"Sylvanas!" Anduin shouted as he and his fellow comrades made their way into the throne room of the ruined Lordaeron city. There they were meet by a smirking Sylvanas, who sat on the throne of Terenas very same throne which was the origin of Arthas terror in Eastern kingdoms.

"How nice of you and your mutt to join me little lion cub, " she chuckled before noticing her older sister Aleria."How nice to see you older sister!" she spat.

Genn snarled, "Our army led by our king just took apart your defenses!"

Sylvanas sighed "Will you silence your dog your majesty?"

Anduin sent a reassuring look to genn before he spoke.

"We didn't want a war Sylvanas this is something that you wanted!"

"You want peace when it suits you little lion cub, you may have your father's sword but your far from his equal in terms of a tactician."

"Sister you have gone to far in my absence, I should have killed you long ago." Alleria replied coldly eyeing her little sister.

Sylvanas had a look of disgust on her face, " Dear sister you are a guest in my home, please show some manners."

"This banter drives me more insane by the minute surrender or by the light I will rip your throat out!"Genn snarled losing his patience.

"Enough!" Anduin yelled with authority, " We have had enough of this war it has cost the lives of so many including those who burn in teldrassil, this is your last chance to come quietly before I am forced to end you Sylvanas."

Sylvanas simply smiled before she rose from her seat getting the attention of the others in the room who readied there weapons. She slowly walked over to anduin as her hips swayed, seemly like a predator stalking its prey.

"This city with be your tomb!" She screamed as she turned into her banshee form and attempted to fly away as Anduin us his light powers to restrict her. But she had just enough power to lift the both of them out of the citadel and into the air.

"Anduin!" genn yelled as the bombs started to explode all around the area causing the group to lose their footing as the rubble fell from the sealing.

Jana acting quickly formed a magic shield, "We have to get Anduin!" Genn yelled

We need to get out of here first, we can't look for anyone if we are dead Genn."Alleria shouted

"Im porting us out of here now, the faster we get out, the faster we can look for Anduin." Jaina said as her spell reached completion and they found themselves outside of the ruined city.

Back in the air Anduin was holding on for dear life as Sylvanas flew uncontrollably. He could slightly see the ruins of the battlefield along with the soldiers who currently looked like ants from where he was.

"Fall to your death little Lion!"She snarled along with a failed attempt to kick him from her legs although she had to admit the boy had grown into a man as she felt his strength increase along her leg.

"I'm not letting go!" He replied as he used his strength to pull himself up from her legs to her torso. " If you don't let us down then we both die!" he shouted

"By the light" Anduin exclaimed as the azerite in his armor started to glow red hot, he felt a burning sensation all around his body which didn't go unnoticed by Sylvanas who was attempting to reach for her dagger but was stopped every time.

The same azerite that she also wore on her armor started to do the same and it only got worse as seconds went by, suddenly they were both surrounded by red energy in the air before everything went dark.

Anduin awoke to a head splitting headache as he regained consciousness, he could hear raindrops falling on leaves all around him, some even getting on his face as he sat up. The first thing he did was examine himself for injuries, which after a quick assessment he found none.

Anduin quickly became aware of his surroundings as he looked around, this was clearly a jungle by all accounts, the trees seemed to tower over the forest along with the sounds of the wind hitting the canopy above him. The rain made everything sticky and muggy urging him to remove his plated armor knowing that the temperature in the area was much to hot for what he wore. Anduin grunted as he struggled to remove the last piece of his plated boots before he heard a sound behind him, he quickly looked to grab his father's sword but found only air before his attacker pounced. Already being trained in hand to hand combat he had no choice but to rely on it as the low light made it hard for him to see where this attacker came from.

Anduin felt a series of punches and kicks to his midsection nearly knocking him over before he finally saw his attacker, none other than sylvanas windrunner who was clearly very angry at the moment.

"What type of trick did you pull Lion cub!" She snarled as she moved to choke him, only for Anduin to counter and pin her to a nearby tree. They stood face to face, his hair almost melding with her own. He had lost his tie to the back of his head and as a result his blond hair hung wildly, while sylvanas opted to let down her hood no doubt it being soaked from the rain.

