Greetings from Aperture!

I firstly want to say that I'm SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY BETWEEN MY WORKS! I was so burned out by my school examinations at June that absolutely nothing came into my mind. I had to take medical treatment for my mental illness as my ADHD returned and it hampered my studies. I'm still suffering from lack of concentration and difficulty to remember. I'm sure that we can blame the low concentration for the delays. Titans in Remnant and RWBY: Legacy of Remnant is still in its works, so keep your chins up.

Anyway, this is a project that I've been thinking of since last week. I've been playing Sea of Thieves since launch and despite the negative reviews, I LOVED IT. I was wondering about how I was going to write a story based on this game and during my summer break in Thailand, I've been taking some lessons on worldbuilding. Thus, I made a completely fictional world called Mundus where science and magic are coexistant.

This fic, Sea of RWBY, is technically a multi-crossover with extremely small references of other works such as Assassin's Creed and Titanfall. However, its core crossover is Sea of Thieves and RWBY, and I'll try my best to keep it that way.

Despite being Sea of Thieves, however, I've added my own twist for the sake of this fic:

-Newcomer pirates without a ship are given sloops. Ships will progress from sloop to brigantine to galleon with progression.

-Stronger Pirates in the Sea of Thieves have special abilities.

-New Guild: Outworlders' League. This league specializes in helping unfortunate people from other worlds who came to the Sea of Thieves, be it voluntarily or not. The guild, just like the normal three guilds will give out voyages to outworlders.

-The Outworlders' League's voyages split into two types: 'Outworldish artifact search' and 'Resource gathering such as metals'.

-Every Outworlders found by the League will be given the Rune of the Outworlder engraved on their wrist. A crew with their homes that have at least 20th century technology will also receive solar-powered charging stations of whatever communication device (Scroll or Phone) they use and be given a radio.

A few more will be added in the later chapters, so there's that.

This fic has Self-Implementation, by the way. Hope you enjoy the prologue.

It pierced her, and she had seen it.

The arrow of the perpetrator struck her directly to her heart, and they both couldn't do anything about it.

It all started with the perpetrator causing the chaos. Darkness poured into the city and tore innocent flesh and bone. The soldiers of metal and servos turned against their biological masters with a press of a button. The Misguided poured more Darkness into her home. Finally, the perpetrator took the rest of the Stolen Power. The Amazonian did her all to stop her, but all she did was delay the inevitable.

The Amazonian was already crippled. The Rose couldn't climb up in time.

The perpetrator's mocking amber eyes met the pained emeralds of the Amazonian like a predator gloating the futile defiance of its prey.

The Argent Rose had seen the unfathomable. The Invincible Girl was defeated, but not in a way she wanted it to be.

Flesh started to flake and burn into ash. The naive wind caught the ash and scattered it across the darkened sky as more of the arrow burned the girl away.

"No… No…" The Argent girl stuttered in horror. Her blood ran cold and her muscles froze.


Argent Light poured from her eyes. The power the emitted from her eyes was overwhelming. It pained her, but so did the perpetrator. The Darkness that threatened to harm their Mother's protege felt the overwhelming light and burned away.

In the middle of all of this, however, time began to slow around eight individuals. The entire world was blinded by the overwhelming light.

"She… still away from reality?"

"What the fuck are you talking about?! What did you do to my sister?!"

"What does her being unconscious have to do with me all of a sudden? I told you that I'm not responsible for that."

"You still haven't told us what's happening and who you are."

"Like I've said: I'll tell you when she wakes up."

"Renny, let's break his legs!"

"Wait, Nora. We don't know what he's capable of."

Voices rang through her ears as she slowly regained her consciousness. Her head ached just like what her uncle had told about hangovers. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was the pure taintless white background that seemed to span across an infinite distance. Beside her were her friends and sister, the Snow White Heiress, The Buxom Blonde Sister and the Feline Beauty. Beside the four were the Argent Rose's other friends of juniper: The Fearless Leader, the Bubbly Bombshell, the Magenta Ninja and the Amazonian…

She quickly snapped her focus back onto the Amazonian. She swore that she saw her friend die in front of her. How was she here? Where were they?

