(Number 4 Privet Drive-Smallest Bedroom)

Harry was sat on his bed with near lifeless eyes, his nights filled with nightmares of Cedric's death at the hands of Voldemort. He was about to try and get another restless night's sleep when he heard a tapping on his window he looked over to see an eagle tapping on the window with its beck.

He walked over to the window and opened it, the eagle flew in and landed on his bed, it looked at him before sticking its leg out, Harry then noticed the letter attached to it. He quickly relieved the bird of its burden and looked at the Gringotts emblem on the front he opened it and began to read.

Dear Lord Potter,

We here at Gringotts have been wondering why you have not answered the letters we have sent you before about your vaults, we have also noticed some issues regarding your account, we have sent this letter with a portkey in the envelope which will bring you to Gringotts tomorrow at 9 AM sharp. May your Vaults always be flowing with Gold.

Bloodsnout, Account Manager of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter

Harry looked at the letter in confusion before picking up and pen and scribbling a quick message back.

Dear Griphook, Account Manager of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter,

I am rather confused, I have received no letters from Gringotts except this one, I hope we can sort this all out tomorrow. May your Enemies tremble at your feet.

Harry James Potter

Harry frowned at that last sentence wondering where it came from before shrugging, it sounded right, he then placed it in an envelope and attached it to the eagle's leg who then flew off into the night. A flash of light erupted from behind Harry quickly turned around to see his Duel Monsters Deck glowing, he quickly rushed over to it and looked at the glowing card onto, it was King Gidorah, Annihilator of the Titans (Level 10, Divine Attribute, Divine-Beast-Type, ATK:?, DEF:?) he frowned at it for a moment before slipping it into his Deck and laying down for the night.

(The next morning)

Harry flipped the envelope and let the galleon fall into his hand "I guess this is my portkey" he looked at the time and saw that it was 8:59 "Well here goes nothing" the Portkey activated and whizzed him away.

(Gringotts Bank-Griphook's Office)

Harry subconsciously keep himself straight as he landed on his feet in the office, he looked over at Griphook and bowed in respect "May your fortune forever grow" Griphook looked shocked for a moment before grinning and replying "And may your enemies blood forever flow, good day Lord Potter" Harry looked confused "What do you mean Lord Potter? I'm not a Lord".

Griphook frowned "Has your Magical Guardian not told you of your family? Of your responsibility as Lord Potter?" Harry frowned "I have a Magical Guardian? What is a Magical Guardian?" Griphook snarled "Lord Potter" "Please sir, call me Harry" Griphook smiled at the lad "Then just call me Griphook, now Harry, it seems that someone doesn't want you knowing about your title, so we are going to create an inheritance sheet" Harry nodded and subconsciously summoned a silver dagger with the Slytherin house emblem on it, he looked at the dagger in confusion as Griphook pulled a potion out of his Desk drawer, he handed it to Harry "Drink this whilst holding the Dagger" Harry nodded and downed the potion, he fell unconscious as a Black mist shot out of his scar with a scream.

Salazar woke up about an hour later "Ow, what the hell was that Griphook?" Sorry Harry but I was told to do that by Director Ragnok" Salazar turned to the two Goblins in the room and grinned at Ragnok before speaking in Gobbledygook, the Goblin's true language "Greetings Director Ragnok, I remember your ancestor form my original life" Ragnok grinned "Indeed you do young Lord Slytherin, shall we do your inheritance test?" Salazar nodded as he cut his palm with the dagger and let the blood drip onto a sheet of Goblin parchment, it glowed golden for a second before the words appeared.

Inheritance Test

Name: Hadrian James Potter/Salazar Solstice Slytherin





Father: James Charlus Potter (Deceased)

Mother: Lillian Maria Potter nee Evans (Deceased)

Grandfathers: Charlus Ignotus Potter (Deceased), Henry Evans nee Smith (Deceased)

Grandmothers: Dorea Circe Potter nee Black (Deceased), Rose Amanda Evans (Deceased)

Godfathers: Sirus Orion Black, Cyrus Greengrass and Severus Tobias Snape (Memory altered)

Godmothers: Amelia Bones (Memory Altered), Evelyn Greengrass nee Davis and Minerva Mcgonagall (Memory Altered)

Sister: Hermione Jean Potter nee Granger/Helga Harley Hufflepuff (Adopted by Magic)

Brother: Neville Francis Longbottom/Godric Gasparde Gryffindor (Adopted by Blood and Magic in past life)


Reincarnation: Salazar Solstice Slytherin

Magical Core: 90% Power block (placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Malnutrition (The Dursleys)

Abused (Emotional, Psychical, Verbal-The Dursleys)

