"Anduin you're flying too low!" His wife warned as they flew past a few remaining villages in the wetlands. Sylvanas knew they needed to keep a low profile,however her husband's carelessness could get them spotted.

" It's too late for that, look below." Valeera pointed out, it was then that they all looked down and saw many villagers pointing in their direction.

However unbeknownst to the three of them, there was a particular person who was watching them closely. Quite astonished at what they saw with their own eyes.

" No it can't be…. But the descriptions match, I have to let my superior's know about this immediately!" They said aloud before they summoned a small portal.

" Yes,what is it Moonstrider? Have you called to communicate your daily reports?" The Kaldori officer asked with a raised eyebrow.

The other kaldori woman simply fiddled with her thumbs before nervously answering her officer.

" Mame I found them" she said quietly, almost afraid to look up.

The officer suddenly stiffened in her seat before quickly turning around." By Elune you know that Tyrande will have your tongue if you are mistaken. Are you sure?"

She sighed in response, she knew that if she was wrong she could face grave consequences. " I'm not one hundred percent sure but I have a feeling about this. The queen has posted many spies around the kingdoms since we were displaced from our homeland. One of us would have been bound to hear something."

The officer heard her answer and sat for some time in deliberation, if this was a false alarm then Tyrande wouldn't take their mistakes so lightly. However this could be a chance for both of them to climb the ranks. So perhaps the reward was worth the risk.

" Fine, I will report your findings immediately, just stay posted for more orders and see if you can track her if necessary. But don't get too close, she is still the Banshee queen after all."

" Yes ma'am." The Kaldori spy answered before the portal closed. Excitement and anxiety ran through her veins, word has spread quickly throughout the kingdoms. The Banshee Queen was no longer undead but alive in the flesh. She herself didn't believe it until she saw with her eyes. But why had Sylvanas come to a hellhole like the wetlands, what could possibly be of value that it requires the attention of the warchief herself?


" I'm sure it'll be fine and hopefully not something to worry about." He assured them has he flew towards the ruins of an ancient settlement.

" Hopefully is the word Anduin! Besides,how did you find this ancient settlement?" His wife asked, as the griffin was lowered to the ground.

" Well I actually found this settlement in my earlier adventures when I was a teenager. Father would always let me carry out my aspirations as long as I had a guard next to me,which so happened to be…"

Valeera sighed, " it was me and I always remember how much I hated it. Most of the time all we did was just sit around while Anduin inspected some ruins."

Slyvannas chuckled and pinched the side of his cheek, " That sounds like something he would do. I would have to admit that I'm also very inquisitive by nature but to sit around all day and just inspect ancient settlements, is just a bore." She said as Anduin dismounted from the griffin.

He quickly moved his eyes over the ancient ruins and he soon found out that it looked the same as it always did. Anduin had halfway expected it to be ransacked by now, but apparently no one else had found it. However, he wasn't happy to see the muck and marsh that was around his feet. It stunk to the high heavens and there may be dangerous creatures lurking in the underbrush

" So what's your plan?" Valeera asked as she dismounted and found herself in about knees high worth of mud." Dammit Anduin! These are my favorite boots!" She cursed.

" You must watch your step Valeera and as for the plan, I'm sort of making it up as I go along. But if I remember correctly there is an important mana crystal that will let us teleport anywhere on Azeroth, however we must know the exact coordinates I suppose." He answered, to the dismay of Sylvanas who looked at him in confusion.

" Do you know where this crystal is?" She asked?

Anduin sadly shook his head," well I have some sort of idea where it is. I placed it somewhere safe when I was a teenager and I know it's somewhere around here. Just give me some time, my memory should be coming back to me. But for now, just relax and enjoy the view, this is after all,a beautiful wetlands with a slight bit of mud." He chuckled, before he began making his way throughout the ancient settlement.

" Slight bit? Anduin look at this mud all over my boots and clothes!" His wife shouted as he walked away, seemingly lost in his own world.

