Three months had passed since Toshinori and Izuku became permanent fixtures in each other's lives. Truth be told, it was largely a learning process for both of them. Izuku had to get used to having the sole attention of an adult again, combined with a new school and trying to make friends. Toshinori had to get remember that he was shopping and cooking for another, too, in addition to having to clean up a bit more than he normally might. The other issue with the arrangement that Toshinori hadn't accounted for was the dent it put into his hero duties.

Knowing that he had to keep up appearances, he had broken down and contacted his old sidekick, Nighteye, to see if the Foresight-using pro could, well, see a solution. The answer was less than ideal in the number one hero's mind.

Sitting in his home office,Toshinori had a look between annoyance and disgust on his face as he looked over his once-sidekick's plan. "I don't like this, Nighteye. Using your plan, I'd basically be treating my heroing like a nine-to-five."

Nodding as he crosses his legs, Nighteye fixed his glasses before elaborating. "In all of my predictions, it is the best for you and young Izuku, in the long term. With this plan, you can make sure that he can have some structure and stability in his life, along with preserving your health to better enable you to take care of him. By using this plan, I predict that you can have him ready for One for All by the time he's thirteen, and able to handle one hundred percent of it by the time he graduates."

Taken aback at that last comment, Toshinori scratched his chin, never having revealed his plan to give the boy his power. "I never said I was going to do that."

Nighteye smirked; it was obvious he knew his old mentor far too well. "I know, but it came up when I was doing my predictions. In almost every single simulation, you end up being impressed by him and decide to give it to him. Considering what I see him do with it? You could have chosen worse. I recommend starting a light fitness regimen with him within the next month or so, encouraging him to chase his dream of becoming a hero, with or without a quirk. Mention getting into U.A., if he seems reluctant at all."

Letting out an aggravated sigh, Toshinori sank into his chair, slightly defeated. "Your quirk is so useful, but I always feel like we're manipulating fate when you tell me stuff like that."

Smiling, knowing he had basically won, Nighteye put the last nail in the coffin for his mentor's reluctance. "Did I mention that by doing this, you'll actually be able to continue your career until Izuku graduates, instead of in roughly five years, if you just carried on as you want?"

Grunting, All-Might didn't deny it, as he knew he'd caught on to his plan to continue as he had before the incident. "Well… That is an improvement, I suppose. How will this affect crime between now and when Izuku can pick up my mantle?"

Leaning forward and taking the stack of papers from the skeletal man's hands, Nighteye shuffled through them before placing them back down on the table. "This year, there would be a roughly five percent increase in petty crime, accompanied by a nearly fifteen percent increase in supervillain activity. We can reduce this slightly by talking with certain key agencies, but it would result in a loss to your image and have long term negative effects that would result in worse numbers in approximately two years and climbing slowly, until after Izuku graduates and starts his own career. With the current plan, the numbers would remain mostly stable, barring some fluctuations, with a small jump in four years."

Looking a bit more somber now, Nighteye's eyes are almost begging his mentor, as he asks, "Please, at least consider following this plan. I left it as open as I felt safe, and I truly think it is the best case scenario. If you won't do it for me, do it for the world. In no scenario are you able to keep up as the symbol of peace for more than five years. This plan gives us the least amount of time between you needing to step down and he can step up."

It's clear that the future-seer had more to say, but the conversation was cut short as the front door opened. "Mister Yagi, I'm home!" Came the voice of Izuku, the eleven-year-old having just gotten back from school. The young man was slightly winded, which was the downside to having a driveway longer than most city blocks.

Chuckling, Toshinori stood up, opening his office door, mischief playing in his eyes. "Over here, young Izuku. I'm in my office with an old friend. Maybe you'll recognize him?"

Sir Nighteye had not seen this coming, the small prank blindsiding him as Izuku rounded the corner, backpack still in hand. He looked up at the tall pro hero, confused for only a moment before his eyes lit up with recognition. "You're Sir Nighteye! You used to be one of All Might's sidekicks!" It was obvious the young man wanted to ask another thousand things, but Toshinori had, thankfully, curbed his inquisitiveness slightly during his stay.

Smiling at him, Nighteye offered him a hand. "And you must be Toshinori's young ward. I've heard nothing but good things about you from him." Shaking the hand happily, Izuku swelled with joy at one of his idols having a good impression of him.

Getting up and ruffling Izuku's hair, Toshinori comes up to him, chastising him slightly, "Yeah, the only complaint I have is that he still insists on calling me 'Sir' or 'Mister'. How many times do I need to tell you, Toshi is fine, kid?"

Blushing a bit, Izuku chuckled slightly before apologizing. "Sorry Mister-, I mean Toshi."

Shrugging, he just let out a sigh, "Eh, it's a start."

Nighteye can't help but chuckle lightly at the byplay between the two of them before grabbing his jacket. "Well, I'll be off, then. You have all of my findings, and I think that you should seriously consider this course of action, Toshinori." Looking down to his mentor's son, he offers him a small smile. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Izuku." With that, he showed himself out, Izuku too in shock to do much else beside watch him leave.

Toshinori gave Izuku a one armed hug, pulling him from his awe at meeting a pro hero. "Come on Izuku, let's get started on your homework, and you can tell me if anything interesting happened at school."

The prompt was more than enough to get Izuku going, excitedly telling his guardian about his day.

Toshinori had resigned himself to going through with the plan his former sidekick had given him, but that didn't mean he was happy about it. It had taken a week, but he'd gone through with it. Earlier that day, he'd spent most of the morning in a studio, preparing and going through an interview with Hero TV, the country's most popular hero news network. While it left a bad taste in his mouth to effectively use a bunch of headline chasers, they were his best bet for him getting to say what he needed to without too many issues.

