"...You know The Aperture?" The boy suttered. "My name's James Suh, not him."

"...what?" Yang's anger was replaced with confusion as she analyzed the boy. Clearly, his face was exactly the same as the ethereal being that sent her and her friends here. The boy in front of them had the exact same eyes and hair. Hell, he even had the same height!

The buxom's mind refined the information into one thing: This kid was lying. She was about to explode again, but this time, it was Jaune.

"Why are you here in the first place?! Are you here to make fun of us when we were about to die?!" The blonde boy yelled.

"What the hell are you talking about?! Why do you guys look like the characters from the RWBY show?!" The boy, identified as James, yelled back. The last sentence seemed to have grabbed full attention from RWBY and JNPR, all because of that.

"D-did he just say 'characters from the RWBY show'? Ruby whispered to Weiss, who nodded.

"I-I remember The Aperture told us about a reality where all we do is part of a internet show… is this what he meant?" Weiss whispered to herself.

"What're you talking about?" The black-hooded man asked James.

"I'll explain later, Sam." James replied, patting his shoulder. "Alright, so let me ask you this: The Aperture sent you here?"

"Well, duh! You happen to look EXACTLY like him!" Yang growled.

"I was sent here by him when I was thirteen! How did you get sent here?!" The boy shouted with concern.

"Wait, you too?" Another voice interrupted the heated conversation. Everybody turned to the source, finding Blake, who had woken from her shell shock. Her shivering was now gone, but taints of fear could be seen in her wet amber eyes.

"...You're Blake Belladonna, right?" James lightly pointed at her.
"How did you know?" Weiss asked.

"Like I said, you guys look awfully similar to the main characters of RWBY… but I have no idea how I'm gonna be able to explain out here."

"What does my team's name have to do with all of this?" Ruby asked after scraping what's left of her bravery after the battle. James sighed in response and looked away. He waved his hand to his two comrades to come closer. With the three gathered around, they began to discuss.

"James, what on bloody hell's goin' on? How do you know these Outworlders?" The girl whispered with a strong accent.

"I agree with Natalie. I feel like you're hiding something from us. How are you going to tell this to Henrietta?" The black-hooded man, Sam, added.

"Look guys, it's something you none of you except me and Henrietta won't be able to understand without a deep explanation. Let's say that from where I'm from, those eight are characters of a story that I used to enjoy five years ago." James sighed. "I just can't believe that th-"

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" Yang's heated voice interrupted the pygmy conference.

"One of our friends is bleeding and you're just standing there?!" Jaune added.

"I'll explain to you all at the Wrath of Enceladus. For now, let's help these kids and treat the wounded."

"You owe us a boat-load of explanations, dear." The girl, Natalie patted the indigo boy's shoulder. With that, the three people turned back to the Huntsmen-in-Training with Sam and Natalie running for the injured Nora. James in the other hand pulled out his communication device and spoke to it.

"Henrietta, do us a favor and move the ship closer to the shore? We got an injured girl here that needs treatment."

"Got it. I'll go set the rear sails to quarter." The voice that sounded synthetic yet feminine replied. With that taken care of, James turned back to see the eager, desperate and glaring eyes of the teens of Remnant.

"I'll explain everything when we get to my ship. Will her Aura heal her?" He asked.

"Um… it will partially heal, but she's still going to need medical attention." Ren replied. "And I believe that you should explain whatever's going on." He added, looking at his childhood bubbly friend be carried away by the two people. With the ship now close to the shore, nobody had to swim, for all they needed to do was to wade through some seawater.

When Sam and Natalie came across the Galleon, a wide piece wooden plank suspended by two ropes tumbled down near them, held by the same android that shot the skeleton that attempted to ambush James.

"I'll get up there first. Gotta help Ann." James said, grabbing the ladder of the ship. But just before he could hoist himself up, a tap stopped him. He turned around to see Jaune with a face that showed nervousness.

"Um… mister?" The blonde asked. "...thanks." James smiled in response.

"No problem, Jaune. Welcome aboard the Wrath of Enceladus." The indigo robed boy nodded before climbing up to the deck.

The black and gold Galleon, named the Wrath of Enceladus, sailed off from the dreaded island as it crashed through the calm waves of liquid sparkling sapphire. Below the cloudless aquamarine sky were small islands ranging from flat cays with one or two palm trees that made themselves home at the low vegetation to rocks that looked like inanimate twins of shark fins.

The sun was slowly setting towards the west, with gold invading the aquamarine in the sky. As the sun slowly hid its form below the waterline, the gold faded to dark indigo, yet the galleon sailed on to its destination.