Valeera shook her head, " well he is your husband." She said, sitting on pillar of stone."Sit down with me, I think we need to have a talk."

The formar warchief looked a bit annoyed for a second before she understood what the blood elf meant. Releasing a sigh of annoyance she quickly sat down beside Valeera.

" I don't think I need to tell you that if you ever hurt Anduin I will come after you myself and kill you, you need not worry about a mother for your children. I shall be there if need be, we both know Anduin wouldn't mind."

Slyvanas grinned, " like Anduin would let a woman who killed his wife be a mother to his own children. I would have know that he is not that nice."

Valeera smirked, " You assumed that he would know it was me, I'm an assassin after all,we are good at covering our tracks."

The former war chief grinned even wider,

" you're good but that's to be expected from an assassin of your status. But if you wanted to sleep with my husband then you should have done it before the battle of Lordaeron, I'm not the sharing type and I take what is mine."

Valeera blushed" You must have misunderstood what I was…"

Slyvanas chuckled," I didn't misunderstand anything I see the way that you look at Anduin, you said to him in times past that you were like his sister. But in reality, you watched him grow from the time he was a child to now a man and you admire him. It was his sense of leadership and compassion, his drive to always do what is right, even if it brings severe consequences to himself. What logical thinking woman wouldn't fall for him."

Valeera looked away and sighed, "perhaps there is some truth to what you were saying but nonetheless my threat still stands. You may have changed but I believe you will always have a temptation to go back towards evil."

The former warchief looked at the woman with understanding and not with anger as Valeera expected, " You're one of Anduin's long time friends so I understand that you care for him. But rest assured,if I go back to the evil I would sooner kill myself. Then put Anduin or my children through the heartache of seeing me turn into a monster again." She said with conviction.

" But can I ask you a question?" She continued, before watching Valeera nod her head in agreement.

" Why didn't you go after Anduin sooner? Holding your feelings for so long, I know he's young but I soon found out that even for a human he's wise beyond his years. I'm very curious, he wouldn't have denied you, especially after I found out he has an elf fetish."

Valeera suddenly laughed at the idea of Anduin having an elf fetish but answered.

" At the time I didn't really feel too comfortable almost throwing myself at my deceased friend's son. I will admit that I was attracted to his father but I knew that he only had one woman in his heart. I thought many times about confessing to Anduin even before Lordaeron but I felt that it wasn't my time but now I know that it was simply fate."

" Yes perhaps it was but if it makes you feel any better you can get with our son when he gets older." Slyvanas laughed.

" I think you're still messed up in the head why would I.."

" Oh please, you're Quel Dori, we live for centuries. Once he is of age I doubt he would even see you as an aunt anymore. Also, you're more than likely going to be away on missions,lessening your presence on the children. My guess is that he will be the spitting image of Anduin except with sharp ears." Slyvanas reasoned.

Valeera couldn't believe what she was only was the former warchief offering of her son as a potential mate but she was also suggesting that she would be like an aunt to their children.

" I suppose I shall think about it in twenty five years, but I do not think an older Anduin would like that. I can just imagine him rubbing his hands through his grey hair in anger." Valeera chuckled.

" I doubt it would be grey,it would most likely be as blond as it is now, he is light forged after all. I don't think they even age." Sylvanas confessed to the surprise of Valeera.

" Anduin is light forged! When did he…"

" found it!" A voice shouted a few yards away from them.

" Well,it looks like my idiot of a husband has found his special gem, hopefully he knows what to do with it next.I'm in dire need of some food." Slyvanas said as she hopped off the pillar and walked in the direction of the voice.

Although Valeera was anxious to know the answer to her question. The fear she had was that one of the main problems of Anduin's relationship would be that he was human and would eventually die long before Slyvanas even reached a fraction of her life span but with this new revelation it was no longer a problem. But how did he even reach this ascension? She knew her questions would have to wait as they walked further towards his voice. However she was soon alerted to light footsteps around the area.

