An Understanding

"I'm not asking you to agree with me. I'm asking you to hear what I'm saying and understand my point of view," Jason insisted calmly, looking at his brothers. They seemed unimpressed, but said nothing to stop him. "How many times has he escaped?" The tallest Bat-Kid began.

"More than I can count," Dick admitted.

"How many innocent people has he killed?" Jay continued.

"More than I can count," The eldest brother repeated.

"Has he done anything to make us believe that he won't do it all again?"

"No," Dick replied.

"Not a chance," Tim said, at the same time.

"Can you deny that he is a danger to those near him, including those who are in charge of watching him?" The second Robin reasoned.

"He has a point, Dick," Tim noted, rubbing at the large bruise on his arm from the unpleasant encounter they'd had less than an hour before.

"Guys," The first Robin said seriously, motioning to the figure tied to the chair before them, before stepping between it and the other Bat-Kids. "We are not locking Damian in Arkham because he keeps sabotaging us in Call Of Duty."

Through the duct tape covering his mouth, the youngest Bat made a smug noise, which was obviously directed at his two middle brothers, and most likely contained at least one insult.

Tim looked at the Baby-Bat a moment, thinking. "How about Bella Reve, then?" The tape-muffled noise grew indignant, as the belligerent Robin struggled, causing the chair to fall over on it's side. Dami glared at his brothers heatedly, screeching what they all guessed was language colorful enough to make even Jason blush.

And, they would've guessed right.

Finally, Tim shrugged. "Or, we could just leave him here." The screeching grew louder.

"...Yeah, that could work," Dick conceded, as the eldest three headed back towards their game. "You're explaining it to Bruce, though," He noted, bumping against Jay's shoulder.

"Fine, by me. Fighting his Demon for him is the nicest thing I ever did for the guy."

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