CLST was performing at the Central Park Pet Show.

"From shadows,

We'll descend upon the world,

Take back what you stole.

From shadows,

We'll reclaim our destiny,

Set our future free,

And we'll rise.

And we'll rise.

Above the darkness and the shame.

Above the torture and the pain.

Above the ridicule and hate.

Above the binding of our fate.

Born with no life,

Into subjugation.

Treated like a worthless animal,

Stripped of all rights,

Just a lesser being,

Crushed by cruel, ruthless Human rule.

When it started,

All we wanted was a chance to live our lives,

Now in darkness,

Taking everything we want and we will rise.

We'll rise.

We'll rise" Sunny sang as the audience applauded

Just then, they saw a familiar face, "Katie!" Sunny shouted as she gave her a hug.

"How are things with you Katie?" Cho asked.

"We're fine." Katie answered, "Listen, I'll be going to a family reunion in the Catskill Mountains this weekend and I need you guys to watch Max and Duke"

"Okay!" Cho said as she held onto their leashes while Katie uses the bathroom.

"So dudes," Lec said, "How are the others.

"Great" Max said, "Gidget just won the blue ribbon for "The Cutest Puppy Ever"

"Congrats on her." Teal replied, "And what about Buddy, Mel, Chloe, Sweetpea, and Norman."

"They're doing great." Duke replied, "Chloe just won the cat food eating contest while Sweetpea and Norman cheered her."

"Did Mel and Buddy win something?" Stitch asked.

"Unfortunately, No." Max answered, "They got disqualified after ripping up the mayor's suit."

"He was holding a burger." Mel explained, "Buddy and I couldn't resist."

"Well, we get to another show off our pets in 2 hours," Cho replied, "Just as long as Star's puppies don't use the stage as a toilet."

"Yeah," Teal answered, "No one can take a whiff of the smell."

"Good luck," Max replied,

Then Katie came, took Max and Duke and said, "Veron Apartment, 6 pm tomorrow."

"Si" Cho replied as Katie left.