"Took you long enough." A strange masculine voice sighed. The girl turned her head towards the source of the voice, which was in front of her, to find a twenty-year-old-looking man sitting on a rolling chair. The man's skin was typical of a Mistralian, which was light peach. His hair was short yet long, where it reached down to the bottom of his neck on the back but barely reach his ears on his front. He wore a black suit that seemed to act as the evil opposite of the pure white background.

"Who-who are you?" The Argent Girl asked.

"I'm guessing that you're… Ruby Rose, right?" The man ignored the girl's question and pointed at her with his finger. Then, the digit moved to her friends, with words following his motion. "Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long… That's RWBY… Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren. Yup, that's JNPR… did I get your names right?"

"How do you know our names?!" The Snow White Heiress, now identified as Weiss, shrieked.

"I've been observing your world for… well, six months. You eight seemed to be the focus of the story, so I decided to keep an eye on you guys." The man replied.

"Creepiness aside, you still haven't told us who you are and why we're here." The Feline Beauty, or Blake, pointed. The man smirked and placed his hands in the air.

"Right, I was waiting for Ruby to get up. Seeing that she's alive… let me introduce myself." The man then stood up from his chair. "I'm The Aperture, Observer of Worlds and Giver of Second Chances. I'm sometimes referred as 'The Author' and 'Maker of Heroes', although I don't know why my peers would call me by the second one." At these words, the minds of RWBY and JNPR were clouded with even more questions. None of them understood whoever this 'Aperture' was saying. Observer of Worlds? The Author? What was going on? Among the eight, Pyrrha was the first to steel herself and ask the young man.

"I don't get it. What exactly are-"

"-and frankly, I am VERY disappointed by your performance." The Aperture rudely interrupted the Amazonian. His eyes turned from carefree to sharp as his black orbs penetrated Pyrrha's courage like a railgun.

"What do you… mean?" Jaune, the Fearless Leader asked.

"Oh, I have SO many things that I found that you suck in. Let's start with the most obvious one: all of you are absolute fuckall in identifying the perpetrator." Aperture growled. "Seriously, how the hell didn't you find ANYTHING suspicious with Cinder Fall?! She's a fucking adult that DEFINITELY doesn't look like a student! Even I can see something's up with my eyes closed!"

"How are we supposed to know that?! What if she enrolled later than the most of the students?" Blake blurted back.

"Your standards of Huntsmen Academies state that the oldest student to enroll was twenty-six! How old is Cinder Fall? She's a fucking thirty-year old BITCH, that's what she is!" Aperture yelled back, then swung to Pyrrha. "You're worse, Pyrrha Nikos! Firstly, you should have gotten the Fall Maidens' powers as soon as you saw Amber crippled in the machine, but NooOOOooo! You just had to let your heart and mind fight like dogs and miss the opportunity to stop Cindy-Bindy from fucking everything up!"

"I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T KNOW WHEN SHE WAS GOING TO ATTACK!" The Amazonian cried in pure guilt.

"Stop berating Pyrrha! And what the hell are you talking about anyway?!" Jaune yelled in an attempt to defend his partner, but The Aperture ignored him and went on with his scolding.

"In the end, you morons fucked up REAL bad! I'm even more pissed about Ozpin. He should have acted right away." The mysterious suited ethereal boy snarled. He then drooped his head in thought as RWBY and JNPR took their time to swallow the words he had spilled onto them.

"U-um… Aperture?" Ruby asked.

"What is it?"

"Wh-why did you bring us here? Are you going to… kill us?" The Argent girl stuttered in terror. She was responded with a snort from the man.

"Kill? HA!" Aperture laughed. "I'm called the 'Giver of Second Chances' for a reason. As my title suggests, I'm willing to give you eight an opportunity to redeem yourself."

"So are you going to send us back?" Ren asked.

"Yeah, with SUPERDUPERLEGBREAKINGPOWERS?!" Nora bubbled in.

"Why can't you just intervene with the battle in Vale? So many people are dying!" Weiss added.

"Can't you just spank the bastard who cut my arm off and the bitch that started it all?!" Yang growled.

