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Chapter 1 : Hinata

Naruto was still reeling from the night before.

It would have been bad enough if he'd simply failed the Genin Exam again, but yesterday he'd been so distraught at the news he had been an easy target.

Chuunin Instructor Mizuki had approached him and told him of a make-up test he could do in order to become a Genin. At that point Naruto had been so upset from the constant muttering from his classmates parents that he would've been willing to listen to the man just so he could drown the parents out. So he had listened.

Of course now that he had experienced Mizuki's treachery it was obviously stupid to listen to the Chuunin. But at the time it had seemed like the best idea at the time. It had sounded like something Sandaime-jiji would set up for him, knowing that he was actually surprisingly sneaky. He had after all breezed through the Academy stealth exams, even the one that had been thrown in as a joke by Iruka. He had no idea what was so special about managing to steal that Icha-Icha book from that gray-haired guy.

So he had done as the man said and managed to steal the Scroll of Seals and bring it to the shack near the Eastern gates. Seeing that he had gotten there far ahead of time, Naruto decided to find a Jutsu to learn. The fact that he'd managed to steal the scroll so quickly was the only reason he was still alive most likely. It had given him the time to learn the Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. The shock of an Academy student managing to learn a Jutsu from the scroll is so little time was the only reason Mizuki had succumbed to numbers.

If it had ended like that then things would have been simple. He'd been made a Genin by Iruka so he was one step closer to his dream. No, Mizuki had told him something that the man had evidently wanted to for years.

He had told Naruto of his status as Jinchūriki. The man himself had called him the Kyuubi, believing that Naruto was the Biiju in human form. It was only the timely intervention of Iruka that had prevented him from succumbing to his own despair. But it still didn't change the fact that he had the Kyuubi locked away inside of him.

Naruto at no point hated himself. Instead he began to feel anger for the village. Konoha praised the ideologies of peace and togetherness but they turned their backs to him when it was his damn body making sure they could enjoy their peace. The civilians he could forgive. They didn't know anything but the absolute bare bones of chakra, and knew even less about the esoteric art of Fuuinjutsu. But the Shinobi should know better. Hell there was a mandatory course so Genin could reliably determine lower tier seals, particularly those that were mass produced in every village, meaning explosive and storage seals. The seal on his stomach was complicated but it contained the foundations of a storage seal in it.

In the end Naruto had spent a good portion of the night grilling his Jiji on the various things being a Jinchūriki entailed. The Sandaime had told him that increased chakra reserves and a jumped up healing factor were pretty much part of the package. He had however told him that his was particularly potent. Other Jinchūriki could recover from broken bones in about a week while Naruto recovered in a matter of hours.

But there was one particular thing that he had said that caught Naruto's attention. Jinchūriki were often 'gifted' with a unique ability by their host ranging from abnormal elemental affinities, to the ability to fly.

Now Naruto knew he had his flashes of undeserved confidence. It was an unfortunate side-effect of being a teenage male according to Iruka-sensei, but there was one thing that he undoubtedly deserved every bit of arrogance for. His infiltration abilities. He had the fastest time for getting through that mocked up home the Academy used, undetected. But now Naruto knew where one of his most useful abilities came from. Hell it was the same ability that allowed him to steal the gray-haired guy's book.

Whenever Naruto would seek to infiltrate a building he would pause before entering and reach inside himself for a peculiar not-chakra. If his chakra was a light blue that felt like liquid life in his body, then the not-chakra was like a sheet of tangible darkness. Not dark feelings but simple like a veil plucked from the night sky itself. He would let it creep through the building before entering.

The effects would be devastating if they ever got out. The not-chakra had two major effects. First, when it encountered an awake person then it would 'muddle' their senses for a short period, making sneaking past them easier. Second, when it would encounter a sleeping person, it would ensure they did not wake up so long as Naruto willed them not to.

Discovering the ability had been terrifying.

When he was younger and had only just left the orphanage, Naruto had bought a small loaf of bread from a baker. Despite having paid for it, in front of several witnesses no less, the baker had accused him of thievery. The Uchiha police had let him go before verbally tearing the baker a new one for wasting their time. While he had been thankful he'd been let go and the baker humiliated, Naruto had felt that a verbal lambasting had been too little punishment.

So he had sought to punish the baker himself.