Taking a seat on the couch in the living room, he called for Izuku. "Izuku, come here. All Might is going to be giving a press release soon and you'll want to hear this." A touch of sadness snuck into his voice as he did so, knowing that this might be hard on the young man.

Izuku got there so fast, it was almost like he'd gotten a speed-enhancing quirk. "Really? What's it about?" He asked, bouncing slightly as he took his seat.

Ruffling his hair and playfully pushing him, Toshinori can't help but laugh. "Relax, kid, it will start in a few minutes and you'll be able to find out yourself. Just… listen carefully, alright?"

He needn't have worried about that, Izuku's focus nearly glued to the screen as the end of the last segment played, a "Cooking with Lunch Rush" special that they liked to do now and then.

The moment he was waiting for was soon there, though, as the host motions offscreen from behind his desk.

Like many talk shows, it was set up with a simple desk where the host, a minor pro named Encour, sat behind, while there were a few chairs on the other side of the desk set up for guests. Today, they'd brought out the bigger chairs in anticipation of All Might's visit. Standing up, the handsome hero began, "Now, you know him, you love him, you have kept him the number one hero for the last five years, give it up for ALL MIGHT!" Towards the end, he'd started shouting, the audience loudly cheering as the hulking form of the number one hero came jogging onto the stage, his famous smile nearly blinding, on the screen. Taking the host's hand, Toshi shook it happily before taking the love seat they'd gotten for him.

Getting comfortable, the titan relaxed into the chair while waving at the audience. "Great to be here, Encour, even if it isn't the happiest of news I've come to share with you all today."

There is a wave of shock and curiousity the goes through the crowd and over Encour's face, before the host manages to collect himself. "What do you mean, All Might?"

While the smile didn't leave his face, All Might's posture showed he was less than happy about what he was about to say. "Well, before I let you grill me like any other interview, I have a bit of an announcement to make about my career and it's future."

Letting a pregnant pause hang in the air for a moment, he continued, "You see, as one grows and lives, their priorities in life morph and change to fit who they are and who they hope to be. During my tenure as the number one hero, I have rescued countless people and stopped just as many crimes. Which is why it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I am going to be taking a step back from my crime fighting."

Whereas before it was curiosity that had swept through the room, it is now almost panic and confusion as his words register.

Encour almost jumped from his seat before catching himself, knowing he had to maintain his composure. "Uh, what exactly do you mean All Might? Are you retiring, already?"

Letting out a booming laugh, the symbol of peace shook his head. "No! I am merely going to be focusing on other things in my life now. I intend to still fight crime and protect this world from criminals, but I also intend to focus a bit more on my own personal life. You see, I recently started a family of my own."

There was another wave of excitement throughout the audience as they were shocked, All Might never having revealed anything about his private life before. Motioning for them to calm down with his hands, Toshi couldn't help but chuckle a bit at their enthusiasm. "Now, now, none of that. It's something we all hope to do eventually, isn't it? To be able to help raise the next generation and help mold them into heroes, in their own right? That is why I will be taking a step back, to make sure I don't neglect those in my life.

"Now, that all being said, I will still fight crime and save anybody who needs it. I just will be less active in the community largely. I do apologize if this comes as a shock to some of you or worry you, but it is what is best for my family. I hope you'll understand." At the end, he stood up, bowing deeply to the audience to show his sincerity, and hoped for their understanding.

There wasn't any audible response from the audience, the lot of them too shocked to respond.

Taking his seat again, he cleared his throat, getting the attention of the equally gobsmacked Encour's attention.

The host shook his head before dragging himself back mentally. "Ah, yes, family is important. Well, let's move along then!"

From there, they continued on with a normal interview, the show continuing as normal, save Encour occasionally trying to weedle information out of All Might about his new family.

Back on the couch, Toshinori looked down at Izuku, trying to gauge his reaction to the news that his idol had decided to step back from the limelight. Izuku was almost oddly still, trying to take in what he'd just heard before humming in thought, brining a finger to his mouth as he thought.

"Well… I guess even All Might is human. It only makes sense he'd want to focus on his own family a bit. When you think of it in that context, he's actually being pretty great in continuing right?" He finishes his train of thought, the last bit directed at Toshinori.

Surprised he was taking it so well, Toshinori smiles, nodding along with him. "Yeah, you're right. I wasn't sure how you'd handle it, so I figured I'd let you find out with everybody else."

Izuku nudged him slightly, letting out an annoyed huff. "You could have told me. It's not like I'm a little kid."

Chuckling again, Toshinori got up, shaking his head. "Alright, alright, I'll keep that in mind."

Pausing, he pulled a stack of papers off the coffee table before giving it to Izuku. "I got this from the agency. I know you've always wanted to be a hero, and I figure it's my duty to help you to the best of my ability. This is a fitness plan based on your specific build, and All Might agreed to get you a recommendation to get into U. A. if you can impress him. Think you can handle that?"

Izuku almost vibrated with excitement, his eyes holding back tears of joy. His mom hadn't even believed he could be a hero, but here Toshi was, not just believing him in it, but helping him with it. Tackling the skeletal man, he hugged him, nodding his head.

Surprised at the enthusiastic response, Toshinori returned the hug, confused at first, but slowly understanding. After all, he'd also been quirkless himself, once upon a time. "There, there, Izuku. I know you'll be a great hero. Now, I think you should get started, hm?"

Izuku didn't hesitate, grabbing the stack of papers back up and going through them, eating up the information like a sponge. And thus he started his path to greatness.