Rainbow Six: Operation Red Sky

Chapter 1


May 19th

1400 hours

Warsaw, Poland

A young couple just entered the subway. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Just a normal busy day in the capital of Poland. Hundreds of people were entering and leaving the subway. The couple sat together when they somehow found an empty place in the very crowded compartment.

"Więc jak ci minął dzień? (So how was your day?)" the guy asked his girlfriend

"Dobrze, tylko że w pracy była znowu jakaś kłótnia. (Good, although there was some sort of an argument at work again.)" she replied

"U mnie tak samo. (Same here.)" the boyfriend said

Suddenly as the train stopped on the next subway station, six men in black suits walked into the train. They split into pairs and each pair of them stood in front of a door, blocking all three entrances.

"Coś się dzieje. (Something is happening)" the boyfriend noticed, with a look of concern forming on his face. He looked at his girlfriend and then at the men.

The train started but the men were still blocking the entrances. Some were cornered by complaining pedestrians. Someone sitting three sits away from the couple took his phone out to call the police.

Suddenly the men all put on white wolf masks in a synchronized motion. Then the men pulled out UZI submachine guns from behind their backs. The civilians started panicking, as one of the men started walking to the front of the train. He walked up to where the conductor was and dropped some sort of a package there. Another man followed him, wielding the MP5. Then the men opened fire. Civilians were screaming and running wherever they thought was safe. But there were no safe places there. Bodies were falling right and left. Windows were stained with blood. Suddenly one of the men opened an old Motorola flip phone and pressed the 'call' button.


The front of the train exploded, causing the whole vehicle to fall on its side in the tunnel. Unfortunately, all of the terrorists survived and somehow managed to escaped the destroyed train.

The terrorists were running through the tunnel, trying to escape at the nearest station. Fortunately, the police has been alarmed before by someone in the train and special forces were already deployed at every nearest metro station and evacuated all civilians from them.

GROM troops entered the station.

"Falcon 1, take position. Do you copy?" one of the operators heard a voice in his walkie-talkie.

"Falcon 1 on position, over." he responded

"What's your status?"

"The area is clear so far, but we're expecting enemies to come any second now."

"Use all force necessary if you see the enemies, do you copy?"

"Roger that."

Ten seconds passed as all the operators were on their positions, waiting for the terrorists.

"Tango spotted!" one of them shouted as the terrorists entered the station through the tunnel.

The terrorists opened fire and one of them through a frag grenade. They took cover behind different pillars, some of them were just shooting blindly in hopes of hitting someone.

One of the GROM operators took an accurate shot out of his Beryl carbine and hit one of the terrorists in the head. One eliminated, five to go.

The terrorists decided to try and push forward, as they moved from cover to cover. One of them managed to shoot one of the operators.

"I'm hit!" the wounded man shouted as a medic ran up to him in order to heal him.

Another terrorist fell down dead as he was hit with a 5,56 mm bullet to the head,

Only three terrorists remained and none of the operators from the Polish special forces was killed so far. One of the terrorists ran out of ammo and had to act quickly and pull out his pistol, but he was too slow as he found himself with a frag grenade beneath his feet.

Two more.

A terrorist blinded by a flash grenade sprayed at the troops, he managed to hit one of the operators but doing no mortal wounds whatsoever. The bad guy met his end rather quickly though as he was met with a series of bullets to his torso.

The last terrorist was still hiding behind a pillar. He knew there was no chance of surviving, so he decided to flee the battleground. He jumped down onto the train tracks and ran further into the tunnel. A couple of operators followed him. Before he knew it, four operators were standing behind him, aiming their carbines at him. He tried to pull his UZI out as a last resort, but he was finished in mere seconds.

"This is Falcon 1, all enemies eliminated, over." one of the operators said

"Copy that. Good job. You can leave now, the police will take care of the rest"

With that. The operators regrouped and left the station, as the policeman started to secure the area.

May 20th

0900 hours

Hereford, England

"Oh, now this is bullshit!" a man with a heavy Scottish accent shouted as he lost another round of billiard.

"Shut up, Seamus, this is how you play this game." Another British man said as he picked up the billiard cue. He managed to his the 8-ball.

"You are just lucky, James. I swear to God I will 'kill' you in training" Seamus said

"Haha, we'll see." James "Smoke" Porter laughed as he handed the other man the cue

"You know what, I'm done with this shitty game." Seamus "Sledge" Cowden said, as he threw the cue at the table and walked away. He sat down on a couch next to an American woman with a long braid watching TV.

"You're just bad!" Smoke shouted, still laughing to himself.

"You guys are so funny sometimes." the woman smirked.

Just then, Dominic "Bandit" Brunsmeier entered the room. The room was something like a living space in the Hereford base of Team Rainbow. In the room, there was alot of space, a billiard table, two sofas, a bunch of armchairs and a big TV.

"Hey guys, hey Eliza." Dominic said, as he sat on the couch next to the two other operators.

"Hi Dominic" the others said in unision.

