Chapter 20

Ethan pulled out his phone and dialed 911.

"Ethan, what are you doing?" Luther asked, voice full of panic.

Ethan ignored him and told the police what happened and requested an ambulance.

"Ethan, Benji's dead."

Ethan hung up the phone and took off his jacket and pressed it to Benji's wound.

"Ethan, it's over. I don't want to believe it either. Stop it Ethan," Luther raised his voice.

"NO!" Ethan snapped and Luther saw the light in his eyes go dark. The light that once carried his hope, his ambition, and his family. Now, all Luther could see standing before him was someone else with a cold, stone look in his eyes.

Soon the ambulance arrived, Ethan got pushed out of the way as they started CPR. Quickly more men showed up with a defibulator. Ethan, Luther, and Brandt watched as Benji's body shook from the electricity coursing through his body, trying to jump start his heart. Soon Benji was zipped out of the hallway and in an ambulance.

The three of them followed right on their heels down the hallway and watched the ambulance drive off before running to their cars and speeding towards the hospital. They sat in the waiting room for what felt like days. Surrounded by this uncomfortable quiet.

"Hasn't Benji been through enough?" Ethan broke the silence.

Luther and Brandt silently agreed and they slipped back into quietness.


"Family of Benjamin Dunn?"

Ethan shot up from the chairs he was laying on as he stared at the ceiling. Both Luther and Brandt stood up and followed Ethan to meet the doctor.

"How is he?" Brandt asked.

"Stable," the doctor said as the three of them let out a sigh of relief, "The bullet hit him right below his left collar bone; missing the heart by an inch. The bullet did go through bone and shattered one of his upper ribs. He flatlined five times. He just got out of surgery and you can go see him if you would like. He's resting right now and probably wont wake up for a long while."

"Thanks doctor." Ethan said as he followed his team to Benji's room.

Ethan walked into Benji's dimly lit room and the image of him laying on a hospital bed after they rescued him from Duane Moss and his men came into his mind. It was like Déjà vu. It pained Ethan to see Benji go through all of this crap. He can still remember how bad off he was at the very beginning when they got on that plane to head home and how exhausted Benji was and then all the torture and trauma he went through, all of those nightmares, all of those nights un-slept. Benji deserved better.

Again Ethan, Brandt and Luther gathered around Benji's hospital bed and waited for him to make another miraculous recovery that he will be traumatized about for maybe the rest of his life. Again Brandt, Ethan and Luther took turns taking bathroom breaks, getting food for one another, and sleeping.

Four days later was when Benji woke up. This time, to everyone's relief, Benji didn't try to jump out of his bed and run. Benji stirred in his bed for a few minutes before moaning as he tried to open his eyes.

"Luther, hit the lights." Ethan said with a soft voice. Luther nodded and reached over and turned off the lights.

Benji was able to open them more easily and they were still able to see due to the dim light coming through the blinds that covered the window.

Brandt stood up and went to the edge of Benji's bed. "How you feeling?"

Benji didn't answer, even though his eyes were open it didn't look like he was all there. He looked tired and like he just went 12 rounds with a god. Slowly his eyes slow closed again and Benji went back into the only place he could have peace, at least sometimes.


19 hours later Benji did the same routine again except this time he didn't fall back to sleep again. He stirred in his bed, moaned at he tried to move, the lights were already off, and Benji slowly opened his eyes.

Ethan was the only one in the room. Ethan didn't say anything and let Benji wake up at his own pace.

"Ethan?" Benji's voice rough and scratch as the sounds dragged nails up his throat.

"Hey Benji. How are you feeling?" Ethan's voice was soft and quiet.

"Well, I'm alive." Benji began a coughing fit and Ethan grabbed him the glass of water that was by his bed that had a straw in it so he could actually drink it.

"You had us worried."

"It's not the first time." Benji tried to make a joke.

"Benji, I'm serious. You died. Again." Ethan's voice was stern but not loud.

"I know, I'm sorry."

"Try to get some rest, I will be here if you need me." Ethan said as he leaned back in his chair pulling out his laptop.

"You always are."

Hey guys, long time, no see. Sorry about that. I haven't found the time or the motivation to do this story but I'm here now. I don't really have a solid idea about where I want to take this story so I'm going to make a deal. I will post another chapter when I get 3 ideas for this story. Thanks guys.