"I didn't do anything!' he gritted out

"Your lying, what trick have you pulled, I am a elven ranger by nature and for hours I have been in this jungle and it doesn't look like anything on Azarath!" she retorted as she tried to get out of his grip but it only served to make it stronger.

"What are you talking about?" he questioned as she tried to kick him off of her but he only moved her from the tree to the ground as he pinned her beneath himself.

"What else could I been talking about? I have been around much longer than you human! I have been on many hunts in Azeroth forest and none of them look like this!" she shouted.

"Maybe we are in an unknown region," he replied as he felt a knee to his stomach causing his grip to go slack.

Sylvanas took the opportunity to pull her dagger from her side as she attempted to stab Anduin only for him to catch her wrist and turn her arm behind her back.

"You need to calm down!" Aundin replied before he was punched in the face multiple times. And they certainly did hurt, if he hadn't used his powers of the light to enhance his durability and strength he would have had broken facial bones.

"Get your filthy hands off of me boy king." she snarled

"Well if you stop attacking me we can get somewhere!." He shouted as they went blow for knew she used dark magic to enhance her strength but this was ridiculous her punches felt as strong as an orcs.

" I will skin you alive and your alliance will crumble beneath ash !" she shouted before tackling him to the ground choking him.

Anduin managed to break her grip form around her neck,"You may try lady windrunner." he smiled as they both tried to get the upper hand on each other using grappling moves. The rain suddenly increased and soon they found themselves drenched in water, which made it almost impossible to get a grip on each other.

"Enough!" Anduin yelled as he turned the tables and pinned her beneath him in the mud which only served to restrict her movement even more.

She could only stare at him with hatred as her ruby red eyes seemed to glow brighter, she tried to activate her banchee form only for anduin to cast a holy silencing spell on her.

"We will have none of that now" Anduin calmly said as their faces were mere inches apart, which made Anduin's heart beat faster.

"Just end it already boy king, I wont beg for my life,especially not before a weak whelp such as yourself" she stated with defiance.

"Lady windrunner, I have not intention of killing you but I do intend to defend myself from your attacks, however can we please work together?" He asked which caught her off guard, however she soon glared at him. She could smell the fresh scent of musk but not one that had a bad smell, but that of a them being so close she could see his blue ocean eyes that she hated so much. He seemed so kind, forgiving and would show mercy. Everything she grew to hate in this life, Arthas didn't show her mercy so why should she show it to others?

"If what you say is true then I fear that we are not in Azeroth anymore." Anduin said as he helped her up.

"What do you mean?" she asked seriously.

"If our battle with the burning legion has taught me anything, is that its possible travel to other words and was a regular activity when the legion was in power." he answered before he saw her heard scoff, " And what does that have to do with us and how we got here? At least to my knowledge your not apart of the legion."

Anduin nodded, "That's true but I heard the legion used the blood of planets to fuel travel to other words by teleportation, we both had azerite in our armor."

"You can't possibly mean?" she wondered as they looked through a small hole in the tree canopy to see three moons orbiting the planet and thousands of stars in the sky.

"Great, not only am I stuck on a distant planet,but it is with the honorable lady windrunner, a women who seeks my head" he sighed out loud which caught her attention

"Your alliance scum, your not any better!." she snarled, before she let out a series of curses in thalassian, Anduin could only shake his head as he understood every word of it.

"Its amazing how outwardly your very beautiful even in undeath, but inwardly you're a rotten and very troubled." Anduin said In thalassian before he saw a surprised look on her face.

Anduin chuckled, "Surprised I know thalassian?"

"It's amazing how your just a boy playing king!" she spat in Thalassian.

Anduin sent her a glare, before he found a place to sit under a large tree as he heard a storm moved in with rezoning lightning.

"I'll have you know that I am twenty one, hardly a boy by my human lifespan." He replied looking towards the storm clouds.

She snorted with annoyance, " And if you were an elf you would still be a boy, so to me your are but a child."

