At Berry Elementary, the kids in Mrs. Lanai's class were attending gym class. They were Zhou, Norman, his best friend, Neil, Victor, Toshiaki, Elsa, "E", Coraline, Wyblie, Nancy, Linda, Wendy, Slash, Jam, and Tommy.

"Listen up you Crootaken Brats!" Rocket shouted, "Your regular gym teacher has jury duty, so I will be covering this class."

"Excuse me, Coach Rocket" Zhou whispered, "Do you have a degree in teaching."

"Yeah" Rocket whispered, "Mostly in workshop and gym."

Zhou got back into his place, "Now I know it's an hour before lunch and I'm going to go through stuff that is extreme. We are doing preparing lunch while rollerskating."

Slash raised his hand, "But coach" Slash said, "Today's pizza day in the cafeteria."

"Who says anything about the cafeteria?" Rocket asked.

Later, they were at The Golden Griddle. Mr. Andor was not pleased with the way he was teaching gym at The Golden Griddle. He's afraid that their teacher would find out and get him in trouble

Outside, Mr. and Mrs. Solo saw a sign by The Golden Griddle saying, "Close due to rabid opossums." They knew it was really a trick by Rocket.

Inside, they found Mr. Andor on the ground, looking for his glasses. They found Tommy holding them while putting them on a burger. As he was about to eat it, Ben used his force powers and took the glasses, "What is going on here?" he asked as Mr. Andor placed on his glasses.

"After the whole 'Laser Light Show' at the hospital," Mr. Andor explained, "Rocket has been trying to get a more simple job."

"A lot of the people weren't happy about his current DJ gigs." Mrs. solo explained, "Usually ends in dynamite and laser light shows, with REAL lasers."

Mrs. Solo told the children to go back to the school before their teacher finds out and gives them detention. "Do we have to?" Tommy complained.

They nodded their heads, "And walk regularly while you're at it." Mr. Solo said.

While they were on their way back, Norman saw a girl in 1700 clothes. It was really strange to him.