By now it is obvious that I am not fit to write a OPM story. Not on this website or anywhere at all.

So I'll be handing the story over to SSJ Subaru.

SSJ Subaru does not have a fetish and will most likely do a better job than me. I already know it. He'll most likely remove all the cringe that I was too lazy to remove and also remove the fetish scenes.

My hope is to see SSJ Subaru do a better job and that I'll get to enjoy reading his ideas.

We agreed that he will call the story "Alt: Punch" I hate the name but he loves it so it's his problem now.

He already has one story where he gave Gohan a temporary Nerf to balance the beginning chapters so maybe some DBZ readers might like that.

Good luck to SSJ Subaru.

My interests are in Re:Zero-Spartan lll.