Katsuko was not the happiest of people. At the age of fourteen, one might think that an attractive girl with a powerful quirk would be popular as can be, but sadly that just wasn't true in this case. This is largely because of her abrasive and tomboy-like personality. Most girls have near nothing in common with her and have no desire to deal with her outbursts, while most of boys have no interest in a girl that tends to one-up them in everything. This resulted in her having few friends, with the few she hung out with being more hangers-on than actual friends.

Walking home after school, she let her mind wander, thinking on her lack of friends, wishing that she still had Izuku to hang out with. Sure, he was meek and couldn't do much, but he just treated her like her. None of that stupid dealing with suck-ups as she did now. That ship was seemingly long gone though since she had not heard from him since Aunt Inko and Uncle Hizashi… Shaking her head, she tried to distract herself, one of her hands absently playing with a familiar All Might scrunchy as her mood goes from annoyed to melancholy.

Tsking to herself, she couldn't help but grimace as she shoved her hands in her pocket, realizing she was just going to make herself sad if she dwelt on that kind of thing. Instead, she started thinking about U. A., since she'd be applying this upcoming year, and if she'd maybe find Izuku there. After all, he had sworn he'd go there and the nerd would probably be good at support or something, anyway. Not like he could make it into heroics without a quirk.

As she neared her house, she heard a moving manhole cover just before a warped voice spoke up. "Hm, you'll do for a meat suit."

After All Might's big announcement, Sir Nighteye's predictions proved to be spot on. The entire nation had responded with shock from the populace, and with a surge of confidence from the criminal elements. The first month had blown the told prediction out of the water, the number of attempted crimes nearly tripling in numbers. But, this wasn't much of an issue with All Might still able to largely go full tilt and the other heroes picking up the slack. This was all a part of the future-seeing hero's plan since all of the impulsive villains being taken care of while All Might was still able to fight back led to record arrest rates before the crime wave ended.

The year after beginning Izuku's plan for success wasn't easy for Izuku by any means. While he enjoyed having help and support in his dream to become a hero, the workload was almost too much for him to handle some days. To his annoyance, he still hadn't gotten to meet All Might, but it was all fine beyond that. His eleventh birthday passed without anything special happening, despite it being his first one with Toshi, but his twelfth birthday, after nearly two years of following the plan, was much more special and impactful.

Izuku tossed his backpack onto the floor as he came into the house, kicking off his shoes, as he clearly rushed. Toshi had said he'd have a surprise for him when he got home, and he wasn't too embarrassed to admit that he was excited.

"Toshi, I'm home!" He shouted, his head darting about as he looked for his guardian.

In the nearly two years he'd been living with Toshi, the hero-to-be had shot up like a weed, just over five foot by a few inches. He'd also filled out, his still lithe frame packed with more muscle than most non-quirk enhanced people a few years older than him could hope for.

From the back of the house, a deep booming voice could be heard, "Haha! Back in the kitchen, young Izuku!" The voice was very familiar to him, but it couldn't be. Could it?

Running back to the kitchen, he literally skid across the kitchen tiles, falling on his back in his haste. Instead of crashing into a cabinet, though, he felt himself hitting a wall of muscular legs. Orientating himself and looking up, he was shocked to see the face of his hero, smiling down at him and trying not to laugh.

The booming laughter that filled the kitchen as All Might failed to contain himself proved to Izuku beyond a doubt that this was, in fact, his idol. "A-A-All Might!?"

Reaching down, the hero, was clad in a plain white t-shirt and khakis, an outfit he's seen Toshi in countless times. "Yes, it is I! All Might! Come to share a very special birthday present with you."

Izuku was confused as he got to his feet, curious about what ELSE he might be getting today. "But, you showing up was all the gift I needed. I mean, Toshi said he'd introduce us someday… Speaking of, where is he anyway?" Izuku asked, looking around the room for his guardian, assuming he had to be somewhere nearby.

Toshinori knew this was going to be unpleasant, so he decided to just treat it like a band-aid.

"Look no further! For I-" in mid-sentence, he allowed his muscled form to drop into his everyday thin form, "am here!" Coughing from the stress of using his 'big voice' while smaller, he spat up a bit of blood.

"Oh no, Toshi! I thought you said that you were… wait… but… All Might and… What?!"

Izuku was nearly mentally broken as Toshinori started cleaning the blood up off of his mouth, having managed to mostly avoid coughing blood near Izuku in the past, but his body had been weakening more as time passed.

"Yes, Izuku, I am Toshinori and All Might. I… wasn't completely honest with you when I implied I didn't have a quirk." It was clear he was very uncomfortable, but he tried to power through this.

"But… you said you were quirkless, just like me! Why would you lie like that? And why… Am I the reason why you started doing less hero work?!" Izuku asked, getting angry for the first time Toshi can remember at the thought that his idol not only lied to him but also would cut back on hero time for him.