The mid deck of the Wrath of Enceladus was inhabited by ten people of varying ages, concentrated in the range of youths. The deck itself was dimly it, as the lanterns' flames burning all they could weren't enough. Illuminated by the grated cargo hatch was a table with a map, enchanted as it indicated the image of the galleon slowly making its way southward.

At the aft between the red barrels filled with heavy cannonballs and orange counterparts of wooden planks was Nora Valkyrie being tied with bandages by Natalie with James standing beside her holding a tray full of medicine and arcane items. Team RWBY and JNPR sans the valkyrie formed a semi-circle around the deck, observing their friend receiving crude treatment. During the medical work, James and the Huntsmen-in-Training attempted to exchange information on each other with little success. Ruby Rose decided to change that.

"So… you said that you're the captain of this ship, right…?" The Argent girl chuckled nervously.

"Yup." James replied.

"You… haven't introduced us to your crew then."

"...and yet you know who we are." Weiss added. "I would like you to please tell us how, and what you mean by the internet series."

"Whitie's right, James." Natalie said to her captain as she was preparing some poultrice for a gunshot wound. "You keep sayin' internet this, internet that. Tell us the story, bonehead."

"Nat, I've tried to teach you how to use the ThievesNet for the past two years." James chuckled. "...But I guess you're right. I'll start with the introductions first. I'm James Suh, the captain of the Wrath of Enceladus and an Outworlder. The girl that's treating Nora's Natalie Locksley. She's a native of this world and my girlfriend." He smiled at the now mentioned ginger girlfriend with a wink. Natalie's cheeks gave a tint of rose at the response.
"Shut up and pass me the grog." Natalie sighed, which James complied. She then proceeded to rub the alcoholic beverage onto the wound to clean it.

"The black-hooded man's Sam Arvidel, who's taking the helm for now. He's an Outworlder along with Henrietta-52. She's the purple-faced android that's in the Crow's Nest now. Oh, and in case you're wondering, we're pirates."

"Wait, so that android's name includes a number? What for?" Blake asked.

"You should ask her yourself for that. Oh, and if you wanna ask Sam about anything, don't go to too personal. He likes his secrets, okay?"

"O… okay?" Yang hesitantly complied along with the others.

"Good." James sighed. He then placed his tray down and turned towards the Huntsmen-in-Training. "What do you know about alternate realities?"

"The Aperture told about that when we were summoned by him." Pyrrha replied.

"...then you should have a basic grasp. My Outworlder crew are from different worlds, each of us having our own story. For example, Sam's world has yet to reach the age of flight and its industry is slowly growing. Henrietta's world is called Mundus, where humans, mages and Synthesians, which are the androids, live symbiotically. She says that her world's a technologically advanced to the point that her people had recently fully colonized their solar system."

"...wow." Was all Ruby and Jaune could say about Henrietta-52's world. Dust of Remnant had its limits beyond their atmosphere, where the substance would simply cease to function. No successful attempts of finding alternative fuel sources were documented, although some individuals such as Blake Belladonna speculates that megacorporations are behind probably hiding details.

"What about yours?" Ren asked.

"Mine?" James hummed in response. "My world's called Earth. It's technological advances in between Sam's and Henrietta's. Our space technology is kinda primitive and we've just managed to build three bases on our Moon. The last time I was there was around the year 2018, which was like five years ago, so… maybe things may have changed by now." He shrugged.

"You told us that you know The Aperture. Hell, you were even surprised when we mentioned him. How can you prove us that you're not him?" Yang asked.

"Well, I was about to get to that." James replied as he saw Natalie apply the poultice onto one of Nora's wounds. The living dynamite groaned in pain, giving winces on some of the teens. "I was also summoned by The Aperture."

"What do you mean?" Pyrrha asked.

"I… I really don't want to talk about it, but all I could say is that I met him by accident for being so gullible in the past. The Aperture gave me a second chance, although I couldn't return to Earth for a reason I don't wanna talk about." A tear dribbled down the seventeen-year-old captain's cheeks as he sniffed. "씨발, 기억하기 싫었는데… (Fuck, I didn't want to remember it…) You know what? I've dragged this on for too long. I'll tell you about the internet show thing." He quickly wiped his tear just before the Amazonian could apologize her actions of interrogating sensitive information.

"Bloody hell, James. Took ye long enough." Natalie groaned as she began to finish off her bandages.

"...Anyway, so in my world, a media and entertainment company known as Rooster Teeth aired an internet series show at the year 2013, which was ten years from now, called RWBY, directed by Monty Oum."

The Remnant teens took their time to swallow the introduction. The last part of it was stuck onto them. A show named after one of their teams? Oum? The Great Father of the Brothers? Their ultimate god? Minds were already going on pandemonium.

"Anyway, the show starred you eight as the protagonists, with you, Ruby, as the main character."