"Why can't-"

"Alright alright!" The Aperture cut the line before the questions started to pile up on him. "I'll answer your questions one by one, but only the ones that are already said." Sighing, the man pointed at Ren. "Ren, I'm not sending you eight back just yet. As I've said, you guys are pretty pathetic. I'm not gonna send you back like this and let you repeat the same mistakes. Nora, I'm not gonna give you special powers. You earn what you've accomplish, so I'm gonna make you work for it. Weiss, in where I live, time has no meaning, thus whatever's happening in Remnant is completely paused. Finally, Yang? You don't wanna know how much your Two Brothers of Life and Destruction begged me to help and just to get you eight, especially Little Red, here. Plus, I found Cindy-Binds… unredeemable after what she did to her." He concluded, pointing at Pyrrha.

"If you're not gonna send us back, what about our families? How am I gonna live without missing dad or Uncle Qrow?" Ruby whined.

"Ah, just think that you've graduated from Beacon and you're going to live in a foreign nation. Your CCT got fucked by the Grimm Dragon anyway." Aperture sighed.

"Where are you going to send us?" Pyrrha asked carefully. The Aperture slowly walked closer to RWBY and JNPR and bent over so his face could get even closer to theirs.

"What if I told you that where I'm about to send you eight is a place where everyone is free? A place so mystical yet familiar where you're probably going to travel with a tang of paranoia? What if I told you that In the Sea of Thieves, you are going to hone your skills in learning how to strengthen your bonds and learn how to fight against magical foes?"

"The… Sea of Thieves? Sounds like a place of lawlessness." Weiss scoffed.

"Oh, it's quite lawless alright. It's a sea where pirates roam around having fun on their own without the power of industry, with magical enemies that might make Remnant's Grimm look like cakewalk." The Aperture stood back straight and gave them a look of a military officer, where intimidation and authority gleamed on his eyes. "I'm giving you as much time as you need. Prove me that you're proficient enough by getting to the top of everyone in the Sea, then I'll send you back to Remnant with everything you've learned. However, if you manage to convince me in less than two years… I'm going to give you some gifts."

"What gifts?" Ren asked.

"Well, all I can tell you is that I'll give you more than you deserve. It'll depend on your perform-"

"Stop right there! You're telling me that you're gonna send us to Oum knows where without any form of information? Even if we do what you want, what will our families think if we come back two years older?!" Yang interrupted. Her eyes were crimson and muscles ready to pounce at the ethereal man like a reckless lion. Instead of tensing at the hostile intent, The Aperture remained calm and nodded in response.

"You're right. That's why I've already thought of a solution." With that, the young man reached his arms out to the eight teens. With a murmur of arcane nature, streams golden aura poured out from his palms. Like a dog looking for its master, it wandered around the eight teens until the aura surrounded them and finally entered them through magical means.

"What was that?" Weiss asked, rubbing her arm to see if any form of disease was forming.

"For the duration of your stay in the place I'll send you, I'm letting you to have immortality. In other words: You're not gonna age at all there because I'm not letting your bodies from doing that. You happy now?" The Aperture replied. "Anyway, I think I already mentioned where you're going, but I'll repeat it anyway. I'm going to send you to another world, specifically in the middle of the ocean called the Sea of Thieves. You're going to expect no computer nor Dust technology. There is a form of magic there, usually consisting of evil skeletons and ancient creatures looking for blood. That's why I'm sending you there, 'cause they can be good target practice for Grimm."

"Preposterous!" Weiss shrieked. "Nothing is possible without Dust! In fact, as the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, I can say that humanity has been using Dust since the advent of civilization!"

"Humanity's been using Dust in Remnant, period." The Aperture added. "I don't care if you're the queen of your universe or a spoiled daughter of a megacorp's CEO. You just don't have a concept of alternate realities. What if I told you that I've seen humanity conquer an entire galaxy under the rule of an emperor worshipped as a god? How about a world where whatever's happening is Remnant is nothing but an animated internet show series? I know universes worth of worlds that are well and dandy without your MMORPG-esque resource, thank you very much." He ended sarcastically. This sparked some of the Beacon students with curiosity. How would a world without Dust be like? What kind of resource would they use instead? How do they protect themselves? Did they ever reach beyond the atmosphere?

