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Upon waking up the next day, Lucy finds herself tangled in her sleeping bag, next to the cave wall. Sitting up she stretches her arms, a yawn pulling at her.

"Good morning Princess, I've already prepared your breakfast and laid out some clothing for the day. Brother is wanting you to call him out after to discuss your training," Virgo states, blue eyes shining from behind purple bangs as she bows. "Punishment Princess?"

Lucy giggles and nods beckoning her to come closer. Warm chocolate watches as Virgo eagerly hurries over, kneeling next to her. Raising her hand she flicks Virgo in the middle of her forehead. Virgo smiles dopily before disappearing in a shower of light. Shaking her head, Lucy stands up, dresses in dark grey spandex shorts and a blue sports bra, pulling a tank on over it. Touching her hair she lets her other hand to slide across Cancer's key.

"How can I help today ebi?" Cancer asks, his scissors opening and closing a few times.

"I remember you asking me to grow it out, would you be willing to do that for me? It can just go back in some way. I think I'll be working out after this with Leo and Capricorn," Lucy smiles before sitting down with her plate of food in her lap. Cancer smiles and steps up behind her, his scissors going to work.

"All done ebi," Cancer says, smiling as she reaches back to find a long thick braid hanging to her waist. "Good day ebi!"

"Thanks Cancer!" Lucy laughs watching him disappear in a shower of light.

Standing she smiles at Virgo who pops out, picking up her clothes, sleeping bag and plate before disappearing. Fingers slide past her keys as she steps to the edge of the cave opening.

"Good you're dressed. We'll start with stretches then go for a run through the trees, find a clearing to set up camp in and then train." Leo tells her already done as he watches her through her own warm up. Nodding at her they begin a steady pace through the trees. Always within sight of each other.

After about an hour in, they stop next to the river leading from Clover town to Akane beach. Lucy leans over gasping, her knees clasped by her hands as sweet runs down her body. Leo grins down at her holding a bottle of water out for her and a towel. Lucy snatched both from him, chugging the water down between breathing and drying some of the sweat.

"Are we going to always be running from camp site to camp site?" She questions, breathing still hard as she lifts her braid to wipe her neck down.

"Not every time, depending on where we are you may just run around for at least an hour each morning now. It will help with your endurance," Leo chuckles drinking from his own bottle. "Once you've done more stretching to cool off, we will start training hand to hand. This way you won't be an easy target if they grab your keys or you get hit with anti magic cuffs or such."

Lucy nods as she reaches down to her left then right foot stretching her leg and back muscles. Raising her entwined arms over her head, reaching back she releases and shakes them out. Nodding to herself she stands in front of Leo and raises her arms.

"Well to start with," Leo grins widely steps up to her and fixes her hands. "You need to have your thumb on the outside of your fingers. Good," he nods stepping back, "your strength is in your legs, always remember that Lucy. If you get grabbed from behind, grab a hold of your keys and horse kick the person holding you."

She nods watching as he steps slightly back, waiting. Her feet begin moving sideways, gaze never wavering. Leo dives to her right trying to trip her, she twirls around him elbowing him in the back as she passes. He lets out a breath before flying at her throwing punch after punch. Lucy keeps blocking till one lands against her side, her jaw clamps shut and iron fills her mouth. Eyes narrow as they water, as she falls to the right she jerks her leg up using her momentum to nail him in his side. Her foot touches back down after spinning slightly, she spits blood out. Chocolate orbs on Leo who is gripping his side tightly, orange eyes narrowed in pain. He holds his hand up head bowed. Stepping slowly around him she grabs his raised hand and jerks it behind him pinning him face down in the dirt. A growl leaves his chest before she finds herself pinned face up hands on either side of her head. Leo smirks down at her, she glares back as her mind races. Hands strain against his grasp, she tries bucking him off. Nothing working until he leans slightly closer and she jerks her head into his as hard as she can. He rolls off groaning in pain, her head falling back down as she curls up holding her forehead in pain.

"So...not my smartest move," she whimpers getting a slight chuckle from him.

"Not smart but effective for sure. Damn Lucy, I didn't realize you had such a hard head."