Anduin shook his head before laying down, somehow they managed to find themselves in the middle of a rainstorm and he knew that forest such as these could easily flood. He also knew he had to build some type of raft incase the water came.

Anduin released a heavy sigh before he got up to find father's sword, if Sylvanas had her bow and dagger his sword had to be somewhere nearby. After looking for some time he found it lying face down in mud but if it wasn't for the burning orange glow he would have missed it.

Sylvanas observed the boy king from a distance roll up the sleeves of his shirt before using his sword like an axe to cut down a small tree.

"You know" he said as he finished cutting the tree and watched it fall down between himself and Sylvanas.

"When I was stranded on pandaria it rained a they taught me how to make a raft or canoe in case the flood waters came at night, many of them opted to sleep in the canoes instead of being ill prepared."

"Your point being man child." she replied with annoyance not even listening to what he was saying

He looked up and smiled, "We may not know where we are but we should at least try our best to be prepared."

"And why would I to plan anything with you, we are sworn mortal enemies," she huffed, finding a fallen tree to sit on.

Anduin wiped the sweat off his face, "I have a feeling we might be here for a long time."

Sylvanas let out a gasp, "I cannot imagine being here with you for another minute let alone a week, months or even years."

"Sylvanas you have committed various crimes against the alliance and all of which I hate but I must also see that in this particular situation we must work together.'

Sylvanas sent him a death glare, " and what if I don't want work with you boy king,"

He briefly looked at her before using his sword to craft the raft. " Then if our hunch is correct and we are on another world, we don't know what's out there. I am human and will die by my seventies if we don't find a way out, you however are undead and will live forever, as they say the mind is a terrible thing to lose especially when you haven't talked to anyone in years." He explained before seeing her face turn into that of pondering. " I would prefer to have you with me for added support however I know the light reaches everywhere and can aid me but I wonder about your powers?"

Sylvanas had to admit the boy king had a point, she was out of arrows from the assault on undercity, her lack of arrows effectively made the bow useless. Although so could craft some more arrows it would take hours to reach the perfection needed for use.

" I'll take him up on his offer but once we get a good idea of where we are and how to get back home, i'll shove my dagger into his back and leave him here. Then the alliance will crumble before the might of the horde" She thought before she smirked.

Anduin attention was redirected to Sylvanas who suddenly appeared mere inches from his face.

"Fine I'll play nice little lion cub, we do have a common goal therefore I'm willing to put aside our differences for now." She said as Anudin could feel her cold breath near his lips.

He slightly blushed before answering,deciding that he to will play this little game of hers.

"Count on it." he smiled as there lips edged closer, he didn't know what was coming over him, and although she was undeath she was still very attractive and if Anduin could be honest with himself he had never been this physically close to a women a prince and studying diplomacy along with the light has its drawbacks.

Sylvanas inwardly grinned, she knew the boy king was a just entering adulthood and from the looks of how he was reacting to the close proximity she could guess that he had never been with a women before. Perhaps she could use this to her advantage?

"Good" she said closing the distance between their lips, hearing Anudin slightly gasped. Sylvanas tried to dictate the pace, however she was soon surprised as Anduin, who she knew was inexperienced seemed to keep up.

Anduin didn't know what came over himself but he decided to go with the flow, he wrapped his arm around her waist, as his other arm rested along her back. Sylvanas opted to run her hands through Anduins hair which slightly hurt him because of her clawed gauntlets, the kiss became more heated as seconds went by so much so that Sylvanas herself was enjoying it as Anduin ran his arms along her back.

" I think we need to stop." Anduin gasped after he suddenly pulled away from the kiss but not before she bite into his slower lips with her small fangs.

Sylvanas chuckled, " Afraid I have bewitched you little lion, if only the Dog could see you now." Sylvanas herself didn't know exactly why she kissed him but she wasn't one to shy away from admitting that the boy king was attractive for a human. She like her sister carried a strong attraction to human men especially ones who seemed to be physically strong

Anduin slightly blushed, "No i'm just afraid I'll make a decision I will regret later, lady windrunner," he replied before healing the small bite mark on his lower lip.

She rolled her eyes in response, " We should make a shelter for the night."