James continued to explain the eight teens of their world in the perspective of a foreigner's animated show. With every detail the young captain got right from the show to the real Remnant, RWBY and JNPR became more and more surprised, astounded, and nervous.

He got everything up to the Third Volume correct. Just after telling them about the episode about the Fall Maiden, James paused to tell them about what he knew about the truth of the Grimm; starting from the maidens themselves, Ozpin's identitiy and Salem, the Witch of the Grimm. That was a bite perhaps half of the teens too big to swallow.

"...so we've been sent to this… Sea of Thieves at the end of Volume Three… is that what you're saying?" Weiss asked.

"If what you're saying is correct, then yeah. You guys became separated with what's left of JNPR go to Mistral with Ruby to warn Lionheart." James replied, but he gritted his teeth. "그 병신새끼 (That retard)..." He snarled.

"Wh-what did you say? What was supposed to happen? You said that you watched until Volume Five!" Jaune asked in suspense and fear.

"...While RNJR was supposed to travel through Mistral, Qrow followed you around to see if you're safe until Salem sent one of her assassins to capture Ruby. You guys fended that asshole off, but your uncle got poisoned during the fight. You guys got him to Mistral in time, but… The headmaster of Haven was also a double agent after all." James snarled. In his heart, he had no idea why he would be angry at a foreign world's affair, but the stupidity of the characters of the show that he liked fueled his fire. He was about to continue until everyone heard metallic footsteps coming down from the upper deck. The person revealed to be Henrietta-52 with a single-shot breach-loaded lever action rifle slung on her back.

"Quite a story you have there, kids." The Synthesian greeted the Remnant teens before turning to her captain. "I read the map from the cargo hatch. We'll be at Golden Sands by sunrise."

"Alright." James nodded as he stood up. "Accompany Nat and the kids until the girl recovers. I'll go back to the helm."

"You want me to babysit them?" Henrietta-52 snickered.

"We're seventeen except my sister, you tin can!" Yang yelled in frustration.

"Tin can?" The Synthesian sneered. She seemed to look away in disbelief just before in a split second, the buxom brawler was lifted into the air with a metallic fist grasping her throat like a noose. The rest of RWBY and JNPR drew their weapons and configured them into combat mode in response to this threatening move. "Now listen here, flesh bag. I've been wanting to forget that word ever since I was destroyed on Mundus two years ago. I was just about to think that you were cool, but look what you did." Henrietta snarled, with her synthetic voice adding to the fear factor of Yang. The Synthesian marksman then looked at the rest of the teens. "You eight don't seem to have the Ferryman's Contract. I can kill you all and just get on with it."

"Henrietta!" James yelled with authority. "You're antagonizing them. We're supposed to take them to safety and help them adapt to the Sea. Let her go." He ordered.

A pause. The tension was thickening to the point that not even a monomolecular blade could cut through it. The pause was over when the Synthesian gave a sigh and dropped Yang and knelt down in front of her.

"I may be sorry for what I just did, but if you say that one more time, I'll skin you alive." Henrietta threatened, her words icy enough to chill the mood of the ship. "Swear that you'll never call me a tin can and I'll forget that this happened and be all cool and dandy." Yang nodded in response.

"Alright, you guys have fun. See you later, Nat." James winked at his girlfriend before walking up towards the top deck.

The salty breeze and fluttering of the sails was what he had been hearing for the past five years, but it didn't bother James. In fact, he loved it. Ever since he was young, he yearned to live in a coastal town where he could see the ivory white sands of the beach and the aquamarine waters that seemed to span beyond infinity.

Never did he thought that his worst moment of his former life lead to achieving his dream.

The pearly moon caused the seawater to glisten every time a wave carried the water away to their destination.

With his hands on the handles of the wheel, he guided his ship like a mother taking care of her infant. The helm was a place where not only the direction of the ship's heading was decided, but also a place where James falls into a pit of thought, especially during calm and lonely lights where the Wrath of Enceladus would sail alone in the waters around.

The young captain took his time to think about what had happened today. The teen was alerted by his fellow pirates at six o'clock in the morning, when a brigantine crew witness eight anomalous lights revealing themselves above Smugglers' Bay up in the north of the Shores of Plenty while they were returning from a spar with three sloops. James at first thought that this would be a prank a low-class Bilge Rat member had performed, but that changed when he discussed the event with Madame Olga of the Order of Souls of the Golden Sands Outpost. The vendor of the Order had told him that she did not sense any form of dark magic and it rather felt otherworldly, as if it shouldn't exist at all.

This sparked concern in the heart of the teen captain. This was the first time in the history of the Sea of Thieves where eight anomalies would form at the exact same location at the same time. Thus he decided to interrogate the witnesses to know how the anomaly looked like. At this time, James thought that this was way too familiar with how he himself ended up here.

