"Mumbo thinks this is a bad idea," Mumbo Jumbo said as Banjo and Kazooie were inside his newer hut on the cliff side of the Isle O' Hags.

"Come on, skull boy, it can't be that bad," Kazooie insisted as she pointed at the pink warp portal right ahead of them, with it being across Mumbo's chair.

"Yeah, we've been through warps plenty of times. This one portal won't hurt you," Banjo added while moving his paws around.

Mumbo sighed as he shook his head. "All right, but Mumbo did warn bear and bird..." He then grabbed his magic stick as he dashed through, with the portal warp still being present after the skull faced magician ran in.

Banjo and Kazooie decided to take a brief rest since they had nothing to do, willing to wait for their good friend Mumbo, who was screaming as he flailed his arms. The last thing he expected was to land on top of a tall lanky purple man named Waluigi, who was already having a bad day in the rainy Neo Bowser City, having crashed his Koopa Klown Kar vehicle into one of the looming wet skyscrapers as Dry Bowser was chuckling at this from the comfort of his Bone Rattler ATV.

"You can't just catch a break, can you?" Dry Bowser pointed out as he brushed back his soaked red hair.

"Wah! Waluigi hates this!" Snapped Waluigi angrily as he punched Mumbo off of him, shaking his clenched fist at the skull man. "Who do you think you are, chump?"

"Me Mumbo. Me best shaman in all game... from where me came from." Mumbo spoke as he rubbed his skull, having felt the injuries as a result of the fall, with his entire body getting wet from the constant downpour. "Where is Mumbo, anyway?"

"You're in Neo Bowser City, where it always rains in this high tech metropolis." Dry Bowser pointed out as he briefly took his skull off of his bony body as he polished it, placing it firmly back in its proper spot. "Seeing as you're a fellow skull being, I'm Dry Bowser, and the guy who you almost broke the bones of is Waluigi."

"I don't need any introductions, ya bonehead!" Waluigi barked as he chucked his purple tennis racket at Dry Bowser, breaking the skeletal reptile into a pile of bones as he then turned to Mumbo, pounding his fists together. "You got insurance, bone boy? Because you're gonna need it after Waluigi is done with ya!"

"Eekum bookum... Mumbo should have just stayed at home!" Mumbo gulped as he then transformed Waluigi into a washing machine at the last moment, dashing off as Waluigi angrily gave chase while shooting laundry at the pink colored, yellow skull faced shaman, going across the entire rainy city race course.