A/N: I have been obsessed with vampires ever since I was young. I remember that my obsession started sometime in 2007 or 2008, which if I remember correctly was the rise of Twilight fever. This was also the time that a TV series called Moonlight premiered, and it was about a vampire detective. Moonlight and Twilight were the two things directly responsible for my current obsession with vampires, and in my young and impressionable mind, it only made sense for me to combine the lore of these two to create a vampire that was created through both venom and vampire blood. I wrote a bunch of stories concerning vampires that were created by a combination of vampire venom and vampire blood at that time, stories that while I wouldn't want to release to the rest of the world in their current shape and format (because they're both short and shit in hindsight) I would most certainly love to come back to and incorporate in my new and improved vampire story.

There was a period where I lost interest in vampires and instead I focused on writing on other shall we say more realistic topics, but then my interest in vampires was rekindled by the release of the film version of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I had also read the book version in a library and now have a copy of the book for myself and elements of the lore from AL:VH will most certainly find their way in my story.

Anyway, I won't bore you with any more details and walls of text about my obsession with vampires. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my latest story, and my first official story about vampires. That is, of course, if you dare to enjoy the darkness. – GR

The first thing that I remembered was the fire. The white hot, intense, all-consuming fire that was burning me from the inside out. It was all that I could remember; things so trivial like my name and my age were completely and utterly irrelevant. But as the pain of the fire slowly started to fade away, a few dim memories began to make their way back to the forefront of my mind. These memories were murky, like I was looking at them through very muddy water. My name was Raisa, Raisa Cohen. I was 21 years old. I had gone out with some of my friends from the cheerleading squad to watch a movie and now, inexplicably, I was here.

But where was here? It certainly wasn't my home, since I was not homeless and didn't live in an alley. I had no idea at all of how I had ended up here hiding behind trash bags and a Dumpster. I had memories, or rather flashes of memory, where I could feel a sharp pain on my neck, and I was running and stumbling on a rain-soaked street trying to run away from… someone… or something. All throughout these flashes of memory, the only thing that I could clearly discern was the fire that had erupted to life from my neck and then spread all throughout the rest of my body. Had I been attacked? Why was I on fire? How come I'm still alive after I had been burned alive? What was going on? What was happening to me?

I blinked my eyes, and it was only then that I noticed something really strange. The shining streetlights were telling me that it was nighttime, and I do remember that it was night before the fire erased all of my other memories, but somehow this alley was lit up like it was high noon. It didn't make sense to me, and yet, there was a small part of my mind that told me that this made perfect sense. I looked at a nearby streetlight and was surprised to see that aside from the white light from the LED inside, I could also make out the colors of the rainbow on the edges of the white light, along with an eighth color that I couldn't describe. I took my eyes away from the light before the afterimage burned itself into my retina.

I then looked down at my hands and saw that they were now white, whiter than a sheet of paper. I'm not talking about being just pale-skinned, I'm talking about the fact that I have practically become the living embodiment of white. I closed my hands into fists, and the first thing I noticed was that my fingers were now gliding smoothly over my palms. I then turned my hands around and saw that the top of my hands were now of a similar shade of white that was the same as that on my palms.

I then became curious of what had happened to my neck and why the fire that had consumed me had started from there. I lifted up my right hand and touched the spot on my neck where I could dimly remember the attacker, whoever he or it was, striking me. I felt nothing, nothing except more of the same smoothness that I had experienced when my fingers had stroked my palms. It was as if there was no evidence at all of the attack on me. I then looked down to my shirt, specifically the part of my collar nearest to the spot where I had thought I had been wounded, and I was surprised to see a good amount of blood, my blood, on my shirt, along with a mysterious golden brown stain. Seeing that much blood on my shirt made me gasp, and as I did that, I noticed that while my chest was expanding thanks to the air now in my lungs, it was as if my lungs no longer actually needed the air to breathe. I let out the gasp I had inhaled and tried holding my breath, but there was no sensation of suffocation at all. That was strange, I thought to myself, but it wasn't as strange as all of the blood on my shirt with no evidence of a wound or anything on me at all.

