Annabeth was shouldering her way through the crowds of students who were lingering about in the hallways who in no way wanted to get to class earlier than absolutely necessary. Annabeth herself had already dropped off most of her stuff at her locker and was now on her way to the principal's room to check in before starting her first day at this new school. Sadly she was rushing through the crowds for nothing. The halls began to clear as everyone started slowly heading for class and she was still wandering around trying to find the principal's office.

She was walking around fairly aimlessly at this point. Sadly the desk lady's instructions had been all but useless, and Annabeth has no idea where it is she's supposed to be going now. It was lucky for her then, that she heard the announcement over the loudspeaker calling for one 'Percy Jackson' to report to room 307, the same room she was supposed to be going too. She turned around as she heard the sound of a door opening up behind her and a student came out.

Annabeth gave the boy a quick glance. Taking in the messy black hair, weighed down by the water in it so that strands of it hung down in his face, not quite managing to cover his breathtaking sea green eyes. The content smile on his face. The way his light blue t-shirt clung to his chest and was just slightly see making it obvious that, like his hair, the rest of him was a little damp as well. She could only assume that the room he had come out of was the pool room, he must have arrived early to take a swim before classes started. Had the last stages of his drying off before class interrupted by his name over the intercom, Annabeth decided.

She must have been showing her confusion, and frustration at her inability to find it herself, while she was studying him because he stopped and looked over at her. "You lost?" He asked her, sounding as if he thought it a highly improbable idea. He couldn't be blamed for that though. It was about halfway through the year, one could reasonably expect that everyone would be fairly familiar with the school at this point.

Annabeth was loath to admit it, of course. She didn't like not knowing things, even if it would be perfectly understandable for her not to know her way around a brand new school. But more than that, she didn't like getting help, she shouldn't need it. If you can't figure out everything you need to on your own then you just aren't good enough, right? She didn't want to wind up late on her first day though and end up making a bad impression right off the bat, so she figured admitting it just once wouldn't hurt too much. A few seconds of awkward silence had passed while he waited for an answer and she tried to talk herself up to answering honestly before Annabeth spoke in reply. "Yeah, actually. It's my first day, just moved here, and I'm supposed to be meeting the principal before I head to my first class. Could you help me find his room?"

"Oh!" The boy exclaimed in surprise, like something about what she'd said told him something important. "You must be Annabeth, right?" Her eyes widened in shock, how did he know her name? The school couldn't possibly tell each of it's students every time someone new moved into the area could it? Despite her shock she did manage to nod her head to confirm the boy's presumption. "Well then you're in luck. I'm heading that way now. Name's Percy, by the way." With that interesting piece of information, Percy began walking past her, presumably in the direction of the principal's office.

"Oh, you're Percy then? Are you in trouble for something then?" She asked as she trailed after him. She wasn't typically one for conversation. In part because she was too busy for it, and rather horrible at it to boot, but mostly because people just never tried to talk to her. Since she was going to be walking with him though, and since he'd spoken first, she might as well take this chance to strike up a conversation. Not to get to know him of course, but because it was an opportunity to learn more about the school from the eye of a student, instead of just reading about it online or being told about it over the phone by the principal, who would naturally be more fond of his own school than others, and therefore have a bit of a biased viewpoint on things.

"Nah. Actually I'm being called down because of you."

"Because of me?" She asked, wondering what she could have to do with him being called down to the office. Was he to be her guide then? Mr. Brunner had mentioned something about getting someone to help her assimilate more smoothly into the school, but she'd assumed it would be a teacher or something of the sort. All the while she was wishing Percy would move just a little bit faster, she really didn't want to be late and he was just meandering along like he had no care for the bell that would be ringing soon. She couldn't just tell him to hurry up, and she couldn't hurry on ahead without him either since she still didn't know where she was going.

"Yeah, I'm supposed to be your guide. Help you settle in, find your way around the place and all that," He said, proving her right. She usually was. "Guess I get to start a little bit earlier than intended," Percy said with a slight laugh. Though what he found amusing Annabeth couldn't be sure.

"Then you're right, I am in luck," She assumed if Percy was to be the one showing her around, answering all of her questions, and helping her with any issues that he must be a pretty intelligent student. With her grades she'd hope Mr. Brunner would know to provide her only with the best, because only the best would be able to help her with anything important. "I wanted to hear a bit more about the school before I actually started. What's it like?"

Percy shrugged, taking his time to come up with the right answer. "It's alright. The teacher's are pretty nice, except for Mr. D and Mrs Dodds, they're horrible. No dress code, and a lot of schools have those so that's nice. The principal is pretty great too, but don't tell anyone I said that. Of course you have the 'groups' like every school, and the not so nice people, but most of the students are friendly enough."

Annabeth couldn't help but to frown at that response. What did she care which teachers were nice or how friendly the students were? She wasn't here to make friends. She wanted to know how hard classes were, whether the school and it's curriculum was one that would look particularly good on a curriculum, or just average. "Well yes, but what about the classes?" She prompted him, then let out a sigh as the bell rang. She glanced forward, expecting to at last see Percy picking up the pace, only to find him still maintaining the same leisurely pace. "That was the bell wasn't it? Classes have started now, right?" She asked innocently, trying to tell him he should hurry without having to actually outright say it.

Percy shrugged again. "Yeah, so?" He said in response to her second question. Then, noting the frown that flitted across her otherwise impassive face he must have realized she didn't want to be late, and did finally pick up his pace. Though it was already too late. "Anyway, classes are classes. Same old same old. Mr. D can't teach and hates kids so I have no idea why he's even here, but that also means his class is a bit more difficult than it should be, since you have to do all the learning on your own. History is taught by the Principal, but like I said he's great. Plus I'm in the mythology course, which is so much more interesting than regular history so it isn't bad. Besides that everything is fairly typical."

Another frown. That didn't sound like the words, or seem like the mannerism, of someone super invested in getting the most out of their education. Thankfully she didn't have to try and ask her question a third time in hopes of getting the kind of answer she was looking for, because they had finally arrived at what was most definitely not an office, but also definitely the room she had been directed too. She remembered Percy mentioning only moments before that Mr. Brunner taught several of the history courses, which was a rather unusual thing, and didn't bode well for the school. Made her think that the school must be understaffed, for the principal to also need to fill the roles of various instructors.

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