The final nail in the coffin was that the anomalies were pure white and had a tint of cyan at the center of each anomaly; the exact same way James Suh had been transported to the Sea of Thieves.

He quickly sprung into action and called his crew to scramble to their ship. If the brigantine crew was telling the truth, then there would be eight Outworlders like him and his two shipmates that had been transported here. Within an hour of staking up supplies, the Wrath of Enceladus was away from Golden Sands Outpost.

His train of thought was screeched into a halt when he heard footsteps coming up from the starboard side to the quarterdeck. He looked at the direction to find Blake walking up to him. The feline beauty then leaned on fence in front of the helm wheel, which was right next to James.

"What's up, Blake?" The teen captain asked.

"I got a feeling that you didn't tell us everything." Blake replied. James sighed in response and continued to focus straight, with the sails turned left to catch the wind.

"There are some things here that I can't tell just yet. What'cha wanna know?" He asked. Blake paused to think of a question, which she did after a few seconds.

"Why did you come to find us? Did you know that we'll be on that island?"

"It's what my company does. We search for Outworlders that are involuntarily transported to the Sea of Thieves and help them on either finding their home or adapt to the environment."

"Company? What is it called? Is it like the Schnee Dust Company?" Blake poured in more questions.

"We're called the Outworlders' League and I'm the chairman. We mostly search for foreign anomalies such as Out-of-place-artifacts like batteries and phones and Scrolls and rescue new Outworlders like you guys." James replied. "Trust me, we're nothing like the SDC. I solely made the League to help people like me not die out here. We have a settlement in every outpose in the Sea, with Golden Sands being our headquarters."

"I… see." Blake replied, although her voice sounded unsure. James seemed to have sensed it and gave her an assuring pat on her shoulder.

"I'm not stopping you from asking further. I'm just stopping you from asking about secrets." No response. Sighing, the teen pirate decided to reignite the conversation. "Well, at least The Aperture sent you here with a purpose." He said.

"Huh?" Asked the curious Blake.

"As I said below, I was sent here because I was accidentally sent by him. I… um… kinda have a really bad history that he seemed to feel empathy, so he decided to give me a second chance in living by sending me to the Sea. I'm still asking myself why here of all places."

"I see."

"In your case, The Aperture sent you here because your deities requested this to happen. You have a goal to start with unlike me when I first came here at twelve years old. You guys are lucky, you know that?" Blake said nothing about that, and thus silence caught up with the two once again. "So… what did Henrietta tell you guys? How's Ya-"

"They're fine." A deep voice from behind startled both of the teens, but Blake literally jumped onto the fence with Gambol Shroud at the ready. The perpetrator was Sam Arvidel, now with his hood off of his head, revealing a bald young dark-skinned man at his mid twenties with an eyepatch on his former left eye.

"Jesus Christ on a bike, Sam! Not this again." James groaned as he clenched his beating heart, but Sam only chuckled.

"Where's the fun in coming down normally?" The man asked, then he cleared his throat. "Henrietta left her walkie-talkie on during the whole conversation. I say that the blonde and the machine had cooled down."

"He's… right." Blake confirmed.

"Well, at least there won't be any fights." James sighed in relief. "Say, what're you doing down from the Nest?"

"We all know how boring overwatch could be." Sam snorted.

"Yeah, that's why I tasked you to do it." When James joked, Sam suddenly marched towards the captain and from his right hand, a blade popped from his mechanism, something Ruby had noticed before and informed Blake.

"Whoa there. That's kinda harsh, especially for our guest here." The captain sweatdropped. But the hooded man simply laughed merrily and retracted his hidden blade.

"Sorry girl. We do this all the time." Sam apologized to Blake. "It seems that our cat guest is curious of your skull."

"W-what?" Blake yelped at the mention. She did her best to hide it away from others after her escape from Adam. How did a man that she had met merely hours ago figure out her true identity? "H-how did you know?"

"No girl that I know wears twitching oversized ribbons in the Sea of Thieves." Sam replied. "Besides, I don't care. I've fought skeletons and things in my world which not even you can comprehend." The man added. "Go on, ask about the skull."

"Um…" Blake hesitated, looking at James's feet. "I saw the skull on my way up here in the captain's chambers. What are you going to do with it?"

"What we've been doing for the past five years: sell it and get gold." James replied coolly. "It's actually the best one you can find in bounty hunt contracts."


"Blake, um… it's really hard to explain without getting to Golden Sands, so I'll give you and your friend a proper one when we get there at dawn. All you need to know now is that there are some people that pay us pirates to kill skeleton captains and retrieve their skulls, okay?"

"...okay." Blake complied. "If you're gonna tell me to go to sleep, I'm not tired."