I sniffed at the stain and smelled nothing except for the coppery tang of my own dried blood. A crazy thought then grabbed me, and I stuck out my tongue to lick at my blood. I don't know why I did it, but I did it anyway. And nothing happened. I tasted nothing from my dried blood and the other liquid that had stained my shirt.

Suddenly, I was seized by a very intense, unpleasant and disturbing sensation of extreme thirst. My throat and my mouth felt dry, parched even. I tried pooling some saliva in my mouth and swallowing that to quench my thirst, but it didn't work. My thirst then crowded out every other thought in my mind, even the fire that appeared to have brought me to this situation in the first place, until it was the only thing that I could ever think of. My body was telling me that I needed to drink something, and fast.

Slowly, shakily, I got up on my feet, although even though I felt shaky trying to stand up I also felt a certain smoothness and grace in doing it. I looked around, trying to find my bearings and match up my location to where I last dimly remembered myself being. I saw a bus stop on the street ahead of me, and a fading memory of standing and waiting around in that very same bus stop rose up in my mind to briefly interrupt the raging thirst in my throat, and I began making my way towards that bus stop. I could also remember, very dimly, that there was a convenience store just a short walk away from that bus stop, so now a new plan began to form in my mind.

In just a few seconds, I had gone from the alley where I had regained consciousness to the convenience store just a few steps away from the bus stop. I pushed open the door and I immediately headed for the drinks section. I opened one of the refrigerators, reached for the biggest bottle of water that I could find and began drinking. And yet, even though I had already drunk half of the water in the bottle, which was marked as being 1.5 liters, my throat still felt drier than the Sahara Desert. I could feel the water sloshing around in my stomach but it was like it had had no effect at all on my thirst. "What the hell?" I asked myself. "Why aren't you working!?" I demanded the water as I downed the rest of it. And still nothing happened to my thirst.

I tossed the now-empty bottle aside and decided to go for an energy drink. I emptied the smaller bottle in just one or two gulps but still, my thirst remained. Also, I happened to notice that I couldn't taste the flavor of the energy drink at all. A very distant and long-ago part of me could distantly remember what an energy drink tasted like, and right now I was not getting the same taste from this energy drink at all. In fact, the energy drink tasted just like the water that I had drunk earlier. Was that what the fire had done to me? Burned off my taste buds so that I couldn't taste anything at all?

I slunk off to another corner of the convenience and grabbed a packet of salted potato chips. I tore open the packet and began eating one of the chips, and once again I could taste nothing. Sure, I could feel the potato chip itself and the salt crystals in my mouth but I couldn't taste it, you know what I mean? It was as if I was eating paper or cardboard; I couldn't taste anything at all. I spat out the chip in my mouth and threw away the bag of chips.

I heard footsteps walking towards me, and I waited for what felt like an eternity before I felt the presence of the cashier walking up behind me. "Miss, you do know that you're going to have to pay for all this, right?" the cashier, who in my mind looked like a thin pimply teenaged boy who was probably the same age as me, said to me.

"What did you do to your food?" I asked him back. "Why doesn't it taste like anything at all?"

"I don't know," the cashier kid replied. "I mean, you know how they make this stuff. It's all factory-made and processed and full of chemicals and shit. You still have to pay for all of this, though."

Perhaps it was because of the absurdity of the whole situation or maybe because it was just what people would normally do, but not once did I question the fact that I had to pay for all of the stuff that I drank and ate in a futile attempt to quench my thirst. I stood up and began searching for my wallet, hoping against hope that whoever or whatever had attacked me wasn't interested in my money or my phone at all. "Hang on, I'm trying to find my wallet," I said, and I turned towards the cashier. I didn't know what I was expecting him to do, but it most certainly wasn't him screaming "Shit!" and then running away from me as fast as possible. The kid shouted a continuous string of curses as he juked his way around the aisles to get to the door as fast as he could, and then he ran out of the store and left the place practically abandoned.