Chocolate meets orange before she explodes with laughter. Eyes shutting tight as they tear up from humor, arms wrapping around her stomach as she curls up her body shaking with laughter. Leo sits up shaking his head at her, soft chuckles slipping past his lips. Slowly her laughter subsides and she lays back, eyes tracing the clouds.

"I didn't realize it had gotten this late," she mentions sitting up as Leo nods at her handing over a wrapped sandwich.

"Virgo will come out and set up camp for you before you need to call Capricorn."

"Sounds good, so bright and early again tomorrow?"

"Yes Princess. Bright and early, I'll also have surprises for you," a sinful grin on his face he disappears into light before she can hear Virgo working behind her.

Standing up she approaches her bag and pulls the satchel with the jewels from it. Walking over she plops down next to the fire Virgo already started. Opening the bag the light of the afternoon sun flashes into the bag causing a rainbow. Her eyes narrow before she sticks her hand in and pulls out a clear key, her breath hitching.

"Virgo," she whispers and the maid spirit is instantly next to her, eyes trained on the key. "What is this?"

"It's a glass key Princess. They were made from fallen stars, punishment?"

"So that's why it's warm," she murmurs bringing it closer to her face. She notices the top of it is shaped in a circle with a face raised out of it. The end of it looks to be almost like a wing. "Do you know who this one is?"

"No but Crux might Princess," Virgo responds, "Punishment time?"

"No Virgo, not now. Are you done?"

"Yes Princess."

"Thank you, I need to call Capricorn out now," Lucy tells her. Virgo simply bows, the chains attached to her wrists swaying as she disappears into light. "Capricorn."

In a burst of light he appears in a slight bow, his eyes instantly zoning in on the key in her hand. He steps up to her as she gazes down at the key still.

"Lucy-sama, why don't you try calling it? I will be working on your magic endurance," he informs her. "This will be good for you. Stand as you normally would to call one of us to you to make a contract. Good, now close your eyes and begin calling. Let your magic flow through you and touch the key, it will tell you it's own name."

Lucy closes her eyes hand stretched out, "I am the person who connects the road to the stellar spirit world, thou shall respond to the calling and pass through the gate. Open door to Perseus the Hero!"

There is a big flash of light, the doorbell echoing in the back ground. As the light dissipates a man standing at 6'4" with a swimmers build, black hair and sky blue eyes appears. Her eyes catch sight of a shield attached to his bare back, a short sword at his hip with a medium sized leather bag hanging from his waist and a black helm under his arm. His feet adorned with winged sandals. Those piercing sky blue eyes fall onto her, her body trembling from the sudden magic drain but she forces her legs to hold. The corner of his mouth raises slightly before he kneels before her his hand raised to his chest in a fist.

"Mistress, I am Perseus," his voice is deep but calming. "I would like to make a contract with you."

"Hello Perseus, I am Lucy Heartfilia. It is a pleasure to meet you," she smiles at him, once again feeling highly dwarfed by her spirits. "When can I call you? What magic do you use?"

"You may call me when ever you need unless otherwise asked. I am able to fight well with close combat and swords. I use: flight, invisibility and stone magics Mistress."

"No need to call Mistress, I don't own you. You're family, you can call me Lucy."

He blinks stunned for a second before a grin travels into his face. Nodding he disappears into light.

Lucy turns to Capricorn who nods at her, "Get into your meditation position. We will begin by having you pull your magic to the surface. Envision two balls of light, one above each hand." He slowly walks around her, his arms crossed at his back as his eyes follow each of her slight movements. "Good now I want you to make two more across from them on the other side of your body. Yes, now see them move around you in a circle without touching."

Lucy keeps her breathing even as the balls travel faster and faster. Her body glowing brightly with the magic so close to the surface. The air pulsing around her, slowly her body rises from the ground. She feels her first origin empty and the second one beginning to be spilled. Just as there is almost no magic left, Capricorn calls for her to pull her magic back in. Blinking her eyes open she finds the sun has set bathing everything around her in moonlight. Capricorn smiles down at her.