Behind that anger though, a touch of hurt could be seen at the thought of Izuku not really having somebody to relate to when it came to being quirkless.

"Now, now, I never said I was quirkless. I was BORN quirkless. I know, semantics, but let me explain. I was born quirkless, yes, but I was given my power, my quirk, from my predecessor. You see, my power isn't a simple empowerment quirk like most think, but a stockpiling quirk that gets passed down again and again. I am the eighth holder of this great power."

Letting what he'd said sink in, he then pressed a finger to Izuku's chest, pushing him back slightly. "And I want you to be the ninth." He finished, Izuku's face completely gobsmacked.

"W-what?! Why, though?" Izuku couldn't understand. All of this was just too much for him, as he tried to process not only the fact that he's been living with his idol this whole time, but the fact that said idol wanted him to be the next, well, All Might!

Leading his charge to the living room, he got Izuku to sit down before explaining. "Well, at first I hadn't, but seeing your dedication to becoming a hero and knowing you, well, I would have to be a fool to not choose you." From the warmth in his voice, as he draped a hand over Izuku's shoulder, the boy knew that this was the truth, one way or another.

Izuku shot forward, wrapping his arms around Toshinori, holding back his tears of joy, words unable to express just how happy he was from, well, everything. He was not only being supported in becoming a hero, but THE hero believed in him. What could make it any better?

As the black sludge lunged forward at Katsuko, she turned towards it, her hands coming up to try and block it only to find the block unneeded. A green blur appeared between her and it, a fist slamming into the eye of the sentient ooze before its body was slammed into the wall. The shockwave from the action sent her flying back, the teen landing on her rear as she was forced to shield her eyes from the wind the punch had caused. While the villain was capable of taking a ton of damage, it was capable of being stunned as it was now. Seeing that the blob wasn't going anywhere for the moment, the new person pulled out his phone, calling somebody. "Hey. Yeah, I found him under the bridge near Fourth. He's stunned right now, but try to get here soon. Yeah, nobody was hurt; I got to him before he could. Alright, see you then."

As the hero began to turn around, Katsuko started to take measure and judge this person who'd appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Based on his voice, he sounded around her age, which made his actions technically illegal, not that she was complaining. The first thing she noticed about him as she looked was that he was actually taller than her, which was a change for her. He also seemed to be quite built, having muscles like most pro heroes. While Katsuko might not be a drooling fangirl, even she could appreciate a nice body, and that was exactly what she was looking at now. As her eyes continued to climb, she froze. No. There was no way in hell that those freckles and green hair are there.

"Deku?!" Katsuko yelled out loud, unsure if she was seeing things or if her best friend who had fallen off the face of the planet had just swooped in to save her like a pro. That part she would have been fine enough with. The part that was breaking her mentally was the fact that one, he seemingly had a quirk based on that punch, but even more importantly, HE WAS HOT!

"Ka-chan?" came the equally confused reaction from Izuku as he backpedaled, knowing that when she yelled, he was never wrong in giving her space.

"What the hell, Deku? I don't see you for almost four years, and you just pop up out of nowhere, punching villains? And HOW the hell did you do it? You're a quirkless wimp!" she shouted out, not having any venom; the girl just needed to know what had happened.

"I'm a late bloomer?" he offered lamely, trying to play off his quirk. He knew she wouldn't believe it, but he had to at least try.

"And then why the hell haven't I heard from you, at all? The last I saw you, we were at aunt and uncle's funeral! Why did you never write or call?" she asked, clearly more annoyed than angry at seemingly being ignored than she was at whatever was going on with him.

"I, uh, tried? I mean, I tried to call your house once or twice, but the number I had was wrong and I never got ahold of you after that, since it didn't seem like you wanted to talk to me anyway-" Izuku had started going off on one of his mumbling sprees, the presence of his best friend enough to make him regress slightly.

A vein began to bulge on her forehead as she started to get angry, unable to understand a thing in his mumbling and rambling. Storming up to him, she bashed his head enough to knock him out of it, the girl not realizing that she only came up to his chin.

Coming out of his daze, he started to apologize, "I'm sorry, Ka-chan, you-" The rest of his apology was stopped dead in its tracks as two slender arms wrap around him, his friend's head resting on his chest. "Ka-chan?" he asked, a deep blush climbing up his face.

"Just shut up, you idiot. I'm just happy you're here." She says, a small blush of her own on her face.

The moment only lasts for a moment though before it is ruined.

"FEAR NOT, FOR I AM HERE!" Came the booming shout of All Might as he landed behind Izuku, startling Katsuko, the explosive diva responding with a reactive blast of her quirk at the number one hero before she realized what she had done.

"Oh, no," is all Izuku managed to get out as the situation devolved around him.