"What the hell?" I asked myself, and then I happened to glance at my reflection on the glass of the refrigerator, and I gasped and stepped back in surprise. What the hell had happened to me? What did that fire in my body do to me? I was as white as a ghost. Every part of my body, my skin, that had once had color was now gone, replaced by a uniform whiteness. Even the freckles on my nose and the tops of my cheeks were gone, and only plain and smooth white skin remained in their place. But that wasn't the most surprising thing about the new me. My eyes, they were no longer the brown that I once remembered them to be. No, my eyes were now a bright and fiery red, red as blood.

And it was at that moment that I realized that I was no longer human. I was now something else entirely.

I had always thought that they only existed in books, TV, and the movies. But no, vampires are very much real, and now it looks I'm one of them. And not just any vampire too. Looks like I'm now one of the vampires from Twilight.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're probably thinking right now. "But Raisa, Twilight is just a book! There's no such thing as vampires!" Well, guess what? I was looking at my reflection right then and there, and I'm telling you, I very much looked like what Bella Swan described herself to be in Breaking Dawn. White as a statue, light reflecting off of my crystal skin, and very much the image of perfection, never mind the bright blood red eyes. If that isn't an accurate description of a vampire according to the Twilight series then I don't know what is.

And because I now knew what I had become, everything else finally made sense to me. I had been attacked by another vampire who drank my blood, but something must have happened while he or she was feeding on me because I was able to run away from them before they could drain me of my blood, and it was actually the venom in me that had turned me into a vampire. It was the venom that had burned me and consumed me until I was now new and something else entirely. And my unquenchable thirst? It was only unquenchable because I was not drinking blood. But because I now knew what I needed to do, my thirst was no longer the biggest and only thing in my mind. In fact, I was already forming a plan.

I navigated the aisles of the store and went out, intending to chase down that cashier who had seen me for what I had become. I could smell his fear and nervousness in the air, and I turned right, back to the alley where I had been reborn. The guy had just kept running straight through, and I began to run myself, and as I did that I noticed that I was rapidly eating up the distance between us.

And then I encountered another scent, and my mind went immediately from hunting mode to defense. The scent was coming from behind me, and it smelled of rotting meat. And now I felt like I had turned from being the hunter to the hunted. But that was impossible. I was a vampire. I was now indestructible. What other creature on Earth could be a danger to a vampire like me?

And then my mind paused to think. If vampires were real, why not other supernatural creatures like werewolves? Was I being stalked by a werewolf right here and now? I slowed down to walk just long enough to look over my shoulder. I saw a man, maybe in his thirties, wearing a gray hoodie and baggy pants, walking some distance behind me, but he was also the only one walking behind me. Even my enhanced vision couldn't make out more of his features other than a generic-looking man with a sharp, thin nose and a bald head. And then I noticed that his eyes were white, and the only color in them were the black pupils in the center, and a shiver crawled up my spine. I swallowed, took a deep breath, and then I made a sudden right turn into another dark alley.

I didn't know what I was thinking when I made that turn into that alley. All I knew was that I had barely pressed myself against the brick wall before the man who had been following me suddenly appeared right in front of me, and he now had his left hand on my neck. I squirmed under the pressure, and my mind was in panic mode. I was supposed to be made of near-unbreakable stone now! How was this man able to squeeze my neck to the point that I felt that he would be able to take my whole head off if he wanted?

"You know, you don't look like the others," the man said, and I could now clearly see his pale face, the veins popping out on the surface of his skin, the red-rimmed eyes, the milky white irises, and the fat and sharp fangs in the corners of his mouth. "You're whiter than the rest, and you don't smell like them at all, but I can still smell the blood in you. And little girl, I'm sorry, but I need that blood more than you do." He snarled, and then he opened his mouth wide and made to slam his fangs into the part of my body between my neck and my shoulder.