Meanwhile, in the basement, an American man entered the lab. He was met with a sight of two operators from the S.A.T talking in Japanese.

"What's up guys, what are you working on?" he asked as he entered the room.

The two turned around to face him.

"Oh, Jordan. I was just looking for you." Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa said.

"What is it?" Jordan Trace asked as he walked up to a table next to her. On the table there were the X-KAIROS pellets that she developed with Trace back in Jordan. The pellets are an efficient way to breach through reinforced walls. In combat, they are a safer choice than Thermite's Brimstone BC-3 exothermic charges, as they can be deployed from a distance. However, they have some flaws as well.

"You know how sometimes when I shoot the pellets there's a line in between the pellets after they explode?" Hibana asked

"Yeah, it's pretty annoying when that happens during training." Jordan said

"Well, I thought we could maybe fix that if we figured out a way to make the pellets more powerful, so they can create larger holes."

"I'm not an expert in that subject, but wouldn't a more powerful charge need to be larger?" The other Japanese operator, Echo, suddenly said

"Exactly what I was thinking." Thermite said "If we were to make the pellets bigger, the launcher itself would have to be bigger, thus making it impractical to carry."

"Oh." Yumiko said as a frown appeared on her face "That's a bummer. Anyways, the line is not that big of a problem."

"And what are you working on, Masaru?" Jordan asked Echo

"An idea popped in my head this morning. What if the Yokai could move while it's glued to the ceiling?" Masaru said

"That would make it a real pain in the ass for us attackers." Thermite smirked "But that's a good idea."

"Yeah, so that's what I'm trying to figure out." the japanese defender said

"Anyways, we'll better get going. Training starts in a couple minutes." Hibana said as she looked at her watch.

The two men nodded and the three operators exited the lab.

They were the first to the training room were Six was already waiting. Soon after them walked in Ash, Bandit, Sledge and Smoke. After them the rest of the FBI and SAS came in.

"That's it? Where's the rest?" Six asked with her arms crossed.

"I don't know. Ela will probably be late as always." Bandit said

"Not this time." the Pole in question said as she just entered the room, much to Dominic's suprise. Her sister walked in soon after her.

Another 5 minutes passed before everyone gathered.

"Everyone's here? Good. Let's start the training." Six said "A quick jog around the base first and then we'll go to the VR training."

The whole group walked to the running track and started the run. After a couple minutes everyone was finished. Now they were about to get to the more interesting part of the training, which is the VR training. The group walked to the VR room which had 10 motion platforms with advanced VR goggles next to them. The technology in there is so advanced, that everything in the virtual reality looks just like real life. Thanks to the motion platforms operators can run around and they also have special uniforms that makes them feel things like sound waves, explosions etc. The uniforms also somewhat simulate wounds, in a way that you don't feel as much pain as in real life, they just mostly make you weaker. The operators that aren't taking part in the simulation at the time are able to spectate the ones that are. Also, once an operator is killled in the virtual reality, their vision goes black for a couple of seconds and then they can also spectate.

"Alright, so attackers for this round will be: Hibana, Sledge, Ash, Fuze and Jackal" Six said and each of the mentioned operators got in their respective places.

"And the defenders will be: Caveira, Ela, Smoke, Bandit and Echo"

Once all the operators were in their places, wearing the goggles and the uniforms, the simulation started…

The attackers' drones appeared in front of the Consulate.

"Your objective is to secure the area. Good luck to everybody." Six said

As the operators got in control of their drones, they started searching for the objective in the big building. Sledge and Ash were searching upstairs, while Fuze was on the ground level. Hibana and Jackal were searching in the basement.

"I spotted someone reinforcing a hatch." Fuze said.

"Copy that" the rest said.

"I found the objective. They're down in the archives." Hibana said a couple seconds later. Just then, the first phase ended and they had to attack.

"Me and Jackal go through the garage. You guys go through the visa." Ash said

"Understood." Hibana said. "Follow me" she added as her, Sledge and Fuze walked into the building, while the other two operators walked to the other site of the building.

Ash and Jackal slowly approached the garage door, which wasn't reinforced. Ash took out her grenade launcher and shot it at the door. "Stay clear of the blast!" she shouted before the door exploded. They entered the room, which was empty.

"Wait! There are footprints here." Jackal said as he turned on his Eyenox. He started scanning the footprints. They were Caveira's. And they were way too close. "Watch out!" Jackal shouted but it was too late as he and Ash were suddenly disoriented by the sound wave coming from the Yokai drone which they haven't noticed.

Suddenly Caveira peeked at them from the corner and with three shots from her Luison, she injured Ash.

"I'm down!" the American woman screamed.

Jackal was hiding behind a van, but he had no time to react when Caveira suddenly finished Ash.

4 vs 5

Jackal knew that Cav was still somewhere in that room, he just didn't know where. He suddenly saw a glimpse of a shadow behind him. She was trying to sneak up on him. Before she could react, he turned around and shot her right in the face. She instantly dropped dead against the garage door, staining it with her blood.