"Virgo has already placed your food in your tent. Once I leave I want you to lay under the stars for at least an hour before you go to bed. It will help you gain your magic back faster," with that finished he bows once more before heading back to the spirit world.

Taking a deep breath Lucy lays down on the grass her eyes tracing familiar constellations. The stories of each flowing trough her head like a lullaby. A warming at her hip has her fingers tracing over her keys, a smile pulls at her lips.

"Thank you Horologium," she breaths sitting up with her arms raised above her head pulling at the sore muscles.

Smacking her cheeks to wake she stands up and grabs the clothes and towel laid out for her in the tent before walking to the river. Soft footsteps bring her further down to where the water is deeper. Stripping down she wades in, chest tightening from the cold. Bracing herself she dunks her head under, running her fingers through the long silken strands. With a gasp she surfaces and quickly washes before sprinting to her towel and drying off. Soft warm pajama pants and a warm top wrapped around her she ties her up in the towel. Tired legs bring her back to the tent where her body falls onto the sleeping bag. Sluggishly she eats the plate of food left out for her, her fingers brushing her keys in thanks before she curls up, Morpheus already holding her.

The following days are very similar to the first, the only difference is Leo brought out ankle and wrist weights for her to run with; the ankle ones staying on as they fight. Mornings become dedicated to running and fighting, after lunch Capricorn comes out for magic training. The days blend in to each other until two months have passed.

Lucy reaches for the sky, popping her back as Leo lays out next to her on the ground eating one of the sandwiches Virgo provided. His fingers nearing the plate again, eyes still shut her leg flies out knocking his arm back.

"Don't be stingy Leo, I need to eat too," she laughs picking up the food as she sits back down legs crossed. "Capricorn thinks that my third origin will open tonight, then I can start the Star dresses."

"Well that's exciting, how have you been with your spells?"

"Urano Metria I've got a handle on, I don't need Gemini for it anymore. I'll be starting Aqua Metria," she lists tapping a finger with each point. "Celestial bow is going well enough, he wants me to try Star Shot. Once I have that down I'll start on Twin Blades, which he says will help me when I learn Cancer's Stardress. He has also taught me how to reequip my keys, so no one can take them from me."

Leo nods, gaze tracing her face as she explains Capricorn's lesson plans. Slowly she comes to a stop a smile plastered to her face, eyes glowing with warmth.

"Tomorrow we will head to our next camp site. Any idea where you want to go?" He asks head cocked to the side, Lucy bites her tongue to stop the giggle from coming out 'he looks just like a cat'.

"I'm thinking Bosco, I want to see about the University. They may be able to help with my search."

"To Bosco it is then! Stupid dog will be happy," Leo states eyes rolling in agitation. "He keeps telling us all about it, how many women he had last time he was there."

"You mean he's a womanizer like you?" At his affronted look she bust out laughing leaning forward holding her stomach. "I'm sorry Leo, I know it's a lion thing but his is a Boscan thing, don't get yourself all in a knot about him."

Leo sticks his tongue out at her before disappearing into a flash of light with the weights. Lucy just shakes her head before calling Capricorn his key appearing in her hand before disappearing again when he stands before her.

"Lucy-san we shall begin by you meditating as usual, your directions for today shall wait." He states arms behind his back as he watches her sit down and begins, her magic causing her body to glow. "Keep your magic there, I want you to think about your connection with Leo. Feel the path to his gate," he stands right in front of her watching as her hand reaches out glowing softly stopping flat against an unseen barrier. "Now ask for his power, call it to you."

"Leo the Lion, lend me your power," she murmurs her hair flying around her being ripped from the braid. Heat flares on her right breast, her brows scrunching as she concentrates on the flow of magic. Light surrounds her whole body, blocking her from view. With a gasp her eyes fly open, brown flashing orange before going back to normal. "Capricorn?"

"Take a look at your chest Lucy-sama."

Looking down wide doe eyes trace the familiar constellation etched into her skin. Her finger softly tracing it in awe, heat shoots up her finger laced in love.

"It's like his key!"

