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Chapter 1: Spider-Man

"Alright, let's do this one last time." A man swung through the city in a familiar red and blue costume, "My name is Peter Parker. I was bitten by a genetically altered spider and for eight years I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure you know the rest."

Spider-Man recalled what his Uncle had taught him, "With great power comes great responsibility." Uncle Ben walks into Heaven's Light.

"I saved a bunch of people..." Spidey was swinging around the city saving lives.

"Fell in love..." Peter was kissing Gwen Stacy.

Then, as Spider-Man, swung off to save the city, "...saved the city, and then I saved the city again and again and again..."

"And uh... I did this." Spider-Man dancing on the street jazz style as Peter sighed, "I don't really like to talk about this. Look, I'm a comic book, I'm a cereal, did a Christmas album. I have many awesome theme songs. And a so-so popsicle. I mean, I've looked worse."

"But it wasn't all fun and games..." Spider-Man was seen knocked around by powerful supervillains, "My girlfriend lost her father during a battle I was having, my Bro was possessed by an alien symbiote, my best bud went on drugs, I made plenty of enemies, arch-enemies... some found out my secret identity, one of which threw her off the bridge and... I ... couldn't save her. Then her murderer got killed after trying to kill me. Life was kinda hard after that... But I handled it like a champion."

Peter was crying on the floor of the shower in his spider-suit, "And I kept doing what I do because no matter how many hits I take, I always find a way to come back."

Spider-Man continued saving the city, "So, I saved the city some more, did a couple of superhero team-ups, formed a team of New Avengers, became a member of the REAL Avengers, saved the world a couple of times, my Aunt remarried to my boss's dad, my best friend hooked up with my ex, I saved the city and world some more, stopped some alien invasions, lost my Bro in the aftermath in one..."

"You must be wondering... how's Spidey's love life after Gwen..." Spidey stood on the Empire State Building, "Well... after her death... I swore I'd never love again... until one day... when I got called into my job... well... the one that pays me..."


Just then, 22-year-old Peter Parker, ran into the room as his boss called him, "Yes, Mr. Jameson?"

"What are all these garbage pictures?! They're all making it look like that wall-crawling menace look like a hero?!" Mr. Jameson yelled as he slammed down Peter's latest photos of Spider-Man.

Peter sighed, it had been many years since he got his powers and became Spider-Man. However, ever since his Uncle Ben died, his Aunt May was struggling with the bills so he had to get a job to help her out. He has done so by getting a job for the Daily Bugle taking photos of himself as Spider-Man. Even after she got remarried to his boss's father, he still took this job to pay for his apartment. However, it didn't help the J Jonah Jameson hates Spider-Man's guts. Peter calmly suggested, "Maybe... it's because he is?"


Peter tried to speak, "Well... I..."

"PARKER! YOU'RE FIRED!" Jameson exclaimed.

Peter sighed as he turned to leave, "This is gotta be the 20th time, he's fired me this year. Hopefully, JJ's dad can help out."

Just then, Betty Brant entered the room, "Um, sir... the Arendelle coronation." Mr. Jameson remembered, "Oh, right... Parker, get back here. You're not fired."

Peter turned back, not surprised, but asked, "Yes, Mr. Jameson?" His boss asked, "What do you know about Arendelle?"

"Not much." Peter admitted, "Why?"

"A few years ago, their king and queen were lost at sea and now their eldest daughter is ready to take the throne. This is the only time their gates will be open to the public, and everyone who knows of this kingdom wants in. Now, most of my employees are on other important assignments, so I need you to be a reporter as well as a photographer. I want to know every secret in those walls! Why did the late King close the gates in the first place? What is the new Queen like? What changes to the Kingdom is she planning to do? AND I WANT PICTURES! The Queen! Her sister! The castle! All of it!" Jameson told him.

Peter was shocked, "Um... Sure... but what about my..."

"Your Aunt's fine. Remember, my old man is taking care of her. I'll give him a heads up and let your Aunt know. I paid for your trip there and back. You get me a good report and pictures and I'll try to get you other assignments that don't involve the wall-crawling menace here and there. And I'll even triple your salary." His boss stated. Peter stared in shock and what he was hearing, Jameson glared, "Why are you still standing there?! GET ME THAT STORY! NOW!"

Peter left the office as Mr. Robertson walked up to him, "I couldn't help overhearing... Jameson gave you the Arendelle assignment. Plus even offered to triple your salary."

Peter smiled, "Oh, hey, Robbie... Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. I think he's actually warming up to me."