"Smart girl." James commented with a smirk. "Thought you would be after that incident."

"That's why I can't sleep. I've made Yang lose her arm because of Adam."

"I'm sorry to push that thought in." The young captain apologized when she noticed the cat Faunus's drooped ears.

"You're free to do whatever you wish here. I'll be at the Crow's Nest if you can climb." Sam replied, but just before he was about to climb the main sail's ropes, the captain stopped him.

"Get Henrietta to do it. Why don't you familiarize with our guests?" The teen captain asked. A nod after pausing, Sam turned around and spoke to his walkie talkie.

"Even now, Sea of Thieves is kinda ironic to me. No laws, but yet we're doing fine." James sighed. It was then more footsteps were heard climbing up the quarterdeck. This time, it was Ruby and Jaune. "Oh hey guys. What brought you here?"

"Where are you taking us to? You mentioned 'Golden Sands', but where is that?" Jaune started.

"It's an outpost. Also where I mostly stay when I'm not doing pirate stuff." James replied. "Say, what brought you two here?"

"Henrietta just got up and left. She's climbing up the… um… pole…"

"She's up the mast?" James corrected, to which Ruby nodded after hesitating. "Then she's doing her job. Did you two come up here just to ask that?"

"Well, no?" Ruby replied. "We wanted to ask about this place and… how you got this ship."

"Funny to be honest, because since you're a weapons fanatic, I thought the first thing you would do would be around one of the cannons or just interrogate me about my weapons. Guess not." James shrugged.

"Oh, well um… I usually do that, but I just don't feel like doing that right now…"

"I understand, Rubes." The captain warmly assured, letting his left hand leave the wheel and pat the Argent girl's head. Ruby gave a unnoticable recoil at the nickname, and the pat, but remained motionless.

"I do wanna gush about your weapons but yeah." The girl sheepishly laughed. "How long did you have this ship? You seem to like it more than how I love my baby Crescent Rose."

"Pfft- hahaha!" Jame burst into covered laughter. "Of course I remember how you loved your weapon in the show."

"The Wrath of Enceladus was a brigantine when James convinced me to join his crew." Sam replied in behalf. "The names of our ships are engraved on our souls. We keep it until the day we officially die…"

"...just like how Aura is the manifestation of your souls, our crew bond and our ship is the manifestation of our souls." James concluded. "Oh yeah, another thing: When Nat and I started our crew, the Enceladus was just a small little sloop; that is, a one-sailed ship."
"So you're like linked to your ship like the CCT?" Jaune asked.

"Yup. All of it's magical."

"Speaking of which… I wanna ask you something, 'cause you said that Remnant's history is an internet show in your world." The blonde boy added sheepishly. "...what's my Semblance?"

"Oh yeah, that one…" James noted. "Haven't been able know until the Fifth Volume. I think it was… was it Aura Amplification or something?"

"Aura Amplification?" Jaune pressed.

"Look Vomit Boy, the show didn't show that much in-depth information. I'm pressing on my mind on what I remember from that show. What I know is that you give up some of your Aura to heal theirs. Just like a combat medic, I say."

"Wow, that's awesome, Jaune!" Ruby chirped at the mention. "Imagine how useful your Semblance would be in battle! You would make us all invincible! Nora can be a tanker, Pyrrha the dealer and… and… Jaune?" Her enthusiasm turned into concern as she, James and Sam noticed the boy's face become slightly greener. The moonlight was enough for the three to comprehend the situation.

"What's wrong, girl? Boy can't handle seasickness?" Sam teased.

"Oh crap, I forgot about that…" James groaned as he and his shipmate saw the two running for the taffrail, with the blonde hurling his face to the obsidian waters.

"This is going to be an interesting night." Sam commented. "They'll sleep sooner or later."

"Hopefully…" James muttered as the Shores of Plenty were filled with Jaune's hurls.

The aquamarine sky had returned from its slumber as the golden orb of day gave its radiating welcome to the emerald waters. The waves were forgiving and the black and turquoise Galleon merrily swam through the Sea of Thieves. In front of them was a cluster of four islands with taints of humanity in the form of wooden structures.


With the cries of the brass bell at the Captain's Chambers, eight adolescent groans followed suite with three figures; Weiss, Blake and Ren, begrudgingly dragging their exhausted legs up the deck.

"We've arrived at our destination and this is what I get?" James sighed.

"They're not goin' to last long here with that kinda attitude." Natalie giggled behind her captain-slash-boyfriend.

"Yup. Remember that last time we overslept? That was an interesting way to be sent to the Ferry of the Damned."

"Don't mention it, bonehead." The red-haired girl nudged. "Hope that Nora-lass is fine."

"She will be. I'll have to ask if the tavern-keeper can make pancakes." James noted as the rest of the teens of Remnant were now present at the upper deck.

