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Rated: K+

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Notes: Someone once told me that they could write better than me as a five years old kid. English is my second language, but I tried my best, and at least my grammar mistakes are not too confusing that could make anyone dizzy.

Special Notes to Shiranai Atsune: It has been a year since you requested me for a certain fanfic, sorry for taking such a long time, I was not really busy, just didn't have any plot back then. I hope this plot is worth to wait for, hope you liked it. It's going to be Zen x Mariko (your OC). Sorry, I think I can't write a pure romance, so I added extra genre for hurt and comfort as well. Enjoy!

Summer vacation is over for SKY University. It's a brand new semester, and my class is separated from Yoosung's. He is choosing a different major, while my intelligent is not enough to follow him taking that major. I thought I have been really clingy to Yoosung since for a really long time. Doing homework together, forming group in class, asking for things that I hardly understand and etc. I forgot for a moment that I'm after all… and always be… an outcast.

"Don't worry Rii-chan." Yoosung said, he has always been calling me that since forever, because he knows we both watch anime and he thought it's cute to call me that. But he did once screamed Mariko in a serious situation. "You will overcome it sooner or later." He continued. Yoosung is trying to assure me everything's going to be alright. Well, it is not. His voice on the other end sounds soothing but I couldn't bear to fell any longer.

"They did that on purpose, Yoo-kun... I am sure they saw me sitting behind them, yet they didn't pick me as a team mate. And the other friends I know did the same." I tried to speak as normal as possible, but my voice is already tearing up like my eyes. "I was forced to be with people I don't know. I tried to chat with them but they didn't reply." I continued with an almost breaking voice. "It's now useless taking the same class with your friends, when I was never even their choice to be picked to the group."

Yoosung paused for a brief moment and replied, "I know how you feel, my situation is probably worse than yours, because everyone in my class is a stranger."

"But that's you!" I protested. "You don't have friends there. Well, I have. At least I THINK I have." I was trying to make sure he didn't take my situation as similar as his, because it's different. "I purposely took this class so that I don't have to think about forming a group in class anymore." I explained. "Guess I was wrong…" I cried. I couldn't hold it anymore. I might regret the kind of face Yoosung would make on the other side, I had wished I was strong enough like he always says.

"Mariko…" Yoosung's voice is breaking, "I liked you for who you are! You are different!" Yoosung is somehow sounds so encouraging. "You have your passion for anime, games, and other things for a girl! And you are not a freak, you are special, limited edition! If people don't like you it's their loss, it's always been so much fun to talk to you, so please…" Yoosung sniffed, "please don't ever stop smiling… for me."

I was speechless I don't know what to say. Yoosung apologized for keeping me up late at night, even though I was the one who called him. He told me to take a rest, it's been a rough day but he is sure I would be able to go through it. I put my cellphone on the table and tried to sleep on the bed. Maybe… some shut eye would be just great.

I have no regrets.

My major…

All of this is for Rika.


Mariko would do just fine…

God, please help her. Don't let her experience the same thing like Rika. What happened to Rika is already awful enough. Set her free from the things that terrifies her. Send her a guardian who would always be there for her no matter what.

A/N: I did say it would be Zen x Mariko, but this prologue is filled with Yoosung x Mariko instead, well, it's only a prologue! Wait for the next chapter!

Error: When I wrote this fic, I really thought I was writing about anime characters, I nearly forgot that Mystic Messenger is Korean. Sorry if anyone doesn't like me adding suffix –chan –kun. Because back then I was scold for using Japanese names with suffixes, they said that 'this is supposed to be in English, use their English names', well sorry I didn't watch dub, I watch sub. Duh…