He had waited until it was late at night before leaving the warmth of his apartment for the chill of the night. He had found the bakery and picking the lock had been easy. The Sandaime had gifted him with several locks to practice on and he had found discovering the tumblers and forcing them into place a soothing time-waster. He had crept through the bakery to the second floor where the baker stayed with his wife.

Even then Naruto had been a fairly accomplished sneaker, practice gained from various nights where he'd sneak out of the orphanage. But he had been far from infallible.

He had entered their bedroom and had been in the process of...requisitioning items that would aid in the recovery of his mental health, when he had managed to knock a lamp off the side-table, directly next to their bed. He could remember the mind-numbing terror of seeing the baker shuffle in his sleep, and the fervent willing of 'Don't wake up!' And then it happened.

He had felt that odd not-chakra stir and then what looked like dark smoke had escaped from his pores and wafted over the baker and his wife, before being breathed in. Both had abruptly settled back into a deeper sleep.

Heart pounding, Naruto had indulged in the brief moment of celebration before his curiosity had gotten the better of him. He had crept over to the baker and poked him in the side of the head. The man snorted but did not stir. So Naruto poked him. Hard. Despite the slight grimace of irritation the man still did not stir. It had taken every ounce of a young Naruto's willpower to keep in the semi-maniacal laughter that had wanted to escape. He had failed. Thus discovering the second aspect of his power.

Their daughter had poked her head in looking sleepily confused, and all the while Naruto resumed his chanting but with the message of 'Don't see me!'. Once again it seemed like black smoke seeped out of his body to creep along the floor and then up to the girls head. Not seeing it, the girl yawned sleepily as she inhaled the smoke, before sweeping her eyes over the room somehow missing Naruto completely. The girl had left mumbling that her parents were too noisy and generally cursing them for waking her up.

That not-chakra, that sleeping smoke, had been inside of him since he first discovered how to use his chakra. It had been alien and when he attempted to tell Iruka-sensei, the man had given him such an uneasy look. Looking back the man probably thought it was the Kyuubi chakra. Now that he knew of the Kyuubi, it was like the blinders had been taken off of his eyes. If he concentrated he could feel the caustic boiling energy deep in his abdomen. However when he focused on the sleeping smoke, he could feel similarities between the two.

When he first realized that this morning he had been terrified. He had rushed over to the bakers and checked on the man despite his dislike for him and was relieved when he saw that the man was the same as ever. He had kept an eye on the man for a little longer before he walked away to the park where he was sitting now. If anything was wrong with the man it would have appeared by now.

Leaning back, Naruto stared at the blue sky covered with fluffy clouds and tugged at the neckline of his shirt irritatedly. It was way too hot in the fourteen-year-old's opinion, but he had no desire to go back to his apartment with its fans for the moment. When he managed to get past the melancholy brought up by the events of the night before, all he could feel was excitement thrumming through his veins.

Despite everything, despite the various people who wanted him to fail, he had managed to succeed. He was finally a Genin! He was finally beginning his journey to the Hokage seat! Grinning up at the sky, Naruto suppressed the urge to run through the streets and tell everyone he passed they were wrong, that he would succeed at his dreams. The only reason he didn't if he was honest, was that it was far too hot to do anything unnecessarily strenuous that day.


Drawn out of his musings, Naruto looked down from the sky and spotted the person who'd called him. He had to think for the moment before he remembered that her name was Hinata. He grinned at the girl and said.

"Hi Hinata-chan! What's up?" Hinata was pretty quiet so he didn't know a lot about her, but she was a pretty nice girl from what he remembered.

Hinata did her best to keep in a squeak as her crush addressed her. When she'd gone walking in the park she had spotted the blonde sat on the bench and had paused to admire the sight. Because Naruto had been leaned back on the bench, his white shirt had ridden up revealing a tight set of abs that had caught Hinata's attention for a moment. But what caused her to speak was the glinting plate of metal that Naruto had on his forehead.

"I-I-I thought y-you failed?" Hinata said questioningly, before stammering shyly. "N-n-not that I-I'm not glad you p-passed!" Looking down and feeling foolish, Hinata began to press her fingers together. Hearing Naruto laugh slightly, Hinata looked up and felt relieved when she saw that he was smiling at her kindly.