4 vs 4

"Hibana, this is Jackal, what's your status?" Jackal said through his comms

"Sector clear, we're about to breach into the objective" Hibana replied

"Copy that." she heard in her comms.

Hibana shot her pellets at a reinforced hatch and found a cover while she waited for the explosion. So did her teammates.

"Knock knock…" she said with a smirk as soon as the hatch exploded, giving her a clear view on the objective.

"I'm going in!" Sledge said as he dropped down the hatch.

Hibana walked to the second hatch, which was in a corridor connecting the visa office to the main hall and the staircase. She shot the x-KAIROS pellets at the second hatch, making herself and Fuze an entrance. She peaked at the hatch, catching Echo, who had no time to react before she eliminated him with one shot to the head.

4 vs 3

Fuze was the first one to drop into the hatch and Hibana dropped soon after him. But as soon as they got into the small room, they were met with Smoke's toxic gas. Fuze managed to walk out of the room without much damage and he managed to down Bandit, who was hiding behind a desk and aiming at the entrance. He then ran to the desk which the German operator used as his cover.

But Hibana wasn't so lucky as she almost suffocated in the toxic gas. She got out of the room weak and barely breathing, but managed to hide next to Fuze.

Meanwhile, Jackal was trying to get into the archives from the other side. He turned on his Eyenox as he was creeping through the uncomfortably silent corridor. He was able to track some footprints. They were Ela's. And she was…

"Fuck" he thought.

She was sneaking right behind him and before Jackal could react she killed him with a knife into the back.

3 vs 3

Sledge hid behind a shield which was under the hatch. He knew that Smoke was still in the objective because they were unable to secure the area. He then noticed someone shooting. It was Smoke himself, shooting at Fuze, who was trying to peak him. Unfortunately, Smoke managed to kill Fuze, but as soon as he did it, Sledge put a bullet in his head.

2 vs 2

Only Ela was a problem now, but they didn't know where she was. Fortunately, Bandit has bled out, so they were able to start securing the objective now.

2 vs 1

Suddenly, the objective became contested, meaning that Ela was there somewhere. But she was nowhere to be seen. She is known as one the second sneakiest operator, Caveira being the first.

Sledge noticed something in the corner of his eye. It was Ela, hiding behind a wall near Hibana.

"Hibana, watch out!" he shouted before he was killed by the Pole.

1 vs 1

Ela sprayed a series of bullets at Hibana, hitting her in the arm and in the leg. The Japanese operator screamed in pain as she limped away to find a new cover. She was barely walking and couldn't aim properly. She hid behind a tall pillar. Ela tried to rush her, thinking the fight is already over for her.

Hibana pulled out her Bearing submachine gun and somehow managed to shoot Ela in the head just when she was about to rush her.

Attackers win

The simulation ended.

Everyone who was currently taking part in the VR training, took all of their gear off. Ela, visibly mad, violently took off her headset and quietly walked away without a word. Hibana was still shocked about the final fight with the Polish woman, as she slowly approached her friend Jordan "Thermite" Trace.

"Holy shit, Yumi, that was close." he said as she walked up to him

"I know, I thought I was dead…" she said with a shocked expression on her face.

As they were talking, Caveira approached Jackal who has just taken his headset off.

"How the hell did you know where I was?" she asked upset.

"Calm down, Taina." Jackal was trying to calm her "I saw your shadow, so I instinctively turned around and shot."

She said something in Portuguese, which sounded like a swear word.

"I was just lucky, you know." Jackal added, while Caveira walked away without a word.

After that, a couple more rounds of the VR training were played, different operators in each of them, as everyone has to 'play' at least one time. Two hours passed before the training finally ended.

"Training's over. You can go now" Six said as she starting walking to her office.

All the tired operators started walking in different direction, as everyone had something to do. Echo returned to the lab in order to do some more work on his drone, Dokkaebi also went down to the lab to work on something. The SAS boys were all walking upstairs. They were soon approached by Thermite.

"Hey, you guys doing anything?" Jordan asked the British men

"Yeah, we're going to go to the living room, play some billiard or something. You coming?" Sledge said.

"Yeah sure, I was about to go there anyway." Jordan said as he followed them.

"We're going too." said Hibana who was walking next to Ash behind them.

A couple minutes later, the group of operators were already in the living room. All of the SAS started playing billiard, all of them except Thatcher, who sat on the couch next to Thermite, Hibana and Ash.

Soon after them another group of operators walked in, including the whole team of GSG9, Ela and Valkyrie, who walked a couple minutes after the rest. The German operators were standing in a corner, talking. Ela and Valkyrie sat on the couch next to the others to watch TV.

"What are you watching?" Valkyrie said as she sat down

"Some news channel, but it's only commercials so far." said Thermite

"Maybe we should change the channel?" Ela suggested

"Let's wait a while, maybe something interesting will show up." Jordan said, and as soon as he said it the text 'BREAKING NEWS' appeared on the screen

"Speak of the devil" Ash said as she took a sip of coffee that she made with the coffee machine earlier.



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