So this is my first time posting a fanfic, let alone writing one. I've had a few on the ice but I recently fell in Love with the amazing Pradesh family, thank you Desna for such amazing characters! Please be gentle! Thanks!

So without further ado: Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, the lovely Pradesh family besides Bixy belongs to Desna.

This 'word' means that someone is speaking mentally.

Four weeks. It had been precisely four weeks and three hours sense her only home was taken from her. Sense he left her with nothing but a note, granted it was better then what Ezra and Grey did. Everyone had moved on, just packed up and left. Even Laxus and the thunder legion had gone once they came around. She had wanted to stay, they had to come back. This was home, this is where they would come back. Leo was the one that convinced her to leave, to find more keys and to train. So under his and Virgo's watchful eyes she had packed what she wanted to keep, the rest was sold for jewels to pay her way. With nothing to carry but her whip and keys she calls out Plu to accompany her to the station. She picks him up, holding him on her hip as she pays for a ticket to where it all started. Taking a deep breath she looks back at the town, tears leaking out of her eyes she takes her first step on her journey.

Upon arriving to Hargeon town she hugs the little dog spirit to her chest.

"This was where I first met you Plue," she whispers ignoring the sharp pain in her chest as a large crooked grin flashed through her mind. "I guess I need to find somewhere to sleep for the night."

After wandering around she comes to an inn. Small and welcoming, she steps up to the older woman waiting at the counter.

"Just you sweetheart?" At Lucy's nod the woman smiles before scribbling down in the book before her. She holds her hand out with a simple key in it. "Your room is up the stairs and just down the hall on the left. The very last one."

Quick movements bring the blonde to her room. Locking the door behind her she kicks off her boots, before heading to the bathroom Plue still secured in her arms. Warm water flows into the tub as she strips down her hair hanging lifelessly around her form. Placing him on the edge of the tub she slides in, eyes closed as tears slip down. Biting her trembling lip her body slips all the way under.

They had all left her, after she saved them they all just left. She needed them, they are her family. Was she really not that important? Was she that insignificant to them all? Her chest begins to burn, the water weighing it down. What was the point? Her only family left left her. The water pushes, soft hands touch her face. Dead brown eyes open to meet worried orange. Family, pink catches her gaze past him. She still had them, they wouldn't leave her. They still loved her. Her body lunges out of the water and against the warm familiar chest. Arms grip her tightly as sobs wreck her body.

"Please don't leave me, please"

"Never Lucy, none of us will," he whispers into her hair.

"I've left grease clothes for you on tour bed Princess. Punishment?" Watery eyes find her faithful maid spirit smiling at her.

"Not right now Virgo," Lucy murmurs, Virgo bows once before disappearing in a shower of gold. "Leo will stay?"

"Of course Princess, let's get you dressed." He grins at her carrying her to the bed before turning around allowing her some privacy.

A small tug has him turning back to her, orange orbs warm slightly. Leaning foreword he tucks her in before laying next to her allowing her to curl into his side. Her fist clenches his suite shirt, his hand rubs soothing circles on her lower back.

"Will I ever see her again?"

"Of course, her key will be back. She will be very unhappy if you don't find it first love." He nuzzles her head as she pushes closer.

"How will I find her?"

"By adding to our family. Traveling, training."

"When...when it happened I was able to use her power. What was that?"

"That Princess is what is called stardress. It's when you take attributes from us golden keys, it's gives you our power and strength. We can train you to use it, even her's."

"In the morning, will you come back and help me find more keys?"

"Of course my princess. For now sleep."

Next day after checking out: Lucy and Leo

"There should be a magic store up this way, I'll check there first." Lucy states her hand on Leo's arm.

"How are you feeling?" He pulls her closer as three children come running past never hesitating.

"I'm excited to learn more. But if your talking about my magic," she flashes him a smile, his eyes catch Aquarius's symbol as the light bounces off it. "It's fine, you're not much of a drain right now."

"Good, Capricorn and I have come up with a training plan for you. So once we leave here we can start."

Lucy smiles at him as she pulls him into the small shop. They separate to look through the space. Her fingers trailing over books as chocolate eyes scan the cases. A flash of silver pulls her to the corner case, two silver keys meet her gaze as her breath stops. One, slightly smaller then the other is practically the silver version of Leo's. The other one looks to be the face of a dog with its paw at the bottom.

"Leo! I found two!" He sprints over at her call, eyes widening at the sight.

