Hello guys and welcome to a new story that have come up with now. This was derived from an idea of Ven-Van fighting Terra and lording it over him. But, it spawned into something much bigger after alot of though. This is a deviation of BBS events as well. I have much planned out for this story, so I hope you all stay along for the wild ride. Also, thanks to my friend RikuKingdomHearts again for helping to edit this (and for challenging me to write this). So go check out their page and read. Anyways, enough of my rambling. Let's get to the story!

Chapter 1

The fighting waged on for quite the length of time. Ventus moved in to strike his former master, only to be caught by his dark magic. A cold, dark hand tightened around his face as he struggled to break free, but it was no use. Suddenly, his body felt numb, and he could no longer move any part of his body. Slowly, his body was turning to ice, as it seems Xehanort had used some dark spell on him. He could still hear everything going on as he was held helplessly. He heard some audible mumbling from the darkness infused former Master as he released Ventus. However, he had been held over the edge of a cliff, so Ventus knew that he was falling. There was nothing he could do but to take the pain.

Just then, out of the corner of her eye, Aqua witnessed Ventus falling. She stood in shock for a brief moment before rushing forward, in fear of her friend's life.

"Ven!" she called out loudly as he approached the ground rapidly.

Aqua dove forward, caring not for her own safety. Just as Ventus was about to hit the ground, she made her way under him and softened the impact as he landed in her arms.

"Oh, Ven…" she almost sighed in anguish over what had happened to him.

Ventus barely stifled out a word. "A...qua…" he muttered through almost frozen lips.

He attempted to move his body more as he grunted in pain. Aqua caressed his head as she tried to think of a way to get him out of this situation. As she is focused on Ventus, she heard a voice in the distance. She turned her head sharply to the right to see a man. He had long, black hair that was done in a ponytail, one eye was uncovered while the other was hidden by an eyepatch, and a long scar stretched down the left side of his cheek. He looked at Aqua with a sly grin that seemed to cover most of his face. It was Braig.

"Why, hello Master Aqua. Seems you're in quite the predicament. While you're down here, Terra is up fighting Xehanort. Don't you want to get Terra back for killing your master? What was his name again...oh, Eraqus," Braig finished as he kept his smirk active.

"What? Terra, it wasn't his fault. Don't try to turn me against my friends like that. It won't work like you think," Aqua stated bluntly to him.

Still cradling Ven in her arms, she felt a slight movement from him. She looked down to see him glaring furiously at Braig, like he had done something to him. Aqua needed no more proof as she then considered the man hostile. She left Ven lying there, promising to get him out of this. She marched over to Braig, keyblade in hand, ready to fight.

Braig retorted, "Well, it seems the negotiations have fallen through. Oh well."

He readied his arrowguns as it seemed the battle with Aqua was eminent. Aqua charged towards him as he started to fire his weapons in a constant barrage. The two of them battled until Braig had enough. He panted as Aqua stepped back, readying her keyblade to go again should the man choose to do so.

"Heh, I think I see why they call you a master now. Well that's it for me," he said to Aqua.

Braig turned around and ran off away from Aqua as she called after him.

"Hey wait, where are you going. Oh well, it doesn't matter...Ven!" she screamed, realizing she had to get back to him.

Aqua turned around, but Ven was no longer there. She looked desperately to try and see where he had gone. She heard something rustle above her as she looked upward.

The boy stood above the cliff, just below where Aqua was. He saw his opportunity and jumped. He free fell down towards the keyblade master, hoping to surprise her as she seemed distracted. As he got closer to her, he noticed her look up towards him, but it was too late. Aqua made a small step backward as the keyblade was swiped down in front of her. As her vision waned, she caught a glimpse of a keyblade with a gear shape and a blue eye. Holding the keyblade was a boy with black hair.

"Va...nitas-" she tried to say as she passed out.

"Hmpf, that was easier than I expected. Now for the real fun."

Vanitas walked over to the still frozen Ventus lying on the ground, grinning slyly at his other half as he looked down upon him.

"It seems you are helpless now. So weak...but it's okay. Soon, we will be one again...in body, and in mind," Vanitas said as a slight chuckled erupted from his mouth.

Ventus glared up at Vanitas with a hateful stare, knowing in his mind what the other planned to do. Vanitas took his keyblade, Voidgear, and struck Ventus in his heart, or rather what was left of his split heart. He then took it and stabbed his his own heart. The both of them began to glow, a faint white light emanating from around their bodies. The light grew stronger and stronger until the two of them were encompassed by it completely as they both vanished.

Terra continued his battle with Xehanort above the cliff. He was slowly losing ground as Xehanort played with his mind, attempting to sway Terra to use the darkness.

"Yes, that's right boy. Give into the darkness. You know it fuels you...gives you more power. You will become my new vessel. Out with the old, brittle body...in with the newer, stronger one…" his voice trailed off into a whisper.

Xehanort noticed the white light and knew what had happened, a sly grin coming across his darkened face. Terra, noticing his attention waver behind him, averted his gaze and looked behind him. He saw Aqua lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. Anger boiled up inside of him and surround his body as he could not contain it.