Loyalty charms (Keyed to A.P.W.B.D and Ronald Weasley)

Love Potion (Keyed to Ginevra Weasley)

Loyalty Potions (Keyed to Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley and A.P.W.B.D)

Animagus Forms: 100% Blacked (placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Language Master: 100% Blocked (Placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Wandless Magic (99% blocked by A.P.W.B.D)

Parseltongue; 99% Blocked-activates reactively (Placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Occlumency Master: 100% Blocked (Placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Legilimency Master: 100% Blocked (Placed by A.P.W.B.D)

Slayer Magic: Solar Phoenix 100% Blocked (Placed by A.P.W.B.D)


Potter (Paternal)

Peverell (Paternal)

Slytherin (Reincarnation)


Black (Godfather)


Potter: Longbottom, Bones, Greengrass, Vermilion

Peverell: Pendragon, Emerys, Le Fey, Dragneel

Slytherin: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Achnadin

Black: Davis, Zabani, Malfoy, Nott

Marriage Contracts:

Greengrass: Daphne Morgana Greengrass/Rowena Raina Ravenclaw


Potter Vault: 123,847,787 Galleons, 325, 757, 957 Sickles and 747, 836, 937 Knuts

Peverell Vault: 435, 766, 575 Galleons, 647, 654, 857 Sickles and 936, 476, 464 Knuts

Black: 143, 756, 374 Galleons, 385, 586, 428 Sickles and 385, 586, 438 Knuts

Slytherin Vault: 997, 947, 687, 567, 786 Galleons, 959, 985, 486, 485, 486 Sickles and 999, 595, 568, 385, 475 Knuts

Total Amount:

Potter: Potter Manor, Wales/ Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow (Disrepair)

Peverell: Peverell Manor, Scotland

Black: 12 Grimmund Place, London/ Grim Island, Hawaii

Slytherin: Slytherin Castle, the Amazon Forest/ the Snake Pit, Oxfordshire, Slytherin Manor/California

Salazar cursed in Parseltongue as he looked at his Inheritance Sheet, he looked up at the Goblins and grinned "It's time to go to work, I Hadrian James Potter, the reincarnated Salazar Solstice Slytherin do herby take up the Lordships of the Most Ancient and Noble Hoses of Potter, Peverell and Slytherin, so mote be it" a great aura of Avada Kadavra green magic radiated from Salazar as the Lord Rings appeared on his fingers, from the corner of his mind he could feel his Wand and Battle Staff humming waiting to be summoned and reclaimed, he turned to the goblins and grinned "That packs a kick".

Salazar quickly brought up his Occlumency shields so that his eyes stopped glowing and his aura receded "Now, I need to take a trip down to the Potter and Slytherin Vaults after having these blocks removed" Griphook and Ragnok nodded as the three left the office.

(Potter Vault-3 hours and 1 Excruciating Block removal procedure later)

The reborn Snake Lord walked over to the door to the Potter Vault and pressed his hand on it "Open for the Potter Lord" the door faded into nothing as he looked around the room, he quickly found the Potter Grimoire and shrunk it down when he heard a familiar voice "Look James, silent casting of a shrinking charm, he takes after me" Harry turned to see a portrait of his parents "Mum? Dad?" Lily and James smiled "Yes baby, it's us" James chuckled "What took you so long to get here Son? by the look of you, you are at least a fifth year, you should have been able to access this vault from your second year"

Hadrian frowned as his eyes glowed "I didn't find out that I was a Lord until today, I didn't find out about anything until today" James and Lily scowled "How is that possible, it said in our will that you were to become Lord Potter on your twelfth birthday" Salazar blinked "It seems your will was never read, Dumbledore put me with the Dursleys, which I expect was not in your will and Sirius was thrown into Azkaban by Dumbledore and Barty Crouch".

Lily cried "Why would he do this? We trusted him" Hadrian sighed as James comforted Lily "That's the exact reason why" they looked at him confused "Think of Dumbledore as a chess master, he aligns his pieces and sacrifices them we it suits his Greater Good". Lily and James growled as they realised that they had been manipulated "So what now Son?" "Now I shrink your portrait, go to the other vault I am going to today, go to Potter Manor and get in contact with my allies".

Lily looked confused "What other vault do you have to go to? You wouldn't have to go to your trust vault now that this one is assessable" Hadrian chuckled "Nope, I'm off to the Slytherin Vault" the two adults recoiled "Slytherin?" "Yep, and I have you to thank for it Mum, as there is one true way to tell if someone is a descendant of Slytherin" Lily frowned "What is it?" "The Avada Kadavra coloured eyes" they blinked as Hadrian shrunk the portrait and placed it in his pocket, he then walked out of the Vault "I'm ready to go to the Slytherin Vault" the goblins nodded and the three of them got into the minecart.