"That's Leo Minor! He was in a cave in Atla last I heard." Leo whispers to her his fingers caressing the glass over it.

"How much for these two?" Lucy calls to the owner standing behind the counter. He comes running over and opens it, the keys glow and fly at Lucy who barley catches them before they hit her face. Her eyes wide as she smiles down that them both.

"Those there are 400 jewel. I know who you are and they obviously want you." The man states eyeing the keys in her grasp. Lucy simply nods and hands the money over before leaving.

Her feet moving quickly over the cobblestone and out of the city to the tree line. She grins up at Leo as she tries to calm herself, he nods at her gesturing for her to go ahead and call them.

"I am the person who connects the road to the stellar spirit world, thou shall respond to the calling and pass through the gate. Open door to Leo Minor, the little lion!" Lucy calls the key held out.

In a puff of golden sparks with a doorbell ringing a small lion cub sits in front of her staring up at her. It's gaze travels to Leo who stands slightly behind her with wide eyes.

'Big brother!' A young boy's voice echoes in her head, just as the cub pounces at Leo who just catches him as he falls down. The cub purring and rubbing his head against Leo's chin.

"Cub what are you doing in Fiore?" Leo asks petting his back a smile lighting up his face.

'My last master was a slave in Atla, he found me but couldn't summon me. I forced my gate open to help him get out safely.' The cub responds, sitting back as Leo pets him. Lucy sits down next to them her eyes sad. 'We snuck on to a ship headed to Bosco, it stopped along the way. We got off and traveled her by foot. He promised that if I helped him he would bring me to Fiore where I could sense you. So I got him all the way to Fiore but he found work here and so he sold me to that man for someone else to get.'

"Well looks like you still found me little cub," Leo grins, orange eyes flashing to Lucy who is smiling softly at the lion cub. "This is Lucy my...Princess."

The cub turns his gaze to Lucy who is softly laughing at Leo. Chocolate orbs turn to meet his gaze, she smiles at him.

"Hello Leo Minor, I'm Lucy Heartphillia. Will you make a contract with me?"

'Yes, please. I can be called whenever you need me, unless it's Monday. I don't like Mondays.'

"What would you like me to call you? Also do you use any magic?"

'You can call me Cub, I'm used to it. I don't use magic really but I can track anything you need me to. I never get lost.'

"Sounds good Cub, you can call me Lucy. I look forward to working with you." Cub purrs before stepping closer to her and bumping her chin with his forehead and disappearing in a shower of light.

She carefully placed his key onto her key ring before standing and holding up Canis Major.

"I am the person who connects the road to the stellar spirit world, thou shall respond to the calling and pass through the gate. Open door to Canis Major the large dog!"

With a doorbell and puff of stardust a large black dog sits before her. Black eyes sweeping over her before a bright light surrounds it. When the light disappears is a male standing at 6', shaggy black hair that hangs around his face in waves. Wearing ripped blue jeans, an old grey undershirt and black leather jacket over a leith body. Sitting on his left hand is a black band with a shining clear stone. The man grins down at her before kneeling and taking her hand.

"Hello mistress, you may call me Aludra." He grins cockily up at her his breath ghosting over her hand.

"Hello Aludra, I'm Lucy Heartphillia. You can call me Lucy. All though some of my spirits call me Princess," Lucy smiles down at him laughing under her breath. "You're almost as bad as Leo."

Aludra lets his eyes flash over to Leo, a smirk climbs to his mouth. Standing back up he looks back down at Lucy.

"When can I call you?"

"I prefer anytime after 4pm And before 6am Princess."


"I use tracking and nightmare magic. I'm able to pull someone's worst fears and make them live it, it's all a hallucination so if they are strong of mind or have souls magic it won't work. I can track anything you want; animals, people, keys. As long as you know them I can find them."

"Perfect, thank you Aludra. I'll summon you soon." Lucy grins up at him. Her eyes widen when warm lips brush her's, fingers raise to touch her own. "Wha-what?"

"My first landing place and main home was Bosco Princess. This is how Boscans make deals. You should visit, you'd love it," He grins down at her before disappearing in a puff of stardust.

Lucy sways before falling to her knees, hand grabbing her head. Leo comes to her grabbing her shoulders.

"So...probably shouldn't have had you out so long and done both of those contracts." She giggles her body sagging.

"Stars Lucy you scared me. I'll go and come back with my own power, don't move." He demands before flashing out.