Slyvanas nodded in her direction as she also picked up the light sounds of footsteps in the area. Anduin as a human didn't have the same type of capabilities of The Quel dori,who were known for their extraordinary ability to hear extremely well like other races of elves. But also Sylvanas was a huntress and a skilled taction.

" Sounds like five trackers, can't be natives to the area because they're going about their steps very carefully. You watching the tree canopies?" Valeera asked as she pulled out her daggers.

Sylvanas loosened her bow from around her back and notched an arrow." Of course, but Anduin has to hurry up, we don't have much time before we're surrounded."

The man in question came running towards them at high speed with the crystal in hand, it glowed brightly and emitted steam from its surface." We are being tracked, I need to hurry up and figure out these before we're surrounded." He whispered.

Both Quel dori looked at the king in confusion." little ears, how did you know this. It would've been impossible for you to hear them! No offense but human hearing fails in comparison to elven ears." Valeera said.

" I sensed a familiar mana presence just now, it's similar to that of a priest but a more exotic one…"

" What do you mean by exotic…" Sylvanas asked.

" Get down!" Valeera shouted, before a barrage of arrows was shot in their directions

Slyvanas quickly took cover and returned fire, she heard a satisfying yelp of pain letting her know that she hit her intended target dead on. It was then that she looked upon the arrows which were embedded into the granite and was angered.

" Tree-hugging bastards!" She shouted.

" I figured as much." Anduin sighed as he came out from cover and held his hands up. " You're shooting at the king of the alliance Tyrande! Have you lost your mind, come out from the tree line so we can discuss things like civilized people!"

A noticeable silence was heard from the tree line until Tyrande followed by four Kaldori trackers made there way towards the group.

" When I received the report I couldn't believe the news! You have been awol for sometime king anduin!After I kill this wretched Banshee Queen! I shall haul you back to Stormwind and accuse you of treason! I dare you align yourself with such evil!"

" Tyrande, I understand your anger but the woman who you knew as the Banshee Queen no longer exists, she a different woman. I saw a great evil in a vision and she needs to be alive in order for us to accomplish this mission, otherwise our world will be destroyed!"

The formar warchief almost desperately wanted to speak for herself but she knew that at any moment Tyrande and her forces could overrun them. And cause not only her death but her childrens as well,witty remarks would sooner get her killed at a time like this.

" Perhaps you shall "educate us"on your visions after you are in prison and she is dead. I no longer have patience,we have hunted her for months and now is the perfect opportunity." Tyrande shouted, baring her fangs in rage.

Valeera knew from experience that there weren't very many ways out of the situation they were in. And they had no way of determining the coordinates of the crystal at the moment. However she had faith if they were to survive it would be through Anduin.

Tyrande suddenly ordered her troops to attack when they stopped dead in their tracks upon hearing Anduin shout words in Kaldori.

Tyrande wore a look of astonishment before grinning, " I'm very surprised that you even know about this custom, my ears have not heard it used in a thousand years but I'll shall honor it nonetheless. I shall give you five minutes to prepare." Tyrande said before she gave her weapons to her subordinates and loosen her armor until just her robe was left.

Anduin turned around to face Slyvanas and Valeera who both wore a look of bewilderment. " What did you say to them and what is Tyrande doing?" Slyvanas asked as anxiety pumped throughout her body.

" It is an ancient custom that hasn't been used in almost a thousand years, many would like to believe that the Kaldori have always been a peaceful race. However as I found out in my studies and readings they were very similar to the Orcs until a reformation of their customs were enacted to be more peaceful."

" What is this custom?" Valeera asked.

Anduin released a heavy breath, " I can best explain it as their version of a Ma'gora except this was used for disputes of any reason why this custom hasn't been used in a thousand of years is because it was used quite frequently for the smallest disputes and often resulted in death. It is bare handed dual without the use of weapons and Magic, the dispute is decided upon by who wins." Anduin explained as he took off his shirt.

