing from somewhere and slowly walked back the way she camed and then a large hand grabbed her mouth and started to strangle her she looked at the figure it had a blue jumpsuit and a white mask with no eyeholes on it,with brown hair. She then stabbed her attacker in the shoulder but it showed no signs of pian. "What the are you?!" The figure didn't responded and pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed laurie in the chest "AGH!" Laurie then stumbled to ground and started to crawl away from her attacker until she stood up and continued running holding her hand in her wound. She then fell off a hill and found herself next to a cabin she quickly opened the door and closed it as banging was coming out the door. Laurie searched everywhere for a weapon until she found a small handgun with a few clips of ammo and a hunting knife. The door burst open and the figure started walking towards her when she fired a shot "BANG!" the bullet hit the figure in the shoulder and stunned it but laurie was covering her ears with both her hands and quickly ran off dodging her attacker's knife. "Don't look back just keep running!" she told herself as a bright light blinded her and she then opened her eyes and found herself on a road. "Since when is there a road in the fore.." "SLAM " a car hit her and she flew a five feet in the air and landed on the pavement as the car stopped. "Oh my god what was that!" "I don't know kids stay here with your mother while I go check A tiger got out of the car and saw laurie on the floor bleeding from her head. "Dad what is it?" "Call an ambulance now!" A close figure was watching from a bush as a ambulance came and took her away he read the label "Zootopia medical center"

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