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"Alright class, now let's divide you into 10 groups." Mr. Kim said and prepared the group's topics on the whiteboard.

That's strange. Didn't I experience this already? Was it only a dream? The girl I know who were sitting right in front of me is writing her group's names. I acted faster than the last time and screamed to her. If she let me be in her group, I won't be a left out. Problem is my voice won't come out. I tried to reach her with my hand but my body wouldn't move. It felt weird, it seems like a reality in dreams or I am some sort of puppet with a mind. I could think, I couldn't speak or move, but I couldn't wake up either. My vision was so much vivid to be called a dream. What's happening? The class were so busy and loud deciding who they should team up with. No.. this can't be happening. No more, not again, not this time!

A strange boy with a weird combination of silver hair and red eyes approached me with a doubtful kind of expression. "Have you got a team yet?"

"No, I haven't." I quickly replied, somehow I was able to speak.

"Do you want to be on my team?" He asked, still with that suspicious eyes.

"Who's on your team?" Just to make sure he has a team that doesn't despise me.

"Me." He gestured his right hand to his chest proudly. Wish I have the same confidence as he is.

"Pfft." I giggled, he giggled back to see I was amused by his act. "Sure! I'd love to!" I replied with a happy voice.

"But the teacher says we are the only ones left, would you mind if we do this together just the two of us?" He said with a charming smile.

"That doesn't matter! Let's do this!" I clenched both of my hands up to show him my excitement.

Mr. Kim then told us to sit with our teammates. I was so nervous to sit alone with him, other people sat on different rows.

"My name is Hyun." He stretched out his hand.

"Nice to meet you! I am Mariko. You could call me Riko!" I shook his hand. My what-so-called friends usually have problem calling me with such a long name, so at that nervous moment, I just shortened my name to Riko instead of Mari.

"Riko?" He chuckled. "Isn't that a boy's name?" I blushed so hard to what he said. "Usually it's Rika for female's name, not Riko."

"You want to call me Rika?" I asked while I ran my fingers through my hair.

"No. Of course not." He answered almost instantly. "I have an acquaintance named Rika, so I don't want to mix her name with yours."

"Then...?" He left me rather hanging on that conversation.

"How about I call you Mako?" I wasn't expecting that, bu he quickly told me why before I got the chance to ask. "Because you bite my heart. Mako is a name of a shark!"

I remembered that's what most people in the internet would cringe as a joke, I didn't reply immediately so there was an awkward silence.

"Hahaha!" I laughed so hard with my hands on my mouth so it didn't make too much noise in class. "Seriously?" I asked for a confirmation since his expression was so flat.

"Why are you laughing? My heart is itching." He smirked in a way I don't know how to describe. Was he flirting with me? My heart was racing very fast when he said that. Does he like me? No way. Too handsome to be mine. I paused, thinking of what he meant by that, but then he broke my silence.

"Hey, I'm kidding. Do I look pretty convincing?" He caught me off guard. "It's part of my cheesy line for my next play on the stage." And here I thought something else. I blushed hard for unknown reason. What is this feeling? I brushed off my thoughts and asked to change the subject, "What kind of play? Where? When? Is it fun? What's the title?" I figured my nervousness might've been too much obvious.

Hyun giggled after seeing my curious behavior of wanting to know more about him. He told me everything about his play, but there was one thing he wanted to discuss.

"A stage name?" I asked while taking notes of the current lesson.

"Yes, I haven't got one. My manager said I should have one that describe me." He explained. "And it should be as short as my name, very catchy so everyone could remember."

"Well, one thing for sure you are very passionate with acting on stage, music, anything else?" I smiled.

"Not much. I did have problem back then... where should I stay, so I keep moving to a place with a cheaper rent. But now I think I can manage in my current place." He smiled back.

I thought for a moment and scribbled some alphabet on a paper, "How about ZEN?"

"Huh? What is ZEN stands for?" Hyun scratched his shoulder, don't know whether he was nervous talking to me or the teachers notes really took our shoulders energy.

"It's a secret!" I put my forefinger to my lips with a wink.

"That's not fair!" Hyun exclaimed and pouted. "How about ZHEN so I could insert the word Handsome?" I laughed, he laughed back.

I was really happy. I hope the moment could last forever with him. Until...

It did not.

"Ri-chan?" I heard Yoosung's voice in the darkness. I tried to see him but my eyes were black. Until Yoosung shook my shoulders and screamed my name. I finally saw his blonde hair along with his frantic face.

"Yoosung?" I said, somehow my throat was dry.

"Ri-chan, what are you doing dozing off in the hallway?"

At first I thought he was joking. He wasn't. I was lying in the hallway with no one else but me.

"Your classmate's group and Mr. Kim are looking for you. They went to the music room today for practice." My mind was not working.

"Yoosung!" I stood up and caught him in surprise. "Do you see Hyun anywhere?" I searched and ran through the hallways. "I am not alone anymore, he wanted to be in my group. We were talking, but somehow I ended up here."

"What are you talking about?" Yoosung grabbed my wrist with a concerned face. I stopped running.

"Mariko." He said, and my heart skips a beat. I turned around at him to give him more attention, and he looked directly into my eyes in 15 centimeters distance. I could see my own messed up reflection through his flashing eyes. He often shows anxiousness over my situation, this time it's a bit different. His eyes indicated some sort of fear.

Yoosung gave both of my shoulders a grip. He was shaking.

"There is no one called Hyun in our university."

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