The Aperture stopped the train of thought by clearing his throat from whatever bioethereal waste his kind produces. His face gave a look that this conversation had taken too much time. His eyes showed slight exhaustion as they seemed to be lower than the teens' feet.

"Anyway, I think you've spent enough time here. We've been together mostly because of your sister's unconsciousness." The Aperture continued, pointing at Yang. "I was at first doubtful of your god's request as Huntsmen throughout your world's history seemed to hang on fine. But the invasion of Vale and Ruby's Silver Eyes changed my mind."

"What does my sister have to do with all of this?" Yang asked.

"Guess Ozpin didn't tell you that. They're apparently the ultimate anti-Grimm weapon, capable of killing them just by looking. Also, I heard that they're pretty nasty against Maidens, but that's just what I understand by just observing. Ask Pyrrha for more information."

"What does Pyr-" A hand stopped Jaune from continuing.

"Alright, that's enough." The Aperture interjected. He then closed his eyes and raised his hands towards RWBY and JNPR once again, but instead of golden aura, a cyan runic circle formed around them, with the edge glowing with undecipherable runes.

"W-what are you doing?" Blake stuttered, but it was ignored by the ethereal man. He began to chant loudly but calmly, his voice more powerful than an Ancient Grimm.

"As the Giver of Second Chances and the Observer of Worlds, I, The Aperture, hereby grant Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos and Lie Ren the permission to redeem themselves from their mistakes in a foreign world."

The last words of the chant triggered a massive flash at the center of the rune. Then with an outworldish whistle, the rune slowly faded away along with the flash. Then from behind the teens, a two-dimensional singularity of cyan slowly materialized from thin air until it was the size of a pickup truck. The Aperture finally opened his eyes and gave a smile of sincere assurance.

"That portal will take you to the Sea of Thieves, where you'll reevaluate your combat and cooperation skills. I ask you one more thing: Are you ready to take it on and save your world with the skills? Take your time to think."

"I'm ready. I wanna be a hero after all." Ruby bravely nodded.

"If the future's that bad as you say, then I'm ready too." Pyrrha added.

"I'm soooo ready." Nora grinned.

The other teens were rather doubtful. In the perspective of Weiss, she and her friends were literally torn away from their homes just because some strange magical man wasn't satisfied with how they fought and acted during a Grimm invasion. She just couldn't understand, but yet a part of her heart and mind wanted her soul to take the challenge and be better and save Remnant.

Jaune, however, seemed to be the most conflicted among the teens. Just like Ruby, all he wanted to do ever since he forged his Beacon transcripts was be a hero and not a damsel in distress and constantly receive help from others. It was he himself that wanted to help. But with all this fairy tale things that The Aperture told him and the fact that he was willing to give them an opportunity to fight better in another world gave him questions of what was really happening.

However, when he heard that Pyrrha was supposed to die during the Battle of Beacon, he wanted to agree. He was stupid for not understanding her feelings after that kiss. Steeling himself, Jaune and the rest of the teens looked at The Aperture once again.

"I'll do it now." Jaune nodded.

"Me too." Weiss and Ren replied at the same time.

"If this'll help me defeat Adam, then I'm in." Blake said.

"Your immortality shit convinced me. I'm gonna kick his ass when this is all over. Watch me best you in less than a year, mister." Yang pounded her fist.

"Excellent. Guess it's time you guys go. See you in hopefully two years." The Aperture nodded in satisfaction. "The only think I can say to you now is good luck." With the oral push, RWBY and JNPR slowly and carefully walked into the portal as it swirled around merrily. This was it. There will be no point of return until they convince The Aperture that they are worthy to return and as he said: 'be on the top of the Sea'. Bravely nodding to each other, RWBY and JNPR took their first steps into the portal, and once all feet were in, the portal slowly closed on them until it vanished into nothing.

