After school, Donna was at the repair shop, Bodhi was working on fixing a station wagon, "Hey Bodhi" Donna greeted, "Where's Mikey?"

"He's changing tires by the yellow sedan," Bodhi answered.

By the yellow sedan, Michael patted on the car, "Bumblebee is good as new.

Michael explained that he works at the repair shop, "If I worked at The Golden Griddle, it'll end up serving alien food." Michael explained, "Plus I only work at the alien hospital when the machinery is broken."

"So," Donna said, "Are you busy?"

"Just finished up this Sedan here." Michael answered, "Now what's the meeting for Babe."

"You have a break room?" Donna asked.

"Sure, follow me" Michael answered as he leads her to the break room.

Rocket was afraid that Donna might get into another one of her whacky schemes. So he, Animal and Groot followed her, "Hey wait for me," Bodhi shouted, "The owners don't come till 5:30"

"Relax, Uncle Bodhi" Michael replied, "There's plenty of us to go around."

In the break room Donna had a historical question to asked, "Any of you heard of the famous cartoon, "The Adventures of Cupheads"

"Cupheads?" Bodhi asked, "That's the hit show from the 1930s"

"I still have the 15th-anniversary edition of the Cuphead video game," Donna said.

Bodhi looked outside to see if there are any customers, "No customers here," Bodhi answered, "So let's play."

Rocket reprogrammed the TV for the game to play on. After they hooked the gaming system and activated it. It started to get a little strange, "Rocket?" Donna snapped, "What did you do?"

"You said to fix up the game console." Rocket replied as Michael, and Bodhi got sucked into the game. Before the game sucked Donna in, Groot got onto her shoulder and they fell into the Cupheads world, "If anyone asked," Rocket said to Animal, "Tell them they got a medical emergency."

"Okay!" Animal said.