"Heh, it's no problem Hinata-chan!" Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "I didn't exactly hide the fact I failed by moping on that swing huh?" he said self-recriminatory. He should have known better than to make himself look so pathetic in public. "I'm not allowed to actually say just how I passed, only that I did."

Hinata still managed to muster up a weak smile for him. "O-oh. W-well I'm g-glad you passed N-N-Naruto-kun." To stop her herself from pressing her fingers together, she interlinked her fingers and pressed them up against her chest. "Y-you tried r-really hard, s-so you d-deserve it." Hinata felt red spread up her face from the boldness of her compliment.

Frowning at the redness of her face and the odd expression of...surprise? On her face, Naruto stood up and pressed his forehead against hers. "Hey you alright Hinata-chan? You feel really warm and your red. Have you got a fever?" he asked worriedly. Just because he didn't know her very well, it didn't mean he couldn't care for her health. She was a nice young girl and she might be sick. He felt a flash of alarm when she became ever redder and her eyes began to frantically dart to his and then away.

Hinata was panicking. Her unknowing crush was so close to her that she could feel a slight amount of heat emanating from his body, and his lips were only a few inches from her own. Her hands began to squirm as she rubbed her fingers against one another as she wondered what to do. Seeing the earnest concern and care in his bright blue eyes and the strong had reaching up to grip her shoulder reassuringly, undid her. Her eyes rolling up into her head, Hinata lost consciousness with a sigh of bliss.

Catching the indigo-haired girl before she could hit the ground Naruto felt panic in his heart. What the hell had just happened?! His first inclination was to go to the hospital but he had the feeling that would embarrass Hinata if it was a simple fever. Hinata had feinted around him before and the last time he'd taken her to the Hyuuga compound he'd been attacked by the damn guards, so that option was out. Looking around desperately, Naruto hoped to catch a glimpse of another Hyuuga who could take Hinata out of his hands. Upon seeing none, Naruto let out a sigh.

It looked like they were going to his apartment. Putting an arm beneath Hinata's legs, Naruto stood up with the insensate girl in a princess carry. He'd have to be careful though. The last thing he needed was rumors of 'the demon taking the Hyuuga heiress to be devoured'. It would be a pain in the ass that would probably escalate before it resolved itself. Naruto forced himself to look on the bright side.

Getting to his apartment without being seen with an unconscious person would be a good test of his sneaking abilities!

...That didn't sound quite so bad in his head.


After a few moments of juggling Hinata, Naruto managed to get his key into the lock of his door and unlock it, letting him into his apartment. Walking over to his bed, about the only tidy place in his apartment, Naruto gently laid the girl down before wiping his arm over his forehead, clearing away the sweat. Hinata was light as a feather, but the warmth exuding from her body combined with the already hot day had him sweltering.

Stalking over to his fan Naruto flicked it on and pulled off his shirt, sighing with relief at the feeling of artificial cool breeze over his chest. Pausing, Naruto looked back at Hinata with a frown. He had always assumed the girl was a bit...well chubby because of the jacket she wore, but while carrying her he had noticed just how much padding was in the jacket. With her in his arms, it had been quite clear that she was a rather slim girl. With the heat of the day, wearing such a thing was probably unbearably hot.

Couldn't people pass out if they got overheated? He was sure Iruka-sensei had mentioned something like that, when they were running through battle scenarios with Suna weather in mind. Looking at Hinata's heavy jacket, Naruto reasoned to himself that it couldn't hurt to remove it, to help her cool down at least.

Sitting on the bed beside her, Naruto began to reach for the zipper before pausing with a twitching eye. What if Hinata woke up while he was doing this? It would probably look a lot less innocent from her point of view, and the last thing he needed was a reminder of how much Jūken frigging hurt. His thoughts darted back to his sleeping smoke, which caused Naruto to frown. It would make sure that she didn't wake up at an awkward time but wasn't it a bit of a frivolous use? Shaking his head, Naruto decided he might as well. In the few times he had used it, it had hardly caused him any problems and he knew it wouldn't harm the receiver, just make sure they didn't wake until he wanted them to.

Concentrating, Naruto watched as smoke seeped up out of his arms to curl around Hinata's head for a moment, before it was breathed in by the girl. Almost immediately, Hinata seemed to fall into a deeper sleep, her breathing becoming even and slower. Seeing this, Naruto cautiously reached out and poked her in the belly slightly. Hinata squirmed with a cute pout on her lips but remained asleep. Satisfied, Naruto reached towards her chest and gripped the zip and pulled down. Almost immediately he was shocked.