The first thing Ruby felt ever since she became unconscious when the portal consumed her was cold wetness. At first, she thought that her sister was playing tricks on her with a bucket of water, but whatever was happening now, it was too much. The frigid sensation tortured her mind to leave the slumber, but what truly woke the silver-eyed girl up was a voice so familiar.

"Ruby, wake up!"

It was Yang. Her warm but concerned words were like an alarm clock which pried Ruby's eyes open. Immediately, her mind began to evaluate the scene around her.

Her lower half of her pygmy body was under the sparkliest of seawater, but what grabbed her attention was that her upper half was on the sands with grains that glistened under the blistering sunlight. After the sands was the grassy land and rocky cliffs that had every kind of flora from the measly tall grass to the palm and banana trees that provided shade to whoever sheltered below them. Around the island were taints of humanity ranging from broken planks of wood to remnants of man made shelter such as broken down cottages and barrels. Just behind Ruby was a pseudopodic mass of sand that was too small to be a bay and too large for a cove, with each tip housing tall rocks with a measly wooden bridge linking the sands.

"Where… are we?" Ruby groaned as she realized that she was soaked with seawater. "Where's… Jaune and his team?"

"They said that they'll scout the place." Blake replied in behalf.

"Why would that guy send us to some island, anyway? Sure, it's beautiful, but how are we expected to train ourselves here?" Weiss mumbled, gazing at the wide sea outside the bay.

"At least that asshole didn't send us to some dimension with infinite ocean with just one island." Yang grunted, observing the other islands that dotted the aquamarine sea like freckles.

"Surprising that you got that idea." Blake sighed, then stood up from the sand. "I'm gonna go scout too." With that, she threw the ribbon of Gambol Shroud and grappled away when it latched itself onto a tall palm tree. Now Weiss, Yang and Ruby were all that remained on the shore of this island.

"Yang?" Ruby was the first to break the awkward ice.

"Yeah?" The blonde sister asked back.

"I'm hungry…"

"What?! We're stuck in this strange island and the first thing you think of is to EAT?!" Weiss scolded at the trivial conversation.

"Look Ice Queen, we haven't eaten anything since some bitch ruined everything in Vale. I'm hungry too." Yang glared at the heiress as she stood up with Ruby on tow. "C'mon Rubes, let's find something to eat." A short pause was all it needed for Weiss's grumpiness to disappear after the siblings were gone. Sighing, she stood up too and followed them.

"Stupid sand all over my skirt…" She groaned.

"Um… Pyrrha?" Jaune asked as he and his team wandered through the grassy ground and trees.

"Yes Jaune?" Pyrrha asked with a tint of rose on her cheeks.

"Why did you do it?"


"Why did you fight that fire woman up in Beacon Tower if you knew that you were gonna die?"


"Why would you want to go die and leave us all behind?" The blonde boy's voice seemed to be slightly more bladed than before.

"Jaune, more people would have died if I didn-"

"I DON'T CARE!" Jaune suddenly boomed, causing Nora and Ren, who were searching through some barrels behind, to startle their souls away and snap to their fearless leader. They saw him housing tears dripping from his eyes and teeth clenched stronger than Pyrrha's shield. "WHAT ABOUT ME?! WHAT ABOUT RUBY? REN? NORA?!"

"Jaune…" The tears were contagious enough for even Pyrrha to shed them, too. She wanted to find reason. She loved him, and the Battle of Beacon was the unfortunate time to finally tell him her feelings. Now? She felt that she failed him. "I'm sor-"



The rage was stopped by one single noise. Team JNPR turned to the source of the noise, a pile of flora, that erratically moved. The smart ones of the team knew that the cliff of this island was blocking the direction of the wind, thus there was no way it was the cause. There was only one conclusion: Something's watching them.

"Renny, what was that?" Nora asked.

"I don't know, but we should-"

Just before Ren could finish talking, flakes of dirt and sand started to erupt from the ground below and around JNPR. From the sources of the sprouts, osseous and fleshless hands exploded from the ground and grasped the ground above them. As if it was an Olympics game, twelve humanoid beings launched themselves to the surface but with their identities hidden by the spray of dust they made. When it settled, JNPR had a fraction of a second to identify the beings, but that very fraction was more than enough to shake their hearts in horror.