"Mmmm… where are we?" Yang mumbled with her eyes half-open.

"We've arrived, as you can see." James replied, turning to the sight of the islands. "Golden Sands Outposts!" He yelled. "One of the six outposts out here in the Sea of Thieves. This is where we buy things! Get our pirate contracts! Sell our loot for gold! Meet new pirates and maybe even have a grog together!"

"You barely drink any grog!" Henrietta-52 yelled from the Crow's Nest.

"Yeah, bonehead." Natalie teased on. "I drink more than you. Shame on you."

"Shut up…" James grunted in defeat.

"Wow…" Ruby gasped behind her breath with both of her hands on the railing. Sure, the outpost was nothing like Vale nor Beacon in scale, but the outpost here was surrounded by the beautiful emerald sea with the islands of pearly white sands and grass green as they should be.

In the Remnant teens' standards, it was as if humanity sprinted back in time to find their roots.

"...I'm still not sure how we're going to survive this place without Dust." Weiss hesitated.
"Chill out, Ice Queen." Yang sneered. "We can survive this. Doesn't look too bad"

"Say that to the skeletons." Blake grumbled, and that dropped the mood instantly. RWBY and JNPR knew exactly how useless Dust was here and The downed mood was dissipated with a thud of the anchor capstan. The ship jolted to a halt with the starboard side plank standing on top of the wooden wharf.

"Alright then. Time to get off! Gotta show you guys around!" James's words bounced as he jumped off overboard onto the wharf, which was surrounded by individual jetties, each with multitudes of ships ranging from the measly sloops to the reliable brigantines and the mighty galleons. The rest of the members sans the crew of the galleon shrugged as they took their time to climb down the ladder and safely onto the wooden floor.

"Well, now that all of the newbies are on the outpost, let's start the tour, shall we?"

"You're starting to act like a tour guide. What is this, the Amalfi Tour?" Henrietta snarked. Her remark was ignored as James lead the Beacon students away from the galleon. The first to be introduced was a small shed with a stout but strong woman with fair skin and ruddy hair hammering two wooden planks together on a wooden keel hanging above the water by ropes and wooden cranes. Judging by how she was ordering other workers on the unfinished vessel, she was the head of the operation.

"That's the shipwright and the woman over there's Sharon. She's responsible for modifying us pirates' ships and giving complete repairs."

"HUH?! DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?!" The strong woman, now identified as Sharon, yelled at the gang's direction. Of course, RWBY and JNPR recoiled at the sudden outburst, but was left with confusion when they saw no hostility on the shipwright's face.

"Um… forgot to tell you that she's kinda deaf." James sheepishly noted. "Moving on…" He then pointed at the other side of the wharf, where there was a small elevated platform, with a formally dressed woman checking a wooden clipboard. Beside the woman was a large map of some region along with a two-dimensional wooden globe. Below the platform was a blackboard with a list of prices of certain items drawn on it. "That's the Merchant Alliance's node on this outpost. They're one of the three Trading Companies that keep the economy of the Sea of Thieves rolling."

"They seem like they're responsible for the trade, I guess." Weiss noted.

"Right. It's worth a lot of money doing their contracts, so you can see pirates transporting animals or even exotic products to outposts."

"Time is literal money for them." Sam added. "They will not take your cargo if not delivered on time, which is one week."

"Just as Sam said." James nodded as the last of the gang's feet left the wharf and onto the grass. The first thing RWBY and JNPR noticed was a small black tent with golden edges. An insignia of a golden key was also drawn on the black cloth, too. Inside was a rather lanky man with a split beard. His skin was peach just like James, but what threw the teens off, especially Pyrrha and Ren, was the fact that parts of his body was coated with literal gold. His right sinus and cheek along with all of his fingers were as if it was replaced with the precious metal like prosthesis. Behind the man were heaps and heaps of gold, be it in chests and sacks.

"Wh-who are those guys?" Jaune asked, shakily pointing at the man as he played with a gold coin.

"Eew, he just kissed the coin." Nora bletched.

"Gold Hoarders, am I right?" Natalie winked at her boyfriend. "Don't worry, lass you'll get over them." She patted the valkyrie.

"Right. Since you're pretty good at solving riddle maps, why not tell them?" James smiled at his girlfriend.

"'bout time I did that, ye?" Natalie giggled. "Gold Hoarders. Ye think of pirates, ye think of gold, hm?"

"Well… yeah?" Yang replied.

"Good! 'Cause those boneheads are goin' to be your one and only door of getting treasure!" The ginger pirate chirped. "They have the Master Treasure Key, which lets them open every single treasure chest you find."

"But um… question? Let's say that we manage to find a chest. Can't we just keep the thing for ourselves?" Pyrrha inquired.

