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Laurie strode kept on running until she went into an alleyway and hid until she was safe. "I think i lost them." She checked her pocket and found that she still had her revolver and wallet. "I pretty sure that mymy money won't work here." "Hello ls anyone there?" Laurie aimed her gun and saw a group of homeless teenage animals in torn clothing with a few cubs and kits. "What are you?" "I'm a human and i don't want any trouble." "Then please put down your gun" "Ok there,do you think i can join your group im a bit homeless myself"

"I don't know but were starving do you have any food." Laurie took out a candy bar and broke it into tiny pieces and gave it to everyone. "We didn't get your name" "Laurie strode." A wolf then spoke "Im John, this is Richard,Ken and Jen,Ron,Kitty,Susan, and lizzy." He was pointing to a Lion,two twin bear cubs,a nervous coyote,a black cat,a Baby otter,and a silver vixen. "So am I in?" "Pretty much." "Im telling you John this thing might be what the government wants to spread fear in the city." "Don't listen to ron here he's just a theorist." "Why do you only have fur on your head?" "It's not fur it's hair." "Why are you here?" "I was just running away from the hospital." "Sounds like you had a bad day just listen to some music and you might calm down." Richard turned on a radio which went to the news "Good afternoon this is Peter moosebridge and welcome to the evening news,Our top story begins with a strange creature that recently escaped the local hospital that is considered to be dangerous if you see this creature call the police instantly,in other news three animals were found dead in a gas station with many civilians connsered that both theses incidents are connected" Laurie then started get nervous. "What's wrong?" "Oh god he's coming to kill me!" "Who is?" Laurie then fainted. " Laurie Laurie!". A truck stopped at a hospital and the driver came out and saw a back entrance to the building. The figure went inside and heard someone say "Good why was i put to keep that girl!" A lion came in and said "This is your fault if you hadn't fell for that blonde harried girl we wouldn't be in this mess!" "Im going to the bathroom and don't ask for me!" A doe went into the women's bathroom and locked the stall as she was sitting on the stoll. The door opened and she said "I told you doctor i don't want to talk with you!" A large hand went on top of the stall and dropped a handful of teeth as it fell to the floor. "Doctor this isn't funny!?" The stall door then started shaking as the hand moved it and then a large banning was hitting the door as the doe looked down and saw two black boots. The figure then looked down and the doe saw a large white face with no eyes as it's hands grabbed the doe's hoves. "No please don't kill me please!" The figure pulled the doe out of the stall and lifted her as it showed a photo of Laurie. "You want her?" The figure nodded. "I don't know were she is just ask the doctor. The figure then dropped her to the ground and she screamed as she saw the lion's face covered in blood and bleeding from his mouth. "She ran away from here and went into the street that's all i know!" The figure pulled out a long kitchen knife and slowly cut the doe's neck as blood sprayed onto it's clothes and then it dropped her and left the hospital as blood stained the floor.

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