They were animated skeletons. Most of them were dry as the desert, but some had grotesquely hanging rotten bits of flesh dangling precariously on their tendons. Worst of all, some of them were even holding weapons, all of them which a human would use such as a gun and a sword.

"Wh-what the hell? Skeletons?" Jaune stuttered as one of the skeletons gloated at the teens with its rattling laughter.

"Renny, I don't know but I think their legs are already broken…" Nora falsely laughed to hide her nervousness. Among the growing chaos, Pyrrha and Ren were the first to draw their weapons, with Jaune and Nora finally following their actions. Swords, guns and grenade launchers were configured to their users' choice. The skeleton fiends slowly closed the distance between them and the teens, forming a malicious crescent bent on engulfing their enemies of flesh. Pyrrha was the first to react, for her Milo was in her rifle form. Taking her aim, she shot the first skeleton in her sights wielding an antique-looking pistol. With her finger tightly pulling the trigger, the Fire Dust-infused bullet screamed towards its target's head…

...only to dissipate into fine powder as it hit the calcareous surface with a pathetic piff. The skeleton showed absolutely no sign of harm nor recoil as it laughed sinisterly and aimed its pistol at its assailant. With a bang and white smoke of gunpowder, a ball of lead hit the horrified Amazonian's abdomen, sending her a meter back.

"Dust doesn't do anything against them…" Ren stuttered, something JNPR perhaps seen their ninja do for the first time. However, what shocked them even more was the fact that Pyrrha's scroll was frantically beeping. That could only mean one thing: Her Aura was depleted.

With their weapons practically useless and their foes' firearms overpowered, options were exponentially lessened, and Jaune was the only one to think of a logical solution.


"Yang, there are only bananas on this island!" Ruby groaned as she grumpily peeled the mentioned yellow fruit of its skin.

"Well, that's what we've been finding for the past two hours except for some chickens." Yang shrugged as she took a bite of her banana. "It'll be a matter of time before we transform into those ooga-ooga cavemen."

"You two should seriously set your priorities right." Weiss scoffed. "Firstly, we're stranded in some weird island that some strange man sent us into in the middle of nowhere. We should be talking about finding or making a shelter and surviving our first day, not just ponder about the food we're probably never going to eat ever!" The heiress then flapped her dress thanks to the scorching heat of the sun. "Besides, I want to find some shade."

"What's wrong, Ice Queen? Non-Atlas weather got ya? We don't mind if you do a strip show." Yang winked.

"Wha-? You PERVERT!" Weiss shrieked with her tomato-turned face. "Ugh, I can't stand-" The strings of fate didn't seem to give her a chance to finish her words as from the rocky walls of the island, the Feline Beauty of RWBY ran towards the three girls and stumbled to the sand in front of them. Ruby and Weiss found that something was seriously wrong when they saw that Blake's face housed an image of an abused child since birth.

Indeed, she was trembling like a desert fox in an arctic forest and her Scroll was beeping with Aura depletion.

"Blake! Are you alright?!" Ruby wailed in concern.

"S-s-s-s-s-sk-sk-ske-" was all that Blake could stutter as she crumpled into a trembling ball.

"What are you saying?! Who did this to you?!" Yang interrogated.


"Skeletons? You're scared of those?" Weiss asked suspiciously.

"Th-they're immune to-" But just before Blake could finish, a very familiar masculine yet goofy scream echoed from the palm trees at the cliffs.


"Isn't that Jaune?" Ruby scarily asked. Clearly, something was seriously wrong. Just what could make Blake, the most calm member of her ultimate team RWBY, terrified like a little child?

Her questions were unfortunately answered when Team JNPR ran towards RWBY, followed up by a horde of animated weaponized skeletons running towards them like a predator locked onto prey.

Much to the horror of the four girls, six more skeletons poured out from Blake's trail. Among the six was a notable larger skeleton armed with a cutlass and flintlock and adorned with a black robe with a hat that signified a stereotypical pirate captain. Just by looking at it, the teens knew that this skeleton was the leader of the pack.