He nodded, " Also keep watch as well, who knows what may be out in this jungle."

"Noted." she said as she saw Anduin gather the necessary wood and leafs to build a makeshift shelter for the night. It took some time but he managed to put everything together in an hours was slightly impressed, she thought living in high society would breed a willful ignorance of the basic survival experience, but he seemed to be faring well.

The silence went on for some time, with the only sounds of rainfall and the wind rustling the leafs,She decided to satisfy her desire to ask him a simple question, even the mighty Sylvanas windrunner could get bored at times.

"Where did you learn to build a shelter, only experience could give you this skill." she asked which startled Anduin from his work.

"And here I thought you wouldn't speak to me for some time." he chuckled

"Just answer the question boy king." she replied coldly.

Anduin sighed before taking off his rainy shirt and hanging it over the fire he made, he sat down under the shelter and chucked before he replied.

"Remember what I said a few hours ago? When I was younger I was shipwrecked on Pandaria, the monks taught me the basic survival needs, it turned out to be quite useful." he smiled

"Well at least you have some useful skills boy king." she retorted before getting up and moving under the shelter, although she hated being next to him it was better than being rained on.

The shelter was big enough to fit the both of them however there wasn't much space separating the could feel the tension and he knew that if they were going to survive this experience then tension had to be gone, teamwork was paramount.

"Well I also have the skill to raise all of my dead soldiers in battle." he joked only for her ruby read eyes to sharpen.

"It was more annoying than impressive, I enjoyed killing your soldiers boy king and for them to be raised up felt like a waste of my time."

Anduin inwardly shuttered, "Well this conversation went bad pretty quickly."

"Get used to it boy king, I don't intend to indulge in your childish conversations."she answered codly before turning her head the other way.

"Do the undead sleep?"

Sylvanas thought it better not to answer his ignorant question, however what else was she to do with her time?He served a purpose and at the moment she needed to use him for whatever he was worth.

"No we don't, it's more like we enter into a trance."

Anduin scratched his head," So in this trance do you dream?"

"Sometimes" she simply answered as she saw the fire flicker.

" Interesting." he replied

Sylvanas shook her head, " I'm sure it is to your puny human brain."

" You are full of insults aren't you lady Windrunner." Anduin chuckled as he adjusted himself under the shelter.

"Yes and many more await you boy king."
Anduin decided to change the subject thinking it best to talk negotiations, after all he most likely would have never gotten a chance in the war so why not now?

He cleared his throat, " So perhaps he can talk about a truce."

Sylvanas scoffed at his nonsense, "And why would I do that Boy king, when I get back to our world I intend to bring your alliance to my feet and massacre all that you hold dear."

Anduin shook his head, "Lady windrunner, I never wanted a war, I wanted peace. I have traveled around azeroth and have meet many different individuals of so many races and it made me realise that all races have much in common."

She rolled his eyes at his naivety, " I have been around much longer and I have known that hate lies at the foundation of every race especially with the didn't help the high elves when Arthas father neglected to accept the forsaken into the Alliance and some of these same undead were once loyal humans of the alliance, so why would I discuss peace?"

"I realize that the alliance failed to help our allies all those years ago, I have been a student of history and it was I intend to correct the errors of the past and not make the same mistakes."

" And what makes you think everyone in your Alliance will agree to the terms of peace?"

" Your right, I don't know but I can try my best or die all it seems to be a family tradition for the men to die early in our family." he chuckled but she could tell that he was saddened at this, especially with his father having only been dead for three years.

" Yes, it seems to be true."

Anduin lightly sighed before looking her way, she seemed to be disinterested in what he was saying however he had to harder to get to her core.

"Sylvanas, war would cause more of your people to die, forsaken and elven people alike, why would you risk all of this" he reasoned.

"Because the reward is better than the cost, if it helps the hords cause to end the Alliance then by all means more lives must die." she stated

Anduin's jaw dropped, "Are you insane lady windrunner, do you not care for the lives of your hord, your people!"

She didn't answer his question, which in a way gave him a answer.

