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Chapter 19: Tsunade Bath time fun


It had been two weeks now since the fight between the big 3 Legendary Sannin. And it was a bloody mess. But in the end Jiraiya and Tsunade had won the fight. We now see at the next town over a revering Naruto in Tsunade's room. Asleep. Tsunade remember the fight and how the kid won. She sighed. He was in bad shaped and she did everything to save him. But in the end everything turned out okay.

She had Naruto in her room. She didn't trust her old team mate to look after him plus she remember the bet she made with him. If anything she was going to keep. And a other thing he was good looking in one area that count. She had strip him so she can make sure to treat him. And one thing that caret her eye was his dick. It was bigger for someone of his age,

she had took a bit longer to make sure this area was okay she was going to pump it but Shizune walked in and Tsunade had to act fast and cored him in her sheets, it was evening when went and take a shower. In her rooms bathroom. Once inside she undo's her transformation technique she looks at herself and sighed her tan skin and wrinkled body in her fifftys. But there was one thing she still had wide hips and tight tits. This was due to walking out as a med nin and her skills but old man time still got her. Once she was done looking her self over she wen to work on getting clean and ready for tonight.

After dinner she was going to give the kid that bath and he was going to get what all men want to see . Once done she want to her bags to get underwear and the outfit for the rest of the day. She had her transformation technique back up making her look like she was 34 years old. She had her back to Naruto who's eyes was open a bit letting him she her wet body and ass as she got dress. Once done he made a noise to make it look like he was just waking up, he was still in a bit of pain. But he can get past it since this was nothing.

Tsunade looked at Naruto and smiled she help him sit up and looked him over. "Well then it looks like you won" she said with a bit of laughed in her voice. She took a seat next to him on the bed and looked at him " But never do something like that a again" she said as she flick his head and smiled "Ill have Shizune some food up here im going to find my old teammate and give him a talk" she said the last part with evil in her voice.

As she walked out passing Shizune and telling her to get Naruto some food. Once that was done. She had once drank with her teammate and hit him hard on the head and heading back to her room and telling Shizune to get the bath ready for her and Naruto plus she be joining. in to.

Once ready all 3 were in the bath A naked Naruto with a Shizune in a robbed and a blush on her face and Naked Tsunade her her behind his back. Her hands with soap. She started with his back then down to his his. But that's were the bath stops and the fun starts she reached around and took hold of his cock. With a moan she started to pump his cock.

Shizune blushed and yelled at her Master but Tsunade had other plans and with a smile she took Naruto into a hold and moved him around to Shizune can watch her Master work the Naruto's cock but that was only part of it. With her skills she was able to make Naruto fast and all over Shizune. Tsunade watch with a loo of winder on her face as she watch the boy fire his spunk on to the young girl and covered her. Tsunade felt something on her hand. But she looked at her cum covered hand and saw that her skin was healing like time was truing back. Tsunade looked at the boy and smiled. "make 20 clones now" she order and with a node the bath room was filled with 20 Naruto's.

Once that was done she got to work working the clones. Each Naruto stood no chance of lasting long with her. And by the time the 20 clones was down Tsunade was covered in cum. She didn't have a single spot on her that wasn't covered.. From to top of her head down to her pussy. And her legs. She made sure to rub In the cum both Naruto and Shizune was with a blushed and a Harding cock. Tsunade looked over and smiled

she laid on her back and open her legs showing off her pussy. Naruto made 6 clones and they all went after Tsunade and worked her over as the took turns using the blonds body. After each load went on her tit's and in her womb Tsunade can feel her self getting young. But poor Shizune was left out as she was using her fingering to get off. Naruto saw this and made clones for her. And after a bit both girls were now in a 69 as Tsunade was on the floor and Shizune on top. Both of then were covered in cum and there was no going back to this. Naruto made sure the two never forget this night. Shizune was his already with the smoke and his seed making Tsunade young he had power in high places, this was going to be a good life. And once he got back he was going to making a baby with each and everyone of his girls once he gets back home but for now he had two lovely sluts to fuck.


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