"They- they- they're immune to Dust…" Jaune panted just after his team screeched into a halt.

"What do you mean, dolt?!" Weiss scolded.

"Um… Weiss? I think we should focus on them…" Ruby stuttered as fear had engulfed her senses. It was as if the skeletons were radiating an aura of terror despite just being husks of rotting corpses.

"To hell with this! Let's go!" Yang roared with her body ready to pounce. With a burst of flame, the buxom brawler and charged at the nearest unarmed skeleton with her Ember Celica's firearm propulsion. Her actions sparked some bravery on the rest of the five teens sans Pyrrha and Blake, who were shellshocked, and commenced their attack against the fiends of calcium and rotting flesh.

Despite the ferocious and calculated combat, however, Teams RWBY and JNPR were beginning to understand why their horrified teammates had run away from these skeletons. Whenever a Huntsman-in-Training shot their weapon's firearm form at his or her foe, the Dust bullet would only turn into dust upon impacting. In the case of Nora's Magnhild, her grenades could only push the skeletons away from the explosions, thus severely limiting her bubbly yet explosive personality to go all out. Among the fighting teens, however, Ren was the one suffering the most, as his Stormflower pistols' blades were short and a shot from the skeleton captain's flintlock drained his Aura with a single shot, just as how Pyrrha was shot. Worst of all, his Semblance of masking negative emotions were absolutely useless against these decaying fiends, as they didn't care about human emotions.

With Ruby's Aura drained and Nora receiving three bleeding gun wounds, their determination to fight was destroyed. The skeleton captain laughed as his crew did the same. With the leader's finger pointing at Nora, a skeleton wearing a red bandana and wielding a rusty cutlass limped towards the crippled thundergirl.

"Let go of her!" Jaune screamed, but before he could stand up, another skeleton pointed its flintlock against his head, effectively freezing him from action. The blonde Fearless Leader could only clench his eyes as tears leaked onto his fair cheeks. Just before meeting The Aperture, Pyrrha was supposed to be killed that disastrous evening with Ruby and the Amazonian even confirming the situation. Now, in a foreign world, his other friend Nora Valkyrie was about to meet the same fate, but against former humans instead of Creatures of Grimm.

It was a nightmare, something Jaune screamed and tore at his mind to wake up from. Regret and guilt engulfed his mind. Maybe trying to be a hero was a big mistake after all.


With a loud explosion and sand kicked up in the air, the tragic drama was immediately destroyed when the five skeletons including the one about to execute Nora was blown into smithereens. Both Huntsmen-in-Training and skeletons looked for the source of the explosion, and all heads were locked on something unexpected: A Black and turquoise green with a stripe of gold-hulled Galleon. Its sails were a mix of either gold or black with a turquoise skull engraved on them. Its bow housed a figurehead of a black unicorn with a golden mane and a ghostly green horn and eyes. Its broadsides housed four cannons on each side with one of them giving out smoke, signifying that it was the savior of the teens. Then, the other dormant three cannons on its portside fired themselves, but instead of cannonballs…

...They launched people towards the skeletons.

Indeed, three people had fired themselves out of a cannon for some reason and upon landing, began fighting the skeletons. The first to land was a hooded man with his face obscured by a shadow. His attire consisted of a pitch black robe strapped with belts that hung on his waist and shoulder, holding three two flintlock pistols. His left chest housed a turquoise skull emblem while his right chest housed a steel emblem that resembled the bottom of an eagle's skull. His hood was black, and on his right hand was a mechanism that housed a small blade. Using this small weapon, the man landed directly onto a skeleton with a blunderbuss and pierced its spine, putting it to rest.

The second to land was a sixteen-year old girl. Her skin was tanned with shoulder-length ginger hair that glistened in the sun like a ruby. Her attire consisted of a dark blue navy dress with a golden cloth belt surrounding her waist. Her hands were adorned with pitch black gloves, with the right one holding a cutlass that glistened in the sunlight. On her left chest was an emblem of a turquoise skull resembling the drawings on the galleon's sail.