"You can try, lass. Good luck with that." Natalie winked in response.

"Anyway!" James patted his girlfriend's shoulder. The houses here all have a purpose. They're mostly shops, where you can buy some clothes that fit pirate standards, tools and weapons. Don't expect machine guns, Ruby."

"Weapons?! That'll be soooo useful! Will they be better than Crescent Rose?! Gosh no, what was I thinking? Nothing'll be better than my baby! How can it b-" It seemed that the Argent girl's arsenal enthusiasm returned as her love for her scythe-rifle gushed out like the waterfall of Crook's Hollow, but her charade was screeched to a halt by a strong hand of her buxom sister.

"She's like that." Yang apologized. "Well, since you watched the show, did you um… expect it?"

"Yes, in fact. She did brag about her scythe alot in the shows." James replied, then turned to Ruby. "Say, since you like weapons so much…" At his words, the Argent girl's eyes sparkled in anticipation.

"Gosh, are you gonna give us free weapons?! Is it a gun that shoots more guns?! Is it-"

"...do you have the money to do so?"


The glimmer in her eyes were gone, and so did her smile.

"Well, we have this." Jaune intervened, handing the teen captain a familiar plastic card. Taking the said card, James inspected every single atom of it.

The front side of the Remnant's currency was light green just like some currencies of his world, such as the 10,000 Korean Won and the 20 Australian Dollar note. Just like an American banknote, each corner had a oval, but unlike Earth, Liens had its symbol of the letter 'L' with two horizontal strokes instead of the number of the value. At the center of the note was the globe of Remnant with every continent drawn on it. Flipping the note on its back, James noted its synthetic white blankness with only one electronic black line, used for scanning.

"So you guys use expendable credit cards as basic currency?" Henrietta-52, who had just left the Wrath of Enceladus and caught up with the crowd, asked.

"Well, I guess that's right." Jaune sheepishly nodded.

"Useless." James sighed as he returned the Lien card. "Follow me. There's a few more things I need to show you in this outpost." He said before turning around and walking to a two-storey house with a sign of an angled eye on its first floor.

"Useless?! This is our currency! Even though you can say that we cannot use it here, that doesn't give you the right to berate it!" Weiss scolded, but it was ignored by Enceladus's crew as they walked to the house.

Upon approaching the dark clothed building, RWBY and JNPR started to feel an eerie sensation, as if someone was spying on them. Worst case, Pyrrha and Blake felt like someone was pointing a blade on their throats. Seeing that James was the only one to enter with the scarily illuminated golden skull that he had collected from the skeletons and Natalie, Sam and Henrietta staying behind, the eight Remnant teens decided to do what the shipmates were doing.

"Why is he the only one to go there?" Blake asked Sam.

"It's small in there." Sam answered.

"What even is that place anyway?"

"That room is a company node of the Order of Souls." Natalie replied in behalf. "They contract pirates like us into bounty hunts against skeleton captains."

"So… um… were you in a bounty hunt when you found us?" Pyrrha asked.

"Nay, those boneheads were just coincidences. Their captains' skulls are what the Order wants, and we give them and get money. Simple as raising the anchor." It was then James walked out of the room, but instead of the golden skull he had twelve bags of gold on both his hands, half and half. Despite each bag seemingly small and equal to its brethren, some of them had rips on their fibrous hides with golden luster emitting from their contents.

"You guys should've seen the face of Madame Olga when I gave her the Villainous." James remarked. "A thousand two-hundred and ninety-six coins." He added as he shook the bags to make sure they jingled.

"That's nothing compared to how far we are on the Sea." Henrietta rolled her optics. "I would just take another voyage if I were you."

"Well, this is pretty good coming from an unexpected encounter." The captain defended.

"How much is that compar-" Just before Yang could ask, a pouch of coins made its way onto her hands which instinctively raised to defend her body. This was the case of the rest of RWBY and JNPR too.

"Y'all gonna need it." Natalie commented as she caught her own bag of coins. "Barely more than a Castaway's." Confused at the comment, the teens decided to open their bags.

In the perspective of Ruby, all she was expecting were those measly coins that she would come across in her homeworld in the form of change. She did hear about the times before Lien cards were a thing from Blake and Weiss's notebooks of Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck's history classes, but all they were were silver, bronze or copper. What could she expect here…


Her bag was filled with glistening gold coins.

"Oh… wow…" Ruby gasped as she picked one coin for inspection. Its head was engraved with a eyepatched skull with menacing looks while its tail was a compass, along with a strange-looking letter 'R' engraved on the center.

"Forty-five coins each of you eight." James pointed.

"It isn't much, but you're gonna need it." Sam said.