"Holy shit, those things are big!" he muttered to himself in an instinctive whisper. What Naruto was referring to was Hinata's breasts. With the padding of her coat to shield them, Hinata's chest showed that she had gotten an early head-start on the other girls in the Academy. Naruto reached out without thinking and cupped the orb of flesh through her mesh shirt and tank-top, and squeezed it wondrously, feeling the soft flesh morph under his grip. Naruto was broken out of his absent-minded groping from the pleased sigh that escaped Hinata. Snatching his hand back with a burning face, Naruto chastised himself.

Naruto knew of the birds and the bees and the biology of the process due to his Jiji. When he had started to have trouble hiding his...erections he had been unsure of what was happening and sought out the most knowledgeable person he knew. The Sandaime had given him a horrified look before giving him a book on human anatomy and various adult magazines and told him to figure it out for himself.

Naruto did figure it out. The images in the magazines depicted various sexual acts from simple sex, to kinky bondage. Ever since then he'd had something of a curiosity for the female form. Or as women would say, he had become a bit of a pervert.

Face still burning, Naruto flushed even more when he heard her whine cutely at the loss of his hand. What he'd done was wrong...but he'd touched real breasts before. Despite his Oiroke no Jutsu, Naruto had never really associated that form as anything sexual for himself. After all it was him, just female. Being attracted to his form would be the height of narcissism in his eyes. Naruto's hand twitched slightly as he recalled the softness of her breast, the feeling of the perky orb molding under his hand.

Looking around as though he expected somebody to pop out of nowhere and attack him, Naruto tentatively extended a finger and poke Hinata's breast. Seeing that Hinata wasn't being hurt by his actions, Naruto reasoned that she wouldn't mind expanding his knowledge given that he'd helped her. Once again Naruto cupped Hinata's breast and started to squeeze and massage it lightly, feeling a small button brush against his palm, Naruto removed his hand and stared at the raised bump in the tank-top caused by Hinata's nipple.

Biting his lip Naruto, finished unzipping Hinata's jacket and let it fall open, revealing a flat tummy as well. His fingers danced over the mesh over-shirt Hinata wore nervously before gripping the hem and tugging it upwards. The moment it cleared the top of her breasts, Naruto let it go as though burned. Reaching down Naruto gripped the slightly higher hem of her tank-top and shivered slightly as his fingers brushed against the smooth skin of her toned abdomen. Slowly dragging it up, he once again let the fabric go the moment it cleared the upper slope of her breasts.

Naruto gulped silently as he took in Hinata's breasts, the only thing hiding them from his gaze now a simple lilac-colored bra. Naruto took both globes into his hands and started to massage them gently, marveling internally as he felt the buds that were her nipples brush against his palms. After a few moments of this, Naruto heard Hinata start to sigh and mewl under his ministrations, making him feel slightly less guilty. After all he was just exploring and he wasn't hurting her, right?

Wanting to know how they felt skin against skin, Naruto lifted Hinata up slightly and stared with incomprehension at the strap holding the bra closed. OK his magazines never covered how to do this. And the tingling on his palms made him a tad impatient. Letting her fall back onto the bed, Naruto gripped both cups of the bra and tugged them down, gasping as he saw Hinata's bare breasts for the first time. Like the rest of her skin they were a pale white that seemed like delicate china, and were both topped with pink nipples and areola's.

Reaching out Naruto grinned excitedly as he gripped both breasts in his hands once more and began to rub and grope them vigorously. Now that there wasn't any cloth separating Naruto's hands from her tits, Hinata began to moan more as the boy continued to play with her virginal body. Hearing the noise, Naruto shuddered as it seemed to go straight to his crotch making his cock strain against the confines of his pants and boxers. Naruto looked at Hinata hesitantly. It wasn't like she'd wake up and see him, so why not? Letting go of Hinata's tits and ignoring her mewl of protest, Naruto stood up and quickly shucked off his pants and let his boxers drop to the floor, sighing with relief the moment his cock was free.