"No! Please!" I cried out even as the other vampire moved in for the kill. Except what happened was that I felt nothing on me except something like the light touch of two fingers on my neck and shoulders, and the other vampire, the one with the white eyes, reeled back in surprise and alarm as he clutched at his mouth. I looked down and saw the shattered remains of his fangs on the ground. "What are you!?" the other vampire shouted. "You're not human! What the hell are you?"

I had no time to reply. I had seen the blood flowing in his veins even as he no longer had a beating heart in his chest, and my thirst overcame everything else in my mind and I pushed myself off of the wall and attacked him the same way that he had attacked me. I had no fangs of my own but I knew that my teeth were incredibly sharp. My teeth cut through the man's flesh like there was nothing at all, and he let out a short and pained cry as I began to suck the blood out of him. The blood was awful; it was rotten, stinky, and foul-tasting, but blood was blood, and I finally began to feel some relief from the burning thirst in my throat as I drank the other vampire's blood.

The other vampire didn't move, didn't try to defend himself. My venom was most probably paralyzing him with pain and fire, but I didn't care for that anymore. All that mattered was that I was finally drinking my fill. Yet strangely enough, even as I drank his blood, another fire, similar to the one I had experienced as I was being turned but somehow much hotter and more intense, sparked to life in my mouth. This fire then traveled down to my throat and my stomach, and then it began to spread all throughout my body. My arms and legs felt like they were on fire once again when I finally drained this other vampire dry, and I barely noticed the way that he looked like a deflated bag before the fire hit my solid and frozen heart, and I gasped in surprise once again, and I fell back down to the ground and leaned back on the wall.

What the hell was happening to me? Was I being burned alive once again because I had killed another vampire? (A different kind of vampire than me, granted, but still a vampire.) Why was I on fire once again? The fire was hottest where my frozen husk of a heart used to be, and now I was beginning to regret drinking the other vampire's blood.

The fire was much, much hotter than the one that had turned me into a vampire in the first place. How was this possible? The fire was now spreading itself right to my fingers and toes, and I began to hyperventilate even though my frozen lungs no longer needed the air. These huge gulps of air allowed me to taste the rotting and decay coming from the other vampire, who looked like he was decomposing right in front of my eyes. So there were at least two types of vampire walking the earth, the kind that look like the vampires from Twilight and the ones that look more like classical vampires. I wondered if there were even more kinds of vampires in the part of my mind that still hadn't yet been touched by the fire.

Suddenly, a blast furnace erupted to life in the husk that had once been my heart. The fire was so hot and painful that my lips parted and let loose a scream that could have shattered the heavens. I had never felt pain as intense as this, not even the fire that had transformed me in the first place. I thrashed around in a futile effort to lessen the pain. Spending any more time in this crematorium of my own making was almost not worth quenching my thirst in the first place. I let out another shriek and then my body, which had not yet experienced any tiredness or rest since I first awakened after my turning, slipped into unconsciousness.

It would be only a very brief respite from the pain. As soon as I lost consciousness, the fire in me brought me back to my hellish existence, and I wondered whether I was actually truly dead now. I laughed at my own joke, and the effort to smile cracked my lips open once again, and it coincided with a renewed intensity in the fire in my body and I cried out once again, but this time my shouting was strangled and almost choking. My legs and arms twisted around the place where I lay burning, and all I could hope for now was that a respite, any respite from my fate, would finally come soon.

Minutes stretched into hours, hours stretched into days, and the days stretched out into an indeterminate eternity that was as viscous as the venom of a vampire. Finally though, the fire began to retreat from my limbs. My fingers and toes, my hands and feet, and eventually my arms and legs finally burned themselves out, and I could feel them having been rendered warm and soft by the fire. I tried to move them, look at them, but they felt numb. All I could feel from them now were pins and needles. Was this the end? Was the fire in me finally going to be extinguished?

And then, as if in reply to the question in my mind, the fire in my body raced back to my heart with unnerving speed, and I felt a pain so intense and fiery that words just couldn't describe it. Imagine being dropped right into the core of the sun. Now multiply that feeling by a hundred, even a thousand. That was still just a miniscule fraction of the burning pain that I was experiencing.