Lucy leans back against her bag, eyes watching the clouds move and take shapes. She closes her eyes and tries to relax, to hold back the memories of this town. Feeling the lump forming in her throat she sits up her hand clamped down around her keys. Watery brown eyes look out over the port town, catching the sun beginning to set over the water. A flash of gold to her right brings her notice to a familiar boat at port.

"Leo, do you see that ship there?"

"The wooden one? Yes, looks to be a party going on." His orange eyes trained on it, narrowing slightly as the women seem to all fall to the deck as it takes off. "Lucy, did you see?"

"Yes, now move!" She yells running full tilt to the harbor. The boat is a good distance out when she reaches the peer. A growl slips past her lips just before she finds herself flying. Shrieking her hands grab familiar black cloth.

"Hold tight, get ready to call someone." Leo states voice dark with anger, she nods her fingers running over the familiar metals. They land with a thud the men all freeze turning to her and Leo.

"Who the 'ell are you?!" One of the men yell. Leo placed her down next to her, his hands rising rings glowing.

"Lucy I need you to trust me. Raise your hands as if your holding a bow, call for the celestial bow of Orion. Do this after you've called the cocky Dog out." Leo tells her eyes following the men as they begin to advance, more coming from below deck.

"Open gate of Canis Major, Aludra!" Lucy shouts key flashing in the dying sun. He appears next to her in dog form, a growl ripping from his throat as he leans forward. Taking a deep breath, her magic drawing closer to her second origin. "I call forth the Hunter's weapon, Celestial Bow!"

She staggers slightly as a golden hunting bow appears in her hands. The men lung at them then, Leo flies into action knocking out the men to their left. Aludra stands in front of her his eyes glow red as the men in front of him begin to scream falling to their knees hands grasping body parts. Tuning them out she raises the bow pulling back the string, an arrow appearing in place, training it on the man standing at the back of the group.

"Little mage, your spirits magic won't work on me," the man stands tall at 6'2" with cruel green eyes behind dark hair. "These girls are mine now. They will make me good money in Pergrande."

"Lucy!" Leo yells jumping behind her before knocking into her back. "Sorry Lucy, it's up to you."

"Leo!" Her head turns around to find a man on the ground, shadows falling from his lower body. Her head snaps back to the last man, a grin plastered across his face laughter ripping from him. "You'll pay for that!"

"Oh no, you'll pay quite nicely. So will those keys!" The man flicks his hand as Aludra snarls leaping to him before slamming to the ground. Lucy releases the arrow at the same time, the man's eyes widen when he tries to dodge it his magic not working. The arrow hits his stomach, causing him to fall down hard knocking himself out from the deck.

"No one threatens my keys."

After threatening the man piloting the ship to turn around, Lucy sends Virgo to go get the Rune Knights. Upon their arrival they find Lucy leaning heavily against Aludra as the women from below are slowly getting off. One of the Knights edged closer to her.

"Ma'am, are you the mage that did this?"

Large wary chocolate orbs raise to meet his gaze, "Yes sir. I recognized this ship, it reminded me of a ship I was once on the first time I visited this town. When I watched I noticed the women just dropping to the deck all at once, then the men were picking them up and bringing them down below." She takes a deep breath standing up, her left hand still clenched in Aludra's fur. "One of the men, an air or mind mage of some kind, told me they were headed to sell the women in Pergrande. That's all I got from him before I knocked him out, he's the tall one with the burnt shirt. The man piloting it is the only one awake, he is apart of the operation as well."

"Thank you, we have been looking for these women for months now but haven't had a clue where to look. What is your name?" The knight questions, recording on a lacrima.

"Lucy Heartphillia, celestial mage."

"Fairy Tail's?" He gasps checking around for anyone else.

"No, they disbanded," she responds biting the inside of her cheek. "If you'll excuse me, I need to get going."

Lucy continues to lean on Aludra as she walks off, heading for the woods outside of town. The scrambling of rocks and loud footfalls causes her to stop. She turns her head as the same knight skids to a stop behind her, she simply raises a single golden brow.

"There's a reward for this. We had sent out the request to different guilds but none responded. Please, will you take it?"

"Thank you," she murmurs holding her hand out for the large bag of jewels. Turning back around she continues her walk to the woods. She goes for awhile till she finds a cave, letting Aludra clear it first before she settles down against his side drifting straight to sleep.