Kneeling on the bed beside Hinata, Naruto wrapped a hand around his cock and started to slowly stroke it as he reached out with his other hand to continue playing with Hinata's tits. Keeping a steady pace, Naruto slowly began to feel any vestiges of hesitation start to vanish as he continued to experiment with Hinata's sleeping body. Steadily Naruto's hand began to speed up as he weighed Hinata's tits, shuddering when the girl gasped and squealed cutely as he pinched at her nipples. His eyes darted from her now heaving breasts to land on her face, which morphed and changed with every movement of his hand. Glancing at her lips as she breathed out, Naruto was reminded of a particularly popular image in his various magazines.

Pausing his ministrations to Hinata and himself briefly Naruto shuffled up along the bed, until his cock was level with her face. He wasn't hurting her in anyway, if anything he was making her feel good, Naruto reassured himself. And besides, she was one of the many people he kept safe from the Kyuubi, would it be so wrong if he took some joy from her body as a reward? He had done it without reason to for fourteen years after all, and he'd done it under the dismissive eyes of an entire village.

With these thoughts in mind, Naruto shuffled closer and hesitantly rested the tip of his cock against Hinata's lips. He shivered slightly as he felt her breath hit his hot length and felt the softness of her lips against him. His hips rocked forward instinctively sliding his length along her lips, until his balls slapped against her cheek. Drawing back, Naruto gently placed his hand on Hinata's face and turned her head so it was facing towards his crotch, and the tip of his angry looking cock.

Licking his lips, Naruto pressed his cock forward against Hinata's slightly parted lips, moaning lowly as he felt the wet warmth slowly surround his cock. Feeling his cock bump against the back of her throat and hearing her choke, Naruto quickly backed up and felt relief when he saw her breathing properly.

Steadily he began to saw his length back and forth, groaning as he felt Hinata's tongue brush against his engorged member. Looking down Naruto couldn't help but stare as he saw half his length disappear into Hinata's mouth and draw back out. With her lips wrapped around his cock, Hinata looked like a personification of lust in his eyes.

As it was his first time, it didn't take long for Naruto's self-control to wither away. Gripping her indigo-hair, Naruto started to speed up his thrusts into the warmth of Hinata's mouth, barely managing to stop himself from burying his cock deep into her throat. Somehow Hinata's placid features made the act so much more arousing. She was a completely innocent girl who had probably never so much as kissed a boy before, and her lips were being used to pleasure his cock.

Then suddenly like a child presented with a Popsicle, Hinata began to gently suck on what was in her mouth, making the sudden tension that had been building in his lower abdomen shoot even higher. Whimpering at the sudden increase in his pleasure, Naruto could feel himself getting ready to cum. Not being willing to risk Hinata choking, Naruto quickly pulled himself out when he reached the brink and finished himself with his hand. Wad after sticky wad shot out of his cock painting Hinata's face and some of her hair, as he moaned from the first orgasm not entirely wrought by his hand. The last of his release dribbled out of his cock to land on the edge of Hinata's lips.

Panting harshly as though he had done a days training, Naruto let go of his cock and wiped his hand on his sheets. He had masturbated before and the orgasms wrought from that had been satisfying, but they failed to match the intensity of what he had just experienced. Warmth and wetness of Hinata's mouth had been exquisitely torturous and despite having finished himself with his hand, his cock had been wet enough that his stroking had been more like glides. It had been intense, and that was just using her mouth. Naruto found himself looking at the space between her legs, still covered by her pants.

Looking down at Hinata's cum covered face, Naruto discovered that for whatever reason the sight of his release marking her in such a way was strangely erotic to him. Expecting himself to start to soften, Naruto was surprised when his cock stayed standing in defiance of his expectations. Glancing once more to Hinata's lower body, Naruto bit his lip. Was he really going to go that far?

He steeled his resolve. He deserved some form of recompense for imprisoning the Kyuubi and dealing with the village's scorn. They had scorned him endlessly for fourteen years. He had some definite backpay waiting for him as far as he was concerned.

Moving off of the bed Naruto gripped Hinata's legs and dragged her so they were dangling off the edge. He glanced up at her face nervously as though expecting her to sit up and start accusing him. Looking down Naruto's hands trembled slightly as he gripped the button keeping her pants closed. Taking a deep breath he undid it and pulled down the zipper, making the pants seemingly flower open. Gripping them Naruto tugged them down Hinata's legs after taking off her sandals.

