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"-only wanted to he-"

"-lp her, plea-"

"-ore me ap-"

"-do this all da-"


"They wi-"



"-give me a chan-"




"-gonna be-"

"-precious lit-"

"-ame is not BUDDY!"


A pair of bright electric blue eyes snapped open at the sound of a whistle echoing in the distance near his seated position. He reached into his grey belt and pulled out a pair of customized high-tech binoculars.

He could see a track race happening at the Metroville Stadium from the building rooftop near the stadium. Even from there he could hear the faint cheers happening in his line of sights. Then his communicator beeped.

Buddy didn't waste any time with the pleasantries, immediately pressing the button of the device on his right ear.

"Enjoying the show up there?"

He let out a sigh, clearly annoyed at the voice calling him. "No. Remind me again why I'm doing this, Dicker?"

"Well as I recall, the NSA found you all alone with no money, no gadgets, a different face, physically enhanced, seemingly younger, and need I remind you that technically you are doing this for your own good?"

Buddy had a deadpanned face that he was sure Rick Dicker could see from wherever he was hiding. "...Are you done? Because I don't see the point of this mission, in all honesty. I just have to monitor the family and report their activities."

The line went quiet for a few moments, as if Dicker was waiting for Buddy to say anything else.


Buddy sighed in annoyance. "...You're gonna make me say it?"

"You know the answer to that."

Running a hand to his face, he replied with gritted teeth. "Interact with them."

"Exactly. I just want to make sure you understand the full assignment. The NSA barely managed to convince the government to let you do this particular mission and with what we barely got, you can't exactly refuse, otherwise it'll be either foster care or an intense government facility. Same as any other mission." Dicker stated.

Buddy blinked. "...The first option still exists?"

"Not for long, but you'd do well to avoid the second one." Dicker explained.

"Of course, because I definitely want to be a lab rat for some scientists who don't even know how anything was able to regenerate my severely broken body and turn it into that of a 15-year-old with ridiculous enhancements." Buddy replied.

"You are the super genius. Also, I would like to point out that this mission will be good for you. After the past two months of fighting and doing dirty works, don't you think it's time to focus on something for yourself?" Dicker added.

"Really?" Buddy told in annoyance while gesturing in the direction of the stadium, where the individuals in question were at the moment. He knew Dicker could see him.

"Burying the hatchet would be a nice change for you. One chance, that's all I'm asking."

"My mission briefing said only to interact with them, it didn't say anything about burying any hatchet."

"Well, wouldn't that be a good thing to accomplish?"

"Why is this suddenly so important to you?" Buddy asked in frustration and a hint of curiosity.

"This is a step in the right direction and now is a good time to try and make some changes for yourself. Amanda would agree."

Buddy's face turned blank.

Of course Amanda would agree, the woman had been the only person other than Dicker who actually treated him like a child, despite his mental knowledge. She had always tried to be a mentor figure from the beginning of his 'career' as one would say despite working as a government representative in charge of keeping an eye on him. Dicker had actually agreed with full confidence to have her as Buddy's supervisor, immediately making the de-aged genius aware of the fact that the woman had a certain quality that made Dicker confident that she was the perfect woman for the job.

Currently she was busy with her own business. What the business entailed was unknown to him, but he didn't particularly care at the moment.

Noticing his silence, Dicker continued. "They might surprise you. Until next time."

Buddy was about to end the call before Dicker interrupted. "Oh, almost forgot. Amanda wanted me to make sure you stay out of trouble. At least, more than usual. Stay safe, Buddy."

Buddy's eyes widened for a moment before he pressed his communicator, ending the call.

He let his hand drop back to the binoculars. He could do well enough without the attention he was being given by the two adults. Buddy was still a bit annoyed at being treated as a kid, despite his condition.

'Stupid serum, making my life more complicated than it already is.' He thought in annoyance. He didn't care how childish that sounded in his head.

Buddy had simply given up on a proper name for the liquid substance that he knew he had inside his body not long after getting caught in the turbine of his own plane. Not even his zero-point energy had been enough to save him. It had stopped the turbine from making a few serious injuries to his body but even that hadn't been enough.

He should've been gone that day.

