Hello everyone. I'm back and here is the first chapter of the rewritten Heroes. Working title comes from 'Saviour' by Rise Against. I am open to suggestions for a different one. I will intend to update this about once a week, and don't be afraid to bother me about it.

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Wally wanted nothing more than to run right now, to ease the itching in his legs and speed through the streets of Jump City. The only thing that

kept him from doing so, of course, was the thought of the tantrum Robin would throw if he found out.

'Blah blah blah be inconspicuous! Secret identities! Blah blah blah.'

It didn't matter how many times he pointed out that it was the middle of the goddamn night and no-one sane was out at this hour.

The Robin he knew wouldn't react like that, the Robin he knew would simply predict his violent death (or incapacitation) at the hands of the Bat and laugh that irritating high laugh that Wally hadn't heard in far too long.

If asked, Wally would say that he didn't know when Dick had changed, when he had become such a stranger.

Wally shook his head, there was no point thinking of that now.

The streetlights lit his path and Wally couldn't help the sound of relief that escaped him as he finally reached the parking lot. This shouldn't take too long.

He reached deep into his pocket and retrieved the crumpled piece of lined paper. 'Eggs, milk, butter, white sugar' it read. The black ink was smudged where Jinx's hand had rubbed over it. Oh, the joys of being a leftie!

It was around 11pm by then and while Wally was still of the firm belief that no-one sane would be out at this hour, he didn't regret it, his excuse was that Jinx made him a little crazy. She had forgotten all about the housewarming party that was being held tomorrow by Mrs Altman downstairs in order to welcome her husband back from an extended stay in the hospital on account of a botched knee replacement. Jinx was beside herself when she realised that they had nothing to bring with them, what kind of guests were they! Thus, Wally had volunteered for the job, no matter how many times she had insisted that she was perfectly capable of retrieving the ingredients herself.

Wally grinned to himself, Jinx was . . . perfect. No matter what she told herself, he was certain that he could look over every inch of her with a magnifying glass and not find a single flaw. He'd even said it on several occasions, each time was met with the same response, a derisive laugh and a soft punch to his shoulder. "Shut up." She would mutter, and Wally would commit to memory the pink flush that spread across her cheeks.

The automatic doors parting with a hiss and Wally couldn't help it, he threw his arms open, palms to the door. Inside the shop there was only the one tired and overworked cashier to bear witness to his imitation of a Sith Lord. The employee, whose name badge identified her as 'Linda', rolled her eyes. Wally grinned sheepishly and collected a shopping basket.

Wally's first stop was the dairy aisle, "What the fuck even is 'a2 milk' anyways?" he muttered as he shoved a milk bottle into his basket, pointedly ignoring the large text proclaiming it to be 'unhomogenized'. Milk was milk in his book.

Before too long Wally, plus his basket of groceries, had reached the checkout. He deposited his purchases on the counter and Linda fixed him with her dull, emotionless gaze.

"Do you have a membership card?" She asked around her gum.

"No, no sorry. I come in here all the time, but I never get around to getting one, you know? I always forget and I-"

"Cash or credit?" She interrupted.

Wally reached into the pocket of his jacket and retrieved the battered leather wallet that he had received from his father on his 14th birthday. "Card, please!" He fished the piece of plastic out from behind a photo of himself and Jinx on New Year's. Courtesy of Cyborg and his never-ending collection of polaroid film.

He passed the card over to Linda and watched out the large glass doors as she completed the payment. Jump City may be a crime-filled shit-hole, but there was something that the moonlight did that gave it a beautiful glow in the night.

"Would you like your receipt?" A monotonous voice broke him out of his trance.

"Uh, no thank you." Wally replaced the card to its place in his wallet and grabbed his grocery bag.

"Have a nice day." She stated.

"You too!" He called back over his shoulder.

The walk back seemed even longer than the one on the way there and he was only halfway home when he first saw it.

It was nothing more than a shadow out of the corner of his eye, but Wally turned around. Nearly ten years as a superhero does nothing if not make you a paranoid freak. Thankfully he wasn't as neurotic as Robin.

Nothing moved, and Wally relaxed. "Dumbass, you're jumping at the wind now!"

He chuckled to himself and turned, only for something to hit him in the head, hard.

Wally barely managed to catch a glimpse of his attacker's metal-toed boots before the blackness swallowed him.

Jinx sighed, tapping the screen of her phone again. It began ringing and she tapped her foot on the ground, in time with her racing heart.

'Hey, this is Wally. I can't get to the phone right now, but if you leave your name and number I'll get back to you later.'

The line beeped and Jinx could barely contain a sob. "Wally, if you don't call me back within five minutes I'm calling the Tower. That's your final warning."

She set down the phone and glanced over at the clock on the microwave, 11:47. Wally said that he should be back around 11:30, and while it may not seem like too long to worry, it was where Wally was concerned.

Jinx began tapping, long fingernails cutting into the wood of their dining table.

Tap Tap.

She glanced at the clock.

Tick tock.

Tap tap.

Tick tock.

Tap Tap.

Tick tock.

She looked up again, 11:50. Close enough.

Jinx retrieved the phone and swiped off of Wally's contact. She scrolled back up and pressed her thumb on the single name.

The phone only rung once, before it was picked up.

"Hello." The voice on the other end of the line held no trace of sleep.

"Robin. I need help."

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