Standing back up, Naruto's cock twitched at the sight before him. Now bereft of her pants, the only thing hiding Hinata's sex from him was a pair of lilac panties with a dark-purple bow on the front. Running a hand up Hinata's thigh, Naruto felt as though fire had just been pumped through his body, a raw tingling spreading up from his palm to the rest of his body. His hand finally ran over the front of Hinata's panties before he brought his fingers down to stroke over the vague outline of Hinata's pussy.

Hinata squirmed slightly as a pleased gasp left her lips. Feeling a tingle of pleasure rush through him at the salacious noise, Naruto did it again while pressing slightly harder, shivering as another delightful noise escaped Hinata. Continuing his rubbing, Naruto felt a burst of smugness as he felt moisture start to soak through the lilac panties. His ministrations lasted for a short while making Hinata start to moan and whimper in her sleep as her breathing became heavier and harsher. Removing his fingers Naruto smirked when Hinata whimpered at the loss of sensation.

Gripping the hem of Hinata's panties, Naruto nearly whimpered himself as he saw the smooth mound of her womanhood was revealed, showing a pretty pink pussy as he pulled them down her legs. Not having enough patience now that Hinata's prize was revealed, Naruto tugged the panties down far enough to take one foot out of it's hole and let the delicate garment hang from the other legs ankle.

Kneeling down in front of Hinata, Naruto gripped her legs and gently pried them apart and stared awestruck at what was revealed to him. He greedily took in the sight of her slightly plump outer-lips hiding a slightly darker pinkness from his gaze. Seeing a bead of moisture start to tickle along the outer-lips, Naruto couldn't restrain his curiosity. Leaning in, he swiped the bead up with his tongue, making Hinata squirm at the new sensation. Finding the odd taste to be of his liking, Naruto leaned in closer and inhaled deeply, taking in the musky scent of her arousal before parting the outer-lips of her pussy with his fingers.

Reaching up with his other hand, Naruto, after a few moments of fumbling, slowly began to push his index and middle fingers into Hinata's pussy. He groaned and felt his cock twitch in anticipation as he felt the sheer wet heat of Hinata's pussy clench around his fingers. Flexing his fingers inside of her experimentally, Naruto began to slowly finger her pussy, moving his digits in and out of her snatch in a steady rhythm. With every movement of his fingers he could feel Hinata ripple and twitch around them.

Seeing and feeling an increased build up of moisture, Naruto moved his face closer and started to lap at Hinata's pussy, savoring the odd tangy flavor of her arousal. When he had seen depictions of this particular act in magazines, he had always assumed it would be pretty disgusting. But right now with every lap of his tongue, it felt like he was stoking a fire in his belly. Hearing several gasps and moans, echo through his apartment, Naruto looked up and felt the smug satisfaction from the knowledge that the rictus of pleasure on Hinata's face was because of him. Spotting an engorged bundle of nerves poking out from a small flesh-hood, Naruto curiously lapped his tongue over it. Hearing the sudden inhalation, he grinned and wrapped his lips around Hinata's clit and sucked.

Hinata's thighs wrapped around Naruto's head, as she jerked and shuddered. Naruto moaned into Hinata's pussy as he imagined how she would look, her lither form trembling and heaving because of his efforts. His cock throbbed angrily as a result. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Hinata's deceptively strong legs relaxed their grip on Naruto's head, letting him pull back and gasp for air.

Despite the angry demands of his cock, ordering him to bury it inside Hinata's sex, Naruto first lifted Hinata gently and moved her back up so she was completely on the bed once more. With her long indigo-hair splayed out around her head in a halo, she looked angelic. The slight glow her climax had given her simply added to the image.

Gulping, Naruto climbed onto the bed on his knees, before propping himself up with his arms over Hinata. Looking down between them, Naruto was filled with an inexplicable fear. There would be no going back after this. If he started using his power for something like this, he wasn't sure he could stop.

Thinking back to the day before, sitting on that swing as various people mocked him for his failure, Naruto felt his hesitation fade away. He thought of the various girls in his class that had mocked him for his dreams, and hadn't let up when he'd walked out of that examination room without a Hitaite.