Now he was de-aged to a 15-year-old kid with a slightly new face, judging by the more round shaped head, along with a slightly lean build he knew he didn't have when he was that age... before. His hair was still the same red as it had been when he was still an adult. Though it was less of a mane with it being shorter and more wild.

So being a minor, only in appearance and also enhanced but still a minor, he had been given three options. Two of them already mentioned by Dicker. The last one involved him working for the government in keeping the city under control. Or to put it bluntly, keep an eye on the city for any trouble and report back to the higher-ups. If it needs to be dealt with then he's on it, less financial damages than normal supers (the more destructive ones, at least), effective and efficient, get caught and they will deny any relations. His identity was concealed, only Dicker and Amanda knew who he truly was along with a few who found him until their memories had been erased by Dicker.

Standard protocol, Rick had said. While his enhancements aren't that big of a deal like common supers, apparently to Rick it still counted him as a super. Or that had been what Buddy concluded.

Rick's words were more along the lines of 'his high level intelligence and newly developed enhancements will make him useful' although Buddy honestly doubted that.

In all seriousness, he had expected some form of a cruel punishment awaiting him after he had healed. Because he had killed the supers his previous omnidroids had defeated, they should have known about that. Instead they had decided to let him go and be more useful. A 'hero' in Dicker's words, since Buddy was technically a super.

That was already a punishment in his eyes.

Years ago, he would've been happy to be considered a superhero. Now he hated being one. Which was ironic. A super who works in secret for the same government that made the law to ban his 'kind'.

Huh. An irony within an irony.

'Monologue on life later, monitor the family now.' He internally scolded himself.


Dash had come close second in his track finals.

It was a wonderful achievement, one which Dash cherished immediately. Sure he wasn't the winner but he didn't care. He participated in a sports event. That alone made him very happy. He might not admit it, but he was also happy seeing the proud faces of his family. Even Violet was cheering for him. It felt awesome.

Violet, herself, was feeling quite elevated as well. She had, after all, been asked out by Tony Rydinger. Sure he had been stuttering but the intentions were clear and it was honestly adorable. But she could contain her excitement for now to focus on something else. Like her brother's achievement. Because despite being an annoying insect at times, Violet Parr cared for her brother like any sibling would. She was feeling quite proud of seeing him holding that trophy, though she wouldn't admit it to him.

As for Bob and Helen, well of course they would be happy for their son. Bob had been ecstatic after Helen had allowed Dash to compete. The woman had honestly been a bit too frightened to let her son go out for sports. Her reasons did make sense, Bob would admit. Dash could have revealed his powers by accident at any time with the many trips to the principal's office not helping his wife's paranoia.

But now he saw that Helen was happy with how much Dash was exceeding their expectations. And the look of pure joy on her face was contagious.

In that moment, all Bob could think about was, 'This day can't get any better.'


'This day can't get any worse.' Buddy thought with a clenched fist as he watched the Parr family happily walking at the parking lot.

He shouldn't feel anything. He didn't feel anything.

He was feeling something.

Buddy stood at the edge of the building, looking away from the direction he saw the Parr family. He wasn't envious. The looks Robert and Helen were giving the kid. He had seen them before.

'NO!' Buddy jerked his head to the side while clenching his eyes shut.

'No, no, no, n-'


"Oh, Buddy! That's amazing!" A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes said. She was wearing a yellow sweater and navy blue pants. Her face was showing a look of amazement.

"You think so?" A young Buddy said with joy.

"Absolutely, my boy genius." The woman said.

"Thanks, Mom!" He excitedly said in his makeshift superhero suit, as his rocket boots turned on and he glided to her, giving her a big hug. The woman warmly laughed.


He felt something wet running down his face.

It took some effort to open his clenched eyes. When he did, he felt more water running down his face. Another thing he noticed was that he had his hands outstretched. As if he was reaching for something.

Buddy couldn't think of anything else other than why his head was shaking... wait a minute.

That wasn't his head, that was the ground shaking. And he could hear the groans of something moving under it, even from the top of the building he was on.

It must have took him a while before he could think properly because when he turned around, he saw...

'What the heck?' He thought in utter bewilderment.


Well... none of them were expecting this.