Robbie chuckled, "Jonah's always liked you. He just doesn't like showing it so much."

"Guess that's why he always rehires me after he fires me." Peter shrugged, "So, anything about this Arendelle I should know about?"

Robbie nodded, "Yes, Arendelle and the kingdoms close by are a bit old fashion... so the plane will only take you a 3rd of the way there... the rest you going to need to walk or go on horseback."

"So... no way to charge my phone... good to know." Peter nodded, "Anything else I should I know... like do they like break into song and dancing?" Robbie just chuckled as he walked away, Peter's face fell, "Wait... I was just joking... do they?"

"Okay... from what I've been told... this Arendelle sounds like it came right out of a Disney movie." Peter thought as he packed up for the trip, "Relax... it's only for a few days... then I'll be back in the good old New York... where Jameson can scream in my face for not getting photos of myself being a menace. Besides, can't look a gift horse in the mouth... if everything turns out well, I can finally catch up on my own bills."

He then packed up his clothes when he paused when he saw his Spider-Man uniform, "Do I even need to bring this? It's not like Spider-Man's going to be needed much there. From what I hear, it's very peaceful there and crime is at its lowest. Besides, they'd probably think I'm a witch or something because of what I can do. JJ would get a good laugh at that."

Peter picks up to stare at his mask before turning to a photo of his Uncle Ben. "Remember, Peter. With great power..."

"...comes great responsibility." Peter finished out picked up the photo of his Uncle Ben and smiled, "Alright... Uncle Ben... I bring it along. Besides, with my luck, Doc Ock, Electro, or Mysterio's going to show up."

He then placed his costume in his suitcase. He finished packing his things. Peter sighed, "Well, gotta make sure everything's charged up because I won't be able to get a charge until I get back..."

Later that day, Peter had got off the airport, and looked around, "Well... guess I'm walking from here. I hope Siri knows how to get to Arendelle from here."

"Pete? Is that you?" A familiar voice spoke up. Peter turned to see two familiar faces, "Harry? Dr. Connors?"

Harry had been Peter's best friend after Eddie Brock. He is now the CEO of OsCorp ever since his dad, better known as Peter's archenemies, the Green Goblin, died. They had some rough spots, with Harry accusing Peter for his father's death, but when Harry learned the truth, they patched things up. He was trying to turn OsCorp around from when his dad was in charge.

Dr. Connor's a close friend to Peter's father, Richard Parker. He was also one of Peter's teachers back in high school. His ties lead to the creation of the spider that changed Peter's life... however it also lead to the creation of the Lizard. Peter was able to save him as Spider-Man. He and a few others tried to keep it a secret but word got out about Connor was the Lizard. Finding a job was rough for him but Harry was able to get him a job at OsCorp. Harry was a big believer in second chances.

Plus they both knew Peter's secret so he could be himself around them. Peter greeted Harry with a hug before turning to shake Dr. Connor's hand, "Peter, what brings you out all the way out here?"

"JJ wanted some pictures and an interview with the soon to be Queen," Peter answered. Harry smirked, "Well, it's about time that old man made you take photos of someone other than yourself. Anyways, we're actually on our way to see the Queen herself. Need a lift?"

"I'll take you up on that offer... JJ didn't include a map to Arendelle for the trip." Peter nodded...

Harry had previously had hired a horse carriage to drive them to Arendelle. Peter couldn't help but wonder, "So, what brings you two to Arendelle?"

"OsCorp business... we were hoping to be a trading partner with Arendelle," Harry answered.

Dr. Connors added, "Yes, we trade medical supplies for a bit of a piece of their home. Mr. Osborn thought it would be a good idea to bring a little fairy tale home with us. Not only giving OsCorp a better image but truly making our world a truly better place as well."

"Uh... just Harry, please. Mr. Osborn reminds me too much of my father." Harry told the Doctor.

He frowned, "Right... sorry... I, of all people, should know most people would want to be away from a very dark part of their past."

"Dr. Connors... that wasn't you. It was the Lizard who tried to hurt those people." Peter reassured him.

Dr. Connors sighed, "It might have well been... I should have listened to my wife. I never should have injected myself with the lizard DNA."

"It's in the past now. What's important now, is meeting that Queen, Peter gets his story, we get a new trading partner, and Arendelle gets their new Queen. Everyone wins..." Harry smiled.

Peter pointed out, "And there's gotta be some bad news, there always is in my life."

