Chapter 1

4 days, 13 hours, and 25 minutes was the last good night sleep Benji had gotten. Ethan, Brandt, Benji, and Luther had just completed a mission that took about a day and a half. The 4 of them were relaxing at the airport waiting for their plane to arrive to take them home. Luther and Brandt went to go get some food while Ethan and Benji found some seats and gladly took them.

Benji was exhausted and not 100% in the real world. He really hoped that no one had noticed yet. His lack of spirit to their conversations and how much coffee he took in one day was easy to notice yet, he held onto that string of faith that his team was oblivious to his lack of function. On some level, Benji knew that one of his fellow teammates (more like all of them) would notice the dark circles under his eyes or the way he consumed coffee in amounts that rivaled the others caffeine rates combined.

"You ok Benji?" Ethan spoke up pulling him out of his daze.

Great, Benji thought, now you know

"Yeah." he responded with as much energy he could use and using that one word drained him. He crossed his fingers hoping and praying that Ethan would just accept the answer that was given to him and leave him alone.

"You seem- "Ethan trailed off before finishing his thought, "tired."

I'm caught, just give up. They know. Benji thought to himself.

"No, just relaxing." Benji gave smile that was supposed to fill Ethan with reassurance but did the complete opposite. After a few moments Ethan decided to leave Benji alone for now and watch from a distance how he is really doing.

Benji had dozed off for a few minutes before forcing himself to join reality again. Being tired was exhausting and was really taking a tole on him.

Brandt and Luther had appeared when Benji opened his eyes again for the 2nd time. They were sitting across from him and Ethan. He could feel the gaze of Ethan burn into his skull. Luther and Brandt had already fallen asleep after hearing that the flight was going to be delayed because of weather.

Great, Benji thought more time in this airport with my team. As much as Benji loved his team, he really didn't want to show them how tired he really was. He found a poster on the wall a few feet away from him and he started to read that repeatedly just, so his brain could do something besides long for the feeling of sleep.

After some time, their plane was ready to be boarding and the passengers were being called to board. Ethan, Luther, and Brandt all stood up once the announcer came on, but it took Benji a few more tries to stand up and not feel like passing out.

Slowly Benji sat up straight on the end of his chair and stood up. He paused for a moment waiting for the dizzy sensation to pass before starting to walk to the gate. He didn't get very far when his legs buckled from underneath him and he collapsed onto the ground. Luther, who was the closest one to Benji turned around immediately and went to check on him, it wasn't long before Ethan and Brandt appeared at his side as well.

"Benji?" Ethan asked trying to keep his voice as steady as possible. "Benji?!"

Benji's eyes were open but he wasn't seeing anything. His eyes were glazed over and it frightened Ethan, but he wasn't going to show it. Suddenly Benji's eyes focused and he shot upward. Ethan had his hand on his back in case he decided to pass out again. The three of them looked at him with concern written across their faces.

"S- Sorry" Benji stuttered.

"You ok?" Luther asked reaching his hand and grabbed Benji's shoulder to steady him.

"Y- Yeah, I'm fine. I just – I just stumbled. I'll be ok." Benji voiced hoping it would be convincing enough for everyone to leave him alone.

"You sure Benji? It looked-"Brandt started but got cut off by Benji who just wanted to go back to their apartment that the four of them were sharing.

"Yes! I'm ok. Let's get onto the plane." Benji pleaded.

His teammates exchanged looks before helping him to his feet and steadying him as they boarded the plane. Benji lead the way with Ethan close behind him followed by Luther then Brandt. They quickly found their seats and Benji plopped down in the chair before anyone could say otherwise. It wasn't long before the flight took off and the thought of sleep overpowered him and soon enough his eyes were closes and darkness welcomed him.

Hey everyone! I hope you liked this first chapter let me know if you guys would like some more and some ideas to this story as well!