"Almost Lucy-sama. This will allow you to pull from Leo and take some of his abilities without the stardress form. In time you should be able to also access your other keys," he bows to her sunglasses glinting in the sunlight. "Each one you accomplish that constellation shall appear on your skin. Us Zodiacs, ours will be in place where it shall show when you take our stardress form."

Nodding Lucy shakes her upper body before getting back into position to mediate again. Listening to Capricorn's steady voice as she slowly falls into her magic.

"I want you to focus on bringing your magic to the surface, don't let it near Leo's mark. Good, now throw it from you!"

Lucy gasps as pain rips through her body as her magic drops down. Black spots popping in her vision as a new wave of pain hits; her third origin ripping open to save her. She falls over curling into a ball trying to control her breathing. A warm hand rests on her back rubbing soothing circles.

"I apologize Lucy-sama, I did not realize it would cause quite so much pain."

"It's alright," Lucy whispers forcing herself up to smile at him. "That was the goal correct? Now when we get to Bosco I can start training with the Star dresses?"

"Yes, but only at night when the stars are out. Until then Lucy-sama," he bows to her disappearing into a cloud of light.

Smiling Lucy crawls to her feet, legs trembling beneath her as she makes her way to the tent. Falling to her knees she scooches the last bit, head falling down to the pillow her eyes shut as sleep takes over. A small smile on her lips.

Waking up the next morning a groan falling from her lips Lucy slowly pulls the clothes closer. She slips the jean shorts on, a dark blue tube top adorned with golden constellations following. Black ankle boots are slipped on as she steps out of the tent her hair flowing in her wake. Leo tilts his head back grinning at her from his place by the dismantled fire pit. There's a flash of light behind her quickly followed by another, a quick glance shows Virgo had already come and gone taking the tent with her.

"So I've already purchased the tickets for the Boscan liner, it leaves from Clover Town in two hours. Figured we could walk there and get breakfast," he grins jumping up, eyes bright with excitement.

"Lead the way crazy lion," she laughs following his path through the woods the river next to them. "Want to tell me what's got you so giddy that I don't have to run this morning?"

He just shoots her a wide grin over his shoulder before they walk from rock to rock over the water continuing their freckles through the trees. "Our bond, it was strong before what with you forcing it open and forming our contact, now it's insane. I'm excited to see what you get from it," he laughs jumping over a fallen tree. Lucy grins before climbing up the trunk slipping her feet over to slide down. Once she's back on the ground they continue.

"Do you know what will come through?"

"Nope! It's never been done, not even your ancestor Anna did something like this," his voice drops for a second as they pass an open field in the trees where deer are grazing. "I will warn you though, your instincts may go haywire. I am a lion after all, so there's always that possibility."

She just nods as she grabs his arm linking hers through. Clover town laid out before them. Her eyes catch the skyport tracing it's distance from the stores. Within moments she is pulling Leo behind her into the magic store next to the restaurant, his laughter trailing behind them. Her eyes trace over the counter up front, lighting with a hazy orange tint.

"How much for the silver?"

"1000 jewels," the owner states, she reaches into her bag and pulls out the money. "Here you go."

She nods tucking it into her pocket as they go to the restaurant. A smiling waiter leads them to a booth towards the back, quickly taking their drink orders before leaving.

"Which one did you get?"

"Ursa Minor, the little bear." Fingers tracing the familiar metal, her breath catches momentarily as her eyes catch Leo's. "I was thinking of placing her key on a necklace, to always have it on me."

Orange eyes widen in shock his whole body pressed against the back of the seat. Slowly his body eases, a soft light entering his eyes as she looks up at him through her curtain of hair. "I think she would like that."

Lucy smiles brightly, eyes going back to the menu. A few moments later the waiter comes back, with their orders written down he leaves again with their drinks before them. The rest of breakfast is passed with laughter.

With quick movements Lucy dodged the people milling about the streets, vaulting over a child and dog she skids into the skyport with a few minutes to spare. She waves her ticket above her as she passes through the gate and climbs the plank. Chocolate brown eyes watch as Fiore grows smaller, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. In a few weeks time she'll be at the Academe Celestine in Cellis, her magic flickering in excitement.

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