"Xehanort!" he yelled. "What have you-"

As he turned back towards Xehanort, there was nothing there. He was gone. Throwing caution aside, Terra rushed over to where Aqua was immediately, hoping to help his friend.

Glimpses of light fluttered before her eyes. Aqua blinked a few times, trying to gather where she was. As her eyes came open, she saw Terra in front of her face, his mouth moving. She focused herself on hearing so that she could make out the words that he was trying to say.

"Aqua...you're awake. I'm glad," Terra said as he gave a warm smile.

Aqua wanted to smile back, but she finally remembered what had happened. Ventus had been frozen. She was trying to take care of him. Braig then distracted her. And then…

"Ventus. Where is he? We need to find him. And Vanitas...he came at me from above." Aqua stood quickly as she spoke.

"I'm...not sure. I never saw them. I was fighting Xehanort, but then he just vanished quickly without saying a word," Terra said, a confused look coming across his face.

Aqua and Terra stood together as they both resolved to find Ventus and figure out what was going on. They proceeded to look everywhere that they had been previously, but were unable to find anything. They continued the search for an untold amount of time, not able to keep track of where they were. Their determination to find Ventus was strong and solid. Finally, after what seemed like hours of searching, they saw an outline of a figure in the distance. As they got closer, they noticed Ventus's hair, though his clothes look slightly different.

"Ven!" Aqua shouted as she ran closer to him, not caring about any possible changes.

"Aqua wait, we don't want to be too hasty," Terra said, trying to slow her down.

She approached Ven and placed a hand on his shoulder, her face welling in tears at the sight of him again. He slowly began to turn around. As he did, she saw his familiar face again; however, once he finally made the full turn, she gasped at what she saw.

"No...Ven...Vanitas did this to you didn't he?" she begged the boy.

He looked like Ventus, but he also looked like Vanitas as well. His right eye was blue, but the left eye was a pure gold. He was wearing Ven's clothes, but the black bodysuit of Vanitas could be seen under it, the arms covered in it all the way down. His hair was the same style as before, albeit a shade darker than it was. As he stared at Aqua and Terra, a grin came across his face that was not befitting to see Ventus make.

"Yes, I am Ventus, but I am also Vanitas. We used to be one, and now, I have joined my makeshift body back to this one so we can be that again."

The voice was a mixture of both Ventus and Vanitas, giving off a strange echo effect when he spoke. It was as if they had not completely fused back into one being. Their minds were still separate, but the body was one.

He held out his hand, and summoned a large, strange-looking keyblade. It appeared to be two kingdom keys formed together in the shape of an X. It has a filigree that is a bluish yellow mixture and expands evenly on both sides, with a long silver blade surrounded by golden trim that extends out towards. The weapon was much larger than regular keyblades as well.

"This is the X-blade, an ancient weapon that served as the protector of Kingdom Hearts. And-" he paused as he grabbed his head and shook it a bit.

"Stop trying trying to control me!" he shouted loudly.

"No, just accept me back into you so we can be stronger!" he shouted again.

Terra and Aqua looked at each other, wondering what was going on exactly.

"It's... like they are arguing with each other over being joined again. What should we do?" Aqua questioned as she looked at Terra for answers.

Terra looked over at the boy, this Ventus-Vanitas combination, and then back to Aqua. "I'm not sure, but I'm willing to bet Xehanort is behind all of this. If he would just show himself."

Terra gritted his teeth in anger as the darkness began to rise around him again. He felt a soft touch on his shoulder to see that it was Aqua's hand. She had a look in her eyes as though begging him to not give into the darkness. He calmed himself as they looked on. After a few seconds, Ven-Van stood back up straight.

"Sorry about that, it seems our 'union' is still not complete. But, it is more than enough now to defeat you two." He readied his blade in a confident stance.

Aqua and Terra summoned their Stormfall and Ends of the Earth keyblades respectively and took their stances. Then, Ven-Van charged at them.

As he approached, both Terra and Aqua dodged out of the way to avoid his strikes, attempting to gauge his movements and his power. As he brought the X-blade down where they both were standing, the sheer force from its impact caused the ground to split. Terra and Aqua were shocked at the power that he possessed, not knowing if even they would be able to defeat him. The boy straightened up and turned his attention towards Aqua.

He walked slowly towards her as she started to run towards him. As soon as she was near him, she started to swing her keyblade, but she stopped as soon as she saw Ven's face. She couldn't bring herself to strike her friend...or rather, the being that looked like her friend. As she wavered for a brief second, a stern kick collided with her abdomen, causing her to buckle over in pain.

Terra saw this and sprinted over to try and defend Aqua. Ven-Van readied his keyblade and met Terra's as the two clashed, sparks flying briefly. Terra gritted his teeth as he tried to hold him back, but then, he looked at the one he was facing and only saw Ven. He allowed his stance to waver and his grip to loosen and was flung backwards by the force of the X-blade. He landed on the ground beside Aqua as they both looked up at the boy who used to be Ventus.