(Slytherin Vault-a few minutes later)

Hadrian looked at the pool of water next to the door and grinned, he walked forwards, the water rumbled and splashed as a giant water Dragon came from below the surface and stared at him, Hadrian began speaking in Parseltongue ~Hello Spike~ the water dragon looked at him with confusion until it felt a very familiar magical presence ~Salazar? Is that you?~ ~it is my old friend; do you still remember the way to the Black Lake?~ like an enthusiastic puppy, Spike nodded his head and submerged, Hadrian grinned before walking to the Door ~Open for the true Snake Lord~ the door opened, and Hadrian walked inside.

Hadrian looked around and saw his personal Grimoire, he quickly shrunk it and placed it in his pocket with the other one before turning to his Wand which was humming, he picked it up and grinned as it hummed loudly in delight. He turned and saw his pitch-black Basilisk armour, he quickly stripped and put it on, it magically shrunk until it was like a second layer of skin, he then placed his clothes back on and put his two Wands into Wand Holsters and attached them to his arms.

Hadrian walked back over to the Goblins "Let's go, I have to have a talk with my Sister, then I'll bring her here tomorrow, is that okay Director?" Ragnok grinned and nodded "Of course it is young Lord, in fact as you are the reincarnation of one of my families greatest allies, I hereby grant you the title of Goblin General Basiliskfang, you are hereby classified as an honorary Goblin and Gringotts will back you and your allies" Hadrian's eyes widened before he grinned "Thank you my friend" and with that they got back into the minecart.

(Ground Level-Main Hall)

Hadrian, Griphook and Ragnok were getting out of the minecart when a younger Goblin ran over and whispered something into Ragnok's ear, Ragnok turned to the Goblin "Are you certain?" the younger Goblin nodded. Ragnok turned to Hadrian "One of your allies is here" Harry's face became stoic "Which one?" "Well he is technically three of your allies, he is the Lord of the Most Ancient, Noble and Powerful Houses of Vermilion, Dragneel and Achnadin" Hadrian nodded "Where is he?" "Speaking to his account Manager, let us go" and with that the three set off again.

(Account Manager Goldtooth's Office)

Hadrian, Ragnok and Griphook walked into the room to see Goldtooth talking to a boy the same age as Hadrian, he had midnight black hair and glowing red eyes that reminded Hadrian of Voldemort "Potter?" Hadrian's stoic mask stayed in place thanks to his Occlumency "Vermilion" "You're here to ask if we're still allies" "I am" A smirk appeared on the other boy's face "Well of course we are Lord Potter" a similar smirk appeared on Hadrian's face as the two shook hands, a bright light engulfed the room for a few seconds before it shrank back into two sources, both coming from a pocket on the boys.

Boy teens put their hands into their pockets and pulled out a Duel Monsters Deck each, they both looked at their one glowing card before looking at each other "Potter, have you heard of the Titan Prophecy?" Hadrian shook his head "*sighs* I thought not, well it speaks of the Duel Monsters Card Game and a number of Duelists, doesn't say how many specifically, would use powerful Monster cards called Titans, it also makes comments on 6 specific Titan Monsters who are more powerful than the others, a Three-Headed Dragon, a Moth, a Pteranodon, an Ogre, a Chinese Dragon and a giant Dinosaur, you don't happen to have a Titan, do you?".

Hadrian nodded and showed him the card "You have one of the 6, the three-headed dragon" Hadrian nodded "So which one do you have?" Lord Vermilion lifted his card up so that Harry could see it Godzilla, King of the Titans (Level 10, Divine Attribute, Divine-Beast-Type, ATK:4000, DEF:4000) "The Giant Dinosaur" "Indeed Lord Potter" Hadrian chuckled "Hadrian please, we are allies Lord Vermilion" Lord Vermilion smirked "Then it's Tekuya, Tek for short, the people in the Slytherin hose at school aren't going to believe this" Harry snorted "Most of them wouldn't even know cunning if it bit them on the ass".

Tek chuckled "You're not wrong, though there are a few truer Slytherins, I can name 3 or 4" Harry raised an eyebrow "Oh?" "Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis, Blaise Zabani and Theodore Nott" Harry chuckled "Yea, I will need to set up a meeting with Miss Greengrass though" Tek raised an eyebrow "We…have a marriage contract that I only found out about today" Tek nodded "Yes, that is a complication, I'll get in touch with her soon, how about we meet in a private room at the Leaky to talk in…3 days?" Harry smirked "Sounds good".