Finally, the last person to land was a boy with the same age as the Huntsmen-in-Training. His skin was light peach with some hints of tanning along with deep dark eyes and black hair that reached just at the top of his neck. His attire consisted of a royal indigo robe with a golden chain strapped diagonally. His left chest, just like the girl before, had the turquoise skull emblem. His belt buckle was golden, and his pants were navy blue with pitch black boots. The boy quickly wielded two identical cutlasses from their sheaths, revealing a hidden revolver, something out of place in this world, underneath.

With the third person on the island, the battle was reignited.

"Get to safety." The black hooded man warned the teens as he unsheathed his rapier and ran towards the other skeletons. As Teams RWBY and JNPR observed, the battle was rather one-sided for the three humans. The skeletons' attacks were all countered as their cutlasses were outmaneuvered and parried away by their human counterparts and their firearms' projectiles outsmarted and retaliated with more gunfire. Calcareous limbs and necks were severed and the fiends' numbers were quickly withered away. It wasn't long until all except the skeleton captain remained and the rest had either died or ran away.

"The Order of Souls' gonna like ye head, bonehead." The young girl sneered.

"Easy there, Nat. We're here for the Outworlders." The boy replied just before the skeleton charged. "I'll deal with this. Look for stragglers." With that, steel clashed against each other as the last battle of the island commenced. While the boy in indigo was using his swords to block and strike whenever his foe showed a window of attack, the other two people scattered deeper into the greenery of the island after the skeletons' trails. During the skirmish, the skeleton captain was doing its all to defend itself from the boy while occasionally having some of its ribs severed by his cutlass. Seeing that the fight was taking its time, the boy put himself into a deadlock against the skeleton and pushed it away. Then, he pulled out his revolver, he pulled the trigger three times, thus three bullets left the barrel and directly hit the forehead of the calcareous fiend. The skeleton captain was finally defeated as its form shattered, leaving only its golden head radiating ethereal cyan light from its eye sockets and its missing parietal bone.

The boy knelt down and picked the golden skull from the sand. As he was inspecting, Weiss noticed a skeleton from behind a bush near a palm tree pop up and take aim with what looked like a crude musket tied with a spyglass. The heiress had to warn their savior before he receives a bullet to his head.

"Watch out!" Weiss screamed, but just before she could run towards the boy, another crack of gunfire was heard from the galleon and within a fraction of a second, the skeleton was obliterated.

"Look!" Pyrrha pointed at the Crow's Nest, revealing a figure leaning on the mast and pointing a long range rifle at where the skeleton was. Upon closer inspection by Ruby's Crescent Rose, the figure was revealed to be an android. The robot's head was purple with metallic plates below its glowing amber eyes which acted as eyelids. Her body frame was definitely feminine, thus making the teens confirm that the android was female. Her attire consisted of a dark grey chestplate and navy blue armored leggings. She too had a turquoise skull emblem on her left chest.

"Thanks for that." The boy in indigo said to some sort of communications device with a thick antenna. RWBY and JNPR Then noticed the other two members of the ship return from their hunt and walked towards the boy.

"We got them all." The black-hooded man said with an accent.

"Not much of a challenge, dearie." the girl added with a thicker accent.

"Good job, both of you. Can't believe that we have eight outworlders this time." The boy mumbled as he turned around to face the Huntsmen-in-Training. However, upon doing so, he and the eight teens froze on their feet. The boy's face showed disbelief, while the Beacons teens showed faces of the same disbelief, shock and one face of pure rage, all because of one thing:

The boy looked exactly the same as The Aperture.

"YOU!" Yang snarled as her eyes turned blood red. "YOU BROUGHT US HERE, APERTURE!"

"Our weapons were useless against those- those skeletons! Were you trying to kill us?!" Weiss fueled the fire. However, one sentence from the boy was enough to throw the anger off course.

"...You know The Aperture?" The boy stuttered. "My name's James Suh, not that guy."

A/N: So there you have it: The prologue. The Island that Teams RWBY and JNPR were was Smugglers' Bay. I have plans of how things will unfold in the future, and hopefully follow the chronological order of Sea of Thieves from release version to DLCs.

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