Everyone was getting out of grammar class, "And remember your book reports on one of the stories from the One Thousand and One Nights" said the teacher.

Outside, they were thinking about who got what, "Mia and Maria got Aladdin, Wade, Samantha and Toshiro got the tale of Ali Baba, and Aria and Emily got Ja'afar the Barmecide" Donna explained.

"Well" Aiden replied, "We got Sinbad"

"He's the sailor, right?" Sydney asked.

"He is," "Now where are we going to get info on him by tomorrow?"

"We can't do the library," "They're having their annual book sale."

That's when Donna got another one of her crazy ideas, "Book of Life, anyone?" she whispered.

"Book of Life" Michael smiled.

"Book of Life" Emma smiled.

"Book of Life" Aiden smiled.

"Book of Life" Payton smiled

"Book of Life" Sydney smiled.

"Book of Life" Caleb smiled.

"I am Groot(Book of Life)" Groot whispered.

Just then a magical circle came around them, this made them suck into it. "I thought I saw something," Mia said in confusion.

"We must be excited about getting an A on our Aladdin report" Maria replied.

In the Glorious Beauty of Mexico, they met a blue goddess with water patterns on her, "Hola, " she greeted.

"Who are you?" Donna asked,

"I am, "Chalchiuhtlicue" Aztec goddess of water." she greeted as the others got confused, "But you can call me "Luci"

"Okay, "Luci" we need to learn about the sailor, "Sinbad"

"Say it no more!" Luci shouted as she brought them to the Book of Life.

She explained that Sinbad was a sailor on the ship The Chimera. "After that goat, snake, lion creature" Caleb recalled.

"That's right Caleb," Luci replied, "He was on the quest to find the powerful Book of Peace."

"Wow," Emma said, "I like the name of the book."

"Get ready for a fantastic voyage!" Luci shouted as they got transported into the book.