Anduin groaned in frustration, " You have became so full of hatred, malice,hurt and pain that you intended to bring down everyone with you. Sylvanas, Arthas has been dead for years now but you are still in his prison, he still has a hold over you. How ironic is it that he had some of the same goals, such as world denomination and to see his army completely eradicate all of those who were against him. However there is more to you than that, you're also depressed and most saddening alone, your sister has all but disowned you because of your choices and I doubt you truly have any close friends with close knit bonds." he finished but was caught off guard as she punch him hard in the face sending him out of the slefter and into the rain.

Sylvanas was livid as she made her way out of the shelter and straddled him before pulling her knife and holding it to this throat.

" You think you know me Boy king, how about a slit your throat and watch you bleed out in the rain I'm sure it would be entertaining for me to watch!" she shouted in the rain as thunder roared across the sky.

Anduin could feel his heart race, but he stood strong as rain poured on the two, " No I will not back down!"he boldly said as he quickly moved the knife away from her hand despite her best efforts.

"You will not threaten me as you have done with others,I am not afraid of death for I know the light will guide me into its embrace. But I will not shy away from what I have said, I may not know everything about you but I know you're hurting it's obvious." he shouted as he sat himself up with Salvanas still pressing her weight against him. They were face to face as he could read her emotions like a book. He knew some of things he was saying were true but she fought tooth and nail to come to terms with it. Lightning flashed across the sky making it possible for them to see each other faces clearly.

Sylvanas face turned into a that of pure hatred, " Who do you think you are Boy king! Some knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress, I haven't needed help since the day I got my body back from that wretched Arthas, you are nothing more than a boy!"

Anduin couldn't believe it but did his eyes deceive him was the dark lady crying, being the bold man he was he reached up with his free hand under her eyes and swiped a tear from her face.

" This is not from the rain Lady windrunner," he said before she quickly got up and stalked back into the shelter leaving him muddy and with a slight cut around his neck from her blade.

"Well we may have gotten somewhere." he chuckled before getting up and heading back into the Shelter, he thought it best not to say anything else see that she was already in a bad mood.

"Light I have a lot to learn about women" he thought before he yawned and drifted off to sleep.

Sylvanas let out a sigh of relief when she heard Anduin's breath slow which indicated he was asleep. Finally she had a few hours of peace before he awoke to annoy her again with his persistence talks of peace and attempting to reach her. She hated what he said but why? She couldn't pinpoint her feelings at the moment, how did this boy manage to get under her skin so quickly. She was brought back to the rumors that she heard of said he was touched by wisdom beyond his years and understanding that didn't come naturally to many kings of the alliance. She simply laughed at the rumors thinking they were nonsense, a human and a boy at that touched by wisdom beyond his years, but now did she believe them?

"No everything he said was wrong," she thought looking over at his sleeping form which was muddy and bruised with cuts and scars.

"You have a lot to learn boy king." she spat before she drifted off into her trance like state but not before she heard him speak.

" I think I may have more to teach you lady windrunner." he muffled in his sleep before turning over.

" Your deception is good boy king."

"Nope just a light sleeper, you have to be as king in-case a would be assassin comes for my life." Anudin smiled before he drifted back to sleep.

Deciding to focus on more important things, Sylvanas knew that much had to be done tomorrow, they had to scout the area and see if anything was out there, her hope was that the planet wasn't desolate but actually had intelligent life that could help them. Also maybe she could tempt the boy king in other ways, from his reaction to her kiss she knew he wasn't as pious as he claimed to be. Even with her being undead and her hatred for the boy king she had desires that needed to be taken care of.

"Wouldn't take much to make him lay with me." she thought before she finally succumbed to the trance.

Anduin who was still slightly awake sighed, he had trouble staying asleep in part because his mind kept drifting back to the kiss, it was his first kiss and he couldn't stop the thoughts from invading his mind. Even though her lips were cold it was flesh warmed by his own lips. His mind even drifted to thought of laying with the war chief.

"No I cannot, I am not married and my purity is to be cherished. I just have to keep her at arm's length and set boundaries besides, she hate's me so it would make it easier." he thought before sleep finally took him.