Violet stared at the... gigantic drilling machine that had appeared, while she ran with her family wearing their super suits. Even Jack-Jack was wearing one.

But while she was following her family she noticed something in the distance behind the Underminer. It was small, but that was probably from the long distance. It disappeared as soon as she blinked. It had looked like the silhouette of a person.

They stopped at a slightly close distance to the drill. "You two stay here." Bob immediately said to Violet and Dash.

Helen, however, hesitated while holding Jack-Jack in her arms. "Wait, should we be doing this? It is still illegal."

Her mother had a point. There was a possibility they could get arrested by the authorities. Although, judging by the sheer size of the drill tank the Underminer had, Violet doubted the police would be able to keep the situation under control. Said tank was drilling itself back underground, shortening their time to make a decision.

"We're gonna lose him." Bob urgently said to them while gesturing to the metal behemoth that was moving quicker than they expected.

"Oh alright." Helen gently replied to her husband as she turned around and put her youngest son on the stroller that Violet had pushed on the way. Immediately, as if a switch was flipped, she was in business.

"One of you control the perimeter. Keep the crowds back and safe." She ordered to the older siblings. "The other one look after Jack-Jack." She finished, pointing towards her youngest child on the stroller, before immediately running towards the drill.

"But I thought we were gonna go with-" Violet started saying before her father interrupted her. "You heard your mother!"

Violet stood by and watched with her brothers as their mother made herself into a trampoline, which Bob then jumped towards and bounced to the top of the drill as it went further underground.

The eldest Parr sibling felt annoyed at being left out by her parents. She wanted to join in on the action too. Then her mood was made even worse when her brother suddenly spoke.

"I call the perimeter. Woo hoo!" Dash said mockingly as he ran away. Violet immediately tried to stop him.

"You aren't going anywhere!" She said as she tried to trap Dash using her shield, thrice. Of course, she failed. "Come back here, twerp!"

Her calls were unanswered, obviously, and she immediately became angry. Violet blamed the frustration because she started ranting loudly, stomping the ground and did the most idiotic thing. She threw down her mask.

Violet hadn't noticed the person behind her. Turning around in frustration, she immediately saw him. And her eyes went wide.

Tony Rydinger was staring at her in shock. His jaw practically dropped.

Of course it was him of all people.

"OH! Tony!" She said in shock, making Jack-Jack peek curiously from his stroller, before waving awkwardly. "Hi, uh. Well, uh, this isn't what you think it is." She started to explain but Tony hastily walked back as she started moving towards him, bumping a car behind him before turning and running away. Violet could only stare at Tony's disappearing figure with a sad look on her face.

"Buh." Jack-Jack suddenly said, gesturing towards something.

Violet, despite feeling rather heartbroken, curiously glanced at her baby brother. "What's the matter, Jack-Jack?"

She looked towards the direction he was gesturing and saw someone, wearing what looked to be a super suit, standing near the tunnel created by the drill. Whoever the individual was had his or her hand on his or her right ear. Suddenly the figure turned towards them.

Violet saw a flash of red hair and thought it was her mother but immediately stopped her train of thought. The red hair was a bit brighter than her mother's, and the figure was clearly a male. Added to the fact that he was wearing a suit with a grey torso vest that reached his waistline. The leggings and the arms of his suit were dark grey except for his black boots that reached almost below his knees and black gloves that reached his forearms. He also had a belt that was black with golden outlines. Another thing she noticed were the four silver fasteners. Three on his vest and one slightly below his collarbone that seemed to be holding his black cape, despite the fact that it was attached to a high collar on his neck.

The stranger's face, while different, oddly looked familiar. Strangely enough, the domino mask and blue eyes only seemed to add the familiarity.

Suddenly, a cloud of dust appeared a few blocks away from the stadium. Seeing the possible chaos happening elsewhere, Dash told the civilians near him to stay back before running towards the action.

Violet watched her little brother run off by himself towards possible danger. Even though her mom and dad were probably there, there was no way she was going to stay behind and let them get hurt. Her defensive powers might come in handy.

Of course, that didn't stop her from venting as she pushed the stroller and broke into a run, "You're not sticking me with babysitting!"