Twisting my ankle during cheerleading practice. That was nothing. That was lying down on a soft down bed. I would gladly have my ankle twisted a thousand times more and be grateful for the experience.

Vampire venom burning and turning me into an immortal. Even that can't compare to what I was feeling now. That was skinny-dipping in a cool mountain lake in summertime. I would rather have vampire venom in my veins once again and never look back at what could have been.

It was as if a star had come to life inside my chest, in the dried husk that had once been my heart. The fire had finally left my body behind as a warm and smoldering pile of ashes, and it was now concentrating its efforts to consuming my heart, the only part of my body left that was still resisting the fire. The fire intensified its attacks on my heart even as it refused to bend to the will of the fire. My throat was now rubbed raw and could no longer summon any more strength to scream or even say or mutter anything about this fire, and all I could do now was keep gulping in air that I thought I no longer needed. The fire licked at my heart once again, and my back arched up and then slammed back down onto the wall where I had been leaning since this fire started.

And then, just as quickly as it had started, the fire in my chest went out, and my head fell forward and I went unconscious once again. I don't know how long I was out this time, but I could also feel time passing me by. Everything was so silent, so still. I was aware of myself, but beyond me, I don't know if there was anything else. I wasn't even sure that I existed or if anything existed at all. I was a mere speck of dust in the vastness of space. I was both everything and nothing at the same time. Was this death? Was this what death feels like?

And then, from both the dark vastness of space and inside the depths of my own being, I heard a sound, an aberration that I had not yet heard since I first woke up as a vampire. It was a single loud heartbeat, and it felt as if it had come from the middle of my chest. But did it come from my heart? Could it have come from my heart? If it did, how could it have come from my heart? It had been frozen still and rendered silent by the vampire venom in my veins, so how was it beating once again?

There it was again, that heartbeat. I was now confidently sure that it was a heartbeat, and that it was coming from my heart. And I could also hear something else alongside my heartbeat. I could hear the microvolts of electricity trying to shock my heart back to life and stir it back into a regular rhythm.

And then finally, it happened. The third heartbeat sounded through my chest, and it was the beat that finally jolted my heart back to life, and it began to beat stronger than I could ever remember it beating before. And at the very same moment that my heart returned to life, I was also returned to life, and I opened my eyes to gaze upon the second new me.

I didn't know what I was expecting to see. I could still see every dust mote in the air, every detail in the brick wall and the asphalt on the alley as well as the eight-color rainbow coming from the streetlights. The alley was still lit up like it was morning when in fact it was still night. Suddenly, my lungs demanded air for the first time since I realized that I was now a vampire, and my mouth and my nose were more than happy to oblige. I sucked in air, and a swirling vortex of air formed in front of me, sending the dust motes spinning every which way. The air inflated my lungs and gave me a blessed sense of relief, and it also allowed me to smell and taste the air. The rotten odor that I had faintly picked up from the other vampire before was now much more overwhelming to my nose, and I actually gagged a little bit at the smell.

I can't describe the smell really well. It was both sweet and sickly at the same time, kind of like vomit, except vomit was way stronger than this smell. This smell was coming right from the vampire whose blood I had just drained, and when I turned to look at him, I saw that he was still breathing, or more accurately he was gasping. I don't know what he was trying to do, and I don't know how he could still be alive despite me sucking him dry, but at this point nothing was too strange for me anymore.

My lungs demanded air once again, and I gulped in as much air as I could while at the same time trying not to focus on the sickly sweet smell coming from the body of the other vampire. I don't know how long I sat there staring at the other vampire as he tried to get back up or even just sit up, and then my body finally felt tired as it could ever be and my eyelids began to grow heavy. I drifted in and out of sleep, and because of that, I got only flashes and glimpses of what happened next. I saw two men walk into the alley, a pale-skinned redhead and a black man, and I remember the red-headed man walking up to me and looking at me, and then I went unconscious once again.