At the Rosewood Public Library, The Celestian Alliance was bringing the former Rogue One members there, Donna placed Chirrut and Baze were in Donna's back so they wouldn't get in trouble, "Why are we here at the Rosewood Public Library?" Jyn asked

"And you know bringing animals is against the rules," Cassian recalled.

"Donna," Baze whispered from the bag, "I can't breathe in here."

"I know," Donna whispered, "But I want to show you guys something, Cool."

"So, Babe," Michael said, "Are you going to show us the Book of Life or what?"

"In a minute Michael," Donna replied as she got to the Spanish book column.

"Okay, La Muerte" she whispered, "I'm here."

Out of the bookcase came a familiar face, "Perfect" La Muerte said in her Mary-Beth disguised, "And I've seen you reunited the Rogue One humans."

"Yeah," Donna replied, "K2 Mach 2 had to watch Stardust, again."

She brought them through the bookcase, to see The Glorious Beauty of Mexico. "This is beautiful." Payton smiled.

"You got that right, Pay Pay." Sydney replied, "Cute dresses."

"And look at these replicas of Aztec towns," Aiden replied

"They remind me of the homes on Fest" Cassian recalled.

"Fest?" Aiden asked.

"It's like Mexico, only colder," Donna replied.

Donna let out Baze and Chirrut, "Finally," Baze said, "Free as a bird."

"Hey" Chirrut replied, "I'm the bird."

Animal went up to the Book of Life, "Solo, Solo!"

"That's right," Donna replied, "I brought the Rogue One members to The Book of Life so I can show them how I learned about their story."

"Now you get to learn how your grandfather and Chewbacca met." Rocket replied.

"Exactly," Donna replied.

Xibalba and Skelita came in and were excited to see Donna again. "So are you going to take them to The Book of Life"

"Exactly." Donna replied as she brought them to the book, "Take us to the story of how Grandpa Han and Chewie first met."

"Next stop," La Muerte smiled, "Planet Corellia,"

And like magic, they were sent into the book.