" So if you win that means she will leave us alone?" Slyvanas asked.

A knot formed in Anduin's throat before he nodded.

" Then it doesn't seem like it's going to be very hard for you, just get in there and handle the wretched treehugger!You fought me before on the physical level and that was when I was in my Banshee form,this shouldn't be to hard."

" Yes,but that was with the use of the light, I can only use my natural strength in this fight."

" Not to mention that Tyrande is a master in the many forms of kaldorei martial arts techniques. Also her strength is most likely on par if not stronger that an adult human male at peak physical condition. You will certainly have your hands full Anduin, but just use the old gilnean boxing that Gen taught you." Valeera added in with a slight bit of humor.

" I'm confident in my skill, however Tyrande is…"

" I might kill you child!" Tyrande rudely interrupted, " it is time to fight boy, I hope your body can stand the punishment." She spat before walking over to spaces area in the settlement.

Anduin gave his wife one last look before smiling, " I think I can take her, don't worry Slyvanas, we will be going through that portal in no time."

His wife nervously nodded, " Don't embarrass me in front of the tree huggers Anduin, can't have them thinking my husband is weak." she joked.

Anduin chuckled, " I'll try not to." He smirked before he met Tyrande in the middle of the circle, leaving both Slyvanas and Valeera alone to discuss strategy.

" Do you think he can win?" Slyvanas asked honestly, she certainly had confidence in Anduin but she also had to be realistic.

" Well, Anduin is about six foot four and two hundred thirty pounds of muscle. But Tyrande is about seven feet tall and is somewhere around three hundred pounds of lean mass, in addition to her thousands of years of training. I'm not counting Anduin out but we need a back-up plan and I think I have an answer." Valeera said as she poked her backpack with her elbow.

" I have enough smoke grenades in here to light up a forest, it will give us enough time to escape. but I will need to use it at the right time and preferably before Tyrande has a chance to incapacitate or kill Anduin."

" Sounds like a plan,I just have to make sure the guards are busy but hopefully we won't need it if Anduin does his job. I fear that he may hold his punches because she is a woman, we both know he a bit too chivalrous for his own good."

"Valeera laughed, " I think once she hits him with her first punch Anduin will throw that out the window."

Slyvannas rolled her eyes."One can only hope."


" Are you ready child? I certainly hope you can make it through the fight without dying on me!" Tyrande spat, clearly irritated by the whole ordeal. " Tell me something, how did you know about our custom, barely any of our young Kaldori even know it. But you, an inquisitive young human found out?"

Anduin smirked," Your husband actually gave me a book that talked about your people's customs long ago when I was a child. It really came in handy didn't it?" He smirked,as he turned his attention to his opponent who showed a little to much skin for his comfortability.

" Damnd malfurion! Tyrande mumbled before turning her attention to the young man who seemed to be distracted by something as he had a blush on his face. Quickly using her instincts she suddenly found the answer and grinned.

" If you survive this, maybe I'll let you have a taste boy, you are no longer the child I saw years you can satisfy my desires with your.."

" I will kill that whore…." Slyvanas seethed as she overheard their conversation and grabbed her bow but was stopped by Valeera who whispered into her ear.

" Realize Anduin is a man as well, It's not an extraordinary response but most importantly trust Anduin, he's got this."

Slyvanas quickly composed herself and nodded in agreement as she focused on the battle before them.

" Well, what do you say child?" Tyrande asked in a slutry tone

Anduin cleared his throat, " Sorry lady Tyrande I'm taken, perhaps you're compensating for something else but that's another topic of discussion, are you ready?"

Tyrande's jaw tightened as she wore a look of displeasure on her face. " It doesn't matter what your answer is! After our battle,I shall take what I want anyway and kill Slyvannas for good!"