How were they going to fight him? They couldn't bring themselves to hurt their friend, because he was obviously still in there. However, if they didn't try something, then they wouldn't be able to save him.

"Terra, we have to do something. I don't want to fight Ven, but I can't stand to see him like this."

"Yea, I agree. But what can we do without hurting him? Besides, his power is massive."

"I don't really know, but we have to try. There's got to be a way!"

They both finally resolved themselves to fight against the fusion of Ventus and Vanitas. They stood back up, firm in their decision to fight.

The boy spoke calmly. "Oh, so you've decided to fight then? Good...let's see what you've got."

He walked slowly towards Aqua and Terra as they did the same to him. Each of them broke into a run as they raised their weapons before a brilliant clash of keyblades happened.

After the long and arduous fight, they were no match for the new power of the Ventus and Vanitas merger. Aqua nor Terra had truly been able to fight against him without having doubts in their hearts and minds about hurting Ven. Their resolve was not as strong as they once thought.

Terra stood there, bent over as he fell to a knee. He huffed loudly as he tried to catch his breath. Blood dripped from his head and ran down his face as it pooled in front of him on the ground. He tried to continue holding up his keyblade, but his arms failed him as they fell limp to his side. The keyblade hit the ground with a thud. More blood trailed down his arms and trickled down onto his keyblade. His head was lowered in defeat, but also because he didn't want to look Ven-Van in the face, the pain was too great.

Suddenly, there were footsteps. The boy marched slowly toward Terra as he held his keyblade down to his side. His pace was slow as he decided to take his time to let Terra know exactly how he felt. As he reached the befallen Terra, he extended his free hand, placing it under Terra's chin and picking his face up to meet his own. There was a sadistic grin on his face.

"Wow Terra, is that all you have? I expected much more out of you. And you wanted to be a keyblade master. What a joke!" the fused voice of the boys said in unison.

Terra was pained to see Ventus's face and hear those words coming from him. He looked upon him with saddened eyes. He wanted to say something, but he could not do it.

With a sly grin spread across his face, he then spoke again. "What's wrong? Can't stand to hurt your precious Ven?" he questioned, with eyes narrowed and indicating maliciousness.

Then, their head shook a bit, as if Ventus and Vanitas were fighting for control again.

"Quit trying to fight this Ventus. Just accept what has happened."

"No I won't! But, I don't want to see them hurt either."

"Hmpf, you act soft, but I can feel your true heart. You're actually a bit glad that you were able to beat Terra aren't you? Always having been jealous of his strength."

"No that's...not it at all."

Finally, he shook his head again, and Vanitas was able to wrest control back again. Upon seeing this, Terra regained the composure to try and speak to him again.

"Vanitas! Let Ventus go. He doesn't want to be a part of you anymore."

Ven-Van looked at Terra with a bland look in his eyes, the smirk he once had was gone. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the rustling of rubble. He looked over to where he had sent Aqua to see her standing there. Her body was covered in scratches, and her head was dripping a bit of blood. She saw Terra kneeling there and ran up to him and stood in front.

"Ven stop! I know you're in there. Please, just come back to us," Aqua pleaded with him. She was exhausted as well, and was barely able to stand.

The boy looked upon her, giving the same look that he gave Terra just a moment ago.

"You two… You just can't accept it. Things have changed. We have become one again as I told you before. You're all the same. You...the old man. Never accepting us for who we really are!" Ventus and Vanitas shouted in unison, for once, both having the same feelings

Vanitas and Ventus inwardly stared at each other, both of them having felt the same thing about the situation. For once, it seemed that they both understood each other. Ventus still did not want to hurt Terra and Aqua, but he also had pent up feelings about how he was different. Vanitas seemed to understand his feelings on this, but he soon wrested control back.

"Well, if you can't accept the new me, then I guess you're not needed anymore," the boy sneered at them.

He raised his keyblade as power welled up inside of it, emitting a bright light. He then brought it down in front of Terra and Aqua in a swiping motion down and to the left. Terra and Aqua brought their keyblades up to defend themselves at the last moment, blocking the blow. However, they were much too weakened, while he was still almost at full power. He put a bit more force behind his keyblade and knocked them both back. Their keyblades dispelled finally, as they had not enough power left to summon them.

He walked forward towards him and raised the X-blade once more.

"This is goodbye...my friends." The last part of that came out forced as a tear trailed down the one blue eye that the boy now possessed.

As he was bringing the keyblade down, he stopped as he heard an all too familiar voice.

"Just what are you doing boy?" a cold and snarling voice said from behind all of them.

Vanitas glanced behind him to see Xehanort walking towards them, his hands behind his back as he was hunched over, which was how he always presented himself. Vanitas's eyes narrowed slightly at seeing Xehanort, wondering just what he was doing there now.

Xehanort smirked at all of them. "I've come...to collect what is mine."

Well, there we have the end of chapter 1 of this new story. I hope that you all enjoyed it, and I have plenty of material planned for this. I'm going to try to update it as often as possible. If you liked it, let me know! As always, until the next time!