Violet decided to ignore the masked stranger while Jack-Jack clapped happily as he was being strolled at a fast pace. The baby slightly paused at seeing the caped figure suddenly pulling out a gun that shot a line towards a building. The figure's gun line then launched him slightly towards the building, before he swung towards the chaos happening a few blocks away. Jack-Jack only watched the figure with interest, "Buh."


Dash ran for a couple of minutes before seeing the drill vehicle in the distance. He could see Frozone, or Lucius Best as he was known by the family, in the distance helping a monorail train move safely away from the direction of the drill as its tracks had been destroyed by it.

He saw his father jumped down from the top of the vehicle and pushed it away from a building. A car was suddenly thrown away by the back drill.

Oh boy.

"Hey, lady!" He yelled.

Dash zoomed in on an elderly woman, almost too late to move her out of the way of the thrown car. He sighed in relief and fixed the lady's glasses.

"Thank you, young man." The woman said, before they suddenly saw another car coming towards them. This one too close for Dash to avoid.

'Uh oh.' Dash thought and mentally scolded himself for not taking the woman farther away.

Of course, he was suddenly shocked when a white-blue light of energy suddenly shot into the car and seemed to hold it in place.

Dash knew that energy type anywhere.

He turned quickly turned around, eyes suddenly fearful of what he would find. Sure enough, the speedster was right in his assumptions as he saw the source of the energy. Despite wearing a different suit, the face was agonizingly familiar, while also being different. The villain stood with his black-gloved finger pointing at the car, as if not noticing Dash's eyes on him.

"Syndrome?" Dash said in shock, unintentionally speaking out loud.

Buddy's eyes turned towards the kid, before he moved the car away from Dash and the woman he had saved.

"Thank you kindly, young man." The woman said with a smile.

Buddy turned towards the woman, his face unreadable. He spoke, in a voice Dash knew all too well. "Get inside, ma'am. It's not safe."

That was all Buddy said before he took off to the drill that was moving towards the overpass road, seemingly uncaring of Dash's lingering eyes on him. Said speedster was having a hard time getting out of his trance.

Until he decided to pinch himself.

'Not a dream.' Dash thought, still in shock. He then heard a baby sound and turned.

Jack-Jack's stroller appeared from behind the car that had been thrown, seemingly moving by itself before stopping in front of Dash. Jack-Jack seemed to float and moved towards Dash's arms. "What?" He whined, before suddenly realizing who it was.

"VIOLET!" Dash yelled, turning around while being careful with Jack-Jack in his arms.

Sure enough, a cloud of dust was seemingly pushed, creating a humanoid shape, before Violet appeared visible again, running towards the drill with a determined look in her eyes.

Dash suddenly remembered something. "Violet! Wait!" He yelled in fear.

His sister was heading towards the direction Syndrome had gone to. Dash ran towards her, being careful with his speed as to not accidentally hurt Jack-Jack. He didn't know what the deal with Syndrome was but Dash wasn't sure he wanted to find out.


Bob was having a very hard time trying to stop the drill. He had tried to stop it from the front of the drill treads but ended up getting crushed underneath it. His suit was now slightly covered in dirt but overall he was still intact.

Now Bob was trying to pull one of the drill treads from behind it, unsuccessful in stopping its movements. His feets

Noticing this from the top, Helen jumped towards the overpass. She stretched her arms towards the lamp post and pulled herself upwards. She landed in the middle of the traffic.

Seeing as the drill wasn't going to slow down, Helen quickly decided to stop the vehicles. She stretched her arms to both sides of the road.

"STOP!" She yelled to her left. "EVERYBODY STOP!" She yelled to her right.

As the vehicles stopped completely, safe from the middle of the overpass and from the drill's path, Helen turned her head to the drill, arms still outstretched. The drill wasn't slowing down.

At the bottom, Bob was still trying to pull one of the treads with no success. The super gritted his teeth, struggling so much his feet was practically destroying the pavement. The drill wasn't slowing down, until Bob felt himself being dragged slower than before. Confused by the change of pace, the blond super opened his eyes and noticed a glow of light behind him. Bob turned his head in suspicion. That glow looked familiar.

So was that red hair.

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