"Well... other businesses may also try to be trading partners as well, Stark Industries, Roxxon Energy Corporation, Horizon Labs... But our biggest concern is Fisk Industries. Wilson Fisk is coming to Arendelle." Harry told him.

Peter's eyes narrowed, "The Kingpin? What does the fat man of crime want with Arendelle?"

"Probably, the same thing we want... a little piece of a living fairy tale. Except, he'd use it to distract everyone from his criminal empire." Harry admitted. Dr. Connors added, "It's why we thought you were originally here."

"Maybe it wasn't but now that I know Fatty's here, I'll make sure Spider-Man stops him," Peter stated. Harry and Dr. Connors nodded...

Soon they finally arrived in Arendelle, Peter, Harry, and Dr. Connors walked up to the gates. The young CEO of OsCorp walked up to one of the guards, Harry greeted them, "Harry Osborn and Dr. Connors of OsCorp."

"And I'm Peter Parker, a reporter for the Daily Bugle," Peter spoke up. Harry continued, "We're here for the Queen's Coronation."

"I'm sorry... but the Coronation isn't for another few days..." The guard stated. Harry turned to Peter and Dr. Connors, "Guess we're a bit early..." Harry turned to the guard, "Do you know anywhere we can stay for the next few days?"

"There's a hotel a few blocks from here. They still have some rooms open." The guard replied.

Just then, Peter's eyes widened, "Spider Senses are tingling?"

He scanned the area as he tried to find the danger. He looked above and saw a black portal close and a man running on the castle above him, "Yeah... pretty sure if we can't get in now, he's not supposed to be either..."

"Thanks." Harry nodded before turning to Peter, "C'mon, Pete..." He then looked around to see he wasn't there, "Uh... Pete?"

Peter Parker ran into a dark alley removing his civilian clothes, revealing his suit. He quickly put his web-shooters, gloves, boots, and mask. He climbed onto the rooftops, before web-swinging to the gates, "Those gates might be able to hold Peter Parker of the Daily Bugle out but they can't hold out your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

He made it to the gates and began climbing the walls to avoid the watch guards, "I better stick to the shadows until I find the guy who broke in here. I don't think they would approve a masked man in red and blue tights running around the castle. It'd be Christmas for Jameson though." Spider-Man stuck to the rooftops when he heard something, "Wait... is that... music?"

He then saw a red-headed girl running through the halls, "For the first time in Forever... There'll be magic, there'll be fun! For the first time in forever..."

Spider-Man just stared as she continued running off, "Oooooooookay... that was weird... where did the music come from... did she have an iPod that no one else here knows about... ugh... Focus Spidey... figure that part later... now... I need to find the guy who..."

He then saw a guy in a white and black spotted suit teleported inside a room. Spider-Man landed in front of the said room as his eyes narrowed in his mask, "Gotcha..."

Princess Elsa, soon to be Queen of Arendelle, sat in the room alone. She feared this day her whole life. She had become of age and she still had little control of her curse. One she had since birth, the ability to control the ice and snow. When she was little she would always have fun playing with the powers with her sister until the day she had almost killed her. Ever since she shut herself from the world for everyone's safety... even Anna's. Elsa sighed as she looked at her gloved hands, she always wondered why she was cursed with these powers. She closed her eyes... just then some grabbed her from behind causing Elsa to gasp slightly as someone placed a knife to her throat, "Not a single word to your guards, or you won't live long enough to see your big day... got it?"

Elsa had no choice but to nod, "Alright... please... I don't want to hurt you."

The man chuckled, "You don't want to hurt me? I'm not the one with the knife to my throat."

The two were unaware that Spider-Man had quietly entered the room and closed the door. He then leaned up against the wall with his arms crossed, "You know..." The two turned the wall-crawler as he continued, "...if you wanted to see the new Queen so badly, don't dress like you want to threaten her."

Elsa looked confused, that had to be the most bizarre outfit she'd ever seen, while the other man asked, "Are you a guard?"

"Really? You seriously think I'm a guard? A guard in a skin-tight red and blue suit? You're, you're... You've got a mind of a true scholar, sir." Spider-Man joked making Elsa short-smile in amusement before he turned to the knife, "I'll take that before you poke someone's eye out."

He then webbed the knife out his hand and threw it aside. The shocked intruder, he failed to notice another web hit him the face, forcing him to let go of the Queen. Elsa stared at the newcomer in shock, "He... he has powers?"

