Neopets Story

Stylesheet glared at the water as she fished for the thousandth time. She wanted the Glistening Mechafish that she had seen another pet fish up.

"This is the time." She muttered as she felt the fishing rod bob. "Ha!" She pulled the rod out.

"Crap." She muttered as she pulled the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water off her hook.

She heard her younger sister IgOtNoCoOkIe fly up to her. "Didja get it?"

"No. Just the stupid flask." She sulked. "I think Scoica might like it though."

"Why not just buy it?" The Mutant Draik said. "I mean with your luck so far…"

"No! I want to find it myself!" The Maraquan Hissi snapped.

"Sis, you've maxed out your fishing level." IgOtNoCoOkIe said. "You're making us major bank. The Glistening Mechafish is 13 neopoints. Just buy it."

"No! I do not want to buy it!" Stylesheet snapped as she flicked her rod back in. "I want one that is MINE and ONLY MINE!" She said as the nearby pets shuffled away.

"Well, okay." IgOtNoCoOkIe said from the ceiling. She grasped the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water close. "Maybe Turnip will get to her." She muttered as she flew down and away.

* * Lutari Island * *

"Hey, Turnip!" IgOtNoCoOkIe flew in. "Stylesheet's going a bit crazy. Can you go get her loot next time?"

"Really, CoOkIe?" The Relic shaman said from his place. "Surely she's fished whatever's she's going for by now."

"Nope, really weird too." The Draik settled down. "You think that this will change you back?" She held out the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water.

"Hmm…" Turnip526 looked at the item. "No, I may look different but I'd still be stone underneath."

"Well, maybe Scoica will want it!" IgOtNoCoOkIe perked up. "I'm gonna go find her!" She flew off in search of her ever changing sister.

* * Underwater Fishing Cavern * *

"Mwhahaha!" The Maraquan Hissi laughed insanely as she held the long coveted item up high. "Finally I got the Glistening Mechafish!"

Turnip526 stared at his much younger sister. "Right then. She's good now."

"The final shiny item!" Stylesheet laughed and quickly left.

"Wait, what?" The Cybunny asked. "She was going after that?"

Turnip526 sighed. "She'll go after anything shiny or sparkly."

"So, she's got Sloth's Shiny Head?" The Krawk at the end of the pier said.

"Yep, and pretty much everything but the Glistening Mechafish." Turnip526 said. "We got some serious bank now."

"And you've lost that source of income." The Cybunny grinned.

"Nah, it'll just take a while for me or one of my sisters to get that kind of level." Turnip526 turned and left.

* * Cave Under Lutari Island * *

Stylesheet chiseled the rock away. The mists surrounding her owner's NeoHome easily hid her cave of shinies. Once the niche was carved, Stylesheet put her new treasure up into it and turned to the pile of Bags of Broken Neopoints.

It was time to start making non-shiny stuff shiny.

So, yeah. The prompt was "Your character decides to go fishing but catches something entirely unexpected."

Stylesheet is super obsessed with anything shiny/sparkly. So she goes after every shiny/sparkly item from the Underwater Fishing Cavern.

I randomly chose the Glistening Mechafish.

Turnip526 is Relic and staying stone because he messed up his first major solo spell and turned to stone. He'll always be stone because magic.

Normally Lutari Island is covered by mists and seems to be run down. However you can make your Neohome there… Which I did. So, yeah.

Also Scoica is my Secret Laboratory Ray pet at the moment and would love the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water that changes your pet's color randomly…

Um… That's it I think.