Coming back to the present, Naruto reached down and held the base of his cock as he angled himself for Hinata's entrance. It was a good thing that Hinata would be his first in his mind. Firsts were meant to be happy memories, and if he did this with anyone else he'd probably be far more aggravated with them. Feeling his tip press against her, Naruto shivered and started to push himself forward. Feeling Hinata's pussy slowly start to engulf his member, Naruto moaned as he felt her hot wet walls surround his cock as he pushed himself in.

After what felt like an eternity, Naruto felt his balls come to rest against Hinata's ass. Looking down at Hinata's sleeping face, currently scrunched up in pain, Naruto forced himself to stop, knowing that the first time for a girl is usually quite painful. Regardless of Hinata's unconscious state, he had no desire to hurt her. Yet another eternity passed as Naruto remained still, until finally, Hinata's face smoothed out and she started to mewl and jerk her hips slightly.

Grinning at the unconscious implication, Naruto drew himself out of her until only the tip remained inside and then slowly thrust himself back in to the hilt. The resulting moan from Hinata was like music to his ears, so he did it again, eliciting yet another erotic noise from the girl. Before long he had built a steady rhythm as he sawed in and out of Hinata, savoring every clench and ripple of her hot channel around his cock.

Before long Naruto's self-control began to fade as he started to hammer into the girl, groaning as he pounded her pussy, filling the room with the slap of flesh on flesh and the wet noise of Hinata's pussy engulfing his member. Every time Naruto's balls impacted her ass, he felt the fire in his belly get higher and higher as his second climax began to approach. However with a will granted by stubborn pride, Naruto managed to hold it off, refusing to cum until he made Hinata finish again first. This stubbornness also caused Naruto's mind to clear enough to remember an important fact:

While all of the girls received a shot that ensured they couldn't get pregnant just before graduation, he had no idea whether or not Hinata had been present. The only reason he knew of it in the first place was because Iruka had to explain why all of the girls were excused from class. She certainly hadn't returned to class like the others after the injection.

Gripping Hinata's hips he tugged the girl so she met him halfway on each of his bed-shaking thrusts. And finally what Naruto had been holding out for came to pass. Hinata's fingers automatically gripped the sheets beneath her as she wailed her orgasm out for the world to hear. Her body trembled and undulated as lightning rushed through her body, firing off signals never before used fully in her body. To Naruto, it was the final permission. With a massive force of will, Naruto managed to pull his cock from her clenching and relaxing channel, that was desperately trying to milk him of his seed, and rest it atop Hinata's pussy.

And he ended up firing an massive load across her belly — her belly button was filled with gooey cum, her midriff was coated entirely, and the strands of jizz shot far enough up that some of his jizz even stained the underside of her breasts. Finally, after a few tired thrusts, the last of his seed dribbled out to coat the her smooth mound

Rolling off to the side of Hinata, Naruto took in her form, marked heavily by his seed and couldn't help the exhilaration that coursed through his body at the sight. He was no longer a virgin, and he had managed to make sure that Hinata enjoyed her first time, despite the fact she wouldn't remember it.

Then Naruto frowned at the sight of his seed before sighing. He'd better clean her up.


Hinata groaned tiredly as her eyes slowly crept open, stretching luxuriously and savoring the pleasant tingles that ran through her body. Feeling a slight sensitivity in her nether regions, Hinata sighed blissfully at the reminder of what was apparently a particularly intense dream.

"Hey Hinata-chan, you feeling alright?"

Hinata squeaked as her crushes voice jolted her to full wakefulness and made her realize that she neither in her room or her bed. Looking up at Naruto peering at her from his small kitchen, Hinata flushed incandescently. Oh Kami, she hadn't had one of those dreams in her crushes bed, right in front of him had she?! Breathing in, Hinata felt tingles rush through her body pleasantly as she took in Naruto's scent.


Flustered and embarrassed, Hinata shot to her feet and bowed repeatedly all while thanking him and apologizing alternatively, until she was out of his apartment.

Scratching his head confusedly, Naruto could only shrug. Raising an arm he watched the black smoke pour from it before returning to him. What he'd done was a bit of an experiment. It looked like the smoke was only perceivable to him. Interesting.

Going back to the kitchen, all Naruto could think of was who would be next.

An: Enjoy Demon's Dirty Dreams

this Stoy is made by SleepyDog. i have been trying to get in contact with him but no luck after two years of no update i want to make it more alive. and add a few twist and tings to it,