"You alright?" He asked her. She said nothing but slowly nodded. He then turned back to the man who finally freed himself from the webs, "So... you must be the poked dotted man? No wait... don't tell me... the Dalmatian? I mean, seriously, shouldn't you be a mascot for firefighters?"

"It's the Spot! I'm the Spot!" He exclaimed with anger.

Spidey beamed, "Aw... that was going to be my next guess. Do you know any tricks? Sit! Roll Over! Play dead!"

This only made him angry, but he got control over himself, "Wait... I know who you are... You that guy my boss warned me about... Spider-Man!"

"Aw... you do know me... I feel all warm and fuzzy now! You're a good boy!" Spider-Man mocked.

The Spot stated, "My boss only wanted the Queen, but the Kingpin will pay a big bonus for your head."

"Man... you play an ugly game a fetch!" Spider-Man stated before he ran at him. The Spot opened a portal before he could tackle him and went through it and the next thing he knew he was outside. Spider-Man's eyes widened, "Oh boy..."

He shot out a web line as the portal closed and swung through to the window to kick the supervillain away from the Queen, "Dude... didn't anyone tell it's rude to leave in the middle of a conversation." He got back on his feet and opened many portals around Spider-Man and himself. Spider-Man had a hard time avoiding the punches and kicks that went through the portals. His counter-attacks even backfired at him. Spider-Man mentally groaned, "I can't beat him like this... wait... if I can figure out when he attacks... maybe I can use that against him... gotta pay close attention to my spider-sense."

Spider-Man waited when his spider senses went off, "NOW!" He then threw a punch through a random portal and his fist came out through the other end and punched spot in the face. He tried to attack again but no matter how hard he tried, he could never avoid Spider-Man spider senses.


"It's over, boy... time to send you to the dog pound." Spider-Man quipped. Spot snarled as he opened a portal under the soon to be Queen's feet and she fell through. Next thing she knew, she was hanging for her life at the edge of the castle wall. Spot declared, "Your choice, Hero. Stop me or save the Princess."

Spidey didn't hesitate to run out the window to save the Future Queen. The villain chuckled as he opened a portal to leave only to trip. He looked to his feet which appeared to be webbed to the ground. He groaned, "I hate that guy..."

Spider-Man ran on the walls as he spotted the Queen about to slip, "Gotta go faster..." He webbed zipped on the wall to gain some speed. Elsa then finally lost her balance and began to fall when Spider-Man caught her, "Gotcha!"

The princess held on to him as he swung her back to her room. Elsa opened her eyes to notice this, and let go of him. Spidey asked, "You alright?"

"Uh... yes... thank you..." The Princess nodded.

Just then, guards burst into the room, "Your majesty!"

All their weapons aimed at Spider-Man before the future Queen stood in the way, "No wait! He saved me!" She pointed to the Spot as she ordered, "Arrest him."

The Spot was still trying to free himself as Spidey wrapped some additional webbing to tie him up. The guards quickly took him away, Spidey then turned to leave as Elsa called out, "Wait!" Spider-Man turned to her, she asked, "Who are you?"

"You already know me," Spider-Man told her.

Elsa paused, "I do?"

"Yeah, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man." He told her. With that, Spidey leaped through the window and began zipping away on a web-line. Elsa stared out the broken window and couldn't help but smile.

Until today, she thought she was the only one with powers out there, "I'm... I'm not the only one..."

"You're majesty..." She turned to see the captain of the guard, "What should we do with the other intruder?"

"Put him in the special reserve cell." She ordered.

The guard raised an eyebrow, "The supposed magic cell made by trolls?"

"Just do it..." She ordered. The guard sighed but nodded before walking off with the prisoner before she turned back to the window, she couldn't help but think about the man who saved her. The man who could well... do whatever a spider can. Why did he wear a mask? Did people think he was a monster? Was he born with powers or was he cursed? Who was he? One thing she did know, she needed answers. She needed to see this man again. She called out, "Kai?"

Kai entered the room, "Yes, your majesty?"

She told him, "Bring me everything we know about this... Spider-Man..."

And that will conclude the first chapter. Btw, this was indeed Spider-Man's first encounter with Spot. You're wondering what the Kingpin wants with Elsa? Why he sent Spot to kidnap her? Next time, Elsa does a little research about Spider-Man and learns something very important... this hero is somehow connected to Man named Peter Parker. She also learns he's been invited to her coronation. She realizes if she wants to see Spider-Man again... she needs Peter. How will that turn out? Find out next time. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, be sure to leave a review. Also be sure to follow and fav. as well. See you next time!