"Not much?! This is pure gold! This would be worth tens of thousands of Lien in Remnant!" Weiss interjected.

"That yer currency in yer world? Those cards? Where's the gold at?" Natalie scoffed. "Fuck this, mate. James, meet me at the tavern. I need a grog." She sighed, walking to the largest building and the most populated of the outpost, which was now identified as the tavern.

"...Are you sure you're okay with letting a girl younger than most of us drink alcohol?" Ren asked.

"There are a lot of things we all want to forget. Natalie from what I learnt from her, has it the worst." James replied, sadly. "Anyway, that building she went to? That's the tavern." He added, pointing at the said building at the central island, connected by a wooden bridge.

"It's where pirates gather around and eat, gather new crew and drink. There are also the Bilge Rats, eavesdroppers who challenge pirates to go on adventures for coin." Sam added. "Very useful, those Bilge Rats. Always giving us the recent informations."

"And finally…" James's enthusiasm peaked up once again when he pointed at a stall adjacent to the tavern with green cloth as a roof. There was a desk filled with outworldish objects such as a laptop, walkie-talkie and radio equipment. Behind the stall was a angled basement door that seemed to take its user somewhere below near the tavern. Inhabiting the stall was a man wearing a green suit, reading through a list.

"...we have the Outworlders' League! This is what we outworlders been making since I was fifteen when it was founded. The League specializes in searching and retrieving outworldish artifacts that ended up in the Sea of Thieves and search and rescue outworlders like you."

"Consider this as your new home, kiddos." Henrietta added. "We also specialize in helping our fellow outworlders to adapt to this world. That's what we're going to do to you eight."

"That's… interesting." Blake commented.

"It'll be very helpful as Dust is useless in this world." Ren commented. "We need every bit of help we could get.

"Smart man." Sam commented.

"I don't understand how living in a world of piracy is going to help us, but I agree with Ren." Weiss added. James nodded at the heiress's response.

"I don't know how the Grimm actually are, but if the Aperture sent you here for dangerous training, then you're welcome here." The teen captain commented. He then turned to his shipmates. "You guys know your passwords, right? I'll tell these guys later when I come back."

"Where are you going?" Henrietta asked.

"Well, standard procedures."

"You usually send the shopkeeper to do it." Sam added. "Are they special to you in some degree?"

"Look, just get them inside to the headquarters, okay? Come on, we've spent enough time out here and I need to keep Nat sane in the tavern." James sighed with a hand raised. He turn turned to RWBY and JNPR again. "I'll be right back. Follow these two in, and we'll continue the discussion."

"But where are you going?" Ruby asked.

"Oh, I have some business to do…" James cemented his excuse with his eyes rolling leftward. "...and Nat. Remember where she went? Exactly. See you guys later." With that, he walked away from the green stall and back to the wharf. He made his way to the shipwrights' site, where James found the head of the construction team, the same deaf but strong and large ginger woman.

"OH, HELLO JAMES! WHAT DO YOU NEED?!" The woman yelled. The words pinched James's eardrums, but he had endured this for half a decade. He returned the words with a warm smile. He pulled out a small blue notebook and pen, something outworldish in the Sea of Thieves, and started to scribble some words onto it. Once done, he showed the written words to the woman.

I would like you to build two Sloops.

Upon reading, the shipwright raised an eyebrow.


New Outworlders. Eight of them have arrived. You've seen them when we disembarked from my Galleon.

The woman looked away in thought with a notable hum that wasn't yelling.


I can handle the money. Can you make both of them within three weeks?

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James Suh is the captain of the galleon. He is a seventeen year old outworlder born in South Korea, Earth who arrived at the Sea of Thieves at the age of twelve. His primary armament consists of two cutlasses and a Webley Revolver found in Barnacle Cay during one of his voyages.


Natalie Locksley is a sixteen year old pirate born in the Sea of Thieves. She was sold by her father to a tavern as a slave, which was frowned upon by the Ferryman. James rescued Natalie when she was thirteen and they started their own crew on a sloop. They eventually fell in love. Her primary armament consists of a Blunderbuss and a cutlass.


Sam Arvidel is a twenty-two year old young African man from the Assassin's Creed Universe during the early 19th century. He was an assassin in the industrial England until he mishandled an ancient artifact which sent him to the Sea of Thieves. His armament consists of the signature hidden blade, rapier and five flintlock pistols.


Henrietta-52 is a Synthesian, sentient androids built to coexist with humanity in the world of Mundus where advanced technology and magic coexist. She was a member of a militia group of the country of Orotina, an analogical nation of Earth's South American countries. She ended up in a Sea of Thieves after mishandling a magical artifact found in an ancient temple. Her primary weapon is an Eye of Reach modified to be breach loaded, work as a lever action and fire cartridges.

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