In the Veron apartment, Cho and Sunny were trying some Guitar Karaoke.

"Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

"Why don't you and I combi-ine

Let's get together, what do you say

We can have a swingin' ti-ime

We'd be a cra-a-azy team

Why don't we ma-a-ake a scene

Together, oh oh oh-oh" Cho sang.

"Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

Think of all that we could sha-are

Let's get together every day

Every way and everywhere

And though we haven't got a lot

We could be sharin' all we've got

Together" Sunny sang.

"Oh, realmente creo que estás bien

Uh-huh, realmente tocamos la campana" Cho sang.

"Ō, rúguǒ nǐ jiānchí wǒ

méishénme kěnéng gèng dà, hēi èyú a!" Sunny sang.

"Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

Two is twice as nice as one

Let's get together right away

We'll be having twice the fun

And you can always count on me

A gruesome twosome we will be

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah!" they sang.

"Good job" Lilo shouted on her tablet.

"I think the boys would love our guitar karaoke," Cho said.

"Gotta go" Lilo replied, "Need to finish my photography project for school."

They were both excited about their double date, but there was only one problem. They didn't know where to go to for their date.

In the Booker Apartment, Teal and Lec were stumped too. As they turned on the TV they saw a commercial for Minnie's 80spalooza at Main Street, right near the House of Mouse.

They texted each other of the idea and they liked it.

After an 80s makeover, they headed off to the festival.

At the festival, they saw crafts, dancing, and food, 80s style and by the House of Mouse was Minnie Mouse.

"Hey Minnie" Cho shouted, "You did all this yourself?"

"Uh huh" Minnie replied, "I thought I would bring the 80s here."

Minnie explained that she use to be a nobody back then. She wanted to head off to Hollywood to make her acting dreams come true. It was there she saw Mortimer and Mickey riding off to get their next gig. After a little mishap with a goatman, they headed straight for Hollywood.

"I remember that short" Cho, "That was considered your origin story, and the way you told Mickey to do a lousy act, impressive."

"Yeah" Lec replied, "Because no one likes a lousy act."

"Exactly, Lec" Minnie replied, "It's also a good thing to get in touch with your emotions."